that they just fricking sleep together

alright so have some dabi and hawks headcanons

@dabitodorokii and i had an extremely long conversation on this yesterday so enjoy the product of our (very effortful indeed) efforts

- so the basic premise is that these idiots were in the same class in UA and dabi is the one student that got expelled and turned villain (refer aforementioned friendo’s post)

- but like, hawks and dabi were bffs and also the scourges of their class, like they did All The Bad Things
- from hawks telling 20something yr old rookie teacher aizawa to “shave bc real heroes need 2 put on a good public appearance i swear sensei its not to distract u from the lesson or anythin” 
- and aizawa is just tryna get enough sleep and pay his rent so he’s just like ‘pls leave me be pLS’
- and like hawks and dabi are the resident bad bois, and they do all sorts of horrid shit like bRING LEGITIMATE ALCOHOL AND DRINK IT IN CLASS
- and the teachers are so fucking scared of them because drunk dabi and hawks are a force that shouldnt be reckoned with
- hawks: ”yo take a shot everytime aizawa sensei yawns” dabi: *downs the fucking bottle* “precautionary” aizawa: thats just mean guys
-dabi standing on the table in the middle of fucking class and shooting blue fire at hawks yelling “yALL EVER TASTE HOT WINGS”
- dabi casually pulling feathers out of hawks’ wings bc he’s a little shit
- hawks is secretly turned on by this but he would Never admit it to Anyone
-hawks and dabi being the UA marauders- hawks playing insane pranks on people and blaming it all on dabi
-and the teachers believing him bc Good Grades Top Hero and dabi’s just like “you’d better start sleeping with your eyes open motherfucker”
-OK HEAR ME OUT when they meet in the present spot in the timeline hawks is just like “….pls say ‘SIKE’ man”
-and dabi is waiting for the exact same thing from hawks bc who the FRICK let this little shit become the no.2 hero wtf
-and the younger generation like deku and all are just like “…why are these 2 trading comebacks is this an epic battle what is this”
-and they used to have this fwb thing going on so when dabi sees hawks he’s like “hey man my dad isnt home ;)”
-and hawks is like “nah man he here” *points at endeavour*
-shouto is like *angsty gasp* NII SAN?!?!?!?!?!?11
-hawks randomly showing up at the league’s HQ to fuck shit up w his pAL
-tomura is dabi’s ‘currently doing that’ so he’s just like ‘kurogiri i want him gone warp him away do it idc’ *angry villain noises* and hawks is like “chill man i’m just here for some apple juice” 
-and dabi’s like “dw he always like that”
-and hawks is like “you hittin’ THAT?!”
-dabi’s like “yea i live on the edge”
-after dabi’s Redepmtion Arc™ hawks and dabi become roommates bc nobody else will live w either of them
-dabi burning hawks’s food like “hey man look at this sick burn” hawks is like “……” dabi: “eat it it crispy”
-later in the day, hawks on the news live: “being is a hero means that you do ur duty even tho ur ex-convict roommate bURNS YOUR FUCKING FOOD yes this is a callout”
-just dabi and hawks being assholes

OH EDIT: hawks seeing the clorox bleach bottle in the LOV HQ bar and saying “yo they have the good stuff here man” and dabi is like *raises glass* “i did say it was a bar”

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Hi! You seem to enjoy cute asks, how about RFA/V/Saeran sharing bed with MC for the firstest time? First is always special; will they be super nervous and self-conscious? Spend a sleepless night afraid their love might stop breathing? (happened to me once!) Or just immediately relax and cuddle all night? Hog the blanket? Or would there be instant passion? But definitely MC won't take "i'll sleep on the couch" for an answer!

A/N: This is so cute i do enjoy cute thANK YOU (mainly because I can’t do angst i kinda just…. *slowly slides the angst inboxes to 626*) ~Admin 404


-He’d be pretty self-conscious about moving or snoring or something
-He’s so scared and tries to stay awake
-But that doesn’t work out, he falls asleep pretty quickly
-He likes to roll himself up into a blanket burrito and subconsciously forgets that you’re in bed with him
-It’s like fighting to the death to get into that blanket burrito just so you don’t freeze
-He’s used to cuddling a smaller stuffed animal, so he isn’t used to the fact that you’re a normal sized person
-You end up being the big spoon but that’s okay because he’s such a cutie omg

-Cool Calm Collected™
-Until it acTUALLY CAME TO IT *Internal screaming*
-He holds you close and absolutely loves the feel of you there
-You’re like a little heater and just WOW laying with you is way different than laying with Elizabeth
-But he just cannot sleep? No matter how hard he tries?
-He’s tried counting sheep, focusing on his breathing, focusing on YOUR breathing, but nothing worked out
-Gave up and accepted that he wasn’t going to sleep that night, he’ll have to drink a lot more coffee in the morning than usual
-It’s just what he’s used to, so it’s really hard to get comfortable enough to sleep
-He couldn’t help but admire how cute you looked when you were asleep, he couldn’t look away (though sometimes he forced himself too because wow jumin that’s a lil creepy stop that)
-Never once let you go though. If it seemed like you were waking up in the middle of the night, he’d hold you closer and internally freak out. He wanted you to have a perfect night’s sleep! Waking up would ruin that! HIS DARLING MC NEEDS TO SLEEP EVEN IF HE CAN’T

-Immediately falls asleep
-He has no problems sharing a bed
-He snores a little bit but it’s sooooo cute omg
-Rolls over and cuddles you as close as you can get to his chest
-Nuzzles his face against the top of your head and he’s just aDORABLE
- honestly he’s just glad he didn’t have any nightmares this time
-But he’s SUCH A BED HOG
-You wake up because??? Your ass hit the floor
-You throw yourself across him just so you can lay down and attempt to sleep and he just doesn’t move. He gets a good night’s sleep but you’re left strung across him, uncovered, annoyed

-He really didn’t want to because he’s very uncomfortable
-But he’ll give it a shot, just for you
-Absolutely no sleep at all (poor bby ;A;)
-What if you stopped breathing? What if something happened in your sleep? WhaT IF
- pls calm down saeran and just sleep
-He does like holding you though, won’t admit it, but he does
-When you put his head to your chest, hoLY SHIT
-He’s calmed down by the sound of your heartbeat cutie cutie
-Always makes sure you’re covered, comfortable, not too hot, not too cold
-Likes to drag his fingertips up and down your spine but if you make any sort of movement he practically throws himself away from you because he’s embarrassed

- but also really nervous???
- what if the beast comes out wHAT WILL HE DO
- he obviously wouldn’t do anything but still
- but all the nervousness goes away once he sees how sleepy you are
- totally not staring at ur legs
- and you find out Zen is a HUGE snuggler
- you should have known this???
- like he’s so affectionate when he’s awake, it just makes sense for him to treat u like a teddy???
- you’re dying cause he’s like a furnace and u jUST WANNA SLEEP but you can’t wake him up he’s so adorable
- since this your first time ever, of course he’s gonna be extra dramatic
- when he wakes up, he’s gonna stare at u cause ur gorgeous even with all the drool
- he showers you in kisses omg
- he just spends the morning spoiling you cause you’re his princess <3
- the first time you guys share the bed it’s totally an accident???
- usually after you two do the diddly do, you end up going home because you don’t have enough stuff at jaehee’s to stay over
- but over time all of your stuff magically started to collect at her place
- hell, the closet is is 75% yours
- so one night after the frick frack, you’re just chilling in bed with her, she’s drawing imaginary designs on you
- and you’re both so exhausted from work that you just fall asleep
- when you wake up in the morning, you find her snuggled up to her pillow and you burst out giggling
- you quiet yourself down though because you don’t wanna wake her up yet <3
- since she finally has a day off, you wanna let her sleep in and yOU’RE GONNA TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS TODAY
- you finally get up and make breakfast for two <3
- you and V take naps together all the time
- it’s like a hobby for u two
- so you thought sharing the bed the first time together wouldn’t be a big deal
- except you find yourself freaking out???
- he’s gonna see you when you wake up in the morning and you’ll look so ugly omg
- so you do everything you can to make sure you wont look to bad in the morning
- you use expensive perfume, you wear silk pajamas, you moisturize the heck out of your skin
- and when V walks in, you feel so ridiculous omg
- he’s just wearing normal pajamas, his hair is messy
- he knows he’s gonna look like a hot mess when he wakes up, he aint about to try
- when he sees you, his eyes widen cause damn u lookin fine, but he laughs because he knows exactly how ridiculous your thoughts must have been for u to do this
- so he just hugs you and you both go to bed and snuggle the heck out of each other <3
- you totally don’t set an alarm to wake up before him
- he also didn’t do the same exact thing

Have some more honeyketchup~

Was going to draw the rest of Papy, but the paper ended right there so I attempted to add him in on the computer but it didn’t work, so I tried by removing a empty page of my sketch book and then put it together with the page this was on with tape but… that failed too

So you only get this :D

Now when I think of it, this is sort of a continuation of THIS my first ever fontcest art that I posted, to think it was just about 3 months ago

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- sending random ‘owo’ -s , yeah well this is a personal issue so I’ll just delete these asks and not even bother answering them.

ok ok thx 4ur attention bai

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Klance Au time: Galra Lance hiding in disguise on earth joining the rescue mission to save shiro. Keeps his heritage under wraps until Keith's big Half Galra reveal then as soon as it looks like Keith's going to get shit for being half what Lance is he drops the disguise and just "Hey look at me I've been full galra this whole time!" and sweeps all Keith's heat onto himself and just takes it because Keith just found out its not his fault but Lance has been keeping secrets and that's SuperNot(cnt

Ok and Allura is uncomfortable with Half Galra Keith but Lance being Full Galra and lying about it is just enough to push her into Seething Rage territory and Lance just weathers it because as far as he’s concerned that’s what you do for friends. Ok he might have just a touch of a crush on Keith but whatever. Meanwhile Keith’s just really confuswd and takes Lance aside later after a while of standing through Allura either snapping at Lance or straight up ignoring Lance all together (cnt)

And like “why are you doing this you could have gone forever without being caught” “yeah but you didn’t deserve to get yelled at. I’m the one who’s a mistake.” and Keith just “?? But ur not? Wat” cue deep feelings talk and shared backstories and Keith standing up for Lance and sleep overs and drowsy “we make a good team*giggle*” after a battle when they’re heading back for a rest up and Keith just stares and “u little shit u remember and 😮😠!!”



Send me Hance/Klance Au’s/HC’s

Random Headcanon/AU: Just for the note Lena knows Kara is Supergirl because she’s clever and has functioning eyes. Inspired by a word prompt of “Cat” from the wonderful @whatthefork24 <3

One night when Kara was on a flight patrol of the city she finds a stray tabby cat trapped under some barbed wire. It’s raining and this tiny kitten is crying out as Kara easily frees him. His front paw is bleeding and she is so frantic that she just scoops him up straight away and flies him to the nearest place she can think of. It ends up being Lena’s balcony at L-Corp. Lena; who was still busy working turns around to find Supergirl cradling a kitten drenched from the rain. Kara starts to ramble and her eyes are glossy with tears as Lena guides her to the couch. She returns moments later with a first aid kit (Jess put one in her office after the balcony incident!). Lena sets to work as Kara secures the kitten in her grip, singing to him softly as Lena gently washes his cut and wraps a bandage around his paw. Kara is still visibly upset so Lena says that she’ll take him to see a vet in the morning. To her surprise Kara insists on accompanying her, Kara is still concerned about where the kitten will stay until then so Lena of course tells Kara that she will take him for the night. That night the kitten curls up in Lena’s lap and lets her place soft scratches behind his ear as he purrs. She’s hesitant at first but he warms to her instantly.

He gets checked out the next day (he gets given some medicine and some tiny stitch) but when the vet informs them he has no owner Kara looks so crestfallen and the kitten nuzzles into Lena’s hand with wide eyes. Lena doesn’t even think about it before she says she will adopt him. The smile on Kara’s face makes it all worth it, especially when Kara suggest the two go shopping together to buy him food, a bed and a bunch of toys. Lena cradles the cat carrier as Kara excitedly whizzes around the stores pointing out lots of fun things for the kitten to play with. They end up buying a fair amount which Alex helps them carry to Lena’s apartment (Lena has no idea what Kara said to her sister but Alex pulls up, opening the door for Lena with a smile before her and Kara load the items into the trunk.)

Kara stays over that night, only leaving for Supergirl emergencies before returning with a big ball of yarn to play with Lena’s new kitten. Lena invites Kara round more and more and Kara keeps asking about the kitten, asking to see pictures and coming up with fun things to do so that they can all bond. At first it is to see the cat; who Lena named Peter Paw-ker - but the more she comes round the more she gets to know Lena and they spend even more time together. Kara comes round for movie nights and stays over and she minds Peter when Lena is really busy. Kara and Lena end up snuggled together on the couch, a content Peter sleeping at the bottom of Kara’s legs as an old movie plays in the background. They kiss when Kara’s excitedly chirping about her favourite scene and Lena can’t take it anymore. She pulls back with a shy expression and is greeted by the brightest smile as Kara pulls her back in for a soft kiss. There are tender touches and the soft smack of their lips pressing together as the movie whirrs in the background. They break apart when a tiny body leaps into Lena’s lap demanding attention and Lena wonders how she managed to get a perfect family. Falling to sleep in Kara’s arms with a tiny kitten curled at the bottom of her bed may just be Lena’s favourite thing.

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Hi hon! Sorry I'm so absent lately, things are crazy at home rn, so I barely have the time to read, let alone comment or talk. Promise I'm still up to date with everything you write, as soon as I see the notification of your work, I'm all over it lol. So, I was re reading the marvel aob (I didn't read marvel fanfic at all before you, I was an only movies fan. I blame you), and started wondering, what if the Alpha that made Tony think like that wasn't dead? What would Buck and Steve do? (1/2)

(2/2) Like, he has money like Tony, status, power… It’s not a “commoner” like the ones they could have killed without repercussions. So, when “The big Bucky thing” is done with, and they have time to look into that little info Tony gave them, about that Alpha that dared to hurt their omega, what do you think they would do? Again, sorry for any grammatical or other kind of mistakes, it’s been a long time since I spoke/wrote anything in English. Lots of love hon! Hope you’re doing okay!


Hi babe!

Ah, life is busy. I hope everything is going okay tho :D You work hard, so try to take time for yourself <3 

Ah, a little bit of Tony/Steve/Bucky for the win, eh? (I’ll take all of that blame, you know.)

Hm, I think if/when the emergency Rut is going to be over and done with, Tony is going to be the usual pretend I’m working but really am brooding and hiding from the fact that was the most mind-blowing sex he’d ever had

And, you know, I ah, had mapped out the next thing because the problem with seeing Bucky through his Rut with a little Steve thrown in on the side while on suppressants and such, is that Tony is probably pretty hormone deprived.

After about twelve hours, he starts feeling off, sweaty and shaky, and a shower isn’t enough to cool him down. 

He passes out on the couch in his lab around the time Captain America and the Winter Soldier agree they aren’t just going to take a back seat, aware of Tony’s tendencies to internalize and make a plan. They don’t want him making any hasty decisions (like to move out of the Tower or something, no, no, they’re not going to let that just happen) without the facts. 

When they come into the lab, it’s to the sound of low whimpering and an overwhelmingly sweet scent. 

It’s Tony hitting Heat hard and fast, like Frenchie did back in the day and they fall over one another, begging to be permitted to serve him. 

(Cue gratuitous smut with Alphas worshipping the Omega is every possible way. Maybe even Steve getting just so up in arms about Tony’s past Alpha that all he wants to do is show him how an Alpha can support him, care for him – well, Alphas, ain’t that right, Buck?)

And maybe it’s somewhat after the initial awkward that is Tony Stark and his never-ceasing mouth, when they aren’t bonded because no, not ready for that at all, but are in a sense “together.” (Because the three of them have been sleeping together outside of biological necessity. It may have only been a few weeks after they made love in the lab, not riding increased/decreased hormones and raging instincts, and fuck it is so much better.) 

So, it’s just a usual Tuesday at Avenger’s Tower and some kind of bad guy is just trying to destroy a little part of New York is getting a nice, easy beatdown. Iron Man, the Winter Soldier, and Captain America might be riding the honeymoon phase and they are so fricking adorable.

But The Hand is a supporter of this week’s bad guy, and with them, the genius able to hack their comms to say a little hello again to his former Omega…

The Winter Soldier is one giant pile of I’m going to murder you now and Captain America is growling low, feral and frightening.

The utter and complete decimation of The Hand’s forces and close capture of Tiberius Stone isn’t enough to make Tony stop shaking inside the suit. He holds on to all the calm, cool, and collected in his Stark repertoire until he finally reaches the lab where he can completely collapse to his knees and let himself whimper, just once

Jim is full to bursting outside, demanding JJ to let him the hell in, or else. Steve sighs but breaks out his shiny new Avengers-specific passcode, using the excuse Tony hadn’t debriefed and it had to be done right now.

The lingering bitterness makes their hackles rise. The mad mechanic in question has pretty much gotten his shit together by working on seven different projects at the same time.

He’s completely manhandled right out of his workspace and to the beaten-up couch in the corner. They might uncurl enough to let him accept a cup of coffee from DUM-E and then he’s pinned between two Alphas that are pretty much brick walls of Not. Fucking. Moving.

And!! Those adorable boys, babe >.< Someday, I might actually write it :D

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Hc about evan and his s/o preparing for a child??

This is so fricking cute omg

-probably at first really well planned and both went to the store

-both agreed on a yellow room because you were waiting for the gender reveal at pregnancy

-but when the days got closer to your due date you both got frantic

-”did we get covers for plug ins? Where do we keep the cleaning supplies are they high up.” “

-sleep in between everything

-you’d meet to nap lol 

-you guys did everything together 

-”hey meet me in the bedroom I’m taking a nap before dinner.”

-whenever evan could, his hand would just lay softly on your stomach

-lots of kisses on your head

-lots of talking to your stomach

-”hey. I’m not sure if you can hear me but we are ready for you to come out. We want to meet you.”

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sean x mc for the ship breakdown!! :~)

@zaddysloan @kingraydan @secretargonian@allthecowslovetheleo​ thank you guys so much!!! ily y’all!! 

EDIT: here’s my bi boy!! his name is “juan elias de loyola” but goes by “elias” or “eli” cuz he knows too many juans lol. he/him & occassionally they/them. (and i agree he looks rly Fly dammit why couldnt we date mc)

Send me a Ship and I’ll Break Them DOWN

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Hey there! ^^ Would you ever consider posting some of your headcanons for Rosa/Holtz and Kevin/Gina? I know you're probably busy with Life & College Stuff, so sorry for bothering you! Have a good day/eveing, depending on where you live! :) P.S. That John Boyega icon is EVERYTHING

Boy would I

  • Okay so. My ideal meet cute scenario would be having the Ghostbusters and the 99 run into each other while they’re investigating the same building. Being the mature adults that they are, chaos ensues.
  • Picture this: Amy arguing with Abby and Erin over jurisdiction, in a way that is rapidly becoming less passive and more aggressive. Patty trying to shoo away Jake and Charles, who just want a selfie with a Ghostbuster. And off to the side, sizing each other up, are Rosa and Holtzmann. 
  • They are super into each other’s danger vibes.
  • Rosa nods at Holtz’s proton pack. “So, how does that thing work?”
    • Holtz tells her in excruciating detail. 
    • Rosa’s face does not change in the slightest. She has no idea what any of those words meant.
    • “It blows stuff up,” Holtzmann says.
    • “That’s cool.”
  • Eventually the ghost showed up and the Busters had to do their thing to save the 99. Holtzmann’s dual guns game out. Rosa’s pants more or less removed themselves. Afterwards she pulled Holtzmann aside. “In my entire time as a New York City cop that was craziest thing I’ve ever seen. It was really hot. Do you want to go out with me?”
  • She did.
  • One of their first dates was definitely Holtz taking Rosa out back of the firehouse to play with the ghost hunting gear. Rosa Diaz has quite possibly never smiled that much in her life.
  • Holtzmann loves going over to Rosa’s freakishly clean apartment solely for the purpose of messing it up. Also because there are deadly weapons stowed everywhere and it’s like a scavenger hunt.
    • They’re making out on the couch. Holtzmann accidentally discovers a butterfly knife under a cushion and gets completely distracted.
  • Speaking of making out - it’s constant. These two will get it on anywhere, anytime, any surface. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Patty feels like she needs to disinfect the entire lab after every one of Rosa’s visits, just to be safe.
  • They accidentally swap leather jackets CONSTANTLY. 
  • It was like three months before they started calling each other by their first names. Rosa’s the only person who calls Holtz “Jillian” on a regular basis.
  • Don’t go up against these two in paintball. Do not. 
  • Holtzmann has spent actual hours working on Rosa’s motorcycle for her. She loves the bike almost as much as she loves Rosa.
  • They don’t talk about feelings or anything a lot at first; they thought they were being casual. They mostly go out and grab dinner and talk about their weird jobs and how much they love their dumb friends, and do some fun weird shit on weekends.
  • Once they do start talking feelings, it’s… painfully awkward, but as equally emotionally stunted people they’re very good at encouraging each other.
    •  “I think I like you… in more than just a sex way,” Rosa says laboriously. “I think I might… actually like you as a person.”
    • “Oh my god,” Holtz says, choking up. “Babe.” 
  • Holtzmann isn’t really a dog person, but Arlo adores her and she’s learned to like him back. 
  • They don’t really mean to fall in love, but one day it’s been a year and Holtzmann has set up a small lab in Rosa’s kitchen because she’s over so often, and Rosa sleeps in Holtz’s boxers now, and they’re just kind of gotten too tangled together to split up.   

So then Kevin and Gina

  • They meet through Rosa and Holtz. Probably Kevin was tagging along with Holtz when she stopped by the precint; they were on their way to see a man about a new hearse.
  • And basically Gina pointed and said “That one”.
  • Rosa tried to discourage her - “Gina, I can’t even begin to explain how stupid he is. He makes Hitchcock and Scully look like a couple of geniuses.” - but Gina didn’t give a frick. She doesn’t need a genius; she already has her own brain. She just wanted that body.
  • Gina drags him out dancing with her constantly, because he’s a great prop and she likes showing him off. Kevin has a blast.
  • Kevin moves in with her after like a month of dating. Everyone is horrified. They’re perfectly happy with it.
  • They were both mildly social media famous beforehand - Kevin because of his Ghostbusters association, Gina because of she’s Gina - and once they start hanging out their accounts both blow the fuck up. Twitter power couple of the year here. 
  • They never even argue, because they both just figure they’re right all the time and call it a day. 
  • They get married ridiculously fast, to the horror of all of their friends. (Except Charles, who was in charge of the wedding.) 

(( Luciano:

Wed: 2p America - Then he would at least get a share in the American’s big among of power and weapons. 
Bed: 2p Ukraine - The only person on this list he would sleep with and then be able to live with himself again afterwards.
Behead: 2p Russia - Because everything else is just no. Just no. 


Wed: 2p Ukarine - Because they’d be like rich girls together you know like trashtalking everyone and stuff 
Bed: 2p America - Because he’s hot 
Behead: 2p Russia - Because hes fricking scary ))

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thank you, friend!!

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave phhst–mircowave? child’s play. Kuroo’s a firm believer that if you’re not flambeing those lil marshmallow fuckers with his mom’s mini blowtorch, you’re not cookin’ your peeps right
who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit Kuroo really loves making vines of himself doing ridiculous shit (like when he lights peeps on fire with his mom’s mini blowtorch). Kenma doesn’t like having videos or pictures taken of him, except for very rare occasions. Kuroo respects this.
who breaks the most phones Kenma is more prone to walking into walls/telephone polls/mailboxes/etc while playing something on his phone, dropping it, and smashing the screen. And Kuroo will be like, “That’s what you get for not looking where you’re—hey, don’t just steal my phone!”
who dies first….how dare….they are immortal volleybabies who will never know pain besides maybe a tragic sports injury arc 
which one I could see as being lactose intolerant hmmm could you imagine Kuroo trying to force like, a doubledecker cheeseburger on Kenma. and Kenma just being like “…I’m lactose intolerant.” “Stfu Kenma i’ve known you since you were like 7 you are not.” 
who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t Kuroo doesn’t care what you think—he has the voice of a goddamn angel
who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed “Kuroo, it’s too hot” and Kuroo, long suffering but considerate-ass boyfriend who just wants to sleep will get up and go to the couch. only to have Kenma crawl on top of him five minutes later like “now it’s too cold” and if Kuroo wasn’t so charmed he’d be super fucking annoyed
who uses the computer most Kenma, ofc because games. also the occasional urban legend research montage. Kuroo has maybe googled three things in the last year: how late is IKEA open, directions to get to the nearest IKEA, and how the fuck to put together a REGISSÖR (i’d like you to imagine him giving the frick up and leaving for school/work/whatever with every intention of just throwing that shit out when he got home, only to find that Kenma has somehow—somehow—built the entire thing in like, the three hours Kuroo’s been gone. he may or may not shed a few proud, touched tears)