The apartment they had called home for nearly a two years was nothing special. The most basic thing that they could afford due to the fact that Quinn barely got enough money to pay for rent let alone pay the bills. Anything was home if Lydia was there. The door squealed as he opened it, giving away the fact that he’d been trying to sneak in. Barely morning and he was just getting home.

Fucker…” He cussed at the damned thing.

Okay finally finished Red Riding Hood’s route. I……….okay, yeah, all of the pieces came together at the end. The game is admittedly of a much happier, glass-half-full loving world tilt than I…am (cough), but yeah, no, it was good. All of my questions got answered. And yeah I’ll probably skim through the route again at some point…I mean, it was incredibly short too (or do I just play too fast now), so that wouldn’t be too much trouble. And I’m still definitely dwelling upon some elements at the end. Armor-piercing questions and all that.

Basically, ep 1 was good! I’m dully impressed, seriously. And yes, Alice best boy. (I can’t stop laughing at Red. I’m so sorry, you poor child. At least everything got better?) Ep 2′s actually arriving in the mail tomorrow, though maybe I should stop to finish some art and writing projects now. Or even translation. Ew. (I dunno, for a while I tried to never do translation at home instead of during downtime at work, but lately I’ve had close to zero downtime at work…summer vacation, what?)