so um changkyun spilled some good stuff today at melon radio. He said when he went outside to get some air at the post concert party mx and starship were having he saw wonho and kihyun hugging while crying.

when kihyun told wonho ‘good work’ both started tearing up and was hugging by THEMSELVES  and changkyun saw them IM CRYING 

Headcanon: How Rhysand’s Return Went

Rhysand: *Sees the light at the end of the tunnel*

Feyre: *begging him to stay*

Rhysand: *gets close enough to going through that he sees the pearly gates, his mother, sister, and Amren waiting for him*

Feyre: *gets the other High Lords to help save him*

Rhysand: *Looks back at the darkness* Feyre?

Rhysand’s Mother: Go son, go back to your mate and live a long and happy life… We will still be here when you return~~~

Rhysand: Okay, but Amren absolutely has to come with me.

Amren: Say what now?

Rhysand: Think about how amazing that entrance will be!!!!

Amren: … … … … yeah sure, I’ll do it.

Rhysand: *takes Amren’s hand and pulls her back into the darkness* BTW, how long can you hold your breath?

Amren: Why?

Rhysand: … no reason…

so everyone loves to make Hanzo all confused about the word “cowboy” and have him call McCree “cowman” instead for reasons (???) but what if instead of Hanzo just somehow not knowing English even though he appears to speak it just fine… he’s just one of those weird shower thoughts people?

Like, it’s 3am “Jesse.. Jesse… Wake up it’s important.”

“What is it, Han, everything ok?”

“Why is it called a toothbrush? You brush all of your teeth, it should be a teethbrush.”

“Go to sleep Hanzo.”

“It should be teethpaste, too.”

“I’m goin back to bed.”

“Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?”

“Hanzo please.”

“Why does no one question the man buying 50 watermelons in maths problems? …What are you doing with that pillow!?”

Jesse starts hitting Hanzo with pillows until he agrees to be quiet and go back to bed.

Cheater - Personalised

Request: Hi my name is Jodie and I was wondering if you could write Shawn imagine where he’s very distant and cautious around you and you confront him and find out he cheated? So then he breaks down sobbing and apologizing and you stay with him cuz he seems like he’s sorry and you just hold him? Thanks

My lovely Jodie, I hope this will give you the feels i got while writing this! I listened to I hate this part by The PussyCat Dolls. It inspired the whole thing all the way down to the snow!

Word Count: 1316

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Over the past few days Shawn has been acting quite strange. He always seems to be conveniently busy when ever I want to go out with him and it is worse when he is at home. I decided to give him some space as I thought something went wrong with work or family and because I don’t officially live with him but I do spend majority of my time at his I even decided to stay over less and when I do stay over thought it was best if I sleep in the spare room.

Okay, so it sounds like I’m exaggerating but we all know how caring and kind and soft Shawn is right? Not now. He doesn’t want to cuddle in bed, barely looks me in the eye and when he rolls over and I try to spoon him he shrugs me off. I started to feel like I was too needy, I couldn’t sleep that night so I moved into the spare room and he some how seems contempt with that.

Today it is snowing lightly and one of our favourite things to do are walk through the parks as it snows. My suggestion fell short but begrudgingly he took. He didn’t want to leave at all and was on his phone the whole time. 

Though the park, I had enough of his sour mood so I walked a head of him as I enjoyed the lovely Canadian weather. It always pleased me how the trees caught the snow, while the snow softly fell around benches and fountains. It made me some what forget about Shawn.

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ispentoomuchtimeonthisusername  asked:

Do you think there is a possibility Norman is alive ? My friend told me about how at the end of that chapter you just seem him in awe.With no confirmation of his death. My friend said they could of asked him to be a scientist to work for them a parallel to the mama choice. When the kids are escaping we see normans ghost in Ray's mind.I concluded this could be The author confirming his death buy this could also be just his guilt/emotions towards Norman at this moment thinking he is dead thoughts?

I’ve actually wanted to make a post on this for a while! Sorry it might be a bit long!

I’m certain Norman is alive. First of all, he’s a main character and part of the key trio and I just don’t think it makes sense for him to die before the end of the first arc, but I do understand the necessity of removing him from the plot for a while. The Norman on the wall I feel was meant to cause us pain by reminding us of his absence and show the children are aware of it, but it is just the children’s feelings of guilt.

Remember back in the early chapters, where Norman says that he always gets what he wants? Well at this stage before his shipment all he wants is to live. He’s desperate not to die (which is perfectly understandable dear god. It’s only been a few months since he found out the truth of the farm but always had to hope of escape) Unlike Ray who’s been accepting his death since the age of 6 this is where Norman really realises that he is going to die and it actually gives me physical pain, he’s only 11! Him being only 11 though is another reason his shipment doesn’t sit right with me. We know that Krone told Grandmother about the children’s escape and them removing a child in order to make it more difficult can’t be ruled out as a possibility but they don’t know the children, why would they remove Norman who is the most intelligent of the Top 3 before his prime? 12 is when they are at their best which is why Ray’s shipment isn’t until his birthday so why would Norman be sent off before then? 11 years of cultivating him just to kill him early? If they wanted to eradicate an escape the easiest way was to remove Norman. Emma is reckless and Ray gives up easily while Norman is logical and passionate. The other children relied on him and removing their pillar while also shattering the ideal of ‘all of us together’ would kill any normal child’s motivation. I suspect there is something else lined up but I also don’t think Norman went to that gate to die. The idea of him becoming a scientist and such is not one I’ll rule out. Mama said that there is only one route of survival open but why would she bother learning about a route of survival that’s of no benefit to her? As a female her only route was was the Mama programme but someone had to be Ray’s father. Someone had to drop the Minerva pen for Krone. There has to be somewhere that the male adults come from and (based on our current knowledge) they are either raised for purpose at headquarters or from the farms.

Now Norman’s trunk may just have a few things in there to avoid the other children in his room from becoming suspicious of why he wasn’t packing, but I think he probably had an escape of his own planned. Norman had planned for almost every situation he can’t have ruled out the possibility of an early shipment but what was his largest concern? That Ray or Emma would be sent out in his place. The demons largest concern? Maintaining their image. If Mama came running up to the house in a panic and was suddenly ‘RAY DARLING THE COUPLE WANT YOU AS WELL, QUICKLY PACK A BAG!’ all the kids would be confused and asking ‘what happened to Norman?’ while Emma; Don; Gilda and everyone else who was aware of the escape would have hope that it was possible. It was risky but his only option of leaving and protecting everyone was to leave at the final moment.

Another thing that sort of bothers me about him dying is of course this final panel. The only dead body of Norman’s we’ve seen is in Emma’s mind, but also that face…He looks confused and frightened but I just think that Norman who has never given up on anything would look….I don’t know but more desperate, more depressed if he had truly given up. There are a few reasons we might not have seen Norman’s dead body. One of them is that the chapter can only be so many pages long and showing his corpse and all would have filled a final page that would be better filled showing Emma and her reaction to this in order to cause an emotional reaction to us poor readers. Another reason might be to give us false hope so that Norman’s death is confirmed at a later date it’s even more heart breaking and we experience our grief all over again. I don’t think Norman will return this arc, but he’s continued to help the children in his absence through his preparations. He’s simply too important to be gone from the plot completely.

Not Over Yet: Chapter 23

A/N: I write based on my inspiration, and I was motivated to write this chapter before chapter 22. That being said, this one is complete and I am only to finish writing the previous one. Since we won’t have an update for a while, here’s a little preview of what I have!

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Preview Ch 23: Dust Particles in the Morning Light…

Historia is, to put it lightly, filthy fucking rich.

Not only does her father own a theater, but a stadium too. A damn stadium. Yeah. And that goes without mentioning the fact that she’s a successful ballet dancer that goes by the stage name of Christa Lenz and tours and performs regularly. Mikasa had never realized just how wealthy her small friend is, always viewing her humbleness as a virtue of, well, leading a humble life. But she understands now that this is not the case. However amiable and amicable Historia may be, she’s practically royalty among all of them. A speckle of fire in an army of coals.

They traipse through the night to their destination, talking calmly among themselves. Mikasa’s heels pound against the ground, her skates wobbling in her hands, the red scarf around her neck heavy with the added weight of Connie’s rose brooch. From head to toe, she is redesigned, molded into this creature of the night. She peers up at the sky and there are no stars, only passing planes and light pollution. She’s carried back by Bertholdt’s sudden announcement.

“We’re here.”

Here. At Historia’s family-owned friggin’ stadium.

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