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CloudFlare has responded to a number of people that they are only a “pass through” - basically, they do host ebooks-tree’s content but only for brief times, and we believe that ebooks-tree has been using CloudFlare to mask where they are truly hosted.

However, per CloudFlare’s policy, they have passed on to us information about where ebooks-tree is actually hosted, and here it is:

  Hosting Provider:
      DFW Internet Services Inc. NET-DFW1
      Webzilla Inc. WEBZILLA-US-204-155-148-0-24

By some crazy random happenstance (to quote Doctor Horrible), Webzilla’s US address listed on its domain name registration page happens to be only a few blocks away from FYC’s Heidi’s favorite Lush store, and she may swing by that building later this week to see whether it’s an office with people working on stuff, or a maildrop. Webzilla’s Terms of Use say that “pirating” content is a violation of their Acceptible Use Policy (and so are schemes to defraud) so ebooks-tree is in violation of their contract with Webzilla.

However, Webzilla doesn’t seem interested in DMCA safe harbor provisions, because they don’t adhere to them per their Terms of Use, which say:

Webzilla Limited is willing to consider, of the company’s own volition, complaints sent to a designated email address or sent in writing to the appropriate street address, that appear to be genuine and meritorious; but any such complaint may be considered to be prejudiced if it does not contain the name, address, telephone number, and an appropriate email address of the complainant.

DMCA submissions do not need to include a name, address or telephone number; there’s nothing barring you from letting Webzilla know that ebooks-tree has infringed on your work, though, and you can still use the template below. However, Webzilla hasn’t actually designated any specific email address or street address to receive such missives; you can find various snail mail and email info on their website. They have a contact form there, too. 

If you hear back from anyone at Webzilla, please drop us an Ask and let us know what they said. 

Also, we’ve had a bunch of Asks on this topic. here’s some answers on: 

Info about DMCA requirements; More info; DMCA applicability

Copyrightability of RPF

How to do an electronic signature/e-sig

Here’s our tweet about the situation, and transformativeworkstweet about making it more difficult for ebooks-tree to scrape/take fics off the Archive. 

We’ll share more as we have it, and thanks to all of you for sharing so much info and support for fandom!

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Hi Sasha! So, keeping in mind that we’re going through a rebranding, here’s the impression I got from the last few days. I swear I love my ot5 and I cant wait for zaynie to go back, but tonight, seeing him being honoured for his achievements in music while looking so dashing and giving that wonderful speech, gave me the impression that he's out there doing grown up stuff with grace and charm and maturity, while the other boys (part 1)

are attending a charity ball one day early (crazy random happenstance!), dressed horribly with tacky colours and oversized clothes (I mean, why?? Their fashion sense lately was A+!), along with the beard, and just. The contrast is huge and it favours zayn, absolutely. Let’s hope he’ll bring back with him all his poise and adult-y amazingness. (part 2)


Yes, I thought he 100% showed the world the real Zayn, who is beautiful, poised, articulate, charming and humble. Not an emotionally unstable, stoned, fuck up and cheater trapped in a toxic relationship. And yes as a fan over the age of 18, I really enjoyed that. Zayn has definitely manned up.

Overall, I think the fandom WANTS 1D to shine individually. People loved seeing Niall at The Masters. People love seeing Louis out and about. People enjoyed seeing Liam do his thing for Trekstock. Last year I said their team had totally missed the boat by not cultivating their individual celebrity which would in turn transform them a supergroup–because that’s what you get when a bunch of individual celebrities come together on a musical project. They should have been getting breaks where they all got to do things on their own to strengthen the 1D brand. But those dumb mofos were thinking typical boyband formula when they didn’t have a typical boyband. Missed opportunities.

I think the wardrobe issues were definitely due to the lack of a stylist. If that Trekstock stunt (I hate that Modest used a charity for stunting purposes) hadn’t been slapped together on the fly, they could’ve had Caroline hook them up. She obviously hooked Zayn up.

First Impressions

read it on the AO3 at

by Nehesemhotep

Okay, so Cas and Dean both work at a natural history/science/kids museum in different departments. A series of crazy random happenstances ensue. Falling in love may or may not happen. You’ve been warned.

Words: 1002, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
I want to write you a poem!

my-crazy-random-happenstance was doing this on his blog and thought it was the coolest idea ever! (So, thanks Greg!)

If you’re picky and specifically want a short Indian chick to write you a personalized poem, then send me an ask with a prompt :) whether the prompt is just a few words or more specific, I would love to write it for you!

I’m honestly just sick and tired of writing about the same guy over and over again! I need help moving on with my poetry :)

Tons of love chickadees!


themagicoakleaf, enterthefangirl and I were hanging at oakleaf’s house and there were a bunch of small children outside trying to fit each other’s heads into a French horn and we’re like HOLY FUCK WE HAVE A FRENCH HORN TOO (it’s enterthefangirl’s) and we just fuckin rUN OUTSIDE WITH IT and we’re like hEY YOU HAVE HORN WE HAVE HORN WHAT A CRAZY RANDOM HAPPENSTANCE
so they’re like OH MY GOD
and we’re like YEAH

and both of the horn players refused to have a French horn street battle and the children just kind of left so the experience didn’t live up to its full potential but they were excited about it for a while and yeah it was still awesome

The other “Book of the Damned”?
Just wondering if by a crazy random happenstance anyone else has read Tanith Lee’s book? I read it as a teenager, then reread it after There’s No Place Like Home, but decided not to do anything with it because Show specifically screencapped the Charles Fort book. I also dropped it because the book is a little obscure now and any writeup would be a totally postmodern “author is dead” kind of thing.
But on rewatching Paint It Black, I realized that the name of the painter Piero is the same as the painter in one of the novellas in Lee’s TBOTD, and other parallels are making a lot more sense…

Walk in my shoes

During the time he had spent in this city, Duke had mostly kept to himself. And yelled at any annoying animals that happened to fly past him. He had seen some strange people that all seemed to act like they were too good for his company. Snooty before they even knew him. It was seriously bumming him out.

Though even after having met a talking Lion, Duke did pull his feet up on the bench he was sitting one when a crocodile in shorts came strutting by. Those sort of things did tend to pull ones attention. 

The question now was this… Was this croc aware that he was wearing shorts? Or had they just ended up on the reptile through crazy random happenstance? 

Duke folded his legs indian style and stared at the crocodile. Really stared. Greeting large predatory animals was not something he had made a habit of. “Shoes?” He finally said.

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if you do the Mad Scientist AU (you totally should its a great idea!!) you should use Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog as a reference!

What a crazy random happenstance, Anon! It definitely crossed my mind as a reference, if you saw my answer to baku-babe’s ask. :D That, and Megamind. Of course, whatever I decide to call it isn’t going to end the way Dr. Horrible did.

Because that would be too cruel.

…And Anna’s name doesn’t work well as a pun for when you try to joke about it afterwards to distract yourself from the pain.

Actually…unless I could…? Oh, but just without anyone dying…that could work. Hmm…What about everyone being convinced Elsa’s a true villain? But then that would go down the painful, angsty lane when this would mostly be funny, adorkable things…

But then again, that’s how Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog started off as. :/

Obviously, I’ll need to think about this some more, but Megamind is going to be a bigger influence. I might write it anyway, yeah. I just have other things I need to tend to in the meantime.

BABSCon- Part 1

The whole journey and experience that was BABSCon was such an amazing, miracle filled experience that a single wrap up post couldn’t begin to cover it. I could write an entire novel detailing the travel, friendships, and crazy random happenstance’s along the way. In fact, I just might do that.

Please, enjoy Part 1 of the adventure. I’m not sure how many parts there will be; but, I do hope you have as good a time reading about my travels as I had on them.

BABSCon 2015, Part 1- Childhood Dreams

There are some childhood dreams that we look back on with amusement and wonder how we could ever be so naive. Other childhood dreams stay with us well into our adult years, always dancing at the edge of possibility and sounding ever bit as exciting to us in our twenties and thirties as they did when we were eight. Finding a cave and becoming a Batman level superhero in downtown Denver, Colorado certainly belongs in the first category. Making a solo cross-country trip, seeing all fifty states before I’m forty, and publishing a novel are things I not only can do, but still want to.

BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular, takes place in San Francisco, California. Driving to this convention will help with two of those three childhood goals— California is one of six states I have yet to visit. Not only that, doing this show feels like a celebration of surviving the hard times over the past three months. It’s living the life I’ve always wanted, the one I was always afraid of and allowed other people’s voices to hold me back from.

Some might say I’m a little crazy for doing this. San Francisco is about two thousand, five hundred miles and a thirty-six hour drive from Columbus. Estimating my Corolla’s MPG at twenty-eight, which is a fair bit lower than it’s average of thirty-two MPG, I would need approximately eighty-nine gallons of gas one way. At a cost of $3.50 per gallon, that’s about $312. After selling at the Columbus Toy Show and receiving my support check, I have $375 in the bank once all the bills are paid. That’s just enough to get me out there, but nothing to get me home.

Thankfully, I work at a grocery store and I’m not picky about what I eat. Peanut butter and jelly, carrots and hummus, chips, bananas with almond butter, Larabars, jerkey, and some bagels with cream cheese can stretch for quite a long time and end up costing under thirty dollars. I already have a can of tuna and some crackers; if I pick up some packets of mayo and pickle relish at a gas station, I can make some tuna salad on the road. Every water bottle I have is filled from the tap so I don’t have to buy anything to drink and will help fill air space in the cooler I’m taking.

My older sister, Susan, still lives in my home state of Colorado. She’s offered me some money to help make the trip as well as a free place to stay and some food. Colorado just so happens to be at the nineteen hour mark of the trip, a nice half-way stop. Not only do I get to actually do the convention, I get to hang out with my sister!

Four months ago, I would have panicked at the abrupt hurdles that threatened to put a halt to the whole trip a mere two days before I was supposed to leave. When I was hired at Earth Fare, I told my boss I would need April 2 - April 6 off for the show because I thought I would be flying. She agreed to those dates back in January. When the plan changed to driving, I suddenly needed March 30 to April 9 off. The schedule had already been made and I was to work two of the days I’d be on the road. My younger sister, who was supposed to watch the cats for me, texted to let me know that both her and her husband’s cars had broken down; she couldn’t reliably watch my fur babies. Two other major conventions I do every year still hadn’t gotten back to me on if I would be vending at them or not, which was also causing a lot of stress and worry.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past three months, it’s that miracles can happen at the very last minute and to never give up when you know you’re on the right path. The day before I was supposed to leave, I went in to work with the attitude that I would be driving out of town the next day. I didn’t worry or fear that this trip wouldn’t happen. Then, everything began falling into place. A coworker offered to take one of the two shifts I needed covered. BronyCon e-mailed nd let me know that I was off the wait list; not only did I get in, my space will be right next to the bathrooms. Another coworker took the second shift. One of the cashiers suggested I ask one of the guys who works in the pizza station to watch my cats. He said he would and the last hurdle was cleared. I was going to California.


so it turns out walking down your driveway in the sunshine, listening to this song, after pulling an all-nighter to finish an essay, and thanks to a series of random crazy happenstances managing to get home to your bed a full two hours earlier than you thought you would be able to, is basically the equivalent of washing down an ounce of mdma with a litre of red bull. by which i mean to say i am very very very very happy but also way too pumped up to sleep. you win some you lose some.

OOC: Get to know the mun!

You have been tagged by ask-luminousglitch!

Name: Felix Pinkerton

Average Hours of sleep: 5-6

The Last thing you googled: How to
deepen your voice.

Nickname(s): Felix the tacocat/Rainbow/Felix the cat/___ mun.

Birthday: Febuary 5th

Sexual Orientation: Both Pansexual and Asexual.

Height: *measures self* cat

Favourite colour(s): RAINBOW

One place that makes you happy: Switzerland.

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2-3

Films: I’m the fandoms
rainbow…perhaps too many to list here.

What Im wearing right now: Tacocat sweater, neon orange shorts, yellow and grey shoes, black socks!

Last Book I read: Animal Farm

Most used phrases: “Crazy random happenstance” “awesome pie!” “coolio”

Last thing said to a family member: “Love you bye!”

Favourite Beverage(s): Discord drink, Banana smoothie, cona pilda

Dream Vacation: Home! (to hawaii)

Dream Pet: Duck and a Chinchilla

Dream Job: Animator

thegravitystuck, candlecousins2, bacon-sundae-pig, smourice-toastygraham, creepie-treattricker, skysoarer354,

First Impressions

read it on the AO3 at

by Nehesemhotep

Okay, so Cas and Dean both work at a natural history/science/kids museum in different departments. A series of crazy random happenstances ensue. Falling in love may or may not happen. You’ve been warned.

Words: 1002, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

So @doipnugget ’s inflatable mattress randomly died on us an hour or two ago, so we went to Wally World to get a new one… … AND CAME BACK WITH OUR INFLATABLE BEDCOUCH ♡♡♡♡♡ IT EVEN HAS CUP HOLDERS!!!! BEST OUTCOME TO A CRAZY RANDOM HAPPENSTANCE
So go on out and buy yours today! (Nic not included)