i mean, i get it that people seem to like killian and emma together

but like, hear me out:

you like it because we’re taught from a young age “bad boys” are cool and hot

you like it because colin is extremely handsome

you like it because everyone tells girls that if he’s jealous is because he loves you

you like it because they never let each other go, not even when the other says “let me go”

you think it’s romantic he kissed emma when she didn’t knew him because he knew her

you think it’s romantic that he traded his ship for her and keeps reminding her of that as a proof of his love

and that, my children, also means an unhealthy relationship

because what they do to each other, in any other setting, would be stalking, abuse, sexual abuse, manipulation and premeditaded murder

don’t fall for that, please

because if your boyfriend planned to murder your entire family and backed out on the last moment, you wouldn’t call him a “hero”, you’d call the cops