good glitchy boy


The nice lady at the booth told Hammond no kissing, but it’s really hard to get through to a giraffe, you know? Mr. Stan was a sport about it though!

Hammond also was really smitten with Squirrel Girl – something about the matching hair I think! ;)

Had so much fun at Wizard World Austin with the artists and cosplayers!

I was getting my makeup done when this photo was taken and I thought about how we used to have late night “make overs” with each other! Those nights were so fun and I would braid your hair and you would put lipstick all over me 😂. During those nights it was only us two and we could relax and detach from the world. I wanted to send this to you to remind you I am always thinking about you even when I am at work and I hope you do the same to me aha.

I will always support you and I am so proud of all of your hard work babe! 😍 Next time we see each other I will bring some cake and we can watch some movies together okay?

From your love Hansol.


fun fact: today i stepped in mud, while wearing sandals, in order to avoid talk to someone. gr8 job @ myself.

another fun fact: i dyed my hair pink last week. so here it is. (  how it looks now, how it looked @ first, how it looks now again  )