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My Weakness

Me: That’s it, no more books, I already have six on my bookcase I need to read.  Not to mention buying a new suitcase for my trip home and presents for family to bring along.

Internet: You love otters, right?

Me: Curse you, foul spirit!

vinssmoke  asked:

Hellow Jotaro! Do you have any free time to tell me some facts about otters? They're soooo adorable and they seem to be friendly. I'd love to adopt one in the future!

Jotaro: You clearly relate to these guys more than I do. 

In any case, she’s right. Otters are famous for their social cuddling. See for yourself.

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CPR | Part 5

Hello! This is part 5 of a short fanfic about Dan Howell. We leave off where part 4 ended, so if you haven’t read that yet, you can go read it here.

“So since I never actually got to take you out to that coffee shop…” Dan started his sentence, looking over at you with a smug smile on his face. The two of you had been hanging out for about two weeks now, seeing each other after school almost every day. Nothing had happened yet, it had just been friendly visits but they had been some of the most fun days you’d ever had. He was completely on the same page as you were with almost everything and it was really nice to have that around you. Right now they two of you were having lunch outside the school building, sitting on the ground in the sun. The warm sunny weather had caused a few freckles to appear on his face and it looked cuter than you could have imagined. “Yes…?” You responded, taking a sip from you water bottle and waiting for him to finish his sentence. “I thought we could go to the zoo this weekend!” He announced with a big smile on his face, clearly proud of this idea. “Oh my god, I’d love that!” You smiled back at him, half still surprised and half super excited. Your city’s zoo wasn’t huge but it was fun, and you always loved to go there. You hadn’t thought Dan would get tickets for the two of you, but it seemed like he did. “So if you’re free on Saturday, I’ll come pick you up around 10 so we have enough time to see all the animals.” He smiled, and you nodded excitedly. The two of you continued to have lunch normally, although something inside you had changed. It would appear Dan had just asked you out on an official date and the thought of it made butterflies fly in your stomach.

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Flight Drama-Dylan Strome

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Scenario: hi can you do an imagine where dylan stromes gf comes to visit him at wjcs? thanks!

 Word Count: 1,284

Warnings: None

Part Two

           “You have got to be kidding me.” You mumbled under your breath as you looked at the departure board in the Philadelphia airport. Your flight to Toronto had been delayed again. You had been in Philly visiting your family for the holidays and you were supposed to fly out to Toronto over five hours ago, but the weather had other plans apparently. With the weather not seeming to let up, you were starting to wonder if you were ever going to get to Canada to see your boyfriend, Dylan Strome, in the World Juniors Championship.

           Taking your phone out of your back pocket, you pulled up Dylan’s contact and hit call. After three rings he finally picked up.

           “Hello sweet thing,” Dylan’s cheery voice said on the other line.

           A deep sigh escaped your mouth before responding, “Ugh, it is so good to hear your voice right now.”
           “As nice as it is to hear you say that, it makes me think something isn’t right,” Dylan said with a hint of worry in his voice.

           You took a pause trying to think of a way to break the news to Dylan that you may not make it to Canada for a while. “Listen Dyl, the weather here isn’t great and my flight keeps getting delayed. I’m not really sure if I am going to make it to your game tomorrow. I feel absolutely terrible right now.”
           Dylan was quick to make sure you were okay. “Babe, don’t get yourself down, there isn’t anything you can do about the weather.”
           “Oh trust me I know… It is just that we have been looking forward to me seeing this game ever since the schedule was announced. I mean come on it’s Canada vs. USA! I want to be there for it,” you said.

           It was now Dylan’s turn too sigh. “Trust me, I know you do. You haven’t shut up about how the US is going to beat us. Which by the way, whether you are here or not, isn’t going to happen,” Dylan said with a small chuckle.

           “Yeah, yeah whatever you say Canada,” your responded.

           “Well, Miss USA, when do you think your flight will be able to fly out?”
           You laughed thinking about what Dylan called you, “Miss USA, I like it. When it comes to the flight, I am not really sure. According to the weather report it is supposed to clear up soon, but, it is getting late, so I think they will just push the flight until the morning.”
           “Well that sucks, but hopefully you will get hear in time for puck drop,” Dylan said being the more optimistic of the two of you.

           “Yeah hopefully. Well, I will let you go get some sleep since you’ll need to for tomorrow when you play my boys. I will keep you updated on the flight drama though.”
           “Wait, I thought I was your boy?” Dylan responded.

           “You are, just everyday except for tomorrow,” you said with a giggle.

           “Uh huh. Well, I love you babe. With any luck I will see you tomorrow.”
           “Love you too, Dyl. Keeping my fingers crossed.”

           After the two of you hung up, you went to find somewhere to sit and possibly sleep because you had a feeling you would be there for a while. Just like you had guessed, when you looked back up at the departure board, your flight had been delayed until the morning. You decided to send a text to Dylan because you knew he was probably already asleep.

           You: Flight delayed until the morning… Good news is the weather looks good in morning, so I should make it! Love you and see you soon <3

           NEXT MORNING

“Fight 137 to Toronto is now boarding” you heard coming over the intercom.

           “Finally!” you said under your breath. You walked to your gate and boarded the plane and got comfortable in your seat. As you sat down you let out your breath which you didn’t even realize you were holding. You were only two hours away from being in the same city as your boyfriend for the first time since he left Erie to prepare for the tournament.

           When your plane finally landed at the Toronto airport, you got off your plane as quickly as possible and rushed over to baggage claim. You had to check into your hotel, shower, get ready, and be at the Air Canada Center all before the 3:30 puck drop. Once you had your bag in hand, you walked outside trying find a taxi. When you were finally situated and on your way to your hotel, you picked up your phone to call Dylan.  The phone went to voicemail after several rings, which wasn’t much of a surprise to you since he was probably already preparing for the game.

           “Hey it’s Dylan! I couldn’t answer the phone right now, so leave a message… or just text me. Okay, yeah, bye”

           “Hi, Dyl, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know I landed a little while ago and I am pulling up to the hotel now, so I am going to get ready and head over to the rink with your parents. Love you, bye”

           Once you were checked in, you headed up to your room to quickly get ready to meet up with Dylan’s parents. As you were pulling on your Dylan Strome Otters jersey, there was a knock on your door. Opening the door you were greeted with two smiling Strome parents.

           “Mr. and Mrs. Strome!!! It is so good to see you again,” you said as you gave both of them a hug.

           “It is great to see you again too, honey,” Mrs. Strome said. “I see you aren’t wearing you Canada jersey that Dylan gave you.”

           “Oh you know I cant do that. I would be going against my home country,” you said with a laugh.

           “I know, I know. Dylan will be happy you are at least wearing something that supports him,” his mom said.

           “Okay you two social butterflies, let’s get going if you want to be there in time for the puck drop,” Dylan’s dad said.

After the Game

The game ended with you being the only happy one out of the group of three, but even with being happy that your country won, you were still upset that Dylan wasn’t going to be happy. After the crowd started to disperse a little you and Dylan’s parents began the walk down to the locker rooms. Once down there you were forced to wait for a while because Dylan had to handle press duties since he was the captain. While you were talking to Mrs. Strome, the door to the locker room opened and out walked your tall, adorable, and slightly sweaty boyfriend.

“Dylan!!!” You said as you walked into his open arms. “I have missed you so much.”
           “Same her [y/n].” Dylan whispered placing a kiss on your lips. “I was really worried you weren’t going to make it.”
           “Oh trust me, if my flight had been cancelled, I would have started walking to make sure I got here.” Dylan finally released you from the long hug he was holding you in. When he did, he glanced down at your jersey.

“You know, babe, I am glad your supporting me and all, but I’m not playing for the Otters right now, I am playing for Canada.”
           “Yeah, but the only way you are getting me in a Canada jersey is if the US gets eliminated from the tournament.” You said with a smile.

Dylan laughed, and kissed you again. “I love you, [y/f/n], so much”

“I love you too Dylan Strome.”

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name: sebastien
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favourite animal: otters/wolves
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favourite scent: COCONUT
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[iced] coffee | tea | hot cocoa
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name: Anna

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zodiac sign: virgo

height: i think like five two and likfe half an inch extra because everything about me is extra

orientation: i have zero idea dude it depends on my mood.

nationality: american

fave fruit: ew but tbh saturn peaches and cherries are an addiction right now

fave season: halloween or valentines. all other seasons are just voids to fill time in between.

fave flower: daisies

fave scent: angel or royal or maybe armitrige? if it’s expensive i like it usually

fave color: chartruese

fave animal: right now otters tbh

average hours of sleep: maybe two to three? sometimes 12 to 18.

fave fictional character: vanessa ives? laura shadow (book version tho)? lisbeth salander? john wick? john constantine? dean winchester? carrie white? la muerte? like how do i choose?

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