that thing is gigantic

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Tbh I only saw one person say they thought it was Cameron on an insta post. But they weren’t rude about it. And the reply from the person who posted it was that it wasn’t Cameron. They said it’s hard to really know what or who it is (which is fair because it is really hard), but that it wasn’t Cameron. And that 1 comment & reply was it. I’ve seen some other speculations about it, but no one being mean or harping about it being Cameron lol

um i had like 3 anons about it this morning, and i had someone else mention it to me in messages about ppl messaging THEM about it. so it def wasnt just one person…..

yesterday i had this big ol’ conversation with somebody about the extent to which i was involved in music as a teenager - the local shows, songwriting, youtube, how i had briefly considered going to a christian university for a degree in worship ministry (“so you really went the complete opposite direction from that then, you heathen,” said lovingly) and at the end of all of it she just goes “so why’d you stop then?”

it wasn’t making me happy

a long pause

a big smile

it’s been making me happy again

Why are small and miniature breeds the only ones considered ‘lap dogs’? You know what the best size of dog to have on your lap is? A giant breed. Someone who can honestly say they wouldn’t cry with joy if a newfoundland draped themselves over their lap is someone to avoid. They cannot be trusted and probably have no soul.