In which David Boreanaz’s head is a very sexy boulder, Nicholas Brendon has a cute slash goofy smile, Sarah Michelle Gellar is the prettiest, Anthony Head is basically sunshine and puppies and library books, and Alyson Hannigan is my everything.

cat nap (the cats prefer levi’s side of the bed)

@teya-universe asked for some ereri + cats and i finally got around to finishing it! all poses were referenced


30 day comic challenge | favorite supporting character

Alfred Pennyworth

I watched him smile. I watched him cry. I watched him grow. I watched him bleed. I did my best. I want you both to know that. But I failed him… and in the process failed you. And though it may not provide your spirits with any solace, I want you to know that I grieve as a parent… for he was my son, too.”


Look out ! Here’s the sloppiest animatic there is !! It took a lot of time to do though… ´д‵

This had to be a thing.

Just wait until I finish this