Ask before you pet someone's dog!

So, as every follower of this blog knows that I have a dog named, Bucky. And he’s a sweetheart, often reminds me and my friends of actual Bucky Barnes with his emotions and mannerisms.

And he’s also adorable. So, I completely understand why people want to pet him or touch him, and just coddle him. I get it. But my dog suffers with anxiety when outside! He stays beside me, literally walking under my feet because he hates crowds and loud noises. He’s skittish outside, but I got to walk him because he’s a dog and needs exercise. I love waking him, don’t get me wrong, some of my best moments with Bucky is outside at his favourite places. I just don’t like that people, strangers, feel like they have some kind of authority to touch my dog… without my permission!

I get it. I’m young, and people think they exceed some kind of authority over me anyway. But he’s my dog, I know him and I’d just prefer if people asked to touch my dog before they do it. A simple, “hey can I pet him?- is he okay to pet?”. Instead people, I don’t even know, come up and just pet him.

He’s a small dog, I feel like that’s another tipping point. He’s small so he can’t hurt me, a lap dog. I’m not saying Bucky is vicious or will bite, he isn’t like that but put into a position, a situation where HE feels like he can’t get out of; well, I can’t say he won’t bite. He wouldn’t but he’s a dog, if he feels threatened or scared, his reaction, basic reaction is fight or flight. And honestly, most of the time it’s a quick walk around my neighbourhood with him, he doesn’t get let off the lead because he usually doesn’t even want to leave my side anyway.

I’m writing this rant because some woman, who o don’t even know, decided it was a good idea to come up behind me… didn’t make herself known to me at all… and pet my dog. Bucky was sat beside my leg, I was busy reading the menu to the smoothie stand near my house. And she scared my Bucky so much that he yelped (he’s a dog where if he doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know about it!). Instantly I knelt down, noting the woman, who was laughing as if it was funny. I picked him up, only Bucky was scared and just in panic mode that he didn’t recognise me at first, he scratched up my arm and chest, plus neck. I am so sore but I’m not even worried about me.

The woman then said “Oh what a little whiner!” And I like to think I’m a nice person, I don’t like conflict and I rarely let people know they’re idiots directly. But my inner protectiveness came out and I said something I really shouldn’t have and walked off, didn’t even get my smoothie btw, I just walked off not caring that I had hurt the woman’s feelings because my dog was curled in my arms, whimpering! Bucky was whimpering.

I know the woman meant no harm, I really do. But this happens a lot, more than it should. And this is just me, a simple dog owner of a loving, beautiful dog that gets anxious in the outside world.

Please, please ask before you pet someone’s dog!

If she asked, I would have picked Bucky up and made him as comfortable as he could for a simple pet. Once he gets a little familiar, he’s okay. Like any small dog, they’re anxious of *new* people in the outside world. They aren’t in their home, where they’re comfortable and safe. So, please, take a second and ask if it’s okay. You’ll be making my dog, millions of other dogs, plus the owner who loves them dearly a lot less anxious when walking. Thank you. - Rosalee

memento-moree  asked:

HEY ! It's Rin, the one who couldn't pick between Mark, JB and Jinyoung. Remember how you welcomed me in the Jinyoung CLAN ? Well I was wondering if you could remind me how underrated his goddlike body was ? My thirst is rising since I got an exam tomorrow. Also, I love you.

HELLO, of course I remember! You follow me on both blogs? BLESS YOU, Rin! And ABSOLUTELY. One Jinyoung body celebration post coming right up. 

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Quick Reminder!!

This is just a quick reminder to those who have not posted (or maybe you have and if so send it to me so I can get to reading it!!) for my Drinking Writing Challenge. 

If you need an extension (I know a few of you that I’m about to tag already came to me to ask me and that extension still stands. I’m more so tagging you for my personal note) just message me and let me know!

Ends March 31st and be sure to tag me and use #Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge 

These are the fics I have so far…if you have posted and you don’t see your name on here, like I said message me with the link and I’ll get right on that.

Now the people I haven’t received fics from I’ll put underneath the cut :)  (here’s the ORIGINAL POST in case you forgot what your prompt/drink was)

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Quick Update, 3/28

Just letting y’all know a few things relevant to my Patreon for those who aren’t pledges. 

A few weeks ago I held a poll. I’m going to interview people who work in Veterans Affairs and try to provide a little insight on a few topics. Homelessness and medical care were tied, so I’m going to be working on those two first, though probably with some priority to medical care. If there’s any specific questions you want me to ask while I’m interviewing, please send them as a reply to this post, not as a PM or ask. Please keep in mind there’s no guarantee I can ask every question that comes up.

I’ve officially started my Training Masterposts! It’ll be a four-part series addressing reception, basic training, and advanced individual training. The first part in the series is over 2,000 words and is already available for my patrons! It’ll be published to Tumblr some time next week.

Casual reminder to please not PM me your questions. This has started happening all of a sudden, and I hate having to correct people because I feel like an asshole. Using the PM function skips the askbox and I depend on the receipt date of the askbox to tell me which asks I should answer. Obviously I try to give priority to older asks. I’m happy to answer your questions whether they’re an ask or a submission, but they do need to be one of those two options, unless you’re a Sergeant level patron on my Patreon, which allots you up to ten yes or no questions per month which can be sent as your leisure. 

Finally, I’d like to make clear once again that I can’t create your army for you. I understand that you’re probably having trouble naming your ranks or giving them responsibilities, but that’s a creative aspect of writing that depends on you. This also applies to creating new jobs and using equipment like laser guns and mechs. Please understand that I’m not trying to be dismissive of you and your question and I truly encourage you to keep your ideas going. 

Thank you for all your support! You’re such wonderful followers and I appreciate your comments, reblogs, and support every day. 


theblazinggodess  asked:

Hello! I really admire you, you seem to be so steadfast and sure in your belief, which is something I'm struggling with a great deal lately. How do you keep from doubting God's excistence? I know He is real but sonetimes I get so doubtful and it scares me out of my mind. Do you have any advice? I could really use it. Love and blessings

Hi friend,

Thank you so much!

Here are all of my posts tagged doubt. I’ve definitely dealt with this myself, and still do sometimes. The past few days, in fact, I’ve been driving or walking or not really doing anything and I’ve had little thoughts pop into my head that are so full of doubt, and, honestly, I just keep reminding myself that these thoughts are the enemy trying to lead me away from Him and I keep asking Him to help me to trust Him and love Him with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind. I talk to Him when I feel doubtful. I read His Word. I listen to worship music. I go on Tumblr. I talk to my husband and/or friends about it. I go for a run. I journal. 

I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this, love. I know how hard it is. Keep asking God to change your heart and to help you and guide you. 

I’ll be praying for you. <3

All my love,



you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
”As long as i’m with hyung, i’m happy no matter where we go. - Jeon Jungkook

friendly reminder that since a lot of people have decided xmas now starts right after halloween: not everyone celebrates xmas or wants to participate.  don’t shame people for not participating in xmas traditions or blacklisting xmas. if people ask to not be wished a merry xmas, don’t wish them a merry xmas. don’t get upset if people express their frustrations with how christian normativity makes it impossible to escape this non-secular holiday for almost two months. if people want nothing to do with xmas, please just let them be.

A reminder that
  • bisexual boys who have a girlfriend are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual boys who’ve never kissed a boy before are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual boys who are more attracted to girls than to boys are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexual boys who’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before are still part of the LGBT+ community
  • bisexuals are part of the LGBT+ community
Thoughts on Patroclus

Friendly reminder that Patroclus should not be remember simply as “Achilles’ bitch”.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was a little shit. He had the power, the looks and the skills, and he knew it. Not only he excelled at battle; he did it while taunting his enemies all the fucking time cause he was going to win and he knew it.

Friendly reminder that he was the one guy who got to call out on Achilles, something no one else dared to do. In fact, men went to ask him to call out on Achilles because everyone was scared of him. Except for Patroclus.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus had advanced medical knowledge, something extremly rare at the time. He healed many of his friends and comrades during battle. Hadn’t it been for him, many great warriors would have died.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was loyal to a fault. He was always by Achilles’ side in battle. He never disobeyed Achilles orders. The one time he did, was the time he died.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was kind and had a soft heart. He cried because while Achilles’ Rage lasted, he wouldn’t let any of his men enter battle, Patroclus included. And while Achilles’ troops were hiding in their ships, the rest of the Greek army got crushed. Patroclus felt so powerless and helpless because he couldn’t do nothing as he saw his comrades dying.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus had a character crisis. He had to decide whether obeying his Lord’s commands and abandoning his friends in battle, or going against his Lord’s wishes and engaging fight.

Friendly reminder that he refused to stay behind like a coward. He chose to enter battle, but since he was a honourable man he told Achilles about it. Friendly reminder that he managed to sway Achilles’ Rage. Friendly reminder that he managed to convince Achilles to let their troops rejoin the war, thus returning the victory to the Greeks.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus was flawed. He committed hubris. He got so battle drunk and was so excited by the prospect of finally ending the war, that he disobeyed Achilles’ direct command not to fight near the walls of Troy, and chased the Troyans back to the limits of the city. To the place Achilles had specifically told him not to go because it would be too dangerous. Friendly reminder that this one flaw is his downfall.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus doesn’t go down without giving one hell of a fight. Friendly reminder that Patroclus was so strong that Apollo (the God that protected Troy and Hector [Troy’s heir to the throne]) had to face him and repel him four times. Four times. A god. If that ain’t badass, then I don’t know what could be. In the fourth time, Apollo got inside Patroclus’ head and made him dizzy. Patroclus fell and Apollo removed him from his armour- Achilles’ armour. Patroclus ended up unprotected, vulnerable and dizzy in the middle of the battle field; so a random dude saw the opportunity and stabbed his back with a spear. But was that enough to make him go down? Oh heck no. The pain snapped him out of the dizziness. Patroclus realized he was in a very troublesome situation so he decided to fall back… but at that moment Hector engaged him in battle. And Patroclus wouldn’t retire from a direct combat, oh heck he wouldn’t. Even though he knew this was probably the way he would die, he fought with his all.

Friendly reminder that lacking his armor, tired from battle, with a spear wound on his back and only Achilles’ sword left as weapon, Patroclus faced Hector, Troy’s greatest warrior and didn’t fear.

Friendly reminder that when Hector sheathed his spear in Patroclos’ stomach, Patroclus thought about the love of his life.

Friendly reminder that with his last breath Patroclus smiled at Hector and told him “You are a dead man. This will be your downfall”. Friendly reminder that until his last moment, he was a little shit.

Friendly reminder that Patroclus is a flawed, well-rounded, badass character and that he deserves so much more than his current position as “Achilles’s love interest”.

exo askbox meme 💌 send an emoji!

👑 what is the reason your bias is your bias?
🐺 tag someone who reminds you of sehun.
🍌 favorite chanyeol cover?
❤ post a selfie.
😤 favorite english lyric?
🐻 tag someone who reminds you of kai.
🎉 favorite thing about exo m?
🐩 candy, jjangah, or vivi?
🐙 describe chen in three emojis.
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👅pick a body part from each member.
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🎤 record a voice note saying chogiwa danbeone neukkyeo.
🍦call me baby or call me monster?
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🍆fmk: hyung line.
🌈 favorite thing about exo k?
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🌞 describe suho in three emojis.
🍻 does your bias and your bias wrecker get along?
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🎵most played exo song?
💣would you rather marry sehun or suho?
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🐄 who do you think would be the best dad?
🔮what’s you hogwarts house? sort the members into a house.
❌ favorite dancer: kai or chanyeol?
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🔥 list ot9 from less kinky to kinkiest.
⭕ what kind of youtube channel would your bias have?
😇 if you were to die right now, what would you tell exo?
😈 what’s the thing exo has done that made you have second-hand embarassment?
🎈 who do you think smells the nicest in exo?
💭 dream fanfic au?
📛 fmk: beagle-line
💵 if you were to go on a date with sehun, where would you take him?
👿 describe sehun in three emojis
👣 is your bias an introvert or an extrovert? and your bias wrecker?
🍬 which movie would you go see with lay?
🍦who do look up to the most in exo?
🍸take a screenshot of your lockscreen and post it.
⚽ describe xiumin in three emojis.
💯 favorite cbx song?
💌 which member do you think has the same kinks as you?
🐢 who’s your dream sub-unit?

So that Russian YouTuber reared his head again with a counter claim…

Please do me a favour, if you see your content take it from him. He’s been really pushy on the subject, contacting me on FB and email and getting his friend to contact me. This was the guy who threatened to tell Disney on me.

He’s also a jerk about monetization. He kept saying the artists allowed it, but most of his videos weren’t even credited so how could he have even asked them.

I had initially got his account deleted, but he begged YouTube for it back. I had also made him Hide content he didn’t have permission to post.

Looks like he’s gone back on that.

I don’t want him to be harassed. Also reminder you can only report if you’re the artist.

anonymous asked:


1. Who is your favourite character? Why?

This is… really hard to answer oh dear. I love so many of them so much, the characters in this show all have such nice flaws and personalities. I think I’ll talk about Yurio here, because he was one of the characters I first felt super drawn to (apart from Viktor and Yuri). Hes so angry and small but he has so much heart and I could see there was a lot to his character just from the first couple episodes. Being around support from Yuri and Viktor helped him open up and I love how much development so many of the characters get in the series in general. I just. I want to hug Yurio.

2.  Which YoI episode is your favourite? Why?

… Episode 7 is… Pretty good. 8′) 

But I also really enjoyed last weeks episode 9 with the reunion of Viktor and Makkachin and the moments with Yurio and aksdnkajsdaksdjask help I’m in this show too deep

3.  What is your favourite Victuuri moment? (if you ship them)

If I ship them haha HA A aHA aa ha *takes sip of tea*

I adored the hand holding before they did the forehead touch thing and when Viktor and Yuri celebrated the scores and he did the ‘hug-lean-into-ear-and-whisper-suggestively-and-smile’ thing. That hit me right in the feels. But apart from the kiss, I also adored the hand kiss in episode 9. *sighs heavily* what the heck is going to happen this week god help me.

9. Which character’s country lies closest to where you live?

I’m a bonafide Canadian, hello.