Sweater Weather // Spencer Reid x Reader

The office was buzzing with life that morning. Agents walked through the halls with coffee in their hands and serious looks on their faces. Your face was the one out of place, a beaming smile on your lips as you walked in.

Spencer stared in surprise as you waved happily, the lavender wool sweater that hung loosely on your body catching his attention. Your strode towards him carrying files under your arm, the same ones he had phoned you for and asked you to bring after he had forgotten them on the kitchen counter that morning.

“Here you go,” you said with a grin as you came to a stop at his desk and handed them to him. He took them with a grateful nod.

“Thanks,” he replied as he eyed your outfit again. The sleeves were too long and covered your delicate hands. The sweater was long in general, fitting you more as a dress than anything else. Was that his sweater? It sure looked like it. He felt speechless as he looked at the adorable way you rocked back on your heels, the lavender material swaying against your thighs.

“Is that my sweater?” He finally managed to ask, feeling completely flustered at the sight of you in his clothing. He recognized the small hole in the left sleeve and immediately knew it did in fact belong to him. You looked down at the sweater before giving a sheepish grin.

“Yeah. Are you mad?” You asked hesitantly. He quickly shook his head and instead reached out to grab your hand. You giggled as he pulled you into his side, looking up at you from his desk seat with wonder.

He gulped as he smelled your perfume, knowing the floral scent would stick the fabric for days to come. You looked so cute to him as you blushed deeply, slightly embarrassed at the agents who stared as they passed by. There were soft whispers as they all glanced in silent curiosity at the two of you.

“I think you look great,” he replied cheekily as he looked you over once more. “You should sleep over more often. I think I really like this look.”

Your soft laugh filled his ears as you bent down to give him a kiss. His cheshire smile was big enough that even JJ noticed it from across the room.

“Hi Y/N!” She greeted with a wave. You beamed back at the ray of sunshine of a woman and waved. “When will you be coming for dinner?”

“I’m free this weekend,” you called back with a friendly grin.

“No she’s not,” Spencer interrupted as he pulled you into his lap. JJ chuckled at his antics.

“I’ll call you later Y/N,” she laughed before disappearing to look for Garcia.

“Who do you think you are canceling plans for me?” You teased as his arms wrapped around you. He ignored the looks the agents have him, some happy and others disapproving, and instead focused his attention on your soft lips.

“I thought maybe we could hang out this weekend. Just you and me. And maybe with you in this,” he replied as he tugged at the fabric of his sweater. You grinned mischievously at his suggestion.

“I never knew you had a thing for me in your sweaters,” you said with a suggestive raise of your eyebrow.

“I never knew until I saw you in one,” he replied honestly. You chuckled as you slid off of his lap and landed on your feet.

“You’ve got work to do. I’ll see you later.” He grinned as you gave him one last innocent peck on the lips before bouncing out of the room. Emily passed by to catch him staring at your leaving form in slight awe.

“What? You’ve never seen a girl in your clothing before?” She asked in amusement.

“No,” he replied with a shy grin. “But I could get used to it.”

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The first time he meets Tapestry is out in town. For whatever reason, she is out shopping for baskets--currently, there's two large ones hanging from her left arm, with several smaller ones stacked in each. She's freckly and young and seems carefree--until her glowing red eyes catch on Raide. As she realizes he's not alive, her smile drops off her face completely, and she tenses.

Raide is currently browsing the markets, picking at fruits and spices, buying a few things that catch his fancy, when he notices the look the woman is giving him he is both caught off guard and slightly amused “good afternoon m'lady.” Raide says with a half grin on his face.

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Is it permenant? A continuation of #63

#229 (continuation of #63)


“This sucks,” she grumbles.

Castle grins, though he knows it’s more relief than any real amusement. Just hearing her complain makes him feel better. “Which part sucks? My having to feed you or-”

“You are not feeding me, Richard Castle.”

“Well, you’re blind-”

“I can see shadowy things,” she grits out. Her hand comes up and bats away his, and she can see shadows, forms. He wasn’t sure he believed her. “And I can feel your pity.”

“No, no, Beckett, not pity.”

“You’re not feeding me.”

How did she know he’s hovering? He wants to feed her. “Well, you should eat.”

“When you leave, when I’m alone to fail repeatedly without observation, then I’ll eat.”

“Come on. It’s only me. What-”

“Castle. No.”

He puts the jello cup back on the tray, and she smirks in her darkness, a twitch of her lips that nonetheless looks faintly vulnerable. “Well, you’ll have to starve because I’m not leaving.”

Her jaw drops. Her eyes are on him, or close enough, because of the fuzzy shadows she’s getting. “Castle.”

“I already texted Mother. And Alexis is going to call me when her date is over.”

Beckett would be staring at him if she had the ability to focus. Instead, she must be trying a little too hard because she grunts and rubs two fingers at her temples as if that might help.

“This sucks,” she mutters.

“You were about to enlighten me on which part-?”

She lifts her head, drops her hands. “Almost being able to see,” she murmurs. Her voice sounds young, raw. “Having the form of things but no details. I can tell you’re here but…”

“No buts,” he promises. “I’m here.”

She shakes her head, eyes roaming sightlessly over the room. He knows she thinks too hard, she doesn’t want to be a burden, she’s fine, it will clear up when the swelling goes down.

All those things are true. 

But he’s sitting in this hard plastic chair until the swelling goes down and her sight is restored. 

Castle reaches out and lays his hand over hers, squeezes her fingers.

She squeezes back, even though she’s not looking towards him.


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👕 + Vincent's cape

Zack grinned having taken his loves cape and had it on. He chuckled and twisted around slightly, “I probably look like a major dork…”

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“Well isn’t this just fate,” Loki grinned when you walked into the room. The plain cell made the green of his uniform more noticeable than ever.

“What is? You in a cell? Hardly a coincidence.” You snapped and he only grinned slightly. You wouldn’t dare to show it but he made you vulnerable; like you’d gladly just let him walk free.

“No, the only fated thing here is a beautiful skilled agent like you walking into the presence of a god.” 

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grins and agressively vibrates in position — 

hello hellooo !!! my name is lyra and i don’t know what to say because boi i’m a super antisocial potato — but i’m sO excited to be here because i love tokyo ghoul so much i weeped a little inside !! nervous laughter because also, here’s dropping baby sehun and he’s just ??? look idk how to describe him myself idk what have become of him but i have bullet infos on him below !!

feel free to bother him anytime tbh !!! he’s just awkward and a bit cold and sometimes as in most of the times, is annoying, but he is still a young baby !! i’ll get a plot page VERY SOON and if you want to hmu or talk about anything, really, i’m making an aim i’ll link here the second i make it !! 

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my crush is (i hope ur still doing this!) is the sweetest human bean on the earth. he's my very best friend and we hit 6 months together last week! he has dark hair and light brown eyes and his smile is so so cute, and when he grins he gets lil crowsfeet on either side of his eyes, and he gets these little dimple-dents under the far ends of his eyes that you only get to see when he smiles wide. he has soft, warm hands and is soft and warm and cuddly and the best person i know, i love him so much


You’ve recovered well, General,“ Arobynn said. "Or should I call you ‘Your Highness,’ in honor of your Ashryver lineage? Whichever you prefer, of course.”
Aedion gave Arobynn a lazy grin over his shoulder. “I don’t give a shit what you call me.
—  Aedion Ashryver, not giving a shit what people call him, because there isn’t one insulting name he could be given after he’s been called everything his entire life

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>_> "Tilion, why do you enjoy alcohol so much lately?" -Yua

Tilion grinned as he shrugged, taking another long sip of wine.

“I never re'lized how good it is for.. for emotions and stuff.” He slurred, arching a brow.

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(From Damien to Galath) "Y'know, even surrounded by books, you're the only one here i wanna check out. Maybe bring ya home and give ya back two weeks later? Preferably well worn but still in good condition." They chuckle and wink. "Or maybe i'll just pay the fee and keep ya."

“I’m flattered, but I’m afraid you lack a number of key features I desire in potential partners.” Gala winked back, a cheeky grin on his face.

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*gaster just finished killing the sans of this timeline he entered it seems this one had the powers of healing so even after this one’s attack from chara he can heal with in minutes then attack once more he found this intresting he grinned evilly as he threw the dusty sweater away and looked at the open ruins door* …oh ho ho ho! did someone see me kill that piece of trash?! *he walked towards the door* 

A short excerpt from the twine game I’m working on;

Elliot is haning upside down, his eyes wide and terrified, held up by a foot in the grasp of- of- a MONSTER.

You recognize it immediately as the ‘boogieman’ from Elliot’s drawings. It’s striped, accordion body is sprawled around the room like an enormous caterpillar. It’s very presence seemed to stretch the room, distorting perspective and space around it’s body in a way that was very definitely WRONG.

It’s bone white face was turned down at Elliot, it’s screwball eyes rotating, it’s wet, toothy grin stretching wide across it’s face.

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OH MY GOD, SENREN-SENPAI SORRY! I don't know my husband message you abt my whining. Oh God I'm so embarrassed /.\ but thanks for Soukoku wed! Actually my husband keep asking me to say yes like Dazai when he proposed me (grin) Thank you so much I'm happy! God bless you senpai!

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