Do you constantly wish to escape reality? Is dreaming or daydreaming your default state? Are you a creator of alternative worlds and universes? A dreamer is a noun undescribable. Anyone can be a dreamer. But only dreamers know that.

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My dad and I were talking about Eleven and Mike and how we think they’re going to go to the Snowball at some point. My dad brought up that all throughout the season, they were stressing how important a promise was and how you could never break it. So, when Mike promised Eleven to take her to the Snowball, it was binding.

My sister is so amazing. She knew I was going for blood tests and chest x-rays next week so let me have one of my birthday presents early.

I now have this cute cuddly Ren peeking at me from my shelf. Though never call Ren cuddly or you’ll be poked by a lightsaber. Hux is still suffering from that lesson.

Or well in Hux’s case lightsaber is a euthanisam for something else…*winks*