BTS: When you give him a Christmas present, confess your love to him, and then hug him.

This was soooo cute!!! I just–asdfghjkl. Haha anywho thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy!

Rap Monster: You didn’t read my christmas list did you? Because this is exactly what I wanted! *Grins*

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Jin: Hey let’s take a photo together with the camera you got me! I want to document the first day we became a couple!~

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Suga: Not that I mind, but you kind of just stole my thunder…. Because I was going to confess to you too.

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J-Hope: *Starts dancing around* Yes!~ I knew I was a good boy this year!– Thank you Santa Claus!!!~♥

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Jimin: *Hugs back and hides his face* Ah~ How can you be so cute!?? Just knowing you feel the same way about me is better than any present!

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V: I feel like this is almost too good to be true…. This isn’t a camera prank… Right? *Looks from side to side* Please say it isn’t.

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Jungkook: *Emotionally overwhelmed* Oh god everything is happening so suddenly, is this really real or am I just dreaming? *Dizzy*…Santa? Is that you?–*Faints*

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Avery turned to see the raving scientist bitch pushing her way towards her through the crowd.

“I was invited,” Avery rolled her eyes. 

“Well now you’re uninvited,” Zoe grinned maliciously at her. “This is my grandparents estate and I’m telling you, leave now or I’ll call the police.”

“And tell them what?” Avery laughed. “That I snuck in all stealthily with my personal invite? Grow up Zoe.”

“Leave,” Zoe snapped angrily. “Now.”

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Every time I see your art in my dash my day gets just a little bit brighter. I really need to commission or something to stare at everyday...

Gosh, anon. <3 Thank you! Also oooh I’d love that, especially after the ace&aro thing is done (unless one wants to get things started already and doesn’t mind waiting, that is)! :D


“Gabriel?!” you hissed, pulling him from the cafeteria table and into the hallway. “What are you doing here?” The boy laughed and ran a hand through his golden-brown hair, much shorter now that he was a teenager.

“I’m your guardian angel, this is my job!” he replied, sipping his soda. You grabbed the can and tossed it into the nearest trash can.

“We can’t have food outside the caf, you idiot. If you’re gonna pretend to be a student at least pretend to know the rules!” Gabriel grinned at you just as the bell rang. Sighing, you took a hold of his shirt and tugged him to the row of lockers you were standing against. Students began to pour from various classrooms and adjoining hallways into the main one, and you watched as they passed by.

“Who are they?” Gabe asked, pointing as a group of the popular guys walked past, sunglasses and hats still on as they strolled down the hall like they owned the school and everything in it.

“The popular guys. Stay away from them, got it? I don’t want to have to pull your scrawny self away from a fight. You can’t use your powers here, and you sure as hell won’t last in a fight against them.” You rolled your eyes and took his hand, beginning to lead him towards your locker.

“You underestimate me, Y/N! I’m stronger than I look!”

“Sure thing, Gabe. Whatever you say,” you replied, holding back a smile. It’s the thought that counts.


(Gabe) (Locker) (Popular Boys)

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Wandering through the halls Doug giggled as he bumped into Sophie. Smiling up at her he hugged her tight. "Sophie!" Clearly drunk he smiled up at her, grinning happily.

Thinking to herself about what missions she could train Prophecy in she helps at the sudden hug, blinking she smiled “Hey who’s m-” she pouted “You drunk again?”

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I strongly believe Bellamy and Clarke will kiss when they're both in Arkadia at some point after episode 9. Their excuse will be that he misses Gina and she misses L. Calling it right now. You'll see

lol  You just made my day. Grinning with a migraine is no small feat! I have no idea where you got that idea from and I probably don’t even care whether it’s true or not (although I’d love it if it is!), just the thought of it is amazing.

the rattle of eyes in an empty glass, watching
i condense on the rim of lips, a whisper
forms and drips cool to welcoming surface, dark
a small grin behind whet tongues
as the room reverberates with hushed observation

“So, you gonna tell me about this girl?” Kol lifted a brow and smiled over at Uriah. He was glad to see the big grouch happy again.

Uriah shook his head and let out a breath, he didn’t even actually know her. “I just saw a nice looking girl at the doctor’s office, that’s it.”

Kol laughed and cracked his knuckles, he knew Uriah better than that. “You’re such a liar. You and I both know what happened after you saw her.”

Uriah’s lips curled into a grin and he nodded. “Briah told me she’s a doctor, it’s her home practice…so, I looked into her a little…”

“Your creeping skills never fail to make me uneasy, Uri..”

Uriah shrugged. When he was a teenager he’d worked for his uncle, a major crime boss in the big city. Uriah’s job was to find the people who owed his uncle money, or other things…he always found his target.

“It used to be my job to find shit out about people, it’s not like I hunted people down for fun, Kol.” Uriah rolled his eyes, but continued smiling. “She likes to visit this coffee shop…that shitty one in the west.”

“I fuckin knew it. You are a creep.” Kol laughed and rubbed his face. 

“I’m just observant, that’s all.”

“Yeah, yeah..So, when are you gonna bump into her, huh?”



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Imagine helping Clint prank Natasha.

——— Request for anon ———

“We have to be stealthy, but not suspicious,” Clint reminds, gaming up like it was a real mission rather than the two of your’s elaborate scheme to prank one of the best assassins in the world.

And you can’t help but tease him and his serious face as you say with a just as serious game-face, “We must be swift as a coursing river.”

“We must be swift a—” he catches himself, a smile breaking as he shakes his head, “You’re quoting Mulan.”

You nod with a playful smile, “I’m quoting Mulan.”

“Shh, shhh!” he grins, lowering his voice as he notices Natasha coming down the hallway, “The target’s rounding the corner!”

Accidents Happen (rp with mommapreylee)

Gabriel grins at Dean’s response and blows a raspberry on the little one’s tummy before cooing to him in a sickly sweet tone.

Sam kicks his legs a bit and his heart feels funny.

Wonwoo - Confession

“___!” You paused in your tracks, taking out your earphone, turning around to see Wonwoo running as fast as he possibly could to catch up with you, blazer hanging off his shoulders, bag barely being held up by his wrist. As he got close to you he stopped, bending over with hands resting on his knees, trying to catch his breath. You grinned at him, laughing.
“God you walk faster than I thought.” He chuckled, standing up straight, stretching his back a little. You raised an eyebrow, tilting your head.
“I was gunna ask if you wanna come to dinner with us guys tonight, nothing fancy but I know you’re home alone for a few days so” He grinned. You’d been complaining about how lazy you were to cook whilst your parents were out of town, you were hardly gunna say no.
“I’d love to! I’ve been wanting to meet the rest of you anyway.” You smiled, he tugged his backpack back on his shoulders. You were friends with a few of them already, being in same classes and such but you’d been waiting to meet the older and younger members for a while.
“I’ll pick you up at 7.” He smiled, waving as he ran back towards the group of boys congregating outside a minibus.

You didn’t wanna make too much of an effort tonight; enough to impress Wonwoo but not enough so It was obvious you wanted his attention. Aside from the fact he was the cutest human being you’d ever set eyes on, he was funny and he was gentle when he needed to be. Perfect. Though, realistically, you didn’t expect anything to come out of it. He was an idol and you were just another girl in his class that happened to be friends with him. As the doorbell went, you grabbed your bag and opened it, grinning at the face that greeted you. He looked good, not in a school uniform, not in stage clothes. Just Wonwoo in a hoodie and sweatpants, hair pretty messy; God he was beautiful.
“You look nice, I like this.” He smiled, tugging at your sweatshirt. You smiled, following him to the car, climbing into the back seat.

You were sandwiched between Wonwoo and Seungkwan on one side of the table, Seungcheol and Seokmin sitting directly opposite you. The table was pretty talkative, with Soonyoung and Joshua practicing their handshake and Seungkwan singing the highest note he could. Seokmin turned to talk to you, a large grin plastered on his face.
“You’re very pretty, I like your style.” He complimented, you smiled, bowing your head at him as you named a few brands.
“Oh! Thank you, it’s my favourite outfit.” You replied. Seungcheol piped up from beside Wonwoo, finishing his mouthful before he spoke.
“Suits you, how com-“ His phrase was cut short by a muffled ‘ouch’ as Wonwoo kicked him hard beneath the table. You looked between them two and, to escape the awkwardness, you excused yourself to use the toilet.

“What was that?” Seungcheol whined, rubbing his leg. Wonwoo stared at him with a blank expression, hitting his chopstick against the side of the bowl.
“Can you stop flirting with her?” He mumbled. Seungcheol frowned a little, shaking his head. He didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did, he was simply being nice.
“I wasn’t flirting, we were just complimenting her.” He replied.
“Flirting.” Wonwoo snapped; the table went silent. Seongcheol raised an eyebrow, leaning over the table.
“What does it matter if we did? Do you like her?” He asked. Wonwoo remained silent for a minute or two, clenching his jaw and avoiding eye contact.
“As a matter of fact I do.” He confessed. The door shut and everyone turned around, you stood there, eyes widened as you’d heard everything that just happened. Wonwoo averted his gaze, keeping his eyes to his food. You awkwardly made your way back to your seat, the table starting to begin conversation again, except you and Wonwoo, who remained silent. You went to talk to him but he didn’t even look in your direction, he simply continued to eat small portions.

“I’m sorry.” He grumbled, glancing at you before looking away. You frowned, he was really embarrassed. Sliding under the table, you reached out for his hand, his automatically took yours, fingers slipping between each other. He finally looked in your direction. You leaned in.
“I like you too.” You whispered. Wonwoo’s cheeks heated up, his hand squeezing round yours as you exchanged grins, leaning into him.

Favorite Mistake

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by Breath4Soul

A light little AU ficlet about John and Sherlock’s first meeting at uni when John gets drunk and pounds on the wrong door thinking it is his room. It turns out to be Sherlock’s.


John grinned and stared up into those green-blue eyes dazed. He pressed his lips together in an effort to look patient and blinked slowly, staring expectantly at the lips that spilled all those elegant words with such precise diction and an amazing rumbly voice. “Come on, then, I could listen to you for hours.” A smile tipped John’s lips. “Tell me again how you’re going to kill me, I like that bit.“
All credit for the first paragraph goes to promptsforjohnlock!

Words: 753, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Tumblr Made Me Do It

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Supercat, under the table

“Ouch! Dammit Kara,” Cat exclaimed, rubbing the back of her head where it hit the underside of the table.

“Sorry, I just thought, since we’re down here…” she gave Cat a wicked grin.

“Kara, I swear to God, if Lois finds me under here because you can’t keep your hands to yourself, so help me…”  Her lips were too busy to finish her sentence.