What We Missed (Part 6)

Summary: Steve and Darcy talk to Bucky and you, respectively, and suggest a meet-up.

Word Count: 450

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Darcy grins widely as you just stare at her, wondering if she’s actually being serious. She had just finished her date with this Steve guy and claimed that he had a best friend that she wanted to introduce you to.

“Do you know who is best friend is?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Then, no.”

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… And when I lied on the cold tile of the bathroom floor,
I thought that maybe, just maybe,
I was never fine in the first place.
—  E. Grin, i cried that night
  • *Molly's flat*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly:*mock gasps* I wonder who that could be...
  • Baby Hooper:*grinning* Sherlock! *runs to the door; pulls it open*
  • Sherlock:*smiles* Hello, Wi-
  • Baby Hooper:*pulls him inside* Sherlock! Look what I can do *attempts the Vulcan salute*
  • Sherlock:*nods* Brilliant. You must take after your father *looks up at Molly standing in the doorway; smirks* whomever he may be.
  • Molly:*shrugs* A git.
  • Sherlock:*ruffles Will's hair* A handsome git.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* An arrogant git.
  • Sherlock:*looking at Will* All of those things. He has to be.
  • Baby Hooper:...
  • Baby Hooper:*sighs dramatically* For God's sake, Sherlock, I KNOW you're my Dad.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Baby Hooper:*blinks innocently* When's dinner?

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Sci, can you please describe father's day with DJ for us? Does Steve get equal attention or is the day all about Tony? Does Tony grumble and complain about all the fuss all day along? I love your DJ, and I think I'll read anything you write about him and Lucy. (Lucy is the greatest okay? Lucy is the best. Lucy for the win. LUCY DESERVES EVERYTHING.)

“Want to come over this weekend?  It’s Steve Day.”

Lucy opened her mouth.  Words failed her, and she leaned back in her chair, tapping her pen against her teeth.  “Okay,” she said at last.  She tucked her bare legs up under her, ignoring the way her shorts rode up her thighs, and moved the phone up higher on her shoulder.  “What…  Is Steve Day?”

DJ paused the way he did when he was putting words in order in his head.  Lucy waited patiently, grinning as she waited.  It was almost always worth the wait.

“Well,” DJ started, and she bit her lip to keep from laughing, he sounded so put upon.  “You know about Father’s Day, right?”

Lucy nodded, a grin creasing her cheeks.  “Yes, Deej, I…  I might’ve heard about Father’s Day.”

“That makes it easier,” he agreed.

“Oh, God help me…”

“So when I was small,” he continued, undeterred as always, “Steve made sure we did Father’s Day.”

“My dad gets a tie every year,” Lucy said.  “Well, three ties, we fight to give him the best tie.”

“This is a good fight,” DJ agreed.

“What does your Dad get?”

“A headache,” DJ said, with such perfect comedic timing that she choked on a laugh, nearly inhaling her pen cap.  “But Steve made sure we celebrated.  Every year.  But Steve said, Father’s day is for dad.  Not him.”

Lucy stopped.  “Because he’s not your dad.”

“No.  He’s…” DJ paused.  “Steve.  So I asked Dad, when is Steve Day?”

Everything clicked and Lucy caught herself grinning at nothing.  “Because if there was a Father’s Day for your Dad…”

“There had to be Steve Day for Steve,” DJ said, with perfect DJ logic.  “Dad likes Steve Day.  He says Steve Day is the best Idea I’ve ever had.”

“What does STEVE think about Steve Day?” Lucy asked.

“He’s always nice about it, but he glares at my Dad a lot.  Which doesn’t stop Dad.” He sighed.  “At all.”

“And Steve Day is in August?”

“This year.  Steve Day floats,” DJ said.  “Like the lunar new year.  Or Easter.”  Lucy could hear the smile in his voice.  “It’s easier.  If Steve doesn’t know Steve Day is coming.”

“And Steve Day is this Sunday?” Lucy asked.  “What do you do on Steve Day?”

“This year?  Barbeque and cake, and a pool party.  Dad had a banner made.  It’s…”  DJ stopped.  

“Horrible?” Lucy guessed.  “Tacky?  Not going to end up in the Smithsonian with the rest of the Captain America collection?”

“Big,” DJ finished.  “It’s very big.”

“Your dad is a dick about Steve Day, isn’t he?” Lucy asked.

“Dad enjoys Steve Day.  One year, everyone got t-shirts.”

“Oh dear GOD,” Lucy said, dropping her head into her hands.

“Want to come?”

“Yes.  Yes, I do.”

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klance getting steamy and shiro walking in and thinking they're fighting so he grounds them 👀

Lance pressed Keith up against the wall of the training room, slipping a leg between his legs. “L-Lance, we-” His words were cut off as his boyfriend leaned in to kiss him, and Keith melted against him, gasping slightly as he trailed kisses down his neck.

He managed to finish his sentence, swallowing sharply as Lance sucked lightly on his pulse in the crook of his neck. “We’re in the t-training room, we shouldn’t…”

Lance pulled back to grin at him, slipping his hand under his boyfriend’s shirt and relishing Keith’s gasp. “Do you really want to stop?”

Keith narrowed his eyes at the blatant challenge, reaching out to grab Lance’s shoulders, and flipped them. Lance was the one against the wall now, red-faced and wide-eyed, and the red paladin couldn’t help his grin. “I think I’m good now. You?”

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Wander Over Yonder should get a third season because we need more of the awesomeness that is this show in our lives once again! Whenever i watch an episode it always puts a big, goofy grin on my face and there’s never a dull moment in watching it.

Also Craig McCracken is a freaking cartoon legend who’s made awesome cartoons, such as PPG and Foster’s and all of his crew are just as awesome, so they deserve to be able to finish their story the way the they always wanted!

My point is, having it continue on once more would be the GREATEST IN THE GALAXYYY~ 🎶

So please #SaveWOY pretty please with jellyfish pie on top♥



“If anyone asks,” she said, giving me a wicked grin, “This was your idea.”

She then rocketed the golf cart all the way across camp so she could change her shirt for kayaking. I swear to god it was like a roller-coaster ride - she turned to me at one point and just shouted, “I think I was a racecar driver in a past life!”

Rain is good for romance. Walk through any city on a rainy day and you’re bound to see this: couples close and happy under a shared umbrella, one’s hand wrapped around the other’s on the handle. Or getting gloriously drenched together, usually grinning and soaking wet, the hell with an umbrella. Or head to head at small tables, sharing breakfast under dripping outdoor cafe awnings. Pretending they stopped here to keep out of the rain, but really using the excuse to sit close together and touch a lot. Others enter a store laughing, laughing at their wetness, delighted about everything. They don’t want to buy anything; they’re just using this dry place as an intermission. Or that happy older couple you see across the restaurant helping each other dry off. They’re chatting animatedly for the first time in hours, comparing notes about walking hand in hand through the storm to get here. They’re both famished now. Something about walking in the rain. They’ll eat like champions — even have dessert.

Days like these stay with you. A long time later you’ll ask— remember the crazy time we got caught in that big storm? And her eyes will light up. Of course she remembers. Guaranteed. Rain is good for romance.

—  Jonathan Carroll

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  • His sunshine smile immediately brightening your day
  • Him coming back from practice and just wanting to collapse and hold you
  • “Hobi NO”
  • Making eye contact with each other from across the room and grinning
  • or make weird faces
  • Getting tipsy together and messily waltzing around in a fit of giggles
  • Incredibly large amounts of PDA
  • Lots of hand holding and hugs
  • Pulling you close with an arm around your shoulder to kiss your temple
  • while the maknaes watch and gag slightly
  • You know you make others uncomfortable but neither of you care
  • Going on a picnic with only cake and candy for your anniversary
  • Him trying to teach you choreography and you just failing
  • Surprise love notes hidden around the house
  • Always knowing you can talk to him about anything
  • You become one of the only people he reveals his vulnerable/insecure side to
  • and you become able to know when he needs to be comforted
  • Always being able to cheer him up until you see his sunshine smile again
  • Your parents love him
  • Like ask-you-when-you’re-getting-married love him
  • He randomly says cheesy things that border between making you want to blush and making you want to hit him
  • Constant aegyo battles
  • “Jagi, don’t even try. We both know who the cute one in this relationship is.”
  • “Okay, Hoseok.” 
  • All of the pet names.
  • He’ll even make up pet names bc why not.
  • Him trying to be manly in front of you
  • But then you guys go to an amusement park
  • He doesn’t care about how manly he has to be in front of you, there is no way that he’s going on that rollercoaster.
  • Still ending up going on it bc he can’t resist his adorable little Jagi. 
  • After that he’ll fake being mad at you
  • But you won’t care and keep hugging him until he’s happy again. 
  • lbr here, this boy would show you so much love and care, because he’s your Hope, he’s your Angel, he’s your J-Hope.

-Admins Amanda and Amy <3

Jean Jackets, Boots, & I Love You’s. (Part 1)

Note: I still am writing Moments Gone, but after watching BMW’s What I Meant To Say, this popped into my head. I’ll update Moments Gone soon.

“I had a great time girlfriend,”  Lucas grinned emphasizing the word. He never got tired of calling Riley his girlfriend.

They hadn’t been dating for too long, only a couple of months, but he felt like they had been dating longer.

“I did too, boyfriend,” Riley giggled gripping his hand tighter swinging her legs onto the bay window.

She laid her head on his lap and closed her eyes as he caressed her face and chocolate tresses. A soft, sigh escaped his lips as he watched her looking so peaceful and so angelic.

“This feels good,” She murmured. “It feels good, to be just us, in our own world for a while. I can’t believe we spent all of our date talking.”

“We’ve always been very good at that,” Lucas smiled, reminiscing some of their deep conversations. “You know, a Mountain Boy once said it’s a very important part of any relationship.”

“I always want to be able to talk to you, Lucas,” She shifted closer to him and sighed, “Do you feel the same way I feel?”

“I do.”

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Close Your Eyes (Part 2: Tony Stark x reader)

Yes, part two of sorts to Close Your Eyes but with a different character.  Angst.

“Should I call (Y/N)?”

“Might as well.”

A few agonizing minutes passed before FRIDAY’s voice returned with the answer that Tony knew was coming, remembering that you were at an appointment and likely waiting for him; he could see your face and your anxiously tapping foot in his mind, and he managed a small smile at the thought. 

It would be the final disappointment that he would put you through in his life, leaving you with so many more yet to come even after he was gone.

“There was no response, boss.”

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was it fun to make the slide show of your wedding photos?

I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time :))))))

ok but the fact that calum likes jazz and blues music honestly makes me so happy?? like can you imagine coming home and hearing it coming out of his home studio and he’d come down singing along to elvis’s ‘heartbreak hotel’ or bobby darin’s ‘beyond the sea’ in a deep voice and he’d see you and a huge grin would break out across his face before he takes your hand and starts slow dancing with you but it’s really exaggerated and not at all serious and you keep stepping on his feet and calum’s smiling down at you as he watches you laugh and in that moment, he’s convinced that all of those 1940′s love songs were written about you for that exact moment


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Imagine being an assassin and Natasha’s best friend, so when she finds out you have a crush on Tony she won’t stop teasing you about it.

——— Request for anon ———

“Stark, really?” she interrupts your obvious checking out of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist with her scoff, and before you can deny it, she stops you, “Don’t even try.”

“I-I was just,” you pause, trying to come up with a good excuse to your grinning best friend, only for nothing to come to you, “yeah, I was checking him out.”

Natasha tries not to chuckle as she teases, “Need a wingwoman?”

MONSTA X as Bodyguards

How would they be as bodyguards?

Shownu – You’d be hard pressed to find someone more loyal, that’s for sure. And as for first impressions, even merely standing behind you his imposing stature would deter a lot of threats. While on duty he’d be serious and know it wasn’t time to play around. Unflinchingly he’d put his life on the line to protect yours. It’s his job, period. If he fell in love with you, he wouldn’t openly pursue his feelings. But it’d be pretty obvious how he feels based on the huge grin he sports anytime you come into a room. It’s like he glows around you unless he’s in bodyguard mode. During that time he has but one thought: no one touches you. For any sort relationship you would have to express interest first because he wouldn’t take that first step on his own.

Wonho – He’s especially good at redirection and making others see what they want to see. Also highly adept at reading people, he’d figure out pretty quickly who or what could be a potential threat. Wonho would take his position as a bodyguard very, very seriously. You are his responsibility and he will not fail you at any cost. He may camouflage himself with a rakish disposition but never doubt his sharp mind is always observing and analyzing, watching out for your best interests. If he fell for you he’d be disappointed in himself yet he wouldn’t fight the feelings and be upfront with you about them. He’d make it your call if you wanted to replace him. Wonho wouldn’t show it but he’d be terrified you’d let him go. But if he was allowed to stay he’d be even more fervent in his desire to keep you safe.

Minhyuk – At first he’d be the peacemaker bodyguard and try to diffuse tensions before they overflowed. If that didn’t work he’d flip a switch lightning fast. His opponents would encounter a scrappy, tenacious fighter who’d be willing to get down and dirty to get the job done. Because while he wants to avoid confrontation the important thing is you and doing his job. It’d be most unexpected and he’d use that to his advantage. Reliable and loyal, you would come before everything else for him. It would only be a matter of time before that sense of protection would change into something more. Minhyuk lives in the moment and knows that life is short. For a chance at love he’d be bold enough to confess to you. However even if you didn’t return his feelings he’d still want to be the one to protect you, because it makes him happy.

Kihyun – Maybe not the best in regards of physically protecting you, but shrewd enough to be dangerous to dismiss out of hand. Confident in his abilities he knows his strong points and uses them. That would include organizing the other guards and making sure they keep their skills sharp. With him looking at the big picture and coordinating operations it would be difficult to break through his defenses. Given his position he wouldn’t openly declare his feelings to you. Instead he would show extra consideration beyond the scope of his job. Pulling out your chair, asking if you ate, or slept well, grabbing a blanket if you seemed cold. There would also be moments where he’d forget himself and treat you a little more informally than he should.   

Hyungwon – Heavily underestimated. Because he’s rather low key and tends to hang back to observe his surroundings people may assume he’s passive. But really he’s taking everything in, analyzing and looking for potential danger. His approach is work smarter not harder. If he noticed something out of place he’d subtly indicate for another guard to check it out. While he’s not really aggressive he would raise his game to whatever level necessary to keep you safe. Hyungwon wouldn’t like it, but your well being rates higher than his comfort. Underneath his cold exterior is a gentle heart that would easily fall for you. However Hyungwon would keep those feelings to himself. He’d feel it wasn’t his place to confess as well as fear changing the status quo if you rejected him.

Jooheon – He’d want with all his heart to be a good bodyguard. And when Jooheon applies himself he can be a force of nature. He’d also be able to project a very intimidating presence. So physically he’d be ready as well as have the desire. But the spirit would falter on occasion. He’d be a stressed out mess with omni-present danger always lurking around every corner. If it really came down to it and your life was on the line he’d stand his ground, especially if he loves you. But otherwise it wouldn’t be a good position for him. He’s not naturally aggressive. If he loved you, he’d want to remain by your side even if he was replaced. Jooheon would leave the fighting up to the others but he would consider himself the last failsafe between you and danger. He’d easily sacrifice himself for you if needs must.

I.M – The one who is always, always two steps ahead of any opponent. Before going anywhere he’d have checked out the layout of the building or city and read up on any dangers that may be in the area. It’d take a while for you to understand his processes and the way he thinks. He might seem a bit unconventional but no one could doubt his results. Any threat would have a difficult time even coming close to you. But if it did, he’d be the last line of defense standing in front of you, giving everything he has for your protection. He’s determined enough to become a veritable immovable object, willing to endure anything so you’d be safe. He would fall so hard for you but never mention it because he’d assume it was unrequited.  ​