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(((hi I just wanted to say you're awesome and you've inspired me to make a watchdog... OC? Sona? Both??? and I'm gonna probably make a blog for them but I just wanted to say thanks for making such cute art and sharing it with everyone and being generally inspiring!~)))




Ah yes, I’m doing one of these things; Permanent Starter Call.
In other words, if we are mutuals and you’re liking this, you’re
allowing me to–

  • Send in ic asks, whether it is from a meme or not. 
  • tag you in random shit that reminds me of your / our muses
  • talk to you ooc, let’s be friends and scream about our muses yeah?
  • Reply to any open starters, like starter calls, etc, that you post
  • Have 45 threads going ( maybe not that many but you get what i mean )
  • Discuss having a pre-establish relationship if you so choose. 

Basically, I’m a huge loser and always worry whether or not I’m 
mutual enough” with some people, so this is just a way for you
 to tell me I’m being an idiot and you actually want to interact with
me. The same goes vice-versa; liking this lets me know you are
wanting to do the same, which is perfectly alright with me as long
as we are mutuals. Looking forward to interacting with you!!

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For the songs thing, what songs do you associate with Light?


anon said: Hi! I absolutely love your blog ^^. I have a question for you, about the song thing: what songs reminds you of Light and his relationships (ex. Light and Sayu, Light and Misa…)?

THANK YOU!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! (And I hope you don’t mind being included in this ask, anon!)

  • Gold - Imagine Dragons: When all that you have is turning stale and it’s cold / Oh you’ll no longer fear when your heart’s turned to gold. Most songs that I have listed here probably focus on Light’s uprising, downfall and how he slowly loses himself in the process, this particular piece being one of them.
  • Glitter and Gold - Rebecca Ferguson: One day you’re gonna wake up and find that / New Dream is losing its shine and / Nobody is by your side when the rain comes down / And you’re losing your mind. One of my favourite songs ever. I can’t help but think about the last episode whenever I listen to it. IT’S THE BEST RECOMMENDATION ON THIS LIST.
  • King Goerge VI - The King’s Speech: Very depressing and melancholic, it truly suits Light and his inner thoughts, that are often unknown to his surroundings. His fears, doubts, everything that he tries to hide behind his masks.
  • Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco: A pretty popular choice, but I’m going to go with it anyways.
  • Devil Man - Blues Pills: You think you’ve got the answer / But you could never know / Oh, devil man / Oh, devil man / You take Diamonds you’ve been given and you turn them into coal. This one symbolizes how intimidating, almost terrifying Light can be - and his will to destroy everyone who gets in his way.
  • You Don’t Know Me - Son Lux: I’d use this song to describe the masquerades that Light has kept hidden from his family - and how he manages to remain perfect in front of everyone.
  • Control - Halsey: Another song that makes me think of the warehouse, particularly Light’s confession.
  • Birden - Zankyou No Terror OST: Light’s last minutes. It starts off calm, then slowly becomes more dramatic, as Light realises the fate that is about to happen to him (Manga: When he looks back into his past. Anime: When an imaginary version of him, just after he picked up the Death Note, crosses him). In the end, the tension decreases again, Light dies.
  • Happy End - Parov Stelar: This song would also fit the scene that I just described, but more in a melancholic way. For some reason, it reminds me of fate and that one can’t simply run away from it - but that it can also be beautiful, once you accept it.

Hi Amy :)

I’m submitting this because I can’t add pics to an ask. This is completely random and non 1D related! I just love Doki! She is so cute! Se reminds me so much of my dog (who is not a shiba! She’s Half husky half jack russell) in the way she acts and sounds. Especially those videos you posted a while ago where Doki is digging on the couch. Roxy has tantrums too! That pic you posted of Doki on her back, I thought she was my dog at first glance! Her body shape and size is very similar to Doki. Just her face is different.

Sorry to write you an essay rambling on about my dog. You probably aren’t as excited as I am! haha. Anyway have a lovely day <3

hippobunny submitted:


huskies and shibas both seem to be very talkative and seem to have some similar characteristics! hhaha your dog  is like short doki! so cute! doki does that “dead bug” laying thing too!

i had a chihuahua jack russell years ago and oh boy - what a handful!

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Okay what do you think of people adding comments onto your post about men occasionally reminding you you're bisexual about how you might be a lesbian?does it bother you?

oh i haven’t seen those, so no

i guess i understand the confusion? but like. i’m very firmly bisexual. extremely bi. Very Bisexual. baby bi bi bi. don’t need anyone suggesting other sexualities 2 me lol

i think probably a good life policy is “assume other people know more about their own sexualities than you do”

that post is about how men are Awful™, not about me wishing i wasn’t bi – it’s a joke, but i do get that it could be confusing, so whatevs

+ i mean i’ve been on this hell site for like 6 years so i’m quite used to ppl adding pointless comments 2 my viral posts  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

invisible audio: the final reckoning

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Since there’s a gifset of Hitler floating around going on about how human he was and talking about luncheons and playing with kids and flirting and people are calling it ‘intellectual commentary’ let me just remind you all those ‘intellectual commenters’ are nazi and pro hitler blogs who deny the holocaust even happened. No I will not reblog it to add commentary because I don’t want to touch that post with a ten foot pole.

Hitler orchestrated the murder and genocide of 11 million people. Hitler is the reason millions of families world wide will never, ever be whole. Hitler is the reason MY family will never be whole.

No amount of luncheons, children played with, or flirting he ever did will change that he was a monster. Yes, he was a human being. But that post is glorifying the fuck out of him and you’re supporting nazism when you reblog that ‘intellectual discourse’.

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

tonight i was at the bar with three other hot shit professional whipsmart lady friends when a drunk but affable dude came over to hit on us. he tried some mild negging to our increasing delight (one of my friends literally had her chin in her hands, fluttering her eyelashes at him like he was an adorable toddler as he kept trying to neg at her), and when that didn’t pan out, he told us he was “really into philosophy” these days. little did he know what table he had sat down at. we all immediately started quizzing him. “what kind of philosophy?” 

“oh, you know,” he said, waving his hand. “just a few books here and there.” 

“that reminds me,” my friend said to me, “i have to lend you that new haraway.”

“didn’t you send me an article about derrida the other day?” says another friend.

“are you more into post-structuralist or pre-Socratic?” another friend asked him, trying to throw the poor guy a bone

“uhhhhhhh,” he said, sweating nervously, “i’m into that one guy. you know. the irish one. you know. what’s his name.” we all waited quietly and patiently as he made increasingly desperate hand gestures, waiting for one of us to offer him a few names. finally his internal clock ran out, and he said, “you know. Kant.”

“ah,” i said, “yes. that great Irish philosopher, Immanuel Kant.”

by now we were just being mean. one of my friends kept pushing him to actually name one of the books he’d been reading, and he finally mumbled, “you know, the motorcycle one.”

“this was not the conversation you were expecting, was it?” i asked him. no, he admitted, no it was not.


Please Read!

It’s okay to:

  • Cry
  • Scream
  • Yell
  • Be sad

It’s not okay to:

  • Give up
  • Hurt yourself
  • Feel alone
  • Leave your feelings aside

If you need help (don’t be afraid to ask for help. it’s okay):

  • If you are ever feeling alone, go to this text line
  • Call 1-800-448-3000 a 24 hour open counselors
  • Message Me, or anybody who reblogs this post!

If nobody told you already:

  • good morning
  • i love you
  • have a wonderful day
  • i do care for you
  • you are a wonderful person
  • you look beautiful. always.
  • im here for you
  • have a great night, and sleep well.

Don’t ever forget:

  • to drink water
  • to eat lots of yummy food
  • somebody is always there for you
  • someone cares
  • you are worth so much
  • it will get better
  • you are important
  • you are loved
  • you are beautiful
  • you are so so strong
  • you deserve to be happy

this was supposed to a sorta-proper Sad Comic thing with like 20 other frames about smiffy being responsible for wereross and feeling like shit because of it but my attention span is absolutely appalling and im not fond of any of the other frames tbh

heres some crying