Natasha Negovanlis is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, talented woman, what her body looks like in no way affects any of those qualities. It upsets me when people feel the need to put others under a microscope and pick them apart as if we don’t already do it enough to ourselves. She could literally gain 100lbs and still be just as or even more gorgeous, smart, caring and talented than she is already. Her body, which is perfect no matter what, isn’t anyone’s business, but her own. 


Baby me :)

So I was tagged by unbrokengibberish and mapswindsor (also oneshortdamnfuse, you posted one of these earlier so I’m tagging you too) for  this thingy where you post baby pictures and a current picture.

I’m gonna tag peeves golden-gardenias and all my mutals (it takes too long to tag all of you but do this I love baby pictures)


Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen lol

racketstory asked:

I think U should talk 2 me about preggo sterek

What would you like to hear?  About how Stiles carries low, and how his baby belly swells over the tops of all of his pants? He buys one of those maternity baby bands and wears all his old pants unbuttoned, zips and rivets hid under the soft stretchy material.  His happy trail peeks over the top, downy soft hair that just sneaks out from underneath his shirt.  His stomach itches from the stretch, but Derek rubs cocoa butter on it every night.  Derek can’t do a lot for Stiles - he’s uncomfortable and pregnant too! - but he loves sweeping his large hands over Stiles’s stretched skin and murmuring soft words to both of their cubs.  

Or would you like to hear about how Derek carries high and his ribcage expands, making shirts a near impossibility until the Sheriff chuckles and says softly that Claudia carried Stiles the same way, and then he goes into the attic and retrieves a well worn soft cotton muu muu that Derek happily wears for the rest of his pregnancy?  (The muu muu is patterned with daisies and smells like home and family and relaxes Derek to the point that he allows Stiles to put matching flowers in his hair when they lay in the two side-by-side hammocks Scott put in the backyard after their burgeoning baby weight caused their old one to nearly collapse). 

Reibert week!!!!! Day 2: Inseparable

Even if you are able to force them apart, even if you lock them in two separate towers in the opposite ends of the world, you will never stop them from thinking about each other. And that is what makes them inseparable.

There’s a reason why Bertolt is blushing. There is also a reason why you don’t see Reiner’s hands.

I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination ;)

Look at me, shamelessly taking a selfie at the grocery store with a fugly hat which had flowers made out of paper. And sorry I only have like three good shirts.

Is it just me or did Tao get less creepy looking since he went solo?

I guess getting let of the box for fresh air and rest is good for dark under eye circles.