onthighsbelongtotaemin asked:

"I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?" ontae. ^u^

Rating: PG-13
AU: Cocoon
Word count: 1700+
Notes: This is a prequel to other installments, which are listed below in chronological order.

The Cocoon  -  Cocoon AU: Cozy  -  Cocoon AU: I Need You 

Jinki shuffled into the kitchen, yawning as he blinked the sleep from his eyes and scratched the back of his head absently. The sink was full of dirty dishes and Jonghyun was nowhere to be found. Jinki frowned in confusion, and then remembered the new knitting class at the local library. After the botched attempt at a knit hat for Jinki’s birthday present last year, Jonghyun was determined to learn how to knit properly. Jinki smiled as he moved to the sink and began washing the dishes, still yawning.

Half an hour later, with the dishes done, and breakfast eaten, Jinki moved back towards the bedroom to change out of his baggy pajama pants and tank top. But before he reached the room, there was a series of tentative staccato raps on the front door, as if from a timid woodpecker.

When Jinki opened it, he saw Taemin standing on the front step, clapping his hands lightly together in what Jinki recognized as one of the younger man’s stims. Jinki felt the same slightly painful twist in his gut that he had felt around Jonghyun’s boyfriend for several weeks now, as he took in the man’s mussed dark hair, rumpled clothes, and wide nervous eyes.

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zingari-mun asked:

Regarding the statue of Wei Ning, I'd like to expand. I imagine the Vanguard has a memorial for fallen Guardians, but I imagine parts of the City around the tower house dorms and barracks for Guardians, divided by orders. I thus see little cultures forming, and certain Guardians being revered in them. Titans erecting a statue of Wei Ning, Hunters telling tall tales of Jaren Ward, congregations of Warlocks quietly gathering to study forbidden teachings of Toland. So on So forth.

God that would be so cool. And occasionally you would have a group of Hunters wrap their cloaks around them like robes and pretend to be Warlocks near where the actual Warlocks are, and the Hunters think it’s hilarious until the Warlocks start flinging books at them.

And newly risen Guardians sometimes wandering into where the Titans hang out, and instead of pointing them in the right direction they just look at each other and grin, and start grunting and punching the walls and each other and just absolutely TERRIFYING the new Guardians because let’s be real, when is a Titans first instinct to be helpful and not try to mess with the new kids?