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hey, i looked through your "captain america 2" tag and didn't find anything about this so. what's your opinion on nat's characterization in that movie? bc i see a lot of people (comics fans) talking about how they gave her sharon's personality/role, and that the only movie that did justice to her comics character in the mcu is iron man 2

In my experience the people who think CA2 gave her Sharon’s personality/role are Sharon Carter fans, not so much diehard comics Natasha fanatics.

As someone who likes Sharon Carter I do think the MCU has done her wrong and kind of boiled her down to only the love interest aspect of the character, rather than the compelling foil to Steve that she can be when used well. Sharon in the comics was be pretty conflicted about abandoning her duty and job to follow Steve in Civil War, and removing that internal conflict gives her a lot less to really do in the movies.

As to whether Natasha has Sharon’s role, well, that’s something else. If you see Sharon’s role as “being a spy” and “being cynical foil for Steve”, then yeah, that is what Natasha does in Captain America 2. But a lot of characters share those traits in Captain America stories, including, like, Wolverine and Nick Fury. Natasha has served that role from time to time, too, notably in the Ellis Secret Avengers comics that featured Steve in an uncomfortable role with SHIELD. Those qualities are both pretty broad and entirely in keeping with Natasha’s personality.

But I see Sharon’s specific role in the Captain America mythos as more detailed than that. Sharon someone who grew up believing in the sort of values that Steve sells by breathing, who joined SHIELD to honor Peggy Carter’s legacy. Sharon is driven by a dedication to duty and service that mirrors Steve’s own, and that inspires and undermines their romance. Predictably, she and Peggy both suffer for being women introduced in the Silver Age, and Sharon dies and becomes one of the many people Steve feels he has failed. But then Sharon comes back, traumatized by years as a deep cover operative, and feeling betrayed by Steve for never rescuing her, and betrayed by the things he represents for the hell she went through subsequently.

The Sharon of this era probably occupies the place Natasha has in Captain America 2 the most directly. Natasha and Sharon both have a semi-flirtatious rapport with Steve and have more brutal methods. They challenge his idealistic way of thinking over the course of the story, but at the same time are drawn to his dedication to doing the right thing.

But importantly, for me, Sharon’s relationship with Steve is colored by her own past with Steve and by Steve’s own perceived failures. Natasha in CA:TWS, on the other hand, is more informed by her own attempts to find redemption and her complicated relationship with trust. Steve’s skepticism of Natasha is motivated by her own past betrayals and reputation, something that mirrors her early experiences with the Avengers and SHIELD in the 1960s, and her decision to leave SHIELD and spying and look for herself elsewhere is frequently repeated in Black Widow stories.

Also, the role that Sharon plays in Brubaker’s Captain America run isn’t that, cynical, flirtatious deep cover operative; her role in that story is one of Steve’s tragic true love.  That plotline goes places the films never do, with Sharon being brainwashed and pregnant and in love, fighting off her attackers alone.  In some ways, with Bucky’s reintroduction as the Winter Soldier, he’s the one who comes to occupy the narrative space that Sharon did in the Mark Waid run, and Sharon’s later brainwashing is a mirror of Bucky’s trauma.

What I’m trying to demonstrate here is that Sharon Carter is both pretty cool and constantly screwed over, but also that comics don’t always repeat themselves but often rhyme. And so a lot of similar stories get told with the parts rotating around, creating a thematic continuity. And that’s kind of what adaptations hold to.

I was initially pretty skeptical of Natasha having a larger role in Captain America 2 because I was worried, as always, that it would be handled poorly, and because I was especially worried about them handling Bucky/Natasha, a pairing I like, in a way that I didn’t. I was generally pretty pleased with the film though, and most of the story beats it hit felt true to Natasha even if the details were mixed around. 

For me, Natasha’s appearance in Iron Man 2 was mostly unremarkable and bland, which was still a step up for movie superheroines, so I was mostly glad they hadn’t totally screwed her up. I really liked Avengers, and from there I just kind of pick and chose the parts of each film I like instead of taking them as separate incarnations. One criticism I do have of Natasha’s role in Captain America 2 that I haven’t seen echoed elsewhere is that by sticking these beats into a Captain America story (instead of the Avengers context where they happened originally, or even better in a standalone BW film) they sort of end with Natasha’s moral journey framed in terms of the triumph of Steve’s idealism.

I’d say that “Steve is always right” is at least accurate to the comics, but one of my favorite things about the original Winter Soldier comic is how Steve wasn’t successful in getting through Bucky’s brainwashing, and needs to use the Cosmic Cube to do it. So maybe that’s where my real dissatisfaction comes from. Who knows?

I also find there’s this impulse to criticize MCU Natasha for “taking over” things that rightfully belong to other characters— Wasp’s place as a founding Avenger, Bobbi’s batons and her relationship with Clint, Sharon’s role in Winter Soldier— just as there’s an impulse to blame Carol for getting the solo film that Natasha hasn’t. I don’t think that’s a particularly great way to frame feminist media criticism or a particularly fun way to be a fan, but that’s another convo entirely.

Need to say something important.

@laulink: You’re such a great friend. I know that I’m very often hard to handle, because of the stupid things that I message you. But I want to let you know that you’re an important friend to me, that I care about our friendship, no matter how often I seem reluctant or bothering. I always look forward seeing your name in my notifications, because you always tag such nice things that make me smile, happy and laugh. I also secretly appreciated whenever you pointed out my mistakes, ‘cause you were a big influence on the change of my drawings. Also you’re the first person I’ve ever messaged to on tumblr and I’m glad I did, otherwise I would have never known what of an awesome friend I have that I didn’t deserve.

@cwjhunt: I know we don’t talk too often anymore and I’m really sorry ‘bout that! That we came to message one another was quite of a coincidence, wasn’t it? You’re such a great writer and I bet, that you will get better and better at it, even though you criticise your own way of writing sometimes as I remembered. Nobody is perfect and I bet you could become a popular fanfiction author one day if that’s the way you’d like to go! You deserved so many more followers that love and appreciate you and your writing! I hope that you’ll continue working hard on your fanfictions, I love them even though it’s a little long ago since I read them. Thank you for every of your little drabbles that you ever dedicated to me!

@theaceofgays: Rae, I remember clearly how you started to message me. You messaged me so many nice things out of the blue, I was overwhelmed and started to tear up. I always had so much fun talking with you and because of you I re-experienced the fun of roleplaying - It was sort of addicting with you and you do heck of a good job at writing Diana, so genuine! You probably also noticed how I am pretty hard to handle sometimes, but please know, that no matter how often I say that I’m mad at you, I can’t fully hate you, no matter how often i’m being ignorant to you. Btw, your style of writing is so beautiful and professional, way too hard for a dunce like me to understand! Ahahaha, I hope that you continue writing more poems and fanfictions (And I also hope that you finish Misconceptions one day, ‘cause you got there a lot to do!)

@theneonflower: Neooooon! I got that one neon glass that I was talking about recently in the discord group, don’t know if you read or remember it; anyways it reminds me of you ahahaha! Gosh, I just love your freaking drawings, you know? The first ever art of you that I saw, was the one with Diana and Akko raising their dragon son! It was moving me so to tears, every time I read it! And I remember how much I fangirled over it to my friends and they were like: “Gurl, I don’t even know that anime.”, I talked about it to at least 5 people ahahaha, it was such an awesome comic, in my opinion my favorite thing you’ve ever drawn! I don’t think that anybody could ever make me so emotional over art the way you did! When I remember your two-paged comic about the Sorcerer and how he nearly killed Diana; I felt like my chest was pierced myself! The way you put emotions into art is unique and amazing! I envy you because of that! I love you and your art, you’re such a great inspiration to me to work harder on my drawings! Remember how awesome you are for all eternity!

@chariotdunord: Danny I love youuuuuu! I was so happy whenever I could talk to you on discord, because it was so fun! I’m glad that we started to know more about each other, because without discord we probably would have never talked, right? I love the way you sing, no matter whether it’s in Japanese or the other 5 trillion languages that you speak! Btw it’s so adorable when you try to speak in German, aaaaa too cute! Love it! I totally envy how good you are in japanese that you even can translate mangas, interviews and songs! You’re such an incredible hard-working person! Everybody should take you as example to work harder on themselves! Aaaand to return to your ask from earlier: Gosh you’re auch a beautiful cinnamon roll! Stay as pure as you are! Don’t let others corrupt you and don’t say bad words ‘kay?

@askthatclumsywitch: Ray! I wanna apologise again for every stupid thing that I’ve said in the discord! I’m so so sorry that I’ve gave you reasons to be upset about me so often. I’ve never wanted to criticise your way of contributing to this fandom and I wanna say instead how you’re the perfect example of a leader to the cosplay section of this fandom! Honestly, yeah the gifs were only a little part of the reason why I was being so sensitive over this topic. It was more like that I was rather envying you all pretty people for the amazing way you contribute to this fandom. It’s often like this, that whenever I’m kinda grumpy over certain things, that I just envy all those people that work hard behind it! This bothered me too much that I put you off with all the mean things that I said! I’m really sorry and you’re such a great and funny person! (And your animals are so adorable as well)

@akilice: I’m glad that we met each other through discord as well! This way I could change the opinion that I had about you! (Don’t get me wrong there!) I heard many awesome things about you and before I heard about you, I had watched 1-2 amvs of you and they were so incredible, so much better than mine, that I was envying you for that as well! Ahahha! Wow you’re such a great amv-maker, they are always so beautiful! Curse my lazy ass for not having read any of your fanfictions yet (I unfortunately can’t read anything at the moment.) but I read so many nice reviews about your works, they can’t be other than awesome! I know that you often criticise yourself as well, but I wanna tell you that, no matter how often you say that you don’t like something that you’ve done, there will always be at least one person that loves it! Keep that in mind! Because the fandom loves you, no joke!

@hanasaku-shijin: Last but not least, Hana. I can’t thank you enough for your existence! (But you know that already, ahahha!) You’re one of the best people that I’ve come to know and your fanfictions made me love you so hard! Just because of you I’m having tumblr, I wanted to impress you so much with my art and I got always so sad when I
failed~ I know that I could never reach Neon’s level of admiration that you share for her drawings, but I wanna let you know, that I’ve never given up until I finally got 1-2 more nice tags from you! Those made me so happy ahahha, i remember how I always cried to begin with whenever you reblogged my drawings~ Without you and a few others, my art could have never become this much better in literally no time! I remember how you messaged me for the first time~ I cried and I didn’t know how to reply ahhaha, like my idol talked to me! Gosh how much I’m enjoying our rp, it’s so much fun! Aaand what I also wanna say is, the first two fanfictions that I read of you, will always have a special place in my heart~ “A Witchs’ Dilemma” and the continuation “A Witchs’ Confession”, forever and ever in my heart, I don’t remember that I’ve ever loved a fanfiction more than those! A fanfiction is only as great as the author, i.e you’re a perfect author and so are your fanfictions! Keep in mind that all those drawings on my blog wouldn’t exist and never would have made other people happy if you never impressed me with your fanfictions back then! I love you! Bless your existence!

My Favorite Thing About Comics...

…Is that everyone simultaneously hates and loves them. Like, you’ll be reading and you’ll want to burn an entire run to the ground (literally), but you freaking keep buying them because this stuff is your lifeblood

Comic Con is my favorite thing in the world. Not only do I get to watch all of these amazing casts promote their shows but I get to meet new ones joining our ranks. Its probably the best time of the year. Plus the fans. God, how awesome are they? One brought me pie - which I didn’t share with anyone. I’m not even gonna apologize, cause yeah, mine. Anyway, if you were in San Diego this weekend what was your favorite part? And if you weren’t - what are you guys up to?

Ignore my shitty unfinished stickfigure pencils in this WIP comic but inking is my favorite thing to do ever and I don’t always know what the fuck I’m doing but it sure is fun

I did this while watching Fury Road in class which I’ve somehow never seen before

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Happy Valentines! I just wanted to say you're comic is one of my favorite things on the internet right now, and I wanted to wish you well today!

Gah, Happy Valentines!! Thank you for the comment and thanks for reading the comic. I only wish I could draw more. ;_;

Because wouldn’t a Ransom & Holster comic about Pal-entine’s Day have been cool for today?

(So actually, here’s a tiny ficlet blurb:)

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It's certainly a nice change of pace from the DC comics version of Ares, who is written like he was the Christian devil.

(some follow up to my post about the WW movie

There are a lot of versions of Ares and some are better than others. I think my favorite of him is in the first arc of the New 52 comics (which is basically my favorite WW thing all around) 

Here he’s not really a villain at all. And that’s because rather than being a “War exists because I exist” kind of God of War, he more an American God’s style “I exist because war exists” one. It’s his role, and he’s just really damn tired. I like characters like that. Ones that are burdened by grim responsibilities whether they like it or not. 

But after him the movie Ares is probably my next favorite. Again, solid character with a multifaceted personality that had motivations that he viewed as noble while still being villainous. Good stuff 

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whats ur favorite thing abt laine

he’s so confident in himself and really just loves to be doing what he’s doing and he’s so important to finland & finnish hockey by being a great role model for young kids and representing finnish hockey so well and he’s just so good like sure finland has had some talented guys in the past few years after guys like selänne and saku koivu but really no one like him and it’s just so great to see him doing so well!! and he dresses really well and makes dumb ig posts and is iconic enough to get his own character in donald the duck comics so. tl;dr my favorite thing about patrik laine is patrik laine.


1 out of 2.

Oh gosh.

I have been working on this since yesterday when I read a great fanfiction by @scifellhell, a story that revolves around Scifell in a school setting.

I couldn’t help myself.

I just had to.

This is only part one of two, the Tumblr has a limit on how many pictures you can put in a single post, sorry about that. (^^“)

Just two parts, mostly because I feel kind of bad for illustrating a story that doesn’t belong to me, and I wouldn’t want to displease the original great author who made it. Also, because I’m starting school again this Thursday, and I wouldn’t be able to post more comic versions of the story even if I wanted to. It’s a lot of work, even without using color!

But right now, I’m happy with this. Because I love drawing comics. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do. I enjoy myself too much when it comes to doing something I like doing.

Also. It’s Scifell.

Did I ever mention that I absolutely LOVE Scifell?


no page today (I’m needed to take a break; just met the two big deadlines! hurray! freedom… for a bit!) but here’s a little thing I managed to get done during some downtime at work

we’re back to two pages weekly starting with next weeks update! 

thank you guys so much for your patience with the spotty uploads these past couple of weeks. I really, really and truly, appreciate it. this comic is my favorite thing to work on, and having y’all stick around, tell me about things you like, reassure me- it means the world to me. I love you!

so again: thank you!