Can we talk about Bobby’s house?

Here’s the Singer house in Dream a Little Dream. This is the memory of his home the day Karen died. (gif credit)

It’s so bright and clean, like the sort of picturesque thing you’d see in Southern Living Magazine. And look at those flowers! It would be easy to say the flowers were all Karen, but I don’t think so. I garden in my tiny yard, and that is a team effort. (It’s also possible the house didn’t look this good, but it’s how Bobby remembers it when he thinks of her.)

Now let’s look at the house decades after Karen’s death (gif credit)

The paint is peeling, the windows boarded up. The junk yard (which he had when he was married) has crept closer to the house. We can’t see the front yard, but I bet there aren’t any flowers.

By his own confession, the only thing that kept Bobby from caving in on himself was the Winchester boys.

Let’s not forget them. Let’s not forget the Palestinians who are suffering each second of their lives because of the Israeli army.
They are humans, just like us, yet the medias barely talk about them or when they do, they try to make us believe that the victims were terrorists and the israeli army is a good one; actually they are killing civil, kids, family. They are targeting family houses, schools, football fields etc… We need to open our eyes and try to make things change even if it’s a little bit.
The israeli army is destroying everything just to build new colonies for its people. Chasing away a population from its own land! What would you do if people came to your house, killed all your family and then said “now it’s my house, you have nothing to do here” why ? Because they have more money than you do.
The israeli army is bombing from everywhere : air, water… What can the Palestinians do about that? They have absolutely nothing yet the Democratic countries is accusing the Hamas for “its attacks on Israel”.
The israeli government is threatening to cut electricity and they are also destroying the dons (medicines, food, water, clothes…) that were given in order to help the victims.
By the time I was writing this, a hundred of people were killed or wounded. So I’m begging you, who is reading this : don’t forget the Palestinians, let’s pray for them and keep them in our thoughts.
Let’s not forget also the people from Syria, Birmania…who live the same things but we won’t talk about them probably because of where they come from or their religion.

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  • Luke:The rest of the drive to Luke’s house was quite silent and filled with sexual tension. Suddenly, Luke pulled up to a driveway and stopped the car. “We’re here”, he said getting out of the car. “Wow”, you muttered to yourself when you entered the place. It was a very nice house, a comfortable one. You definitely did not imagine Luke living in a house like that. That house looked like the house of parents that cared and were present, which was not the image Luke gave you. In your mind, Luke’s parents were jackass. His dad was probably alcoholic and used to hit his mom when he was little, and his mom was a drugged attic. You imagined he lived in an apartment the size of a shoe, not on a mansion. “(Y/N)”, Luke’s voice shook you out of your thoughts. While you stood at the living room, he was on top of some staircase. “My bedroom?”, he said sarcastically, as if checking if you had heard anything he had said. “Oh, sure”, you blushed, looking at the steps while you followed him up. His bedroom. That was the only thing in the house that reminded you of the boy you saw every day at school. Dark walls with rock bands posters; clothes thrown all over the place. A mess. You stood there in awkward silence, ‘till Luke decided to break it. He walked over to where you were and glued his lips to yours, biting on your bottom lip hard. Your hands went to his hair; his cupped your bum, an order for you to lift your legs and wrap them around his waist. Suddenly, you were both on his bed. “This needs to come off”, he mumbled in between kisses, tearing your blouse apart and playing with your boobs through your bra. “Luke”, you moaned, leaning into his touch. He stopped kissing you to take his shirt off, and enjoyed the lack of touch to take your bra off too. That’s when you started to feel self conscious – you had never exposed yourself like that to a boy. Unconsciously, you crossed your arms in front of your boobs. “Oh, c’mon, (Y/N). Don’t be shy now.”, he snorted, taking your hands away and pinning them above your head. He started to kiss you down your neck, making sure to leave a mark here and there before reached the place both of you wanted him the most: your breasts. With his tongue, he played with one nipple while his hand took care of the other, making sure both of them were receiving enough attention. You moaned, arching your back. “Fuck, you sound so hot when you moan”, he mumbled. His lips went lower and lower ‘till it reached your pants. With fast and experienced fingers, he pulled your pants and panties down. And there was your shyness again! You slowly crossed your legs, blushing. “(Y/N)”, he said, putting one hand on each knee, “Open your legs for me”, you slowly opened them, with a help from his hands. “Good”, he mumbled. The first thing you felt was his tongue on your clit, licking it, sucking on it. And hell, that was the best feeling you’d ever felt. “Luke, fuck”, you moaned, arching your back. Slowly, he entered one finger inside of you and you tensed up – that hurt. “Don’t be tense”, he mumbled against your clit, sending vibrations through your whole body. Slowly, he began to pump his finger in and out while furiously licking your clit. Those actions combined had you coming within a few minutes. “I love virgins”, he smirked, looking up at you, “You’re just so easy to make come”. He kissed you, making you taste yourself in his tongue. “Wow”, you mumbled.
  • Ashton:If you thought you felt out of space every day at school, then this was like there was no space at all. After Ashton left you standing there, you walked around for a bit, looked at the people talking and that was pretty much it. You had been trying to find him for about ten minutes now, but everyone was too crazy to even remember who Ashton was. You walked outside slowly, embracing yourself when a cold breeze got to you. Suddenly, something caught your eye. Calum Hood. He would’ve never gotten your attention if it wasn’t for one small fact: he was Ashton’s best friend. You walked up to where he was slowly; hoping Ashton would be there with him. And he was. “Oh if it isn’t (Y/N)”, Ashton smirked. You didn’t know what he had taken, if it was drugs or drinks, but he for sure wasn’t himself. “Ashton, can I talk to you?”, you mumbled. “Now, where are your manners, (Y/N)?”, he asked. You know he was trying to make you beg. And you knew he knew you were going to do it. “Please Ashton, I need to talk to you”, you mumbled, looking down and blushing. “Well, you only needed to ask”, he said, leaving Calum and walking with you. “Look”, you started but he interrupted you. “Shut up and help me find a room”. You made your way back inside and once there, upstairs. He checked on every bedroom until he found one that was empty. Well, was. “So you thought you could just come up here, snob me like that and just come around asking to talk to me that it’ll be okay?”, he asked roughly, “No, that’s not how things work with me”. He walked up to you ‘till he was only once inch away. “I told you I was going to make you beg, but I might have to teach you a lesson first”, he kissed you harshly and pulled at your hair. You had no reaction, no idea what to do thanks to your lack of experience. He pushed you over ‘till you hit a bed where he sat down at the edge. “Now come here,” he patted his lap “butt up”. You did as he told you, sitting so your face was buried in the bed and your bum was on Ashton’s lap. He lifted your dress up so your panties were exposed and pushed those down. “Such a pretty ass”, he mumbled, caressing your cheeks, “But such a naughty girl”. SMACK, his hand went down on your left cheek. “I must teach you that no one treats Ashton Irwin like that”, another smack on your right cheek. “So you think you’re so special, huh?”, SMACK again, “You think I want you so badly I’d trade any girl for you”, one more. “That’s pathetic, (Y/N)”, SMACK, “You know why?”, SMACK. “Because every girl in this house wants to fuck me,” he moved closer so he was whispering in your ear, “Including you”. From then on, it was a succession of slaps on your butt cheeks. “Ashton”, you begged, then pain unbearable and your need for him too big. “What do you want, (Y/N)”, he kept going. “Fuck me”, you said. “Oh so you still haven’t learned?”, he raised his hand to smack your ass once again before you screamed. “Ashton, please, please, please fuck me. I’m begging you.”. “Now that’s a lot better”, he said, turning you over ‘till a knock on the door interrupted both of you. “Not available”, Ashton yelled. “No, dude, the police’s here”, the person yelled from outside the door. You and Ashton quickly got up, running through the door. In the middle of the running, you lost sight of Ashton. You just hoped he had gotten out as safe as you did.
  • Michael:The rest of detention went by even slower than before, if that’s possible. Michael had left you even more hot and bothered than before and the glances he was throwing at you weren’t helping at all. The moment the teacher said you could leave, Michael went running to the door. Which you thought was odd, you figured he would: A) wait for the teacher leave and stay in the room to fuck you; B) grab your hand and take you to the nearest private place to fuck you; C) Just fuck you. You picked your things up and walked to the door, not sure where to go. Since Michael was unpredictable, you followed your usual path to the parking lot. What was not so usual about that was the hand that pulled you into the janitor’s closet. “What the –“, you yelled before a hand covered your mouth. “Shh, it’s me, princess”, Michael whispered in your ear. “Oh”, you mumbled. “So, ready to admit you want me?”, he smirked. “Shut up”, you mumbled. “Come make me”, he whispered. You stared at him before doing what neither of you expected you to do: kiss him. You grabbed at his hair and jumped, wrapping your legs around your waist, his hands went to your bum to help you up. He pressed you against a wall while his hands started to roam around your body. His fingers made their ways back to your panties, only this time he went past them. He pressed his thumb on your clit: “Michael”, you moaned against his lip. “Yeah, that was just what I wanted to hear”, he smirked, moving his thumb in circles. He inserted one finger and quickened his pace on your clit so that the pain would be more bearable. “Fuck!”, you yelled once he started pumping his finger in and out. Slowly, he added another one. You bit on your bottom lip. “Relax”, he mumbled, going down to kiss your neck. Once you had gotten used to it, you started to felt pleasure. By the time your orgasm was approaching, you were a moaning mess. “Michael, oh fuck”, you yelled before letting it go. He put you down and pecked you on the lips. “That was fun, princess”, he smirked against them and left.
  • Calum:You hadn’t stopped thinking about that kiss. And that night. Not even for a second – and Calum knew it. Yeah, you saw the way he looked at you; the way he bit his lip. He knew it. He was just messing with you, as usual. You had already given up on ever getting his lips again when a note fell down from your locker. ‘Chemistry room. Next period’. You’d never seen Calum’s handwriting, but you figured it was just as messy as the one in the note. “So, do you have something to say to me?”, he asked once you walked into the room. “Sorry?”, you asked, closing the door. “You know, about a certain kiss”, he sat on the teachers table, eyes not leaving yours. “Oh, that”, you mumbled, looking down and blushing. “Yeah, that thing you can’t stop thinking of”, he said, you felt his voice coming nearer, “Do you want it again?”, he was now in front of you. “I’d like that”, you mumbled. “Really? You’d like that?”, he said sarcastically, moving closer and closer to you ‘till your lips were almost touching, “Then beg”, he whispered. He moved away from you and went back to his spot at the teacher’s desk. “Please, Calum”, you mumbled. “What? I can’t hear you”, he said. “Please, Calum”, you said a little louder. “Please what?”, he asked. “Please kiss me, Calum”. “Ah, so you want me to kiss you”, you started to walk towards each other. “Yeah, Calum. I want you to kiss me”, you told him once you were face to face. “Okay”, he said, bringing your face towards his and kissing you. He quickly pushed you against the teacher’s desk and laid you there, him being over you. “Who would’ve said that the school good girl”, he said against your lips in between kisses, while his hands roamed literally everywhere in your body, “Would be laying here”, he mumbled, ripping your shirt off, “In the teacher’s desk making out with the punk, Calum Hood”, his hands made their ways to your breast and you moaned. Loudly. “Oh, and who would’ve said she’s such a moaner”, he chuckled, massaging your boobs and you moaned again. You pulled him closer to you by his shirt and bit his bottom lip, staring in his eyes while you pulled it a bit, before returning to kiss him. You only broke the kiss again to take his shirt off. “Still too many clothes”, he said breathlessly. Just as he was about to take your bra off, you heard someone at the door. “Calum”, you whispered, putting a hand on his bare chest, “I think I heard something”. “It was probably just some students passing by”, he mumbled, leaning in for a kiss. But since your lips avoided his, he started to lay kisses down your neck. You were staring at the door when it opened. Therefore, you were staring in the eyes of the students that caught you and Calum making out on top of the teacher’s desk. “Calum”, you squeaked, pushing him off you. “What?! Don’t play hard to get now!”, he angrily said. “No. Turn”, you told him and he obeyed, seeing the three students standing there wide eyed. “Oh fuck”, he muttered putting his shirt back on, something you had already done. If it was any other couple, they wouldn’t have been this shocked. But the thing was: this was Calum Hood, the punk that picked on the nerd every day, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the nerd that got picked on by the punk every day. “You saw nothing”, Calum snorted at the kids as you left, each one following their way.

• when you first saw him, you thought he looked REALLY fun and cool to be around YaY
• but in all honesty, the second he saw you he pretended to act like some cool as f guy who wore sunglasses inside and wore leather boots when it reality he started to have a little freak out bc omg u looked so nice he needed to make a good impression aw
• spent an entire week preparing food for u bc he needed to make an impact when it came to asking you out, and when it was all done he just rolled up to your house with an entire 3 boxes filled with food and was like we need to talk
• then he sat u down in ur living room and watched you open the food and inside were like really cheesy puns that was related to the food it was attached to
• “if you were a burger from McDonald’s you would be called a McGorgeous”
• “if you were vegetable you’d be a cutecumber”
• “you stole a pizza my heart~”
• and ur all like um what is this and he’s all like wAIT WAIT WAIT LOOK AT THE DATES
• and so u do and it says, “date me?”
• on your first date, Mingyu took you to a carnival but unfortunately, the members decided to tag along and promised not to be a burden and that they’ll stay well away from you and him, but like the two of you see them hiding behind a bush and like stalking
• and Mingyu is just like omG WHY DO YALLS HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME TODAY
• but you guys try to ignore them and get on with the date bc you’ve been anticipating this day ever since he announced it!!!!
• challenged you to a hot dog eating contest and you won
• “I don’t know if my pride should be hurt, or if I should be in awe. either way, I think I like you even more now.”
• saw this dude juggling on a unicycle and was like I CAN DO THT Y/N LOOK IM GOOD AT THIS TOO and he literally fell off after one second on the unicycle and he couldn’t catch any of E juggling balls aw my poor baby
• u just laughed bc he’s too cute
• after the whole date he decided to walk you home and the members literally followed you guys, but whenever the two of you turned around they’d gap it and hide behind a pole or some bushes until u two resume walking. then he stopped once you reached your doorstep and it was all cute bc he didn’t want this amazing day to end then you kissed his cheek and ran inside and the second u were out of sight the members jumped from their hiding spots and started praising Mingyu at his great boyfriend skills
• gives u food nicknames so often that it’s gross
• “cookie”
• “muffin”
• “cupcake”
• oH MAN UR FIRST KISS WAS SO CUTE I CANT EVEN. Ok so this one time you were eating a pepero and turned to face Mingyu with like half of it still in ur mouth but he thought u were telling him to take a bite and so he did but he went to far and ur lips touched and the two of u just stared at each other and nobody moved a muscle and u two just stood there with ur lips attached all flustered aw
• v into skinship, likes to hold your hand a lot ;;u;;
• has a habit of touching your hair a lot and muttering stuff about it under his breath. like say you get your hair all done and pretty he’ll tweak it and personalise it and keep touching it until he likes it bc he’s a professional guys he knows what he’s doing
• likes every kiss in the book especially those cliche ones in the movies
• also likes every single hug there is hE JUST LIKES TO HUG U AND THATS ALL THT SHOULD MATTER
• when he wants affection he gets v v v v pouty bc why hang out with ur friends when u can be on a couch cuddling with him?? amiright??
• likes food a lot, he even got voted as the member who eats the most and at first you thought with a body like his, he probably didn’t eat as much as everyone was saying he did… but oh how wrong u were the second u two were comfortable w each other he would roll up to ur house as often as he could and demand some food right after he’s said hello to u
• and ur just sitting there thinking ohhh I understand now lol
• dogs he also likes dogs, he bought a dog with u and at first u were like Mingyu……….. Idk if that’s a good idea. but when u guys got it he was sO HAPPY AND TOOK IT EVERYWHERE HE WENT UP UNTIL HE GOT IN TROUBLE FOR NOT PICKIN UP ITS POOP IN THE PLEDIS BUILDING
• let’s not forget wonwoo, he likes him hEAPS he’s like a v close number 2. he pretty much invites him to every single date the two of you have and it’s more of them two laughing their arses off and more u just sitting there sipping on water
• u kinda knew they were close from the beginning bc the second u and mingyu started dating Wonwoo would give u these evil looks like ur stealing him aw meanie yesss
• but dw he leaves early so then mingyu showers u w love
• “I love u more jagiya but don’t tell him that.”
• speaks english in every opportunity he gets like he pronounces all of the food in English as much as he can, especially pineapple bc it’s the most iconic thing ever
• dislikes it when ppl touch his hair like no ur not a professional like him so he does not trust u to touch his hair with ur hands no thanks goodbye
• secretly keeps ur fridge stocked and secretly packs ur lunch so u don’t get hungry at work/school and ur always left wondering who does this awww
• and when u ask him about it he’s like “idk who it is, but they seems like a very sweet person ;;;))”
• has an addiction to cleaning, seems like a really messy person but is actually the neatest person in the group. he literally feels like crying when he sees a tragic mess anywhere and he gets tiny tears in the corners of his eyes and will drop whatever he’s doing and clean it up even if it’s not his mess lolol
• is all for couple items o yesssssssss
• when he gets jealous ooo you’ll get the cold shoulder oh no ;;_;; like he won’t talk to u at all and ur pretty sure he’s gonna break up with u but like without him even knowing it he still does cute stuff for you like he’s pretty much indirectly loving you and u just smile bc no matter what he loves u deep deep down
• “I don’t like it when people flirt with you.”
• “I’m yours and yours only, you know that.”
• your phone background is a photo of u sleeping and Mingyu holding a pair of scissors looking like he was about to cut it and when you woke up and saw it as your lockscreen you nearly screamed and he’s like u bETTER NOT DELETE IT OR IM CUTTING IT FOR REAL
• one time Mingyu tried to make cookies with you and you put some batter on his face and then he put some flour on ur nose then u read it as a declaration of war and the two of u pretty much initiated a food fight right there in the dorms kitchen. u cracked eggs on each other heads, chucked chocolate chips at each other but then u suddenly slipped and then he slipped then u landed on top of each other and it was so cute bc he pointed at ur lip and was like “u have a little something there” anD HE WIPED IT OFF WITH HIS THUMB AND U STARTED BLUSHING AWAW
• makes u do acting scenes from famous movies and dramas bc he wants to try acting and one time the two of u acted romeo and juliet and it was pretty cute TBH
• being the visual of the group puts a lot of pressure on mingyu as he always constantly has to uphold that title by making sure he looks his best at all times, not to mention his job as a rapper who has to write his own lyrics and has to perform with energy. sometimes he thinks he can’t do it at all but u have to pull him away from the work and just shower him with love bc you know that’s what he needs at that moment - someone to comfort him and tell him that he’s worth it, that he’s good enough.
• “what would I do without you”
• strokes ur hair and hums on the top of ur head until u fall asleep in his arms
• wakes u up by blasting his rap music full volume and the Windows always nearly break and the bed literally shakes and he won’t turn it off unless u get up yourself and do it what a meanieeee
• ur first fight with Mingyu was about his very insecurity, he was hating himself bc he should look better than the way he looks and the two of you ended up yelling at each other bc he was perfect just the way he was ;;_;;
• you ended up getting hurt by some of his words and the second he saw the tear leave ur high he immediately felt guilty
• “im so sorry, y/n. you know whatever I just said wasn’t true, right? i promise, I love you so much. I won’t ever do that again.”
• Mingyu might like to joke around with you and everyone else a lot, but when it comes to ur feelings, your heart and your relationship with him, it’s nothing to joke about to him. You are so special, so important to him and he’s so glad to have you in his life. You of course, are so lucky to have him as your boyfriend and know that the two of you are meant to be together forever.
• “like the ocean…. I love you. Pineapple.” - mINGYUUUU~~~

bonniesimmonds and I have put our first ever selfie (taken when we were about 12) on the flat fridge above some fridge magnets that spell out “nothing much to do”. Too far? HOW ABOUT NOT FAR ENOUGH. Oh by the way we flat in the house where we filmed all Bea and Hero’s vlogs for nmtd. HOW ABOUT TOO FAR NOW

     “I’m getting goose bumps thinking about these things. My dad died when I was little, and behind our house lived a family with a kid. He was five, I was four. He was the first kid I ever played with, and he and I are still friends today—fifty-nine years later. We talk on the phone every Sunday morning. Last week he said to me, ‘Do you realize how long we talked the other day?’ We talk, and talk, and talk: ‘Hey, do you remember when you shot that pheasant? Do you remember…’ Because we started hunting when we were kids.
     And then, some friends that I was in Vietnam with are dead, but a few of us still get together several times a year. And we very seldom speak about when we were in the service. It’s just fun. We only remember the good stuff.”

My Doctor: How I Found Him the Long Way Around

A lot of people say that their first Doctor is “their Doctor”. That wasn’t the case for me. It took almost 25 years to find my Doctor.

When I had turned thirteen, my family moved from our home in a small town to a house in an even smaller small town. To have cable TV in the late 80s to early 90s was difficult to obtain when you were poor & living in the boonies. A small farm house in the sticks was unlikely to get that kind of luxury. So we were stuck with the Big 3 plus one – ABC, NBC, CBS (if the weather wasn’t too bad) and PBS.

My dad usually controlled the TV when he arrived from work, but Mom would take back the remote once he went to bed. She would watch the British comedy block with us on PBS, but on Friday nights at 10pm she would let my little brother & I have a treat by staying up late to watch Doctor Who. It was a ritual for us. At 10pm Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer would come on and this would signal that in five minutes time Doctor Who would start.

Unlike most UK viewers that originally watched Doctor Who when it aired, I didn’t see the Doctors in any kind of serialized order. We watched the omnibus versions of the Doctor’s adventures – which was fabulous for a kid trying to stay up two to three hours past their bedtime. I started out with Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor while he engaged the Silurians, then I would see him fight his way out of a miniscope with Jo Grant in Carnival of Monsters the following week. Next I would see William Hartnell traveling to discover the Keys of Marinus, then a week later I would watch as Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor and Leela do battle with a killer dummy and a rodent of unusual size. In my mind, the Doctor was just like James Bond. I didn’t know about regeneration. I knew he had different faces & it was just accepted. At the time Pertwee was my favorite of the Doctors, but I enjoyed all of them to varying degrees. I had yet to find my Doctor.

Then came Logopolis and my world was torn apart & rebuilt again.

I watched Tom Baker climb up the radio telescope. I watched him fall. I watched him die. I was shattered. Was this the end? Would there be no more stories? I sat on the floor and watched as he regenerated into the Watcher/Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison). It was astounding. It was mind-bending. It was something I had to learn more about. This was the moment I changed from a kid that enjoyed the show to a Whovian. 

I went to the library, read any book I could that had the slightest blurb about Doctor Who and checked out the novelizations of the show. I’d go to the book store and scan the sci-fi mags for any reference to the series. And I kept watching on Friday nights until the final episode of the series aired on PBS – which just so happened to be Survival

This was the beginning of the drought.

I had started to record a few episodes to re-watch when I heard about the 1989 hiatus. I would save up my lunch money to buy VHS tapes of episodes I hadn’t seen. And I would go to the rental store & rent the only episode of Doctor Who they had when I was really desperate: The Pyramids of Mars. In 1996 the TV Movie came & went. It was lovely. But it was fleeting.

By 2005, I heard the news that the Doctor was returning and I was ready. I found a way to watch Christopher Eccleston’s Nineth Doctor. I loved him, he was dynamic. He was amazing, but he wasn’t my Doctor. I watched him as he regenerated explosively into David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. Again, he was flirty and nice. I enjoyed him, but he wasn’t my Doctor. And the same went for Matt Smith. He was like a fluffy, big-chinned, excitable puppy, but still… not my Doctor.

Then came The Day of the Doctor.

That was exciting. He looked very intense. I started to wonder what kind of Doctor Peter Capaldi would be?

I watched Series 8 and I enjoyed it. I began to really like his interpretation of the Twelfth Doctor. You could see that the series was setting up a long game for the character’s development. I was interested to see where it was heading. I had almost found my Doctor.

At last, Series 9 came. It was sweeping. It was epic. The stories were dynamic & I watched as Capaldi’s Doctor not only grew but blossomed into an exceptional Doctor. The character was acted in one moment with perfect stillness and subtlety and the next with an over-blown enthusiasm that tried to reach the rafters. I was so close to finding my Doctor.

Then I watched Heaven Sent. There you are! There’s my Doctor. No other previous Doctor could have pulled off that episode. It was tailor made to showcase Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. I found him! I found him at last!! 

Now that I found him, I needed to go back and re-watch Series 8. Confirm my suspicions. Confirm that I, at last, have found my Doctor. I was able to see the subtle & not-so-subtle cues he gave that informed the audience about his feelings about Clara. I watched as he struggled to find his identity. I watched as slowly, but surely Peter Capaldi stepped into the role, stretched it and made it his own. He became the Doctor.

He became my Doctor.

So here’s a little story for you. When I was 8 my family moved into our first house (that wasn’t an apartment). We were extremely thrilled that we (my mom,stepdad, and I) were finally able to live in our own home with a backyard and front yard and more rooms than we actually needed. Even though it was a rental, it felt like we finally owned something. I remember my dad took me on his walk through, he worked for a major construction company so he knew what to look for and what to document. A walk through, for those who aren’t familiar, is when a renter/buyer documents any flaws in the house so they don’t get charged for it later. Stepping into that house was when I first realized something was up. The house had this really eerie feeling to it and I don’t know if this is possible but honestly I associate that house with the color grey. Every memory I have of that house has this weird grey/gloomy tone to it that I can’t explain. Anyways, as my dad walked through the house things seemed normal, a few cracks…some uneven shit, you know, the norm. When we reached the backyard we noticed a large random portion had been unevenly cemented over next to the porch. My dad stated that it was a poor attempt at an add-on and we moved on. As weeks went on my mom joked that the previous owners had hid a body under the cement, and we all joked about it but, honestly I felt like we all secretly believed it. Months went by and we settled into our new home. At the time we had introduced Chloe and sassy, my dogs, into the family. Just puppies at the time, any weird puppy antics were brushed off as them being, well puppies. We didn’t really take notice to them barking at random corners of the house and chasing things down the halls. It was a relatively new house so we never gave into the whole haunted thing because ghosts don’t belong in new houses! Anyways, there was this random ass wood floor thing in front of my door, and only my door, which was weird because we had tile. Every time someone walked over it, it made this creaky wood noise which isn’t exactly the weird part. The weird part is that randomly through the night it would make that noise when nobody was in my doorway. I always assumed the morning after that it was my dogs walking over it and I was just too tired to realize it. These thoughts changed when I had a friend over for the first time. It was a sleepover, and as I was sleeping I was shook awake violently by my hysteric friend. She told me that she heard footsteps coming into my room but there was no one there. At this point I was scared out of my mind and I ran straight to my parents room. They told me that it was probably the dogs and to go back to sleep, I didn’t believe them but I went back to my room anyways. My friend refused to stay at my house “for a single minute longer” and made me walk her back to her house. When I got back I felt like I was hearing all these noises so I ran back to my room shut all the lights on and stared at my door until morning.
After a while I got used to the creaking sounds and dismissed them as the house settling or some other bs excuse. This all changed when I was sitting next to the window that overlooked the uneven cement platform. Remember that? The butt of my family’s weird ass dead body jokes? Yea well I was sitting at our dining room table when I suddenly feel like someone is watching me. Like you know that feeling when someone is in your line of vision but isn’t at the same time? That’s what I was feeling. I looked up expecting to see my mom in the backyard or something but to my surprise the backyard, and all its creepy murder coverup glory, was empty. Random cliche ghost shit like this happened continuously throughout our time living there. My mom would go on and on about how she didn’t feel safe there and still does to this day. The last event I remember happening in that house was when one night I was studying in my room when I heard a loud screeching noise and a bang on my window. My heart had honestly stopped that day as I stared wide eyed at my window. In that moment I had believed that my 10 year old life was over and that my soul had transcended into the atmosphere. I mean this is an understatement, I was completely scared shitless. My parents rushed into my room to check on me , then rushed outside. The neighbors truck had randomly un-breaked itself, sloped backwards, ran over our bushes, and stopped directly in front of my window, only knocking the front of the house just slightly enough to create a noise. Or neighbor wasn’t even home at the time and we were beyond puzzled as to how this even happened. Had the car gone any further it would have crashed into my room. At this point I think we were all just done with this house and its antics so the moment an offer came up for a new house we took it. A couple months later we moved out. Monthly I will have reoccurring dreams about this house where everything is boxed up and all the houses around it are gone. I will wander through the house, which has this weird black and white tone to it, I will go in every room, then go to the backyard. Each time the backyard is missing the cement slab, and then the dream ends.

Close your eyes. A lover is standing too close to focus on. Leave me blurry and fall toward me with your entire body. Lie under the covers, pretending to sleep, while I’m in the other room. Imagine my legs crossed, my hair combed, the shine of my boots in the slatted light. I’m thinking My plant, his chair, the ashtray that we bought together. I’m thinking This is where we live. When we were little we made houses out of cardboard boxes. We can do anything. It’s not because our hearts are large, they’re not, it’s what we struggle with. The attempt to say Come over. Bring your friends. It’s potluck, I’m making pork chops, I’m making those long noodles you love so much. My dragonfly, my black-eyed fire, the knives in the kitchen are singing for blood, but we are the crossroads, my little outlaw, and this map of my heart, the landscape after cruelty which is, of course, a garden, which is a tenderness, which is a room, a lover saying Hold me tight, it’s getting cold. We have not touched the stars, nor are we forgiven, which brings us back to the hero’s shoulders and a gentleness that comes, not from the absence of violence, but the abundance of it. The lawn drowned, the sky on fire, the gold light falling backward through the glass of every room. I’ll give you my heart to make a place for it to happen, evidence of a love that transcends hunger. Is that too much to expect? That I would name the stars for you? That I would take you there? The splash of my tongue melting you like a sugar cube? We’ve read the back of the book, we know what’s going to happen. The fields burned, the land destroyed, the lovers left broken in the brown dirt. And then it’s gone.
—  Snow and Dirty Rain, Richard Siken 

Selfie Saturday - hunnytheband

After navigating the inception of parks inside of parks at Griffith, we finally met up with Hunny to explore the abandoned Old Zoo and get to know the band whose punchy rock hit “Cry For Me” is taking over the blogosphere and radio (already a KROQ “Locals Only” favorite). The six long-time best friends share their unique band culture, growing up with pals like The Neighborhood and Talk In Tongues, and how they wish they met at Nasa Fantasy Camp. Read on for more about your new favorite punks below: 

Can you give us a little background as to how you all met? 
Jacob: We all kind of grew up together around the same area in Newbury Park, played in bands together and we all lived in a house together when we were 18 and 19. We’ve just kind of come up together being in different bands and different incarnations and it kinda jammed into this one.
Jake: Munk’s lying, we all met at Nasa Fantasy Camp.
Jason: Yeah let’s go with that one. We all met at space camp, Cape Canaveral Florida. The year was 1964…yes.

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Here is the conversation that went down between Hanna and Sydney at The Brew. 

Sydney: *Points to newspaper talking about Toby’s house* I was just reading about that, so scary. Apparently they lost everything.

Hanna: Yeah we were at Em’s house when it happened.

Sydney: Did you know whoever lived there?

Hanna: Yeah, our friend Toby grew up there with his step sister, Jenna.

Sydney: Her name just keeps popping up. People seem to have a lot of beef with her.

Hanna: She definitely has ground chuck to grind.

Sydney: And someone thought her house would make a good barbeque pit.

Hanna: *Laughs* God I would have loved to rack her over the coals.

Sydney: *Laughs*

Hanna: Actually thats not true. Um I just think the whole time we were fighting someone else’s battle.

Sydney: Have you ever wanted to make up with Jenna? Quit fighting?

Hanna: I mean there was always a possibility we could with Shana, *shakes head* Jenna. But after everything that happened in New York it’s just to late.

Sydney: Sounds juicy

Hanna let it slip that she knew about Shana and what happened to her in New York and she knows that Jenna will never forgive her and the other girls about what happened to Shana. Therefore Hanna opening her mouth caused the Liars to receive this text message from A…

New York, New York its a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets maybe because of Hanna big mouth. 

Could this show that perhaps Sydney is working for the A Team or someone that is on it? We do know that Sydney does have a connection to Mona and Jenna in someway. 

Hi taylorswift

I never thought I’d do this, and I really do not in any way want to seem like I’m seeking attention, but there’s really only one thing I want to tell you about that seems important enough and worthy enough of your attention; Evan.

Evan is my little brother. He’d be 13 next month, but he didn’t get to live that long. When he was 9 (and I 14), our house caught on fire. It happened the night after Christmas, I was still awake, so I made it out, but he wasn’t as lucky. The reason I feel such a need to tell you about my little brother is that you meant so much to him. Although he was only 9, he always seemed so much older. He was kind, intelligent and just generally a god person. You were something we had in common. We both loved your music (and you). You were our bonding experience, you were my and more importantly his constant. You helped me so much in the months after he passed away. It’s because of him that “Safe and Sound” means so much to me, it’ll always be ours. Because of you, we’ll always have this unbreakable bond.

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but there’s this part of me that sort of needs you to know this, to know about him; the little kid who loved you so desperately, who you brought happiness to even when it felt like there was nothing to be happy about. Taylor, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and for all you did for my brother. But a lifetime of support and love is how I’m going to try. I hope you’re well, and I’m so so grateful to you.

(Also here’s me looking bad and unbelievably awkward and holding 1989!)

Brittany Murphy: Better Than Ever

This captivating actress’s life is at full throttle. She’s engaged, starring in a new flick – fittingly called The Groomsmen – and has an album in the works. Get the scoop right here.

Were there instant sparks when you met your fiancé, Joe Macaluso, on the set of Little Black Book?
I was still dating Jeffrey [Kwatinetz] when we met, and when I’m with someone, I have blinders on. A girlfriend of mine had the biggest crush on Joe, so I was trying to set them up, and that’s how I got to know him. I asked him to put up our Christmas lights, and after that, my mom hired him to do some handy work around our house [she lives with her mom], and they became friends. About a month after I broke up with Jeffrey, I called and asked Joe if he wanted to go to the movies. He was the first guy I’d ever asked out.

What was your first date like?
We didn’t call it a date; we called it an adventure. We went to a movie, and then he took me for a drive around L.A. He celebrates a holiday that he made up called Appreciation Day, and it was 27 days away. As we were driving, he said, “Let’s get to know each other and see if we want to take this further.” He told me to pick a number, and I picked 13. So we went on 13 adventures in 27 days to see if we had chemistry.

When did you kiss him?
We made it to day 17. He kissed my arm, and I jumped over the center console of the car and started kissing him. We’ve been together since.

Why did you wait so long to hook up with him?
He didn’t want us to be a rebound relationship. And I thought it was smart to wait after coming out of a very serious relationship. But now we’re making up for lost time.

Are you still friends with your ex-fiancé, Jeffrey?
Yes, he’s one of my dearest friends in the world – and my music manager. We’re proof that it’s possible to be friends with an ex. I think it works for us because we were friends before we dated, so now we’re back to that. Ours wasn’t a volatile, bitter breakup. It was mutual and rational. I just always have to cry out a breakup, and then I can make peace with it pretty quickly.

What about Ashton Kutcher…are you friends with him?
I’ve run into him only once since that relationship ended.

How did Joe propose?
He proposed New Year’s Eve day at 9 am. He was acting strange for a few days, and I didn’t catch on. I’m not somebody that would naturally assume, The love of my life is going to propose to me. He proposed in the place I feel the safest – my aunt and uncle’s backyard in New Jersey.

Are you going to have a bachelorette party?
Yes. I want everything to be very traditional. I want to send out save-the-dates with our picture on them, and I think I want a small- to medium-size wedding of just dear friends and family. We both have big families.

You’ve lived with your mom your whole life. Will she continue to live with you after you’re married?
Yes, in the same house that we live in now. It’s really big, and there’s a downstairs level and an upper level, which are really separate, so there’s privacy.

Your character in The Groomsmen is pregnant. Are you planning on starting a family right away?
I definitely want to start a family, but that will happen when it’s supposed to. I always wanted to be a young mom, but generations of women have worked so hard so we can have a career and wait to have children. So I say carpe diem – take advantage of that.

You’re working on an album. What’s the theme of it?
It’s all about me. I’ve written it for years, and hopefully, it will be out in the fall. I’ve worked on a lot of other people’s albums anonymously — a lot of rap, hip-hop, and R&B stuff — and I hear myself on the radio all the time. I’ve just always kept it a secret and never taken credit because I wanted to learn how to work behind the microphone in a recording studio, and some of the singers don’t even know it was me recording on their albums [she was recording backup when they weren’t in the studio]. My singing voice isn’t like my speaking voice, so you’d never know it’s me.

You did put your name on the recent single Faster Kill Pussycat, which you recorded with dance-music artist Paul Oakenfold. How did that come about?
[A few years ago] I performed at the Roxy. I was the guest singer between Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Paul was in the audience and asked me to put down some vocals for him. A half hour later, I was in the studio with him. Then years later, I got a call saying it was going to be the first single off the album.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?
Joe and I will take a drive down to the beach in Malibu and go to Malibu Seafood or drive around and look for real estate. I love lunches with my girlfriends or doing spa things. I’ll go dancing twice a year with girlfriends, but I don’t really like the whole club scene. I’m not a drinker, and I don’t do drugs.I don’t think drugs and I would ever mix, and I’m kind of awuss, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

Are you still friends with Winona Ryder?
We were close friends and unfortunately have lost touch over the years. [My hairstylist] Kenny [Pavés] is one of my dearest friends, and he’s been introducing me to otheractresses. It’s really cute — he has all these girls he works with, and he wants them to be friends with each other. Through him, Eva Longoria and I are becoming friends.

What’s something your friends tease you about?
I’m a big goof, and I’m neurotic. I’m a clean freak and agermaphobe — I have hand sanitizer in my pocket.

What’s one rumor about yourself that’s really hurt?
I was hurt by the [eating disorder] one. That’s the only thing I’ve ever let get under my skin because all the other rumors about me were just too absurd. I had a publicist at the time who told me that I should cover my arms up in photos. She felt that if I did that, they would stop picking on me. She meant well, but it made me really self-conscious.

Interview For Cosmopolitan Jun 5, 2006

017; vampire!yoongi

“Watch your step.” (017)
[req / @letmebeyoursugadaddy]

In all honesty, you weren’t too fond in climbing mountains, going out to the woods and all that jazz. What could be done on a weekend of just lazing around in bed with a good book and some tea would’ve been more ideal. But when Yoongi says you don’t even leave the house ever since we moved (which is a lie because you have to leave when you work but it’s okay, Yoongi, you get a point anyway), you give in.

The few of them had planned to get some time out; do a little something for you in a way where they’d try to live outdoors instead of the comfort of their home, you have to go.

“Jeez, I didn’t know humans were so lazy,” Taehyung muses from the tree he’s high above on and you look up to glare at him, “Put a sock in it, Tae. Just because you’re up there doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass,”

“It’s true! Hyung says you don’t even go out for dates anymore and—“

“I wasn’t complaining—just saying,” Yoongi quickly defends himself and you scoff, getting up from the little bonfire they had built. “I’m going for a walk,” You mumble, tucking the coat Yoongi placed around you before making your way far from them; not too far but just enough to clear your thoughts. Yoongi gets up just as you disappear from their peripheral but he makes sure to dash up to give Taehyung a smack to the back of his head when the latter mumbles a soft you’re fucked, hyung.

To be frank with them, fine, they were right. Coming out here and disconnecting from the hectic city was surprisingly good for you. It took all the deafening thoughts from the modernized world, leaving you in this peaceful serenity. The nature that engulfs you is enticing, soothing as you take each step but oh shit and before you can slip and take a fall down the slanted hill, a tight grip on your arm has you gasping. You meet with Yoongi’s eyes, his slow murmur of watch your step has you stiffening and he takes advantage of that to lure you from harm’s way.

Just as he gets you far enough from the edge, he loosens his grip on you, only to slide it down where he’s able to put his arm around your waist. The moonlight glows on your skin, the same time you lower your head down and Yoongi’s voice echoes past your ears as he says, “What were you thinking about?”

Yoongi watches as you debate in your mind for an answer and it’s so clear that he snorts as you answer, “Nothing…”

“Please say you didn’t take what Taehyung said seriously. I was just—you thought about nothing yet you almost fell and hurt yourself?” He tugs you closer for extra measure and you whine, reaching to nuzzle your face in his neck, winding your arms gingerly around his frame, “It really is nothing… I was just… I felt relaxed out here so… I guess I didn’t pay much attention…”

“Well pay more attention next time—it’s dark out here and late into the night. And I don’t want my girl to get hurt.”

The Story Behind My Tattoo

I have a tattoo of a black widow on my ankle. No, I am not a murderous wife or girlfriend.

Here’s a little history about me (this is actually important to the story):

The story behind this tattoo dates back to 1992, when I was a 3 month old baby. This is a story I heard a lot from my parents growing up (amongst many others that I can share with you later, if you want to hear them).

When I was born, two weeks after my parent’s one year wedding anniversary, my parents lived in a small 2 bedroom shotgun house. They were young (20 years old) and weren’t very well established. We live in Louisiana where I have been born and raised. I have very unique eyes, bright green (everyone in my family including my 3 younger siblings have dark brown/black eyes) with three freckles in my left eye, also known as “witches eyes”. I was told by a voodoo priestess they give me a special kind of spiritual potency and a form of “second sight”.

Anyway, when I was 3 months old I had colic and screamed almost constantly. My parents would put me in bed and go to sleep when I finally calmed down (or screamed until I fell into a fitful sleep). One night my parents put me to bed and fell asleep. My dad (who is the heavier of the two sleepers) woke up from a nightmare to the radio in the kitchen screeching what sounded like words. Since I was born this had become a common occurrence and it always creeped my parents out, but then my dad heard it say “baaaabbbbyyyy” and he realized they had been sleeping for hours, and there was no noise coming from my room at all. No cries over the baby monitor all night.

He felt very uneasy as he creeped into my room to check on me. When he walked in he saw me happily laying in my crib playing with something. He smiled (because obviously I was fine) and turned on the light. When he looked back over into my crib he saw what I was playing with and he screamed so loud it woke my mother. When she ran in the room my dad was holding me checking over my little body and screamed to my mom to “Look in her crib! Look in her crib!” There were 30-50 dead black widow spiders covering the inside of it. My mom screamed and took me from my dad and started to check for bite marks herself.

My dad checked the ceiling to see if there was any way they could have fallen on me, he checked the walls, windows everything looking for some sort of logical explanation. Still, they never figured it out.

Needless to say, they didn’t go back to sleep that night. This wasn’t the first or last creepy experience they had with me and as I’ve gotten older paranormal instances seem to follow me.

This is the reason for my tattoo though. I hope you enjoyed it, if you’d like to hear more let me know.


shulkiesmash replied to your post:shulkiesmash replied to your post:buckysteve…

no but prewar steve/bucky tho. tiny steve being loved by bucky despite being an asshole who picks fights and always has somethihng to prove. plus i am SUCH A SUCKER for wwii films. with gay boyfrans.

oh god imagine if they had a little crush when they were little kids as well, walking around holding hands. being like, “i’ll marry you when i grow up and we’ll live in that house over there.” “no, steve, that house is ugly, don’t be a dummy.”

imagine if their moms knew each other. imagine 5 y/o bucky pulling 4 y/o steve in a wagon. so adorable. 

and same about spitfire tiny steve dragging an exasperated bucky into fights. “oh yeah, we can take you! c'mon, bucky, show ‘im your guns!” “steve, for the love of god–”