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I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support. I know the journey’s not over yet and there’s potentially still more milestones to hit, but I never thought I’d get here so from the bottom of my heart thank you for the support. <3

I’m trying to come up with something to do to celebrate, so please bear with me or send in some suggestions.

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Lance wakes up to Keith hesitantly petting his hair one morning, realizing he fell asleep talking to keith after a shower and now his someday boyfriend is starry eyed about how gorgeous he is with curly hair. Keith flushing when he realizes Lance is awake and trying to pretend he wasn't coppin a feel of those soft curls

this doodle doesnt measure up to this adorable prompt,, it was so cute omg im sorry

Hugging with the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Their hugs are short and very tight, and after one, they’ll stand near you for a while, maybe looking at you fondly.

Taurus: Taurus hugs are long, warm, and leave you feeling sleepy. As they don’t give hugs often, hugging a Taurus is a unique experience.

Gemini: They give hugs often, and hugs with them are comfortable, but short lasting, leaving you wanting another one.

Cancer: Their hugs aren’t particularly long, but they are warm and will leave you feeling happier than before.

Leo: They give long hugs while smiling at you brightly, which makes it difficult for you to want to step away.

Virgo: These signs like hugs, but are awkward when giving (or receiving) them. They’ll hug you tightly for 1-2 seconds and then step back quickly, leaving you surprised that they actually went in for one in the first place.

Libra: Libra hugs are longer and more commonly given. The recipient will often be startled by a Libra’s arms wrapping around them from the side or back.

Scorpio: Their hugs are sudden and slightly stiff, and they will hold you for a while, forcing you to sink in and hug them back. Their hugs can be surprisingly nice, if you get past the demanding manner in which they are given.

Sagittarius: They don’t give hugs often, but their hugs are surprisingly warm and comfortable. They’ll grin at you, but by the time you smile back, they’ll have already stepped back and gone elsewhere.

Capricorn: Their hugs will be short and somewhat uncomfortable, and when they step back (which they will do first), they’ll nod at you.

Aquarius: Their hugs are average length, casual, and warm. They are gentle with no awkwardness.

Pisces: They’ll hold you tight and nuzzle into your neck. Their hugs are long, and hugs when standing can be awkward for the other party.

~ Entangled ~

So lately my art made quite unmotivated, mostly because I wanted to do more with it but were afraid to push my boundaries. So this piece is kind of me finally trying to draw actual backgrounds and trying to have something like a simple story, that the viewer can interpret, behind it? Idek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Come on, Feyre. We don’t bite. Unless you ask us to”
“The last I heard, Cassian, no one has ever taken you up on that offer.”

The colouring book is soooo good! Look at my babies! 😍😍😍