Natasha Negovanlis is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, talented woman, what her body looks like in no way affects any of those qualities. It upsets me when people feel the need to put others under a microscope and pick them apart as if we don’t already do it enough to ourselves. She could literally gain 100lbs and still be just as or even more gorgeous, smart, caring and talented than she is already. Her body, which is perfect no matter what, isn’t anyone’s business, but her own. 


Baby me :)

So I was tagged by unbrokengibberish and mapswindsor (also oneshortdamnfuse, you posted one of these earlier so I’m tagging you too) for  this thingy where you post baby pictures and a current picture.

I’m gonna tag peeves golden-gardenias and all my mutals (it takes too long to tag all of you but do this I love baby pictures)


Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen lol

I’m going to be the worlds worst mother because I genuinely cannot understand how people can look at a baby fresh from the womb, covered in gunk and screaming and purple and think ‘look at this beautiful creature’ like when I have children if they try and hand me a child that’s covered in my womb juice I’m gonna be like ‘oh….. no. Bring it back when it’s clean please’

Is it just me or did Tao get less creepy looking since he went solo?

I guess getting let of the box for fresh air and rest is good for dark under eye circles.

okay okay but like harry and liam and niall are looking all smiley and happy go lucky, right?????


just like giving us a little smirk like FUCK YEAH, nobody can drag me down

Oh my god, I JUST realized something.

I’ve always wanted to believe that these children

ARE NOT the four missing children I mentioned in my prior post that were killed in the Missing Children Incident and were bound to Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. In fact, to me, the sprites look more like big burly teenagers rather than children but…

We’re all aware of how elusive Golden Freddy is in every game. He only appears under certain circumstances and later nights.

Perhaps that’s because he’s scared of the other animatronics…because they were the ones that killed him.