Dear @tragicminewt ,

I do believe you are in need 

of some of these. 

you may have notice

I lied they’re not all puppies.

But here they are

To help you in this time of need.

I hope they make you smile 

and have faith I promise

you are over the worst

it gets better from here!

and we wouldn’t love these books

as much as we do 

if they didn’t end well

so keep going. push through.

and trust in this puppy ^ right here. this puppy is Matt and he wont let it all go wrong! 



@yoshishisha answered: I imagine Ethan (he’s the giant otter, right?) picking Stiles up and tossing him in the air, like parents do with kids. With Peter catching him, so Stiles is tossed back and forth between the two. And of course Stiles is having the time of his life

@icesw answered: Werewolves toss the otter back and forth (while standing in the lake)

@shortbutsopassionate answered: someone throwing an otter like a speeding projectile bullet

@thorin-dwalin-nori-otp answered: Family day at the river, Stiles making a game of running to Dad and Peter so they can toss him to Ennis in the water.

@redflowerblooming answered: someone throwing bby stiles around like a sack of potatoes XD jk but like him being playfully tossed around w/ppl to catch him

@dancingxwithxdevils answered: You tagged wereotter!stiles and now all I see is an otter making balls out of mud and twigs and throwing it at others in his romp, human, were’ or otherwise. :D

@riceycloveed answered: that gif where the otter is tossed those color ring toys and can’t fit the square one into the round one and looks at camera in disappointment

oh i love all of these, especially the projectile bullet comment :D but the last two are also a pretty good different approach at the whole tossing thing.

thank you, guys!

BONELUST BONE PROCESSING PROGRESS: I’ve always got every step of processing going on at all times here. Heres a small peek at the many skulls and bones I’ve got in the peroxide bath right now. Pictured are raccoon, river otter, opossum and snake bones. 💀♥💀 See my blogspot bonelust blog for extensive help with learning proper bone processing.

BLUE MEETS GREEN: The 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is underway, and you otter believe it’s right by Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! This legendary golf tournament in Monterey, California takes place on the shores of one of our nation’s amazing marine sanctuaries. The sanctuary stretches along the California coast from San Francisco to Cambria, and is home to hundreds of species of marine life, including sea otters. 

(Photo: NOAA) 

English is hard to pronounce right
  • Me:… so there's an otter species named 'small-clawed otter'…
  • Fifo:… 'cloud?' :p
  • Me:… yeah a tiny otter-shaped cloud.
  • Fifo:that's cute though.
  • Me:*sigh*
  • Me [trying harder]:short-*claaaawed*.
  • Me:… you CLOD. :p
  • Fifo:^^

“Is this the right kind of kitty?” He was holding an irate otter penguin chick.  Covered in white angry fluff.  With a chevron shaped scowl on his black face.  It was clear that Bumi had somehow gotten onto the hatching ground and found an orphan chick.  And brought it all the way back to camp without getting bitten or chased by the Alpha penguin.  Bumi was not much bigger then the chick himself.
“Is my kitty now?”
Fluffy and cross looking the orphan chick squeaked at her for penguin butter.  The babe expecting meat after his ordeal.

breadedsinner asked:

Yes! More Suranas! Where does Otter come from, if they remember? If I remember right, you can talk a little about it with another elf mage, and you can say you're from Denerim, Highever, or you don't remember. Did they pick one of those?

Yup! I think the other option was Lothering, as well.

Otter doesn’t remember where she came from, only that it was a small shack near water. Always gloomy and rainy. She remembers the stink of swamp mud and old idols left behind in stone circles, and spirits. Lots and lots of spirits.

Why Tumblr At My age . . .

You asked and this is why:


Dr. Who


Ships (Togetherness of  characters who aren’t together, but should be, whatever the gender)

Bunnies, Otters, Cats

Historical Clothing


Feminism done right