You love Adam Driver with every fiber of your being? You believe that everytime Adam Driver laughs a unicorn baby is born? And you are determined to protect him at all costs? Then this network is for you!


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GOD I LOVE YOUR AVATAR. You always draw Serena so pretty and fluffy hair <3 You're also my favorite amourshipping artist, please never stop drawing!!

Originally posted by makotonae-gay

Thank you so much!♥
Gotta keep drawing them till it either becomes canon or takes over everyone’s heart!


Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen lol

Briana and Ashley at Briana’s birthday party… Because yeah Briana looks like someone who just had a baby a couple days earlier….. Photo from Ashley’s private Instagram

Edit: Some have been telling me this is a old photo, personally I’m not convinced. But I’ll leave it up to you to judge this whole situation and make your own conclusions. 

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The bump is so high wtf

this is the legendary Miss Britney Spears with a 9-month baby bump

I know that every pregnancy is different and every baby bump is different but I mean, Nature is Nature and this:

CAN’T be a 9-month baby bump and she is definitely NOT “heavily pregnant” in this picture.

I SAW her with my own eyes when she parades around in London at the O2 Arena, she went back and forth in front of me like 9 times in 20 minutes and I looked at her and her baby bump was WAY BIGGER than…whatever this is. 

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honestly i'm not getting my hopes up or anything but that tweet thread you just reblogged could actually be so true like, it's deff a reach but it really could be a thing lol i wouldn't put it past them

It’s the hair that’s getting me, I don’t think it’s photoshopped (because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter either way, they’ve involved a baby in it)…but the hair looks identical to how it was when he was in LA in December. And what gets me with this is that it then fits with how B looked like she was either not pregnant or had given birth at Christmas (meaning if there is a baby it was born in December).

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NAC: I'm not sure if this is a confession, but I noticed some thing that has been bugging me. In season 1, Cinderella/Ashley has a girl and she's named Alexandra. In season 4, her baby is a boy named Alex. Just something that has bugged me.

I’m pretty sure Alex is just short for Alexandra because her name is too long to fit into the song. They did accidentally have a baby at the wrong age, though. As for the gender, I have no idea if the baby is meant to be a boy or a girl in that scene. She’s not in a girly outfit, but that doesn’t necessarily means they changed Alexandra into a male baby. 

The Schnee Sisters
  • Qrow:Woo! There's nothing like summer in the city. Someone in a rush next to someone looking pretty. Excuse me, miss, I know it's not funny but your perfume smells like your daddy's got money. Why you slumming in the city in your fancy heels? You searching for an urchin who can give you ideals?
  • Winter:Qrow, you disgust me.
  • Qrow:Ah, so you've discussed me! I'm a trust fund baby, you can trust me.

tagged by @danger06 for a baby pic of you and your bias~ (thank you)

umm idk ///u/// anyway Leo was such a cute baby omggg (he’s still cute~)

tagging: @chkyns, @wontaec, @hyuksmovingcastle, @hong-buns, @leo-is-life-but-im-ruined, @hyuk-taek-my-soul, @ottokaji-vixx, @therandomkidnextdoor, @satanhyuks and whoever else wants to do this OTL

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☂ ° ✬

favorite season: answered here :)

ever were close to death: interesting story time! When I was a baby, I nearly died from crib death/SIDS, according to my mother. She’d been doing yard work or something with my dad, but decided to come check on my in my crib and found me blue in the face. She called for my dad and after whacking me on the back a few times, I started to breathe again. So yeah… I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like for my parents :-/

photo of me:

This is an older picture of me that I found on my computer because my phone died and can’t take a new selfie XD Also, that is not my child…that is my niece :)

send me a symbol?

What’s weird is I’ve entered almost this like Above space like I took one look at that tweet and was like “interesting” and I have been like sick these past few days so that might have something to do with my weird calmness and real life shitting all over me ya know

But if Larry is real these next few days are going to be interesting

If the baby is his I love him and little doobie and I’ll lay down my life for them

It’s kinda like putting an armor on and going into battle even tho I have no idea who I’m fighting against