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Not to say that Steven Universe doesn't have its problems, because it does, but you're also ABSOLUTELY making fun of it because it's popular to do so. You do you, chase that golden reblog, but don't try and pretend the only reason you're doing it is out of love for the show.

Anon, your ask reminded me of this classic post.

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Okay but if we're being real in that latest picture of Rafa he looks like a writer who has gone alone to a secluded cabin to focus on his writing and has quit shaving

Hahahah, yeah I totally agree. Tortured writer trope ftw :D

It’s been a long way from this, that’s for sure:

BARBER: “so what do you want?”
ME: “tortured writer, but movie tortured, not like, real life distraught. Plus swoop.”

tickface  asked:

Do you mind doing some math for me to see how on unlucky I am? While summoning on the PA banner, I got Gray at 4% appearance rate and then Elinica at 3% appearance rate. Considering how there is no red focus unit on the banner, I have a feeling the odds are really low.

im actually terrible at math, but unfortunately the odds of getting a focus character (if there was a red) are the same as getting a non focus. which is something i suggested they separate a while back. if anyone good at math wants to chime in on this post, feel free.

elincia is a great pull, so it was worth it trying for reds. personally i try not to roll on any color that doesn’t have a focus unit im trying to get anymore. 

your ask also reminds me of posts i see where ppl end up using their orbs and getting all red/blue units on a summoning session, and then complaining they didn’t get a colorless/green focus unit like azura or olivia in that session.

im not quite sure what they expected to happen.