What the Heck I Gotta Do -Jeggy Cinderella ver

(For my Cinderella thing and because I will find any reason to have John/Philip sing this song in any au…and also because Janthony.)

Scenario: Peggy is Cinderella, this is happening the morning after the ball when John is explaining the whole thing to King Washington, with the help of Alexander(the king’s scribe) and some nosy servants.

The prince seemed about ready to call it quits, when a very pretty girl showed up

Who is she?

And not once, but TWICE, walked past him

Who is she?

Every eye was on her. She took no notice.

Who is she?

The servants referred to her as-

“Some princess”

Your highness, what drew you to this girl initially?

Man, she almost tripped on the hem of her dress! She was light-skinneded, had a presence like a firework—long hair, mature in the body like, whoa!

Like, whoa!

That’s not the only reason I liked her, though. I saw her move past the others on the floor and start dancin’

All by herself

With smilin’ eyes. So I said, hi. She seemed mature, and I talked more

More, more, more!

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*highkey screaming in the distance*

Because the mixtape is pure genius???? I CAN. NOT. CONTAIN. MYSELF. I REPEAT. TEARS ARE REAL. FRIENDS. FAMILY. CAT. ALL. THINK. IM. INSANE. HAMILTON. MIXTAPE. DROPPED. SO. MANY. FEELS. HELP. (and just in time for the holiday season?!?)

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1. link
2. he’s an infamous sniper with a great trigger finger
3. he runs an art gallery and has to go to work in a suit all the time
      ( who doesn’t want a man in a suit ?? )
4. he loves jazz and classical music
5. he’s fiercely protective
6. obsessed with wine. OBSESSED. you can guarantee the wine will
        always be expensive on dinner dates - he won’t settle for anything cheap
7. he wants to get married. that’s his end goal. he wants a family and children.
       whether that’s through pregnancy or adoption, he wants kids.
8. he’s incredibly faithful, and would never, ever cheat.
9. he smells like earl gray tea, merlot, hardwood floors, bergamot, sage,
       cypress, sandlewood, coriander, and minty toothpaste.
10. THIS is what he drives
11. he’s basically a wine mom because he buys so much wine enthusiast
      decor and collects corks in a big vase on his kitchen counter
12. link

anonymous asked:

What is this Death Standing stuff? Omg. How does he look so good...?

Death Standing is an upcoming video game by Hideo Kojima(also did metal gear). Mads will be playing a character in it. I’m not really sure if he’s an antagonist or protagonist tho. I really wish I had more details, sorry. 

as for why he looks so good? I really wish i knew. i swear, I almost licked my screen when I saw him, holy jesus, what a babe.