This week’s behind the scenes sketch is from Nova’s Season 2!

Hello! This time it’s a Nova illustration! I wanted to depict her doing a casual routine such as changing her clothes to be sexy. Though the overall concept itself is already spicy, I think the fact that she hasn’t noticed you looking at her yet is really nice haha. As for the colors, I really wanted her to be lit by the lights around her but to have her stand out so I made the background cooler and the foreground warmer. Of course we had to highlight her abs no matter what the cost.

Are there any specific EIs or titles that you’d especially like to see the production sketches of? Let us know!


These have been done for a while, I’ve just been a little apprehensive about uploading pictures of them because every single picture turned out dark and blurry. I did my best to fix them but there was only so much I could do

Anyways 10 pairs of horns is a lot to make


Inuvember - Week #4: Themes

Day 23: Rivalry
“We’re alike in our desire to be with you again”

Thank you.

I drew these old men first touching foreheads, so now, almost a year later, it feels appropriate to thank you all with this sketch for supporting me, for liking and reblogging my art, to thank you so much for your tags  - they so often make my day - and also thank you for motivating me to draw more! ❤

P.S. I know that I made poppies to be Gabe’s flowers, but now he also kind of proudly wears those sunflowers since my sister gave her blessing for him to “rock her tats”. So this is s thing I draw now.

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When I was about 14 and looking for something new to watch I accidentally saw a video on YouTube that depicted quite a graphic and violent anime.
I understood that it was clearly not made for an audience as young as me, and I knew I wasn’t ready to watch any graphic content.
So I just hit the X button and went on with my life, enjoying things suitable for my age and that I knew I could handle.

I was an average teen who liked anime a lot.
I chose to not watch that content because I knew it was M-Rated and it would have probably made me very uncomfortable.
Back then there was no tagging system, no one thought that minors and adults shouldn’t interact with each other in fandoms, YouTube policy seemeed a bit less strict.
So it wasn’t as much as a “safe place” as it is today. And yet, we young teens, just as anybody else, had a beautiful thing called freedom of choice and action. If I had decided to watch that anime despite knowing that it wasn’t suitable for me, it would have been my choice, my mistake and no one else’s. I wouldn’t have gotten mad at the person who posted that short clip on YouTube, because it would have been MY decision to take a risk despite the warnings, search a streaming and watch the rest of it. If your parents are trusting you to go on the Internet on your own, it is because they assume you are old enough to use it in a selective and critical way. This means that you, as a person, can and must decide what content best suits yourself and what content you should avoid watching/reading. It’s up to you, no one besides you is responsible of the way you are living your Internet experience.