that thing where the guy

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I live in New Zealand, and while having never been to the US, I don't understand the whole 'greatest country in the world' thing you guys have. From where I'm sitting there doesn't seem to be much difference. Would a place like NZ really be so bad?

I don’t know much about NZ so I can’t say. In terms of “greatness” it also depends on what you’re measuring greatness by. I wouldn’t imagine NZ would be a terrible place to live though.

I do this thing where I start talking to a guy but when I actually start gaining feelings, I pull away and run away as fast as I can until they completely forget about me

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really confused about what to do rn!! I'm quite serious with a guy and we both really really like eachother (enough to be exclusive) and he told my friend he's going to ask me to be his girlfriend tomorrow but there's this girl I talk to on and off who's just so stunning and she's into me sorta and I was into her until I met the guy but she lives 2 hours away so I'd never see her but idk I really like him but I feel like I'm not 100% in it because of her and idk what to do ):

i would stick with the guy for a while and see where things go and go with he flow with that because things sound a bit complicated with the girl but if things progress later just be honest with yourself & ur feelings!

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omg its storming and I hate storms can you write a thing where you're scared of storms and one of the guys calms you down??

Awe I’m sorry nugget.
I did Ash because I’m all worked up because he’S SO UNDER APPRECIATED.

Warnings: Thunderstorms, minor to major anxiety, it depends on who you are.

Another crash of thunder shakes through the house as you let out a squeak, hiding under a blanket.

What you wouldn’t do to be in Ashton’s arms right now, but he was thousands of miles away, a whole damn continent.

You press your face into the comforter as the power goes out, begging you heart to stop racing and your mind to stop buzzing.

But it doesn’t.

What if the lightning strikes you house and it catches on fire? What if the thunder makes you deaf? What if the power never comes back on?

Your mind told you to call Ash, but you couldn’t remember for the life of you if he had a show or not tonight.

You feel the house rumble beneath you as you begin to let out soft cries.

The door flies open and you nearly poop your pants as you hear footsteps.

You- despite the thunder- tear the blanket away from your body, grabbing the nearest utensil, which happens to be a pan from the stove in the next room.

I mean- it worked for Rapunzel right?

You tip toe across the floor as you hear the foot steps in the hall.

You see a hooded figure and charge towards it- with a shakier than you’d like to admit battle cry.

“Whoa! Whoa! Y/N, it’s me! It’s me! Chill.”

The figuring takes the pan and chucks it to the nearest soft object.

“That’s right, put down the frying pan.” Ashton mumbles, taking off his soaked hoodie and wrapping his arms around you.

You wrap your arms around Ashton and breath shakily into his black cotton t-shirt

“You’re okay baby girl.” He says, kissing you temple, “I’m right here, you’re okay baby.”

He wraps his arms tightly around you, gently rubbing your back as the thundering grows more and more distant.

He gently sways you from side to side.

You can’t remember exactly how long you stood there but when you finally pulled away, the lights had finally flickered on.

You gently rested your hands on Ashton’s shoulders.

“I thought you had a show?”

“No, we have the week off the right, but I heard there were severe storms this week here, so I came home to make sure you were alright baby.” He says softly, “I would have been here before the storm came in, but the storm came from where we were and the flight got delayed, but I’m here now.”

You stand on your tip toes, pressing your lips to his, feeling his scruff against your cheeks.

“Sorry about the scruff, I kind of slept the whole way here.”

You giggle shaking your head.

“You’re here, scruff and all. That’s all that matters now Ash.”

Back in high school, we had this thing going where when one guy from our comics drank, some of the furniture would come to life. specifically pillows. sometimes lego minifigs, but always pillows. They were cruel and war-like more often than not, and would seriously scare him.

Thinking back on that time in my life, however, dredges up a lot of mud. There is nothing quite like the drama of a building full of teenagers going through puberty and struggling to find their way through life.

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The thing is too is its Now. If this story doesn't get picked up them im going to take it as it isn't what is meant to be going around. As annoying as it is, Now has lied or created things before. That's where Dan w started and that josh guy.

Yeah weren’t they the ones with the interview with Ashley too? They’re not a good source. If anyone more reputable picks it up, then we’ll talk.

It’s usually guys who do that dumb thing where they hit/violently handle/slam stuff in a feeble effort to get things to work the way they want.

I say as I kick the side panel of my computer continuously to knock a cord out of the way of a case fan that’s making an annoying noise “It’s a precise and particular strike” I say as I refuse to open the case and just tuck the cord in a way where it’ll stop this nonsense.

i think its actually kind of cool really how burke is one of the few villains universally hated. like so many other villians people empathize with and make excuses for and don’t want to see die or get whats coming to them. it actually speaks volumes to how well he was played and written that everyone fist pumps at the scene where the thing gets him in the lab. 

Burke, the guy you love to hate. You’re welcome, world. 

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I have this weird thing where I dream about being in a relationship with a really great guy, falling in love, and getting married. But at the same time, I'm not interested in dating. I don't know, I'm just odd like that.

Maybe that dream comes from more of a place of fear than desire? I’m not sure, the subconscious is very weird! It’s ok though, I’m assuming you’re pretty young and in that case there is no need to worry about falling in love and settling down