Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - sentence starters
  • 1: "Love your hair."
  • 2: "Oh goodness, look at my wrist, I gotta go."
  • 3: "Oh, I'm in pain! I think this is what pain feels like!"
  • 4: "Any dolt with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane."
  • 5: "But it's plain to see, evil inside of me is on the rise."
  • 6: "Wow, sarcasm! That's original!"
  • 7: "Okay. Dude. You are not my nemesis."
  • 8: "Hello. You know me? Cool. I mean, yeah, you do. Do you?"
  • 9: "Don't plan the plan if you can't follow through."
  • 10: "It's not about making money, it's about taking money."
  • 11: "Are you kidding me? What heist were you watching?"
  • 12: "You give my regards to Saint Peter. Or whoever has his job... but in Hell."
  • 13: "Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?"
  • 14: "It's curtains for you, _____. Lacy, gently wafting curtains."
  • 15: "That's weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You wouldn't happen to like frozen yogurt, would you?"
  • 16: "What a crazy, random happenstance."
  • 17: "And sometimes there's a third, even deeper level, and that one is the same as the top surface one. Like with pie."
  • 18: "____ threw a car at my head."
  • 19: "Is that the new catchphrase?"
  • 20: "I deserve to get in, you know I do. But killing? Really?"
  • 21: "I don't go to the gym. I'm just naturally like this."
  • 22: "We are meeting now for the first time."
  • 23: "I'm a fan of laundry."
  • 24: "She called him 'sweet'. How is he sweet?"
  • 25: "She talked to me. Why did she talk to me now?"
  • 26: "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."
  • 27: "That's not a good sound."
  • 28: "Killing isn't elegant or creative. It's not my style."
  • 29: "And I get what you want."
  • 30: "The world is a mess, and I just need to rule it."
  • 31: "See you at the aftermath."

breedersgirlfriend  asked:

Hey! So I may be playing Revali at a panel for a con in going to (just realized it's gonna be a botw, persona 5 and danganronpa crossover so that's an unintentional crazy random happenstance xD). Anyhoo, I was wondering if you have any tips for portraying him to make it more accurate. I won't be able to mimic the voice, so I wanna do everything I can to make at least the portrayal more than decent.

It’s extremely important to acknowledge that Revali isn’t trying to convince others that he’s important & wonderful & skilled; he’s just confident because he knows it. There’s a very distinct difference between someone who is just naturally confident vs. someone who is trying to get others to believe that they are confident (because they otherwise don’t buy it themselves). This is the core difference between making Revali sound like a jerkass and simply making him sound like a tryhard, and will be 70% of your input towards matching his personality.

When I was recording for him, I would often pretend my arms were his wings and ‘fold’ them behind my back, as though taking the poise of a lecturer about to give a lesson to his students. This helped cement my mentality of being an ‘authority figure’ to Link who was his natural superior, while also preventing me from being too exaggerated by limiting the movement of my limbs.

Dating Klarion The Witch Boy would include:

(This was inspired by @mr-nigma and all the awesome headcanons she comes up with. I figured I’d do this one for Klarion since he needs more love. *Note* This is Grant Morrison’s version of Klarion, but there are references to a couple other versions as well)

-Probably meeting him out of a crazy random happenstance during one of his “adventures” 

-Getting used to him always wearing his puritan outfit gotta love the buckled shoes 

-Ignoring the strange looks he often gets and defending him if he gets insulted

 -Also getting used to terms such as “Blue Rafters”, “Sheeda”, “Croatoan”, and strange names for everyday devices

-Getting used to freaking magic

-Having to explain pretty much everything to him, from modern technology to why women are wearing pants 

-Him dragging you around to sight see pretty much all the time 

-Losing him while sight seeing 

-Finding him minutes later to see he bought a crap-ton of junk food and useless bobbles with your credit card

-Teekl following the two of your around everywhere 

-Accepting the fact that he can talk to his cat…

-Not only having to accept Klarion for who he is, but also Teekl and the relationship they have together

-Klarion using Teekl to check up spy on you when he’s not home 

-Teekl understanding when you two really need to be alone and going off to hunt vermin 

-Constant affection (snuggling, embraces, kisses, etc) from Klarion

-Nicknames such as “dearest”, “beloved”, “darling”, and occasionally “bae” (he gets a kick out of calling you that)

-Klarion always finding some way to embarrass/fluster you and him absolutely loving it

-Receiving kisses on sensitive spots on your neck

-Klarion allowing you to stroke his hair so long as you don’t mess up his horns

-Playing with his pointed ears they’re sensitive

-Klarion pretty much open to trying anything (romantically and just in general)

-Klarion never quite getting used to profanity and low-cut anything 

-Always having to cook the meals (he still can’t work the stove)

-Buying ice cream, cookies, and snack foods all the time (strawberry ice cream is a must)

-Comforting/holding him after he’s done puking up all the junk food

-Watching cartoons with him

-Having to console his temper tantrums

-Glowing eyes and ungodly incantations when he’s really angry

-Him apologizing if he ever frightens you 

-Getting used to pouting/the silent treatment when you two have a fight 

-The two of you never staying angry with each other for too long

-Dates with an old fashioned twist to them (linking arms with him at an amusement park or packing a picnic at the park)

-Reading the love stories/poems he writes to you

-Getting from one place to another by walking (cars make him uneasy) or teleporting

-Getting sick from teleportation, no matter how often you do it

-Klarion adoring the sunsets, sunrises, stars, and the moon and always wanting to watch them with you 

-Long talks about the meaning of life, religion, and the beauty in all nature

-Listening to him talk (resentfully) about his old life in Limbo Town  

-He being hesitant to take you there to meet his mother and sister (you’d probably get burned at the stake) 

anonymous asked:

there's thousands of animals in this world but Louis chooses to wear a bee jacket. what a crazy random happenstance.

there are so many insects…and yet…a bee (🐝)

if they really were just ‘random’ newspaper clippings don’t you think the subjects presented in the video would be a little more … you know … random?

like there’s a pretty blatant theme with most of the articles featured in the video and they all relate directly back to the theme of the song. not to mention the fact that, with something as close to louis’ heart as JLY is, chances are pretty good he’s going to be super hands on and involved with the lyric video too because ultimately it’s an extension of him.

but sure, the newspaper clippings mean nothing, nothing louis does ever means anything, it’s all just a crazy random happenstance…

Keep What Remains, Part II [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?” 

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I

Parallels had the odd tendency of creeping up in your life. And it was never like you actively asked them to. They were crazy random happenstances that never really hit you until days or weeks or months later. Like they were made specifically for you to look back on, completely unintentionally, on a run to the drugstore or in the middle of a shower. Like the Six had already penned down the book of your life before you had a chance to live it, and you were living as they’d written you. Like free will was known to everyone but the people who had it.

That was exactly what happened with those first two nights you’d met Gladio. And you were sure it was going to happen again when you ran into him a few days later. Still perched on the bench near that steaming white truck. Still reading the same book—you didn’t even have to bend over to look at the cover this time. Still giving you that Can I help you smile when he looked up to meet your eyes. But it melted into something knowing as soon as he recognized you, and he scooted over to make room for you to sit.

“Hi, stranger,” he said.

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My commentary whilst watching Buzzfeedblue’s “The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood”

I was gonna sleep (ha… me, sleeping.) and then I remembered they posted a video. So i go check it out and 5 seconds in Shane calls Ryan baby… Guess im just doomed to a sleepless eternity because of these dorks. humph.


1. I ship them, if you don’t that’s cool with me.

2. This post is super long

3. I long for the day I no longer have to cross out the boy in boyfriend when it comes to these two. this will be abundantly clear by the amount of times i do

4. After a little bit i will stop putting full names, so just know.

5.I recommend watching the video along with or before going through this post, because if you haven’t seen it you will be lost.

R=Ryan and S=Shane


R: How the hell did you have your sunglasses ready?

S: There are exactly two things I always have. Low standards, so I can never be disappointed and sunnies so I don’t get blinded by my future-

R: Those are contradictory.

S: I DIDN’T FINISH MY SENTENCE. so i don’t get blinded by my future husband’s best friends beauty.

R: *blushing* shutthefuckup

S: “Im always ready baby.” *winks*

Me: *eating in the other room* REALLY, IN FRONT OF MY POPCORN? I can hear yall being gay from in here.




Me: What a crazy random happenstance?

S: What do you mean Ari? You only quote movies when your being sarcastic.

Me: Not always…. I mean its suspicious that’s all.


Me: Low key shyan dad au.

(+1 happy Boyfriend Sleuths. Sign me up)


Heterosexual™ flirting


The boyfriends are talking about dominance.

Me: GAY!


Me: Um Shane…

S: Yeah…

Me: You can’t just casually bring up dicks.

S: yES…


R: “Do you not know how love works?”

S: “Maybe I don’t.”

R: “Makes a lot of sense actually.”

Me: Rye… How the fuck would you know? Why did you give him that look when talking about love?



*Making stupid noises at each other*



R: *Christopher Walken impression* “Boys.”



Me: I like him, he seem nice.

Me: I still think he was a good guy.


Me: Okay, crazy idea. You two, just the two of you, try and drink the same amount as they did to see how drunk the would have been.

R: We would get sick.

Me: okay then instead find out who consumed the most and, just the two of you, do it that way.

S: You just want us to get drunk and have sex with each other don’t you.

Me: *smirking* If that’s how you wanna see it shane who am I to stop you two crazy kids from doing so.

S: *Also smirking* I hate you.

Me: Love you too daddio.

R: The fuck just happened.


Me: Im Davern aren’t I… wait.

Me: Better

(its actually kinda sad how long this actually took. But I was laughing my ass of the whole time so… win?)


Me: Did Christopher Walken… murder somebody??

S&R: *in Unison* NO!!


Me: No fisticuffs huh? Danggit

R: You are a weird one aren’t you?





Headcannon: They once got drunk at an office party and made out in a closet until their girlfriends found them, because they where going into the closet themselves.

R: No…

S: hmmmmm….




Me: Nah, I see him more as a paternal caretaker than the kind of person to do that.


Me: O.K. I don’t like him anymore.

S:That quick?

Me: That quick.


R&S&Me: *said in unison* Suspicious

Me: Also weird face Shane

(+1 point to the bean pole for making the boyfriend smile)


Me: How about you two just have a movie date instead of Shane going off pon his own to watch things.

R: How about… 

Me: *eyes twinkle with hope*

R: …nah?

S: I think you broke her

Me: *wide eyed and pissed*


Ah yes the long awaited return of Ryan “My boyfriend is a total weirdo and that’s why I love him” Bergara

(+1 for Heart eyes)

(+2 for smiley boyfriends)


This long ass post brought to you by:

The fact that Shane didn’t leave before the end of the video again


 My favorite feeders of my Shyan addiction @faequill and @ghostwheeze

Link to video here

Link to Masterpost here

Laundry Buddies, a Miles Luna x Reader fic

Summary:You’ve just moved to a new apartment and are totally crushing on the guy who lives in 2F. Now if only you could remember to catch his actual name…or see him anywhere outside of the laundry room for that matter.

Warnings: A couple swears I think thats about it

Word Count: 1,453

Notes: This stems from so many mini prompts that I’m not going to mention them all. Also I suck at titles and descriptions. Whoops? 

Still being a newbie in your apartment, you haven’t quite had the time to get to know any of your neighbors. While getting mail one day you’d met the guy who lives in 2F and had a great conversation about his work and your recent move, but then stupidly you left without getting his name. Now every time you see him in the lobby or in the hallway, you’ll exchange pleasantries by addressing each other with your apartment numbers. Sure he had said to swing by any time if you needed anything, but he probably, no he definitely didn’t mean if you needed his name and number because you thought the only neighbor you’d met so far was cute as all hell.

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Rory/Jess Recs #3


- Old Friends by Moonrays and fridays:
No-one really thought much of it when Jess Mariano finally moved on. He’d given it his best shot, really he had.
Some pieces of fic evoke a very visceral reaction in me. This is one of them. Songfic done exactly right.

- immortal stars awry by TrappedInPast: She looks up at him, her eyes like bedroom eyes, dazed, confused, lethally beautiful. He tells her to forget about the car. Everyone has a car. They’re nothing. Just pay attention to me. Just gorgeous.

- Burn by Andra-ggfan: Jess and Rory don’t get in a car crash that night. Instead, they go back to the diner and start talking about a book. The rest just rolls from there. Garcia Marquez and Neruda inspired two-parter. Intense and with a great use of poetry.

- Crazy Random Happenstance by Meghanna: Jess goes to a wedding and runs into an “old friend.” What will be seven chapters that follow three times Jess and Rory are thrusted together. It doesn’t always have to be hard and dark. This is a lighter version of the post-series reunion, but it still rings true.

- Final Boarding Call on Track Twentytwo by fulfilled: Jess, a book tour, and a latenight train ride. Funny and extremely cute.

- The End Of The Road by open hearts catch dreams: “you were right; it is what it is, you- me. What it is, is never over.” - Post Series One-shot: Three years since Jess last saw Rory. How much could things have really changed? Not that much, if they still always come back to each other. Emotional with gorgeous imagery.

helaluvE’s Future Fic Quartet:
# Ridiculous: The effect they still have on each other. An original writing style, which makes the story feel immediate.
# Pulling Out A Mondler: Sequel to ‘Ridiculous’. Escapades and gossips.
# Red Shirt And Apple Pie: She wants something, he’s reluctant to give it to her. Their lives together. I love the sense of family between RJ and LL here. Even though I have no inkling to read pure LL fic, I need a LL backdrop in my RJ fic. Other pairings involving Lorelai or Luke feel wrong. I love the sense of togetherness when both couples are involved in a story. They feel like an extended family.
# A Good Man: When they’re not careful, the past creeps back in. Angsty!

- The Kid by dirao: Jess comes back to Stars Hollow with a kid in tow. Will the town be able to deal with it? What happens when your past comes back to bite you… dirao describes this as fluffy angst and it’s a fitting description. The premise is a painful scenario, but I love how mature Jess steps up to the plate here. The emotional and hot reunion with Rory is great bonus.

- Absolution by Andra-ggfan: Rory can’t let him leave without saying something so she leaves with him. But can they really change anything in just one night? Rory gets in Jess’ car after his ILY. Emotional and beautiful.

- Kitchen Rendezvous by Great Clone: “You know, my third husband had a fetish for doing it in kitchens. Maybe Jess, too…he does work in a diner.” Hilarious!

- Your Cologne by Sharon Bible: He wear’s your cologne now… Very short but very poignant.

- Building Bridges by LiteratiAngel: Silence is golden? Ha! That’s what they tell you but it’s not true. It’s a big, fat elephant of pressure in a room…but the worst silences are the ones that last over long distances. I wanted to quote the entire first chapter. Two examples: “Ever since that Dodger came into my life, my soul has been slowly tearing itself apart. Little frayed pieces that could only be stitched together by a smirk. A crooked, knowing smile.” and “Did I… do something? He always thought it was his fault. He was always waiting, thinking he was on the brink of screwing up because he’d done that with everyone else, so why not me, right?” The story has a lovely circular form and a great immediate writing style. P.S.: Feel free to “huh” now. ;)

- Because Nature Favors Disorder by Molly Larch: He thought apologizing was supposed to make things easier. Neither one of them expected this. A slow road to reunion over the course of Rory’s time at Yale. A good plot, painful at times and nice characterizations. I loved Jess’ relationship with Lily, Jimmy and Sasha here.

- The Machine In The Ghost Within by missgoalie75: He wishes that his life could be a little less pathetic and not resemble a popular classic rock song that was briefly resurrected by a Scorsese film. I finally found my fic dealing with Jess’ transformation between 4x21 and 6x08. And it’s a great one! Bleak but believable and ultimately uplifting.

- Lady.of.Victory.Rising’s Episode Rewrites, especially:
# Turn The Car Around: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights. Rory finds that she can’t bear to watch him walk away again… I’ve always had the feeling that Jess would have said something more rational to Rory, had he not been spooked by Dean’s presence at her dorm. This fic shows his thought patterns before panicking. And of course the outcome is a bit different as well…
# Breathing In Tandem: Balalaikas. Jess and Rory’s shouting match outside the pub takes an unexpected turn… “Of course I’m not the same! How could I be?” “How can I be Rory if there’s no Jess?” *cries*
# Freefall: The Real Paul Anka. Before she goes, Jess has a question. And Rory’s answer isn’t one he’d ever expect. One question by Jess leads to a torrent of emotions.

X.Hardys and Horcruxes.X’ Series of connected Oneshots. Together they form a great future fic. My favourites:
# Apology: Jess never apologised to her. So it was time. Jess and Lorelai, at the end of S7. I loved the way this went down.
# It’s Not The Champagne Talking: “I mean seriously, six or so years of unresolved sexual tension and we’re only missing for an hour or two? That definitely seems like a weekend long journey full of room service and long showers.” One fabulous and really hot Literati hook up at Lorelai and Luke’s wedding!
# And a bonus mention for No Fights, It’s The Firelight because the idea of Jess writing bedtime stories for his little sister is just too adorable for words.

- The Orange Soda Will Get You Every Time by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess and Rory reconnect under some interesting circumstances… If only because I’m totally in love with little Dan.

- Passing The Torch by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess passes on a little something to the next generation. Too cute.

- House Hunting by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess and Rory look for greener pastures… A very funny piece of meta-fic.


- What’s A Soulmate? by UnicaNumb

- Gotten by mccann16fan

Both these videos show why these two are so suited for each other.

- Just A Little Girl by Luvtheheaven I always love Luvtheheaven’s videos. This one is painful to watch, but it really packs a punch and it shows why both of them needed time to develop before they were ready to embark on a mature relationship with each other.

- The Right Move: Jess Mariano and Luke Danes. “And I want to thank you for everything you did for him.” “Well, it never hurts to take a shot. At least you know you tried.” “Sometimes things take a while before they sink in.” Perhaps it’s blasphemy to say so, but I think I may be more invested in the relationship between these two than in the one between Lorelai and Rory. This video made me tear up a bit.

Recs #1 / Recs #2


Summary: In which Will is a baseball player, Nico’s just looking for some alone time, and they both end up stumbling on each other. (Of spring nights, star-watching, and the particular rhythm of falling in love.)

For @olinmaris.

For the record, the situation is not weird until Jason makes it weird.

The thing is, the clearing out behind the baseball field is Nico’s clearing. It has been for years. There’s a shortcut to the high school cutting through the woods in Nico’s backyard, and the trail passes right through this circle of trees where the light filters golden through the branches and the ground is carpeted in thick, soft moss, interwoven with tiny purple flowers.

The clearing is where Nico goes in the evenings to think. It’s where he goes to breathe. It’s where he goes to sketch, to cry, to try and forget himself.

And, now, it’s where he goes to watch Will Solace play baseball.

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deerkotah  asked:

i've been seeing a lot of owls (not live ones, just symbols/pictures/stuffed animals) and i was wondering if it possibly meant something? my first thought was that maybe i should try to contact(?) Athena, and if so, how should/can i do that?

If that was your first thought, I’d say go for it. You know what the connection means, and maybe Athene would know you’d understand and reach out, and that’s why she sent the message to you. 

Sometimes things aren’t signs, though, just “crazy random happenstance” after all, but it’s worth an effort to try I think.

There are a few ways you can try contacting a deity. You can focus / meditate and reach your thoughts out and call to them. You can try divination methods like tarot or pendulums. Automatic writing if an option too. Offerings can be left (either on their own or at an altar set up) to get their attention and show you are trying to initiate contact. You can try to summon them with sigils - Athene may not be so harsh about that, though I do still advise caution with “forcing” an entity’s presence in general (I know Morriga did’t like it). If you are fortunate enough to be a godphone, you can speak to them directly, but not everyone is.

Here are some resources for communicating with a deity:

* = external links and resources

This post on [Discernment is Your Best Friend] is also useful to read too.

I have had a relationship with Athene myself, actually. I hope things go well for you. :)

caejose shoujo manga aus

i am a sucker for dumb tropey stuff and there will be a version for typical western romance tropes probably (MEET-CUTES!!!) but have some shoujo manga tropes for now

  • shiza-senpai we’re in the same club in school and??? you’re super cool???? so i’m going to annoy you until you agree to be my friend and/or date me

  • “caesar i forgot my umbrella” “too damn bad i only have one small one” “caESAR SHARING IS CARING” and they walk home together under one tiny umbrella and omg caesar tries to do that thing where he holds the umbrella more over joseph and gets his shoulder wet (”i-it’s instinct!! from walking home with girls!!!”) but it doesn’t work out because they’re both too damn bara

  • VALENTINES CHOCO joseph is like man caesar is so popular with the ladies he’s gonna get a million chocos like he doesn’t need one from me right??? but he ends up getting chocos for him anyway and it turns out caesar got some for him and they end up awkwardly exchanging honmei chocos on the roof during lunch and it’s ridiculously cheesy and embarrassing (esp bc suzie sees the whole thing, she came up to give them giri chocos)

  • HANDMADE BENTO except neither of them are really that good at cooking (caesar’s is edible but what is presentation) so it’s like their moms’ handmade bentos

  • KABEDON!!!!!!!!!!! (who kabedons who??? i literally do not care either way it is G R E A T)

  • everyone is in love with caesar except joseph who thinks he’s a stuck up prick but then they are forced to spend time together (part-time job? student council? somehow ended up becoming roommates through some crazy random happenstance?) and suddenly the dokis attack him anD THEY FALL IN LOVE


  • summer festival!!! with yukata!!!!!! yukata caejose!!!!!!!!! and they catch so many goldfish and eat takoyaki and climb a hill to see the fireworks better

  • christmas eve daaaaaaaatee and they exchange presents, caesar knitted a really shitty scarf for joseph (he LOVES it and puts it on right there and then) and joseph gives caesar handwarmers and cookies and a feather phone strap and also a super ridiculous card that he made himself (it is OBNOXIOUS and caesar really doesn’t understand why he likes it so much)

  • H U G S F R O M B E H I N D

  • “o-ore… shiza no koto ga… s-suki da…!!” AAAAAAAAAA
THEME: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

“The world is a mess, and I just need to rule it.”
“Wow, sarcasm.  That’s original.”
“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”
“I’m just a few weeks away from a real audible connection.”
“Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?”
“Dude.  You are NOT my nemesis." 
"And these.. are not the hammer.”
“You’re driving a spork into your leg.”
“What a crazy random happenstance!”
“Do I even know you?”
“Goodness, look at my wrist, I gotta go.”
“I hate the homeless…ness problem that plagues our city.”
“I have a PHD in horribleness.”
“I hear it’s better the second time, they say you get to do the weird stuff.”
“Give my regards to St. Peter.  Or whoever has his job, but in Hell.”
“Oh I’m in pain… I think this is what pain feels like!”
“Everyone’s a hero in their own way.”
“I won’t feel a thing.”

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’ll bend the world to our will, and we’ll make time stand still.”  
  • “What a crazy random happenstance!”
  • “And I won’t feel… a thing.”  
  • “The only doom that’s looming is you loving me to death.”
  • “There’s no time for mercy. Here goes – no mercy.”  
  • “Now the future’s so bright and I owe it all to you.”
  • “Any dolt with half a brain can see that humankind has gone insane.”  
  • “There’s good in everybody’s heart. Keep it safe and sound.”  
  • “Just might sleep with the same girl twice.”
  • “I bring you pain, the kind you can’t suffer quietly.”
  • “I hate the homeless… ness problem that plagues our city.”
  • “Wow, sarcasm, that’s original!”
  • “You don’t happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?”
  • “Would you help… No? How about you?”
  • “It’s a brand new me. I got no remorse.”  
  • “Oh, I’m in pain! I think this is what pain feels like!”
  • “Everyone’s a hero in their own way. Everyone’s got villains they must face.”  
  • “Don’t plan the plan if you can’t follow through.”
  • “I cannot believe my eyes, how the world’s filled with filth and lies.”  
  • “It’s not a… perfect metaphor.”
  • “Oh goodness, look at my wrist, I have to go!”
  • “Why can’t they see what I see?  Why can’t they hear the lies?”
  • “Killing isn’t elegant or creative, it’s not my style.”
  • “It is so dumb that we’ve been coming here this long and never spoke.”