Right now I’m living in the dorms at my college, and on each floor we have this laundry room/basic utilities area (there’s a sink, and that’s also where I keep the toaster oven), but recently people have been leaving it a mess: The garbage is overflowing, someone leaving their laundry all about, or their dishes. Anyways, so some girl left this note in the room reading: “Bitches, please clean up after yourselves ~your neighbor.” Then another girl tore that whole paper up and left a post-it note in the middle of the shredded paper that said, “Ho, I ain’t no bitch.” And then, I’ll assume the original girl, cleaned up the paper and left a post-it that said, “Fuckheads, respect earns respect. Clean up after you make a mess.”

So I left another post it off to the side that said, “I’m sensing some hostility here, have some chocolate,” and left a pile of chocolate there. But now the girls have taken all the post-it notes and left my chocolate, and HOW IS ANYONE GOING TO KNOW THEY’RE ALLOWED TO TAKE IT?? I have been debating placing another sticky note there for the last ten minutes or so.

i just remembered the best thing ive ever eaten .. i had it like 2 days ago and it comes in a small tin and it’s like this pizza topping that you literally spread onto bread then grill it to create pizza toast and ?? it was sooo good ! like ive been thinking for years ‘someone should make pizza toppings specifically for toast !’ and then i saw it and i had to try it out .. it was so good ! and then i had chocolate orange flavoured friji milkshake (which ive ALSO been saying should be a thing for years .. i have the multiple Facebook status’ from 2012/2013 to back #that up !) and that was sooooo good too .. i honestly felt like i was having one of those lucid dreams because everything was falling together so perfectly ! it was kinda creepy .. but i loved every bite and gulp of it


I love him so much.

Also I want chocolate chip pancakes.

Narcissa was currently sitting by the black lake. She had her sketch pad on her lap and her sketch pencils neatly next to her. Once her classes were finished for the day she decided to enjoy the nice weather. “I should have brought some snacks with me. Chocolate frogs sound so good right now.”

Straightened my hair and did my makeup today. It was a plentiful spoons day.

Went out for brunch with an old childhood friend so it was imperative to look glamourous and successful.

Also went to the Chocolate Festival with my other friends and then out for Mexican food. So good!

Hope y'all had a fun weekend too! ❤️❤️❤️

30 Seconds of Scattered Thoughts During A Binge

- God I love chocolate. *eats umpteenth cookie*
- How many cookies have I had?
- Maybe I could get re-motivated if I started going to Curves.
- Did I log my food earlier? Does it matter now? *grabs cookie*
- Where did I slip? Why am I out of control?
- I feel sick.
- God I hate this.
- Why can’t I get my shit together?
- I’m so depressed. So over this always happening.
- Fuck it, I’m having another cookie.
- How many does this make? I don’t remember.
-God, I love chocolate. I did so good before though.
- Tomorrow will be better. I’ll maintain tomorrow.
- Wait, am I out of cookies?
- Do I smell pizza?
- What should I have for breakfast?
- Omg, I’m so sick.
- So tired.
- Should I buy more cookies just in case?

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Meme Thingy Tag

Thanks @mmebookworm. Sorry this took awhile but I was doing one of my favourite things which left me without internet for the past week. 

My ten favourites…

- Cottages; specifically sitting by or in the water in the sun enjoying the quiet, sometimes with a book.

- Books that make you stay up forever to finish them because they’re so good.

- Cookies, mostly chocolate chip ones.

- Binge worthy TV shows.

- When my students get excited about what I’m teaching.

- Breakfast food.

- Finding new music to play on repeat.

- Pyjamas.

- Cat cuddles.

- My fiance; especially when he does this funny running thing when he chases the cats around the house.

And now I tag @nerdishfeels, @booksandmermaidss and @rbccjnbklr. What are your ten favourite things?