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Dylan's patent pending anti-thirst technique dylanobrizen*tumblr*com/post/124012530761 available in a store near you

*gets out of bed*

*walks downstairs*

*takes a sip of water for the sole purpose of spitting it out and starting to laugh*

WE CAN SEE THE LIL TINY MUSTACHE UNDER THE COSTUME I AM SCREAMING thank you comic con 2015 I have been #Blessed

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You said imagine the costumes (about Yuri!!!) and suddenly I am screaming and maybe also in tears I'm like 5000 times more excited now esp w that single costume we saw on the protag in the first trailer *yells* thank yOU for this great reminder

I love so much this sport because to me it’s a pleasure for eyes and ears both. The costums are always so beautiful and colorful, so I just hope that the characters will wear many different//////////// and I’m sure artists could be inspired of it then/////
Also if the soundtrack is as good that we hear in the ost, I’m gonna be even happier (=//v//=)