Hey there Anon I shall fulfill your request as best as possible I left out Codsworth and Dogmeat for obvious reasons. And yes you cans spam my ask box I don’t mind I will try to complete it as fast as I can. ^-^

Cait: Loves to touch Sole any way possible a hug, high five, fist bump. She also opens her self up more to Sole and does their favorite things with them like watching the sunset or reading comic books. She is a real softie on the inside.

Curie: Is still new to the emotions she is experiencing. She is adorably awkward awknd, and blushes a lot. She studies Sole from afar wondering how they are so cute.

Deacon: Leaves cute little things around for Sole. His favorite thing to leave for them is little mini bottles of nuke-a-cola around the headquarters. He really wants to ask them out but is to afraid to.

Danse: For a big man like him he turns into a blushing mess. He can barely speak around Sole let alone speak to them. The last time he tried to he was as red as a tato. Secretly Sole thinks it is the most adorable thing ever.

Nick: Acts mostly like his normal self but invites Sole to come and join him in his detective duties. Loves to take them to the noodle place in diomond city and help them learn japanese.

Preston: Turns into a total klutz. Walking with out Sole around just fine with them though he trips on invisible rocks. Same thing when drinking water he chokes on it at meal time, he loves how Sole asks if he is ok.

Hancock: Puts him self down about how ugly he thinks he looks or how rough his skin is. Sole being the kind person they are tells him how beautiful they are and kisses his forehead. He loves this so much.

Piper: She writes small little stories for Sole and puts them in her paper. She also asks them if the want to help her find some new ones too. She brings them bubble gum she finds on her adventures in the Commonwealth.

X6-88: Give Sole extra ammo for their gun and try to give them pointers on shooting. Really does not understand these feelings but loves being with Sole anyway.

Strong: Keeps small trinkets from Sole on his belt. But other than than nothing else shows.

Ok guys all done thanks for reading if you see any spelling or grammar errors let me know.

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My favorite part of Marc's answer is how it ignores how they literally did comics shit for Felicity, even though it didn't belong to her, just to do comics shit for her even though the whole storyline for her is pointless. Also you can bank it that they use this to give HER powers of some sort.

Right! They literally had Felicity get shot and paralyzed to try to make her the show’s low rent version of Oracle. Claiming that they’re not writing towards things in the comics is such nonsense.

And honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if Felicity ended up with superpowers at some point.

A "Thing"

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I absolutely LOVE comic books. Ms. Marvel is my favorite. Every time a new issue comes out, it’s like Christmas morning for me.

Anyway, recently I’ve gotten into the habit of waiting to read each new issue because @usualchatter likes to read them together. We’ll do a dramatic reading with the voices and what not. There’s just so much enthusiasm it’s so much fun.

Now when I buy a new issue, I think to myself, “I have to wait to read it with Lucas because it’s our ~thing~.”

That’s right—we have a thing. And it’s great.

My favorite thing, is when you’re watching a movie or tv show based off a comic or book with a friend who’s read the source material. That moment, when a character is introduced and says their name, your friends eyes just get this look and you know shit is about to get real

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No disrespect in the following questions, isn't Hartley only in like one episode on the flash? Same thing with Lisa? How'd you get to shipping them and writing fics about them when i can hardly remember their faces?

Well, Hartley’s actually in 2 episodes and Lisa is in 3. But there are comics To go around and Lisa and Hartley are some of my favorite characters. I mostly ship hartley and Cisco because of their past history at STAR Labs and the bit of a rivalry they developed during that time before Hartley was forcibly removed. I’m a sucker for those types of ships and if Hartley was around more no doubt they’d be at each others throats more often. Plus, hartley was actually supposed to be a regular, but he was scrapped. The original script is floating around and give more insight to how they communicate with each other. :)

As for Cisco and Lisa, well in all the episodes Lisa has been in, she’s flirted with him and he’s flirted back. He obviously likes her and she has an attraction to him. Most of that relationship is told through how they act and react to each other in Family of rogues (2x03) vs just flirting in the previous 2 episodes she was in with him. There’s a big change and I think it’s a good one. :)

As for being offended, I don’t mind the questions. It’s totally fine If you don’t see the same things I do as a ship or need clarification. It doesn’t bother me because everyone can ship or not ship. It’s really up to them. ^_^

my favorite thing that Clark Kent does is try to figure out how a Normal Human Man would respond to getting injured

like if someone shoots at him he can say “oh he missed” and if someone tries to punch him he can kind of roll with it and barely avoid getting hit so they don’t smash their hand while going “oh ow oof what a punch ouch”

but then here comes the Joker with a comically large wooden mallet and now Clark has to figure out how Normal Human Man Clark Kent could conceivably survive this without making it obvious that he is not actually a Normal Human Man. just “oh goddammit i’ve never even seen someone get hit with one of these before, the joker’s probably seen all kinds of people get hit, he knows what this is supposed to look like but i have no goddamn idea i am so fucked”

superman may have the power of flight and super strength but clark kent has the power of improv


I don’t think they appreciate your new Ink, Ezra. Good thing Sabine wasn’t practicing needlework yet.

Then again, nothing says subtle like the word ‘REBEL’ painted on your forearm. Cue space parenting.

my favorite thing is david duchovny trying to maintain this really aloof air about himself re: mulder and scully. david “scully is mulder’s wife” duchovny, who wrote what is undoubtedly the most msr scene of all time (”hips before hands”) trying to pretend he doesn’t understand why people want them together is fucking comical. the dude has admitted to watching and getting really emotional over mulder/scully fanvideos on multiple occasions and then tries to play it off as “trying to appreciate the appreciation” that the fans have for mulder/scully. nuh-uh buddy. you cried to those alone in your room in the dark. you texted them to gillian and she ignored them because Oh My God He’s Crying About Them Again and I’m Embarrassed  he admitted to crying reading the first script for the revival because it was emotional to see the names ‘mulder’ and ‘scully’ on the page again with dialogue but we all know it was really because he read that they’re not together anymore and it broke his heart. and you didn’t hear it from me but he wrote at least two songs on his dad-rock album about mulder and scully. david do you want to to talk about it? i’m here


I have a love for noir tropes. Like nobody’s business. Femme Fatale is a particular favorite of mine and I’d be lying if I didn’t say as soon as I heard there was a detective in the game I didn’t run to diamond city in my best dress and sexiest hair cut. To burst into his office gun out and-he wasn’t there. That didn’t stop me from doing the same thing once I found Valentine in the vault. 

I’ll do a more serious version some other time, but this was my first reaction to the prompt so I like to keep the spirit of it.  ; )


coloring process for that casifer from last night! i’m really enjoying coloring my comic stuff like this!! it literally combines all of my favorite things about drawing, because i don’t have to be super clean about it ( ◞・౪・)

“Lighten up, Azzy, we did i! And it only took 100 years longer than planned!”

decided to color my favorite panel from a comic I abandoned a while back. I love the idea of evil smols reuniting after the pacifist ending and spending the rest of eternity sitting around in the Underground being creepy and undead and bored together

also, I live for redeemed!Chara being so friggin gleefully mean-but-not-quite-evil that they can’t help but do the cheshire cat grin thing, being a demon is so much more fun when no one actually gets hurt and people are forced to keep talking to you no matter how much you piss them off, it’s so much nicer than the whole relentless manslaughter thing

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Do you have any advice on being organized on keeping/recording a plot? I'm not super sure on how to write it all down at least somewhat neatly before starting to write/draw out the actual story (it may be a comic but I might make it written, I'm not sure yet) Or can you tell me how you organize your story? (Sorry if it's a bit much to ask) also, thanks in advance! :3c

My personal favorite is index cards.

Write the plot points you want to include on an index card, give a little information on what happens or how that affects things, and then keep these index cards in the current order you want. The other benefit of this is you can spread out your story and physically move around the plot and events so that it suits you. (I also use the program Scrivener, which allows you to organize your story by both an outline and also by digital index cards.)

Additionally, for the storytelling unit I taught to my students, I had them use that trusty plot diagram you may or may not have learned in high school. You just need to fill in your basic things on there to expand it: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. This is typically best for short stories where there is only one climax, but you can always expand it to better suit your story.

And if you do want to do a comic, storyboards are a great idea too! There’s even free online storyboarding tools such as

Best of luck!



The Twilight Zone/Shadow #1
Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Two of my favorite things together? And they asked me to do covers? Heck YEAH! :D

Out in April by David Avallone and Dave Acosta for Dynamite Comics - here’s the solicitation: He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men… but who knows what lurks in the heart of The Shadow? Find out, in the first issue of this mind-blowing four-part storyline entitled “Shadow of a Doubt”, as the Master of Men takes a fateful step into that wondrous land bounded only by imagination: an area which we call… The Twilight Zone.

This panel from Tintin in Tibet is one of my favorites in the entire series. Tintin falls asleep during a chess game with Captain Haddock, and has a vivid nightmare about his friend Tchang (Chang in english) stranded in the mountains after a plane crash. He awakes from the nightmare shouting Tchang’s name, which shocks everyone in the parlor room.

This panel is hilarious, of course, but it also uses the comic book format to its fullest storytelling-potential. A wide shot like this in a film would be more challenging, since the viewer’s eye can only focus on one thing at a time, so it’d likely be cut up into a series of smaller shots. But because it’s a comic, we can capture the single moment Tintin shocks everybody. Each bystander can have a uniquely goofy reaction, and the viewer can linger as long as they want without breaking the flow of the story.


Two my favorite things to grace the screen in 2015 were Ash vs Evil Dead and Mad Max: Fury Road, so consider me highly interested in the upcoming Army of Darkness: Furious Road comic book miniseries.

Written by Nancy A. Collins with art from Kewber Baal, the story takes place 20 years in the future, where Ash must fight Deadites and supernatural species in a post-apocalyptic world.

The first of five issues drops on March 2 from Dynamite Entertainment. There will be five cover variants by Tyler Crook, Francesco Francavilla, Tony Fleecs, Robert Hack and Gabriel Hardman up for grabs.

Twenty years from “now”: The Deadites and their Army of Darkness have succeeded in bringing down Western civilization. An unexpected upshot of the demons taking over was supernatural species such as vampires, witches, and werewolves forming an uneasy alliance with humanity in order to survive. The only hope for both mankind and monsters alike is a ritual that will send the Deadites back to the hell that birthed them. But first, a rag-tag crew that includes the Frankenstein Monster and Eva, the Daughter of Dracula, have to track down the fabled spell book known as the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and deal with its guardian, a certain Ashley “Ash” Williams.