“She went to visit your papa.”

oKAY BUT everyone would be at least double as upset with him because Gracia is an unarmed housewife and also Maes’ wife and everyone knows that they’re literally made for eachother and that she’d never kill him but Roy ‘burned her to death’ despite the few evidences there are and that’s just??? not to mention that he technically ‘turned Elicia into an orphan’


jackson wang abc’s(3 days ‘til his bday 🎂🎈🎉 )

 w is for weekly idol

Prompt: Kimberly getting hurt and the cold ass Trini suddenly being all caring with her

Thanks for the prompt!

Kimberly isn’t one for getting hurt - that’s more Billy’s and Zack’s area of expertise - so when they come back from fighting one of their regulars, Kimberly’s surprised that she’s got a sprained ankle. It’s no big deal really, she’s had sprained ankles before, mostly during her time as a cheerleader, but she would have thought that her suit would protect her from minor injuries..


It takes her a second for her eyes to adjust to see the ice pack in front of her. She looks up to see Trini, her hips cocked and her face looking over to one of the walls of the ship. Kimberly feels a smile tug at the corners of her lips, nonetheless, and she almost can’t help but feel the small chuckle that seems to makes it’s way up her throat. She controls herself, though, and simply takes the offered ice, ignoring the soft look in green eyes.

“Thanks,” Kimberly says, and while she had been meaning to say something else, she’s taken by surprise when Trini grabs one of the chairs around them and then gently lifts her ankle onto it. Kimberly can’t keep her eyes off of the other girl and simply watches with amusement and a small ounce of confusion as the other girl grabs the ice pack out of her hand and places it on her ankle.

“It’s just a sprain.” Trini says, her eyes still fixed on the other girl’s swollen ankle, rotating it every few seconds as she inspected it, ignoring the few hisses that escaped Kimberly. She realized Trini was somehow trying to show that she cared, but the pain was enough to distract her from actually thinking about the fact that Trini wasn’t acting like Trini - which was fine, but she also liked the grumpy side too; there was something about it that made the other girl more intriguing.

“Could you get me some water?” Kimberly asks desperately, sighing a breath of relief when Trini simply nods her head and storms off. She relaxes against the back of her chair and lets her head fall back, exhaustion weighing on her shoulders as she wonders why Trini cares so much.

Trini never really made it a point to help out with Zack or Billy, and if she did it was always with an eye roll and a look of annoyance, so she doesn’t understand why she was giving her so much attention. It felt nice, though, that much she would admit.

Trini comes back with a water bottle in hand and worry etched on her face. Kimberly sits up because maybe something happened in the few seconds Trini had stepped away.

“Is everything okay? Did something happened?” She asks, her heart racing in her chest as her adrenaline rose, her eyes following the other girl as she grabbed a chair and rolled it next to hers.

“What?” Trini asked, her face not masking her confusion, “no - why? Are you feeling alright? Do you need me to take you home? Or do you need food?”

“I-” Kimberly begins, but the words die on her tongue as she keeps her mouth opened, cocking her head to the side in confusion. Maybe she hit her head too? Because she’s sure she’s seeing things. Could Trini actually be worried about her?

Kimberly just watches as Trini leans closer and cups her face, green eyes staring at her with much intensity. There’s a shiver that threatens to course through her body as she feels Trini brush her thumbs along her cheeks, the warm touch making her heart beat harshly against her chest and her stomach to flutter. It’s awkward because she doesn’t what to do with herself, doesn’t know how to take the fact that she just really wants to kiss the other girl, so she clears her voice and forces a smile on her face.

“I think it’s time for me to go home.” Kimberly says, not sure what to do with herself, her hands fidgeting with her pants as she tries to look at anywhere else other than Trini.

“I think I should take you home.” Trini offers, her cheeks flushing a little, but it’s not like Kimberly could tell, the other girl’s tan skin was flawless.

“I’ll be fine Trini.” Kimberly says, reaching out to grab at one of Trini’s hand and squeezing it softly. 

“Come on, lemme take you home,” Trini says, completely ignoring the other girl, smirking when Kimberly simply rolls her eyes.

Kimberly stands with little difficulty and her ankle doesn’t feel that bad anymore, but she lets Trini wrap one of her arms over her shoulder and limps next to her. Kimberly tries to think about everything that doesn’t have to do about the way her heart seems to be racing in her chest or the way her palms go clammy or the way her stomach coils every time she feels Trini brush against her.

So maybe she had to see the soft side of Trini to realize that she might have a crush on the girl. It’s just her luck…

Madeon’s Adventure is two years old today so I doodled up an thing!!