Aomine’s reason for being late....

Akashi: I heard you weren’t feeling well. Are you okay?
Aomine: Yeah I guess.
Midorima: Did you catch a cold?
Aomine: No, Satsuki….
Kise: Momo-cchi?
Aomine: Well….it’s almost Valentine’s Day so …..she made chocolate….

GoM: Ah….

Aomine: So Tetsu….good luck…
Kuroko: Eh?
Kise: Kurokocchi fight!
Midorima: My condolences.
Kuroko: …. *gulps*

single dad jimin au part 2! (part 1)

+ after that night jimin starts to look a lot more attractive to jungkook. he’s always thought he was a good looking man but suddenly he’s starting to see him in a different light. he notices how his dress shirts cling to his torso, and how soft his lips look and his butt looks amazing in any pants

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Tsundere... (Park Woojin) Pt. 2

Summary: School AU with Park Woojin and many many other produce 101 (season 1 and 2) contestants.

Author’s note: thank you to everyone who reads this series! ill try my best to keep updating regularly but i wont have my laptop or phone for the next few days but i will try to post as soon as i do!

Part 1  Part 3 Part 4

Part 2: Chocolate

Your perspective…

somsomiiii: guys my parents are going on a trip for the next three days and said i could have some friends over if i want…. :)

hi_doyeon: we should have a slept over

hi_doyeon: sleep ogre

hi_doyeon: slep over

hi_doyeon: sleep over

itsmeyoojung: YES im so down. somi are your parents okay with that?

somsomiiii: ya ofc, u guys can come by at 8 and BRING FOOD. y/n do u think u can come?

y/u/n: yep! i can bring some candy

hi_doyeon: ill bring a bunch of snakcs i have at home. can we bake somthing too?

somsomiiii: yea i have enough ingredients to make cookies or brownies or wtv you guys want. we can invite the guys over to just hangout for the night too since my parents trust all of them

itsmeyoojung: just daehwi, woojin, and jihoon right? i can text them

hi_doyeon: yea thats probably good enouh since too many poeple would be too hectic

somsomiiii: cool ill see u guys at 8, show up in your pjs!

y/u/n: (thumbs up emoji)

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College!AU Vernon
  • major: instrumental performance (violin) 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: wanted to do basketball, but ended up not having the time for it
  • clubs: orchestra, (secretly) poetry club 
  • vernon ended up getting into college on a scholarship for his violin, even though he still isn’t really sure that’s what he wants to do with his life
  • like he likes playing classical music, but much to the surprise of most people in his major, he’s much more fond of hiphop and pop music which is why everyone’s so shocked when he comes into orchestra with like the weekend blasting from his headphones and not Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor
  • but no matter what his personal preferences are, it’s obvious he’s the most talented violinist in the orchestra and even in the whole school
  • and for that, the conductor and his instructors are all really tough on him because they want to make him a classical music prodigy
  • and vernon just,,,,,,,, like he just doesn’t think he’s suited for that
  • like he’d much rather change his major to psychology because he’s always has an interest in peoples personalities and observing others and it’s a field that he really does want to learn more about
  • but the pressure from everyone, even his friends, is that he should just do music since he’s so talented at it
  • which is funny considering he’s put a ban on any of his friends attending any of the orchestra recitals because last time hoshi fell asleep, woke up halfway through the piece and got up to clap because he thought it was over, effectively making everyone turn to look at him and the orchestra messing up and long story short
  • hoshi was escorted out and vernon had to beg the conductor to forgive his friend for being……like that
  • vernon doesn’t have many close friends in the orchestra because all the other violinist are pretty jealous of his talents. the other sections are made up of mostly his seniors who are also pissed that someone younger than them is doing so well
  • so vernon spends a lot of his time practicing alone and keep quiet during group rehearsals
  • but when he’s not practicing, he hangs out with joshua and minghao and jeonghan and the other seventeen members tease them because they call them the ‘brain squad’ because they all get good grades and study
  • but when they hangout it’s like video games and eating LOL 
  • vernon had let his sister decorate hi violin case with stickers before he left to live on campus and although he does admit some of the my little pony ones and sparkly puppies are ……..a bit……much…..he misses his sister a lot so he never tries to take them off
  • hoshi doesn’t let him live it down though he’s always like “i never knew you were a fan of fluttershy, how cute vernon” and vernon’s like if you weren’t my hyung………………my violin bow would be shoved…….
  • lots of people outside of the music program like vernon actually, and not because he’s friendly and approachable like seokmin, but because they find him really elegant and chic when he walks around campus in the suit holding his case before a performance 
  • basically people are like “he’s a real life prince, handsome AND plays the violin” 
  • every white day the music room becomes overflowed with presents addressed to him and confessions of love
  • and he’s just like…….clueless to why he’s so popular and the other musicians all get grumpy and salty because no one sends them chocolates whatS so good about vernon
  • the answer is simple: face of an angel but anyway
  • also like he’s studying classical music but…his sense of dressing and personal preference of music is nothing close to that and he’s actually known for keeping up with trends. he got instagram famous for his fashion and vernon didn’t even know until hoshi was like “you passed 10k followers on insta” and vernon was like “you have followers on insta?”
  • but anyway you actually meet vernon under some weird circumstances
  • see the orchestra always picks someone to have a solo in the winter show before finals end and everyone leaves campus for the holidays
  • and last year it was a senior pianist so everyone’s like this year it has to be another section and like everyone really rEALLY wants the solo because if you get it it means a) you’re probably getting a good grade b) the spotlight is on you for the winter recital 
  • ofc the only one pretty unphased by it is vernon and so when his name is announced for the solo he’s like WHAT and everyone turns to stare at him
  • and the instructors like “we’ll begin meeting on thursdays to talk about a piece to choose and practice!!”
  • and vernon wants to protest because….well….because he doesn’t want the solo
  • but the see of eyes that are glued to him, majority of them angry, he decides to not say anything out loud
  • but after orchestra is over he heads over to the instructor and slinging his violin bag over his shoulder he’s like “i don’t want…the solo. i can’t do it.”
  • and the instructor is like what????? why????? and vernon’s like “stage fright. im fine playing with a big orchestra, but being up by myself-”
  • but the instructor just waves it off and is like “stage fright? you’ve gotta be joking me, if every classical musician dreams of a solo concert. just calm down and show up on thursday ready.”
  • vernon knows that there isn’t any point in arguing, the teacher has always been strict and if anything he doesn’t want to get yelled at
  • and on thursday he shows up to the orchestra hall and the teachers there and basically in the beginning it’s fine, they’re talking about pieces that vernon can play and it’s normal but the second the teacher asks him to play something infront of him. vernon…………vernon can’t
  • even though it’s only the teacher and other student off in other corners,,,,,vernon can’t bring himself to even lift the bow
  • the teacher basically gets mad and leaves him there telling him to fix his problem the next time there’s practice and that’s when you come in
  • you’re not in orchestra, you’re actually there to help set up chairs because a friend asked you to and you witness the whole thing go down with vernon and his teacher
  • and tbh it gets you really mad
  • because how can a teacher just treat their student like that???? and before you know it you’re going over to where vernon is sitting with his head in his hands and you tap his shoulder and you’re like 
  • “your teacher was being really horrible, im sorry you have to deal with that.”
  • and vernon, who like ….you don’t know and he doesn’t know you is just like……looking up at you quizzically until his face goes pink and he’s like “oh god…….you saw what happened.”
  • and you’re like nO DONT BE embarrassed!!!! i just wanted to let you know that your teacher was being a douche!!! i wasnt trying to make fun of you oh my ogd….
  • and you’re babbling very quickly trying to clean up this mess you’ve started and in your head you’re like THIS is why people tell you to stop striking up conversations with strangers and sticking your nose into peoples business
  • but vernon suddenly just stands up and he’s like ,,,, “i have to go.” and before you can even gather your words again he’s gone and you’re like FRICK I MESSED UP UGH
  • and you like scold yourself but it’s like what can you do you won’t see him again right?
  • but you DO see you end up in the orchestra room next thursday again because your friend wanted to meet up there after her practice to go out for dinner
  • and so you’re sitting in one of the rows of chairs and you see vernon (you know his name because you had heard the teacher yelling at him before) and he looks so depressed to be there
  • and when the teacher comes you watch as vernon tries to focus himself and bring the bow up to play but again, he just clenches his jaw and can’t move his hand
  • and the teacher looks like he might start yelling again and you decide you need to save the poor kid
  • so you get up and rush over and stand in front of the teacher and you’re like “i can help him!!!!!”
  • both vernon and the instructor stare wide-eyed at you and you’re like in your head like cmon think think …..and then you smile up at the instructor and you’re like “i used to have anxiety before performing too, i know how to stop it so!!!! just give us time before the concert - ill help him!!”
  • and vernon leans over to whisper like “what are you do-” in your ear but the teacher is like “are you a friend of vernons?” and you’re like YEP WE KNOW EACH OTHER WELL SO DONT WORRY!! LEAVE HIM IN MY HANDS!!
  • and the teacher looks suspicious but at the same time you’re pressing the fact that this solo is REA L L Y important and finally he just gives in and points menacingly at vernon whose still standing behind you, quite frankly flabbergasted by your appearance
  • and he’s like “if she doesn’t fix you before the concert. …..we will have a problem and any recommendations i had planned on writing for you are in the garbage, got it?”
  • and vernon is still shocked but you bow as the teacher leaves and you pull vernon down so he does too
  • and when finally the guys gone you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and you turn to look at vernon and you’re like “SO i guess i should at least tell you my name and explain what the was all about”
  • and vernon, who has never been very…..good with new people….., is just like watching you blabber and not saying anything and you’re like oh god he’s gonna run off again
  • and you’re like “lISTen….i really want to help, maybe just because i don’t want your teacher to yell at you again for something you can’t control but also like you want to do well right? i mean this is your major?”
  • and you point to the violin and vernon pauses but slow nods and you’re like
  • “ok!!! well i…….i think i  can help so, how about you at least let me try? can’t hurt, right?” and you smile at him and vernon,,,,,well vernon can’t believe that his first thought as you do is ‘wow they have a really cute grin’ and the second is like ‘what is happening’
  • but somehow ,,,,he decides that he might as well take a helping hand 
  • and so you tell vernon you’ll see him tomorrow in her, right in time to see your friend come in
  • and as you leave vernon is standing there….trying to process what happened and the most he can come up with is that you must just be a really kind person to want to help
  • actually it troubles him to figure out why you’re doing this that he even ends up asking jeonghan about it when he gets back to the dorm and jeonghan is like “well - what’s the problem this person wants to help you with?” and vernon’s like oh right no one knows about my fear and so vernon’s like nvm nvm
  • but jeonghan is like………….*magnifying glass emoji* 
  • anyway the next day you meet vernon where you planned and you’re like “first things first: stage fright - does the rest of the orchestra know?” and vernon’s like “if i told them,,,,they’d all eat me alive for being childish and not grateful for this solo” and you scrunch up your nose like what kind of friends are those and vernon’s like Well…..they’re not really my friends
  • you nod and you’re like ok, do your real friend know? and again vernon’s like no,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like ok i promise i wont tell a soul and you like stick your pinkie out and vernon’s like,,,,,that’s childish but you’re like c’mon we gotta and he’s like…..ok…fine
  • and after hooking pinkies you like start to ask vernon questions about why he gets so scared and some strategies about pretending the audience is there/ imagining dogs instead of people/ etc
  • and vernon…..who is used to being always in competition with the people around him can’t help but watch you trying your hardest for him….a complete stranger…..and so he ends up actually telling you things that even the closest people can’t get out of him
  • and two weeks goes by, you see vernon almost every afternoon after his orchestra practice and finally you ask him to try and play something in front of you
  • and so you sit and vernon stands on the stage and you’re like
  • giving him a thumbs up and he rolls his eyes, but hides himself behind his violin to chuckle 
  • (he’s actually been smiling a lot more since he started doing this with you - everyone’s noticed but no one says anything) 
  • and he brings up his bow and you keep quiet and watch him intently and vernon concentrates………he thinks like you told him, of no audience but of things that are serene like nature or animals……he even thinks of how proud his sister would be to see him if he could just play a single piece
  • but then,,,,he looks to you
  • and unlike the cold, demanding eyes of his teacher and orchestra mates….he sees someone who has genuinely shown him care and 
  • he plays
  • he plays his whole piece perfectly
  • and at the end you’re scrambling up to the stage, clapping with joy
  • and vernon puts down his bow and looks at you and smiles, actually smiles
  • and you feel your heart in your chest skip a beat and when vernon says “i ,,,,, i can do it!!” you almost want to cry
  • but all you do is nod a million times and jump up and down like “yes!!! yes you can!!!!”  
  • and before you can think, you lunge over to hug him
  • and vernon freezes because,,,,such sudden skinship makes him embarrassed, but at the same time he feels like even two weeks of knowing you has proved that you’re the kind of person who shows this kind of affection easily
  • but the second he thinks to wrap his arms back around you
  • the door to the room opens and some students stare at the both of you and vernon gets redder than a tomato and gently nudges you off and you’re like !!!!!!! CARRY ON to the students and they’re just giggling as they walk past you and vernon 
  • vernon just gathers his bag and is like “um ill go,,,” and you’re like lgfkdjlfdwg
  • that night vernon frets over texting you because like,,,,,,do you guys still need to meet now that he’s successfully played in front of you/??? and he’s like laying on his bed with his phone on his face like having a crush is so h a r d why cant i stop
  • but then his phone lights up because you text him like ‘see you tomorrow, we gotta keep practicing till d-day!’
  • and vernon just grins so much and he’s like,,,,,,,,nvm i hope this crush never goes away
  • BECAUSE WOW DO YOU MAKE HIM FEEL WARM not that he’d ever admit that LOL
  • so you keep meeting and then finally it’s the day before the winter showcase and vernon can now even play when there’s other people in the room and it’s all going well
  • and then the teacher shows up and it’s the final test and before vernon goes up to play you take his hand in yours and you’re like “it’s going to be fine, if anything ill stand behind him and make funny faces to cheer you up!!” and vernon laughs like don’t do that we’ll both get in trouble but thank you
  • and you give him another thumbs up and he’s like god you’re so corny and you’re like DO GREAT
  • and vernon gets up there and for a second it’s all good, but then the sickening feeling comes again….the one that tells him that he’s  sure to mess up…he’s sure to look like a fool
  • and he clutches his eyes and he’s like think of something positive - what’s the one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing forever
  • and in his head,,,,,,all he can visualize is you
  • you with your big smile, your unapologetic laugh 
  • you……….supporting him…………
  • and all of a sudden he’s playing, like magic. he doesn’t even feel any strain - the piece comes out perfectly
  • and by the end the teacher raises an eyebrow when he looks at you but then looking back at vernon he gives a nod and says he’ll see vernon tomorrow night
  • you and vernon go out to celebrate by eating some ramen at the convenience store on campus and you’re just like “i knew you could do it. that teacher’s just a jerk who can’t learn how to properly take care of his students.” and vernon laughs because you’re right, but also because you look so cute getting all pouty over it….like it isn’t even your problem but you’re so riled up and it’s adorable
  • but then you lift some of your noodles, blow on them and offer them out to vernon with your chopsticks and you’re like “here let me feed you, the flavor i got is  so good!!!”
  • and vernon is looking at the chopsticks like a deer caught in headlights and he’s like “i….im an adult, let me feed myself” and he reaches out but you swat his hand away and you’re like “c’mon aaaaaaa-” and vernon goes pink again but complies
  • and when he’s done you grin and you’re like “good, right?” and vernon,,,,,,vernon finally realized that god this crush is something way more than a crush because he feels like just your smile makes his heartrate hit the roof
  • but he doesn’t say it, instead he walks you back to your dorm and is like “…..will i see you tomorrow? at the show?”
  • and you’re like “are you inviting me~~~” and he’s like don’t tease god but yes yes i am and you grin like ofc ill go i have to see all our hardwork pay off in that solo!!!
  • and vernon agrees, but for a second he catches himself staring at you for a bit longer than usual until awkwardly bowing and telling you he has to go
  • you watch him run off and touch your lips, a little sad that he only stared
  • finally it’s the night of the show and you’re looking for vernon behind the orchestra and once you find him you’re like!!!!!!!! how you feeling
  • and he turns around, except this time he’s in a suit with his hair slicked back and you’re like Oh ……. and you too, you’re wearing something fancy for the occasion and vernon can’t help but let his jaw hang a little
  • and the shocking silence gets a little too much so you playfully reach out to ruffle his hair and you’re like ‘do amazing, ok? or else you’ll get a scolding from me ok?’ and vernon’s like ‘pfft uhuh’ and you’re like ‘looK AT you getting sassy with me’ and you both laugh
  • but soon you go and take your seat and the lights dim and the orchestra begins its first piece
  • and you sit through everything until finally it’s vernon’s solo and you’re so excited you can’t keep still and when he gets on stage he looks just BREATHTAKING and you clutch your hands together with worry
  • but he brings the violin up and takes in a breath and……begins to play
  • and the sound is so beautiful, you can see how it captivates everyone in the audience and you do tear up because he looks so at ease, not the same scared student you saw trying to play in front of his teacher when you first met him
  • and when the whole thing is over vernon doesn’t even stay for the congratulations from the faculty or anyone who came to see, he runs straight to try and find you
  • and when he does, you turn and right then and there he sweeps you up into his arms and presses his lips to yours and you’re like!!!!!!!!????????
  • and when he pulls back you’re like oh ,,,, oh my god 
  • and he’s like ‘oh my god i did that…..’ and you’re like ‘oh my god you did………’ and you’re both shocked but then you just grin and pull him down by the collar to kiss him again
  • and it’s cute for the first time vernon is forward with how he’s begun to feel about you and you’re more then head over heels for him too, you realized this when you saw him play in front of only you and his determination just….just made him look so cool to you
  • but that’s not important, what’s important is you two walk out of the building hand in hand and vernon’s like “id like to take you on an official date” and you’re like ‘ooooo so mannered~~~” and vernon is like plEASe for one second don’t make everything teasing but you just giggle and kiss his nose
  • and the restaurant you go to is way more upscale than you expected and you’re like ??!!?!??! vernon can you afford this and he’s like “yeah, i tutor violin on the side so i have the money” and you’re like what. how did i not know and he shrugs shyly like,,,there’s a lot you don’t know
  • and over dinner you learn that although vernon loves music, he’s been considering changing majors and………that maybe that is also part of his stage fright and you even tell vernon of your own insecurities which is hard but you know you can trust him
  • you also learn vernon is in poetry club and you’re like “our second date is you letting me read your poetry” and vernon is like “you will never know where i hide my book so-” and you’re like “if you don’t tell me i will do aegyo for an hour straight” and vernon is like gbdklzfd NO FINE
  • fancy restaurants aren’t your biggest thing so after a while you’re like vernon let’s go get dollar ice-cream and walk by the han river 
  • and it’s cute you guys are way more suited to this casual kind of thing and when you try to sit up on the railing vernon has to pull you down because he’s scared you’d tip over into the water 
  • and like the whole time he’s going crazy thinking about kissing you again and it’s so obvious that when he drops you off after, you’re like “you have permission” and vernon’s like ???? and you tap your lips and he goes pink but it’s cute
  • his kiss is so shy ,,,,just like him
  • as you officially start to date, vernon gets so nervous about telling his friends because he’s like “they’ll never stop teasing us. like ever. you need to know that.” and you’re like “babe, it’s fine. we can deal with it.”
  • but the second you and vernon show up holding hands all of seventeen mc’freaking loses it 
  • s.coups is like we’RE THROWIng a PArty. jeonghan is like “I KNEW IT I CALLED IT”. seungkwan is asking you if vernon didn’t just pay you to act like it. and minghao is taking photo proof of your hands together for future reference and it is a certified Mess and vernon is like
  • like too embarrassed to speak and you’re just like “oh god vernon you were right we should have stayed quiet”
  • but then you learn about how useful the meme squad that is his friends are. like wonwoo informs you of how scared vernon is of horror movies so you pick on on your next date JUST to have vernon curl up against your arm and press his face into your neck out of fear
  • after you’re like ‘that’s the most skinship we’ve EVER had’ and he’s like adigfhbkglr plEASE don’t ever mention it or do this to me again…..
  • you buy a cute sticker and beg vernon to put it on his violin case and he’s like “sure, but i should ask my sister first since she originally decorated it-”
  • and that’s how you end up on skype with vernon’s lil sis who absolutely ADORES YOU
  • you two are being cute together and she’s like !!!!!!! my brother is lucky, don’t mess this up vernon and you’re like ill protect vernon and she’s like pls do and vernon is like oh m y G o d
  • vernon writes you a poem for your birthday, accompanied with a piece he composes for the violin and he plays it to you like five times over because he insists it HAS to be perfect because it’s your gift
  • but by the fifth time you just calmly ask him to put the violin down so you can smother him in kisses 
  • and he’s like nonoooonononononoooooo but kisses back and even puts his hand on your neck and you’re like “someone’s getting bolder” and he’s just blushing again
  • you keep vernon in a never ending loop of soft embarrassment,,,,it’s cute
  • when you meet him after practice you always make sure to distract him if you hear any of the seniors mumbling something about him because you want to keep him safe from negativity so you’ll like cover his ears randomly or start talking loud
  • and vernon actually knows why you do it, but he plays along because he can see you’re trying for his sake
  • but also if anyone says something too harsh you’re not afraid to approach them and give them a lecture and how AMAZING and PERFECT your boyfriend is to a point where vernon needs to drag you away because you’re getting emotional
  • and he’s like “don’t get riled up on my behalf like a little kid, we can just ignore them.” and you’re just fuming like verNON let me fight them and he’s like no. NO
  • he makes his phone background a photo his mom took of you two when you visited and  that his sister covered in like sparkly filters and it’s c*rny he’ll admit it but he loves it
  • when he’s playing basketball with like seungcheol and mingyu or something he wears a headband to keep his bangs up and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
  • you like specifically ask him to send you selfies wearing the headband and the basketball shorts and he’s like ‘what is with you’ and you’re like ‘vernon. you don’t understand you look CUTE’
  • you sometimes watch their mini games for fun and then run over to hand vernon water and mingyu’ll be like “wehere’s mine?”
  • and before you can even answer vernon is like “you don’t have hands? go get your own.” and seungcheol is like WOW DISSED TO The FACE and you’re like ‘i never knew you had this side’ and vernon shrugs like ,,,,,,,mingyu’s dumb anyway i love you 
  • and he opens his arms up so you can hug him because he never wants to SAY hug me but you just grin and kiss him instead and he’s like !! and you’re like ^^

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Breakfast from this morning: oats cooked with Alpro soya milk, topped with fresh apricots, frozen blackberries, and Kinnerton dark chocolate from Asda. 🍑🍫😍 So good! I think I’ll have the same tomorrow. 😛 I feel like I’ve been busy lately with all these tasks on my to-do list before we move, but I still have two videos for y'all before we arrive in Spain! I just uploaded one, how we are moving to Spain: I hope you find it informative! My last video in Scotland will be my packing list for Spain. That one will be posted this Wednesday. Kuba and I are only taking three bags and a guitar, so stay tuned for that video if you want to see what we’re taking! 😎

Jax Request,

Hi can I request a jax imagine where his wife had a baby and has a new curvier shape with hips thick thighs that she loves but he hates cuz guys are giving her more attention they fight which leads to makeup sex after he embarrasses her

tw: smut, nsfw

Baby Mama

I approached the TM, baby carrier seat on my hand and a bag of muffins in the other. I first went through Gemma’s office to comply my mission of being here, Gemma wanted to have some time with her grandchild and I couldn’t deny how excited I was of spending some time off with my old man. I hadn’t finished opening the door when Gemma was already hovering over the two months old, he was babbling at the sight of his grandmother and I was smiling at the view of my beautiful baby looking so happy.

“How are you Thomas?” she said to the baby, holding him close to her chest and smiling big at him “And how’s the mama? You haven’t been here in a while” she said and I nodded.

“I’ve been crazy busy with the new house and getting Abel adjusted to the kinder garden” I said with a low voice and she nodded.

“Your body is looking amazing, mama.” She said and I laughed a bit, I loved the after birth figure but I didn’t think my old man appreciated it as much, at the end roughly three times in the last couple months we have had intimacy and I was craving for this day for ourselves “At what time do I have to pick up Abel?” she said taking me off my trance.

“Oh… 3.” I said and she looked at me with a knowing look “It’s nothing I swear” I said before hearing the roar of the Harley’s engines “I’ll pick him up at 8” I said while she smirked at me.

“I’ll take him to school tomorrow, don’t worry mama” she said and I just left the office to meet up with my old man.

I approached the guys and immediately put my hand around Jax’s body, he looked at me with a smile and kissed me softly in the lips. I could feel the guys looking at us and I separated from Jax to give them a clueless look, Jax tensed next to me before sending a glare to his brother and they all dispersed quickly. We both got inside the TM and I approached the guys, Jax following me close behind.

“I made muffins” I said and the guys cheered, if there was something I was great at cooking were my berry and chocolate muffins.

“This is so good lass” said Chibs before kissing me in the cheek, leaving some crumbs on me that Jax quickly took care off. Once again the weird glances just this time accompanied by a bunch on crumbs around their mouths, Jax gave them all a glare once again.

“Can y’all seriously stop” said Jax getting angrier.

“We are sorry, pres. We can’t exactly help it.” said Tig and I looked at Jax who went to poured himself a drink at the bar.

“What’s going on?” I said and they all guarded silence even Jax who had already his hands on a whisky bottle.

“Don’t act all clueless about it, sunshine. You know what you’re doing when you get out of the house dressed like that.” He said and I felt my blood boiling, I was wearing some jeans and a loose blue tank top, nothing revealing but even if I was he didn’t have the right to speak at me that way. I looked at all of them and nodded at Jackson before storming off the TM.

I got home in no time, and poured myself a glass of water to try and calm myself down. I heard the familiar sound of Jackson’s motorcycle arriving at the house and I expected him to come to the kitchen in no time but he took his time probably collecting his idiotic thoughts. I heard the door open and I knew he could see me from his spot on the living room, it wasn’t long before I felt his presence embracing me but I took a few steps further away from him.

“Darlin’” he said taking a step to get to me, he gently pulled my arm to make me look at him but I just moved my head to the side “I’m sorry, YN” he said but I still was still tensing at his touch. “I didn’t mean that”

“You talked to me like if I dressed like one of the CaraCara girls.” I said lowering my head but he moved it to make me look at him.

“I’m a jealous prick, darlin’. I’m sorry” he said and I nodded slowly, lowering my guard.

“You have nothing to be jealous about, Jax. You won’t even touch me why would anyone else do it?” I said in a whisper and I saw him lose his breath, he put his hand next to my head putting our foreheads together.

“Why would you even think that, baby? I love you so much, I love you so much I’m afraid of losing you” he said before kissing me softly, tears threating to spill from my eyes. “I’ve been distant but it’s not because of you, the club is going through some shit and I’m scared of losing you or Abel or Thomas.” He said “And now I have to add the fact that in any minute my own brothers will try to make a move on my beautiful wife”

“They’re your brothers, Jackson. They love you and respect you, plus it’s been already two years since the first time they met me and they haven’t made a move since that first night” I said and he smiled nodding at me.

“But now they see the wonders the pregnancy did to your body” he said before grabbing my lower half, lifting me to put me over the counter to start kissing my collarbone “Knocking you up seriously was a blessing” he said and I laughed “Giving me a beautiful baby and all this” he said grabbing my ass on his hands. He quickly took my pants off, kneeling in front of me before start kissing my inner thighs. “So beautiful” he said taking my panties off, he started kissing closer and closer before looking up to me smirking. I was in heaven right that moment.

“Oh, Jax” I said when I felt my orgasm built up.

“Let go for me baby girl” he said going even faster in between my thighs while I kept my hand buried in his blonde hair. “Let go baby” he said before licking me through my orgasm. I was panting heavily when I heard his buckle fall to the ground followed by his blue jeans that smirk still on his face, he pushed my legs open one more time and put himself in between them before sliding quickly into me, thrusting into me. “Oh fuck, babe” he said biting on my neck before burying his head in the curve of my neck before he came and I followed him closely after.

I took a few minutes to compose myself and reached out to grab my shirt and my underwear. “Done so fast?” he said and I raised my eyebrows at him “I thought I needed to make it up for all the time I was an asshole to my old lady” he said and I smiled at him.

“I wished baby but I have to pick up the kids from your mother’s” I said, he hummed before looking for his phone in his pants.

“Mama” he said biting his lips looking at me “Can you take care of the kids for tonight?” he said and I smiled at him “Thank you mama, love ya” he said and I crossed my arms at him “C’mon Mrs. Teller, you are in for the night of your life.”

HEY, luckily for all of you, I thought of an elaborate metaphor to express my X-Files feelings; here goes.

Years ago, this baker came up with a recipe for some oatmeal raisin cookies. They had raisins in them but also a lot of brown sugar and butter and a subtle blend of spices and other good stuff. Chocolate chips even. The raisins were well-balanced so that their sweetness perfectly complemented the cookie overall; even people who weren’t big into raisins enjoyed them. Now, the baker LOVES raisins, but he had a lot of assistants who worked with him to tweak the recipe so that no flavor dominated. Sure, they’re called “oatmeal raisin cookies,” but, you know, that doesn’t mean people just want to eat a pile of oatmeal and raisins, obviously! Haha.

The cookies were super popular and a huge seller for the bakery. For a brief time they actually made the town, and the baker, famous. After a while other kinds of cookies became more popular and took over, but at some point people were like “hey remember those amazing oatmeal raisin cookies?? Let’s ask the baker to make those again!” The baker was excited that people remembered them so fondly, and was delighted to make them again. He didn’t remember the EXACT precise mix of ingredients they had used back then, but he figured he would start with the basics: oatmeal; raisins; it’s a tried-and true formula! Obviously it had worked last time! And, who doesn’t love raisins?? They’re sweet and chewy! Not that the cookies NEEDED any improvements, but if there WERE improvements to be made, it would obviously be more raisins.

He recreates the cookies, not skimping on the raisins, and everyone is so excited that they are back! Oatmeal raisin cookies! Remember those?? They were SO GOOD! The people have such residual affection for those cookies, and such fond memories of eating them as kids and how fantastic they tasted, and they line up to buy them! And they are…good! There is still a nice butter and brown sugar taste, and raisins, which, obviously, it’s in the name, so, that’s important, right? There are…so many raisins. The people LOVE these cookies though. They’re a classic! Were there this many raisins last time?

The baker is delighted by the success of the cookies and he keeps adding more and more raisins, because obviously, what he’s doing is working, right?? People keep buying them! Clearly they love raisins as much as he does! Otherwise, why would they be so into something called “oatmeal raisin cookies”? More raisins can only make it better! He would know, right? Considering he created these cookies in the first place?? He adds more and more and more raisins. People will get their cookie and be excited, and take a bite and be like, uh holy fuck that’s a lot of raisins, but I mean, they’re still great cookies! And I remember them so fondly! So the baker is like EXCELLENT THEY LOVE THE RAISINS SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUCCCHHHH and he starts a raisin farm so he can have an endless supply of raisins and he hires bakery assistants who love raisins as much as him (including some of the assistants who worked there before and are like “Did we use this many raisins last time? I guess we must have”), and people keep buying the cookies, because the part you can taste around the fucking thousands of raisins is still pretty yummy, but that part keeps getting smaller and smaller. But! Remember how much we loved these cookies as kids! People keep buying them and eternally hoping that they will capture that delicious balance that they used to have. They can almost taste it. They buy more and more, looking for that taste again. They eat a LOT of raisins while doing that.

Sometimes the bakery will get a negative review, like, “yeah, I do remember when these cookies used to be good, but now it’s just like eating a fucking entire box of raisins and I got indigestion and what happened to the chocolate chips?? There weren’t a LOT of chocolate chips but they were so good. And didn’t there used to be spices? I don’t taste any of that anymore. This dude is obsessed with raisins and these cookies suck now. One star.” The baker does NOT let this get him down! Obviously these naysayers don’t understand him or his lifelong skill at making oatmeal raisin cookies. Anyone looking for chocolate chips in these cookies is looking in the wrong place, buster! Why don’t you just eat a Mars bar? Geez. He keeps on doing what he knows best.

Meanwhile you have the bakery front staff having to sell and cheerlead these raisiny cookies that people keep coming in and being excited about. They have sampled them, and privately they are like, “What the FUCK is with these cookies that are like 95% raisins?? THIS is the thing this baker is known for? THIS is the thing these people are lining up to buy?” They work there (and have worked there for a long time, including back in the day when the oatmeal raisin cookies first got popular and they barely had time to try them because of the lines outside the door and the unending busy-ness of their shifts), and they have a job to do and they’re professionals for pete’s sake (and loyal to this baker who has employed them for so long), and all they know is that people are so enthusiastic about these cookies, and that’s nice, even if they don’t really understand why. (Sometimes they will take a bite and be like “yeah, I kinda get it” but most of the time it’s just, my god these are so raisiny. SO RAISINY. But OK, people love raisins, I guess.) 

So they keep saying things like, “Yup, well, he has this recipe and obviously he knows what he’s doing, he’s been making these cookies for so long! Well, enjoy those! Have a great day!” People leave with their boxes of oatmeal raisin cookies and in the car they start eating them and they’re like “…this is a lot of raisins” but mostly what the front staff see are people excitedly paying for their cookies and leaving. Plus, they are committed to the whole endeavor at this point, so if people take a bite of their cookie in the bakery and are like “…THE HELL ARE THERE SO MANY RAISINS IN THIS” they will get irritated, and say, well, that’s what they’re called, oatmeal raisin cookies! People love them, sorry they’re not to your taste, but, you know, they’re a classic, so obviously other people feel differently, lol! Then they kind of glare at that person as they walk out the door.

If asked directly about how they feel about the cookies, the front staff will be like, “Um, well, uh, just in my OWN life in my own particular tastes I generally prefer cookies that have…more of a variety of flavor, I guess, but obviously these oatmeal raisin cookies are a town classic and everyone loves them. And, I mean, they’re great! You know, we don’t do the baking, haha! We leave that to our eminently talented boss! And we are so inspired that people enjoy them so much!” Which, you know, they are. The bakery has been good to them, and if people seem to be bafflingly crazy for what at this point pretty much amounts to piles of raisins stuck together in a patty and baked in an oven, who are they to object?

Eventually people, not even really knowing why themselves, stop coming to the bakery and buying the oatmeal raisin cookies. “These millennials, all they want today is gluten-free stuff,” the baker sighs. He makes another batch of cookies. He thinks maybe he’ll try adding some more raisins. That can only improve them. Hey, it’s always worked in the past!

And, scene.

So today at work I smelled a strong vomit smell coming from underneath the cosmetics wall. I look underneath and see a spilled thing of chunky chocolate milk. So after a good half hour of literally scraping chunks off of the plastic and damaging out products that probably could have been salvaged had the spill been cleaned up sooner, I go and tell the manager on shift. Apparently him and several other employees smelled it earlier in the week and didnt do anything about it. So not only did a bunch of employees smell vomit and not do anything, but that also means that the makeup under the shelf that should have been put away days ago hasnt been.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to Cologne next week, which places would you recommend for vegan food? :-)

hey! :) okay here are some i can think of:

1) well being (completely vegan, awesome thai food, they also have vegan fish things and vegan duck - that tastes in my opinion too real haha)

2) mei wok (completely vegan, all healthy!, whole grain options, also raw options but awesome warm dishes as well, also thai food)

3) 485° for pizza (omnivore with 2 vegan pizzas, without vegan cheese, but the best pizza crust in the whole town)

4) die eisdielerin (icecream and also some vegan waffles and stuff, haven’t been there but it’s good i guess)

5) cafe hibiscus (all vegan, really good cakes, some “snack options” like a sandwich and stuff)

6) burrito rico (omnivore, for quick lunch but you can get your own vegan burrito with soy chunks or so)

7) ecco (omnivore, lots of vegan meals, also everyday vegan brunch, big portions, a bit expensive)

8) cafe schmitz (they have 3 vegan icecreams, the best one definitely is chocolate sorbet and coconut sorbet, SO GOOD together)

9) mj sushi (omnivore, one vegan meal: gang dang tofu, probably one of my favorite meals if it comes to asian food)

10) signor verde (completely vegan, burger and stuff, good cake, in my opinion too expensive)

11) bunte burger (for completely vegan burgers, expensive in my opinion)

12) hans im glück (omnivore, 2 or 3 vegan burger)

13) dean & david (omnivore, vegan options, good for quick lunch)

14) venjoy (haven’t been there, lots of raw options, healthy, good raw desserts but doesn’t look comfy at all)

15) mataim (omnivore, but good vegan falafel and stuff)

16) rich & greens (omnivore, vegan options (burritos and smoothies etc) and a good vegan banana brownie, not restaurant like, more a cafe)

17) the bakery “kamps” is nothing special, but they have vegan “franzbrötchen” (cinnamon bun style) and a vegan apple stuffed baked thing, they are good! :)

What i would recommend to definitely visit? - depends on what you like, but i think i would go to wei wok or well being, to cafe hibiscus, if you like pizza to 485° and to the ecco because they have things like vegan schnitzel and some good vegan desserts :) and of course to mj sushi because of the vegan gang dang tofu, but that’s simply because i love the meal! it’s a red coconut curry with tofu and veggies, rice on the side, and beans with sesame sauce on the side :)

soo that’s all i can think of right now :) i hope that helped! :) xx

Good morning! 🌥⛅️🌤☀️🤗 Thank you all for 10k followers on Instagram!! 🙏😙💕 I’m lucky that I can share my food photos with so many fellow foodies. 😅 I also reached 1k subscribers on YouTube. Woohoo! Thanks so much! I appreciate all of your comments and messages. ❤️❤️ My breakfast today: oats cooked with almond milk and water, topped with Moo Free Chocolates vegan milk chocolate, kiwi, frozen raspberries, and coconut. 🍫😻 Chocolate melted into porridge is SO GOOD. 😭 Just like dessert but healthier. 😜


The other day I got a package from Eline for our 1 year dating anniversary, and it was filled with Beglian treats (which I have no pics of cause guess who ate that tasty stuff right away), rare-as-hell WoW figs (are great addition to my collection!) and a gay ass letter…….

I love my gf ♥ ♥ ♥