that mole on his nose is cute though

Dreams -Taehyung- One shot

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  • Pairing; Taehyung x Reader
  • Genre; Fluff, Smut, paranormal, Supernatural
  • Rated; 16+, warning; smut
  • Word count; 6.393

summary; On a snowy day you met him at the cemetery, you should’ve known that something was off but you didn’t until he appeared in your dreams.

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Yandere! Taehyung

You were always a simple girl, you liked buying clothes, hanging out with your friends, you liked skinship, you were a social butterfly but that changed when you met Taehyung

You were absolutely in love with him, everything in him was so perfect, his adorable box smile, his cute round eyes, his mole on his nose, his silky hair, his kissable lips but little did you know his obsession

He believed that you were the reason he lived, his light in life, his everything, he was addicted to you and his addiction was toxic.

When you two started dating, you noticed how clingy he was to you, even though you liked skinship, you liked hugging and cuddling but he was too much, he was hugging you all the time, not letting you go for a minute, he was addicted to your touch, your smell, everything.

You noticed your friends keeping a distance from you, not wanting to hang out with you anymore and that because Taehyung threatened everyone not to get close to you, he wanted you all by himself and you had to end the relationship because it was too toxic, you loved him but he wanted you to stay in his cage, you felt like a prisoner, you wanted your freedom.

“Taehyung, I think we should end our relationship..”

You said while looking down, holding your tears in, you didn’t want to do this but you had to before it would get out of hand.

But his sobbing caught you off guard, you looked up seeing him already at the floor clinging into your leg as he cried hysterically.

You tried to walk away from him but he didn’t let go of you as he begged you not to leave with his shaky deep voice.

It broke your heart, you didn’t want to leave him but his obsession with you was an alarm, things can go way dangerous if you stayed with him.

“Please, don’t leave me, I can’t live without you..”

He choked on his own tears but you ended up pushing him and running away from the scene that he caused in front of the public.

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Why I love Yoo Youngjae

Why do I love him? How do I even start? I love his voice, it’s so unique and soothing, it’s like dark chocolate for your ears. I love his warmth and his compassion, how he was voted the most caring member by the others and how he always takes care of them in his own little ways. I love his bond with his members. I love his talent. I love how when he laughs really hard, he hits anyone who sits next to him, I love his whole hearted and genuine and loud laughs, his screaming and his meme faces. I love his squishy apple cheeks that appear anytime he smiles that amazingly blinding smile of his. I love his beautiful eyes that you can get lost in. I love the mole on his neck and his collarbones. I love his fluffy hair and his cute boop nose. I love how he’s sassy and cocky in one moment but can be very sensitive and emotional in the next. I love his genuine passion and commitment for music and B.A.P, I love his love for babyz. I love his bare face, I love his lips, I love his smile, I love when he’s drowning in sweaters, I love his aesthetic Insta and self-proclaimed inability to take Selfies (honestly though all of his Selfies are beautiful?? How??). I love his dedication and his weird ass hairstyles during their debut. I love how every jae Stan knows not to trust him whenever he teases something (like dying his hair) and that he can be a little shit and a little tease but also one of the most emotional and empathical people I’ve ever seen. I love everything about him, his personality, his looks, his voice, his loudness, his emotions and just Youngjae in general.

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The whole group plss LILY ❤

*sings* OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!

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*shuffles around a bit* 
*mumbles* Hana..dul…sET


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The Little Things Pt. 6 (Drabbles)

Shattered!Verse Drabbles

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Group/ Member: GOT7/ Im Jaebum

Pairing: JB x Reader

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It was the little things that made their relationship so special. Be it a glance, a touch, or a kiss, it was the random, happy moments shared between them that made trying worth it.

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Empty Spaces//Kunpimook Bhuwakul

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Pairing:Bambam x Reader


Summary: Somehow, you were suddenly whole.

Author’s Note: i’m soft bye

xoxo Sara

“So, why did you want to meet me here?”

It was cold. Though Autumn had just arrived you had not found the time or energy to change out your summer shorts for all of your sweaters and jeans yet, which led you shivering in front of your best friend, who had invited you out on a walk with him after he had come back from tour.

“Because I missed you,” he sighed out, tucking his arms into his cardigan and hugging it tightly to his body. His eyes traced over you slightly as you both began to walk along the river of your local park, the multi-colored leaves crunching beneath both of your feet. It was definitely Autumn.

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You’re beautiful

Hey everybody! Here is a scenario requested by anon I would all like you to read because it could help you to get through your insecurities, it could comfort you. At least I hope it could.

Taehyung philosophical-angst-fluff (2 862 words)

Before reading you gotta know I kind of cried while writing this scenario maybe because I was listening to some sad songs at the same time, I don’t know. So yeah, I’ve warned you. Enjoy!~


“Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worst than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil or cruel? Not to me.” –J.K. Rowling.

“Babe would you help me out?” You walked into the room, catching your boyfriend’s attention.

“Sure, what do you need me for?” He lifted up his face, his dark eyes diving into you.

“I don’t know what to wear for your friends’ party…” You let out a deep sigh as you sat on the couch ;  next to your boyfriend. You let on him pulling you closer so he could gently hug you.

“You don’t need to wear fancy clothes you know… They’re just my friends.” His voice was low and comforting, just as much as his arms were.

“But it’s the first time I’m going to meet them, I mean, we have already met them downtown but tonight it’s the first time we -”

“Once again, it doesn’t mean you have to wear fancy clothes.” You pulled away and saw him grinning at you.

You stared at him for a second, your eyes shifted from his thick eyebrows, his dark yet sparkling eyes, passing by his cute mole at the tip of his nose, to his curled up lips.

Your mind pushed your lips to be pressed against his. Though your eyes were closed, you felt his sweet lips curling up as his arms gently fell down on your hips. This intimate moment, made your lips curled up while kissing to.

“Why are you smiling?” Taehyung pulled away, making your warm lips becoming cold again.

“I’m smiling because I love you.” You could feel your cheeks redden.

“You’re so cute!” He kissed your nose.

“And so are you.” You chuckled as you pecked his mole before getting up.“I still think I’ll be dressed up tonight. Help me by saying the outfit you prefer; ok?”

“Ok.” He laughed as he let his back fall on the mattress. He stretched his body before crossing his arms under his head. “Go on.” He smiled. “I like the idea of a private fashion week with only one model. It’s even better because this model is my girlfriend.”

You turned around; your heart which was skipping multiple beats left you speechless.

“Come on, don’t say such cheesy things.” You hadn’t smiled so brightly in your life; or at least, you couldn’t recall the time you had.

Your eyes were wandering on the clothes in your wardrobe.

As soon as you spotted your favorite red dress, you took it out and introduced it to your one-person audience.

“What about this dress?” You smiled as you expected a smile from your boyfriend.

“There’s no way you are going to his house wearing that. I should be the only man who could see you in this red dress.”

“Ok.” You sighed, secretly enjoying his possessiveness.

You turned around to search for one of your other fancy outfits.

“What about this black dress?”

“I like it; I think you should wear it.”

“Wait, I should try it on before, I bought it long ago.”

“Sure! Wait, where are you going?” Taehyung sat up on the bed as you were about to pass through the threshold.

“I’m going to try it on.” You giggled, turning your face at him.

“Why don’t you try it on in front of me?” The tone of his voice was oppressing.

“I prefer to try it in a different room… Sorry.” You felt your heart tightening as you finally stepped over the threshold: he was suspecting something for sure.

“It’s not against you Tae…” You thought when you locked the bathroom’s door.

  You took a deep breath before removing the clothes you were currently removing. Though you didn’t want them to do so, your eyes shifted from the ground to the mirror which was reflecting your half naked body, stressing your biggest flaws. There was a time when you though clothes were your biggest weapons, you could mask your flaws well enough so people couldn’t really see them at first sight. You were still feeling confident. But one day, for some reason, your confidence did no longer exist.

  Your eyes were wandering on your bare skin, seeing only the flaws which were much more visible than your qualities and beautiful features, if you ever had some. Your eyes weren’t considering your curves as pretty. Your curves were too big and you too much for you to like them. You couldn’t feel confident with all of this unwelcomed fat being stocked on your thighs and tummy.
You pull your fancy black dress over your head, struggling to make it slide down on your hips.


You were happily walking hands in hands with Woojin, your boyfriend, in the crowded mall of your town.

“Should we enter in this shop?”

“Of course!” You smiled as you pulled him in your favorite clothing shop.

They were making sales for the week end so that’s why he took you out this week end.

  Every single one of their outfits seemed beautiful when they were on the hanger. Blue tops, pink jumpers, light green scarves all of these beautiful clothes were making you envious of those thin stunning girls because you know these nice clothes aren’t nice anymore whenever you try them on. Yet these girls were crawling everywhere in the shop, making in a bad mood.

“Babe, what do you think of this?” He unlaced his fingers from yours and showed you a beautiful top.

“It looks nice.” You timidly smile, trying to breathe.

“You should try it on.” He stepped to the article.

“Which size are you again?”

“M.” You mumbled.

“They haven’t got your size… But they have L. Should you try this L one?” He took the top from the rack.

“It won’t fit me Woojin.”

“But look, it seems small, really!” He pressed.

“Ok! But I swear it won’t!” You harshly took the piece of cloth and strode to the fitting rooms.

“Wait for me there.” You said to your first love before closing the curtain.

You put down your handbag which was ruining your shoulder, and took off your clothes.

“How can this fit me?” You internally huffed when you pulled over your head the top Woojin chose.

  You finally took a look in the mirror, checking you out. The top was surprisingly fitting you. Your popped out eyes looked at your breasts which weren’t stifled or invisible because of the tissue which one was perfectly underlining the shape of your body.

“How many kilograms did I gain to be fitting an L?” You were disgusted.

“Babe, how is it? Can I have a look?” Woojin was sneaking glances.

“Wow you look so fine! Seriously; we should buy it. I’m paying for you!” He got excited.

“I don’t like it.” You coldly said as you were looking at your tummy.

“But you are so gorgeous in it!” Woojin didn’t understand.

“No. Please let me take it off.” You turned around, looking straight at your boyfriend. “Let’s go home right after. I’m not in the mood for shopping anymore.”

“But it’s the first shop we entered in!”

“Woojin.” You said with clenched teeth, hoping he would stop to rub salt in the wounds.

“Babe? Are you ok? Why are you suddenly acting like that?”

“Please don’t ask me any questions for now.” You said before closing back the curtain.

You were finally left alone with your horrendous body’s reflection and the L piece of cloth.

“Why do I have to be like that? Why do I have to be this ugly?” Tears were freely rolling down your chubby cheeks.

“Babe hurry please, people are waiting.” Your boyfriend kept annoying you.

After changing yourself in your own clothes, you opened the curtain without a word, without any smile on your lips which were still salty.

“This top doesn’t fit me. It only fits skinny blondes. It only fits the girls who are eating way more than you but won’t gain weight anyway. It fits this type of lucky girl, it doesn’t fit you.” This thought was haunting you every time you were going shopping whether you were alone, with friends of with your family.

The advantages when you were shopping with your friends were that friends are less honest than your mom. Your mom is always there to remind you of how unpretty and how fat you are.

“You better take the bigger size; don’t think you will ever be able to wear this small size.”
“How can you dare not to be on a diet?”
“Had you ever think about how sad your boyfriend must be?”
“You should not wear a dress, you’re too fat.”

[Flashbacks’ end.]

“Mom, did you ever wondered if I was happy with myself?” You couldn’t choke back tears, they were too heavy not to be shed on your checks which were getting chubbier and chubbier.

“I can’t go to the party tonight.” You blamed yourself.

  You took off this evil’s black dress and put on your old and oversized clothes, the ones in which you were feeling more confident.
You stayed into the bathroom for some more seconds so you could calm yourself and stop the tears from falling. Thus you were able to walk out of the room and join Taehyung.

“Wow what a nice dress!” He giggled as soon as he saw you.

“I’m not in the mood Tae.” Your voice was low.

“Is there a problem?” He stood up from the bed, left his phone and back hugged you instead.

“Hm.” You would have wanted to open your mouth to say ‘no’ but the lump in your throat was too important to let you say it.

“What is it? The zipper of your beautiful dress is broken?”

You shook your head when tears were, one more time, invited on your cheeks.

“Are you crying?” Taehyung pronounced the words which made you cried even more.

You were sobbing hard, your hands covering your face, when he got in front of you.

“Is it because of your weight insecurity?” His heart was hurting, but probably not as much as yours.

Adding to your insecurities, you hated yourself even more because you were pitifully crying in front of a man.

“Yes.” You turned your back to him.

“Come on, put on your dress and let’s go.” He took your wet-from-tears hand but you harshly pushed it away.

“I’m not going there.”

“(Y/N)…” He heavily sighed. “Please come with me, they are just my friends, they won’t judge you!”

“Of course they won’t!” You ironically said. “They are just inviting me so we could all have fun together while eating pizza and watch TV!” Your voice raised an octave.

“Yes they are!” His voice loudly followed yours.

“They will judge me Taehyung… Just like everyone else.” Your voice lowered down.

“Who else is judging you?”



“Friends, family… Probably you too.”

“I’m not judging you.” His voice sounded innocent enough and you wanted to believe him but somehow, you couldn’t.

“Then, please tell me you haven’t called me fat once.” Your fists were clenched, as if it would help you to hear is answer.

“(Y/N)…” He repeated.

“See?” You eventually turned around. “You think I’m fat and ugly.”

“I haven’t even given you an answer.” The handsome boy complained.

“The silence was enough for me to hear it.”

“Will you let me talk or not?”

“I don’t want to hear your fake sweet words Taehyung.” You crossed your arms over your stomach, biting on your lip, trying to control your flowing tears.

“So you don’t want to hear what I think of all of this?” He half screamed; his neck vein being visible.

“No, I don’t.” You calmly replied.

“So you are leaving me alone?” His voice was still loud.

“Go to see your fabulous friends.” You passed over him. “There will probably be these radiant skinny girls.” You snapped.

“Yes, they will be there. I better go now otherwise I won’t be able to flirt with them.”

“What did you say?” You screamed from the bedroom when Taehyung was running down the stairs.

“I will flirt with them all!” He shouted back.

“I hate you!” You screamed, your body getting overheated from the angriness and all the tears you cried.

“And so do I.” Taehyung said before slamming the door shut.

  How could he dare to leave you all alone after seeing you having a mental break down, and crying like he never saw someone cry?
  Were you even his girlfriend? How could he even say he would be around pretty girls and act as if he was single around them?

  You paced back and forth in your bedroom; tears were no longer falling down though you terribly wanted to cry.
   Should I send him a text? No; it will annoy him. But he is mine after all so I can send him just a text right?

“I hate you all!” You eventually ended up lying on his part of the bed, your knees glued to your chest.

~Taehyung’s POV~

“Where’s your girl, bro?” Jin asked me.

“She’s sick, it was preferable for her not come over.” I explained as I sat next to them.

“What a gentleman!” Hoseok teased, making me smirk a bit.

“So… What are we going to do?” Jimin asked.

“Well I don’t know; there won’t be any girl right?” Jungkook turned to the eldest.

“No there won’t be any girl.” Jin confirmed and I sighed in relief.

“Then should we play video games?” Hoseok cheered.

“Yes!” Jimin and Jin screamed.

I chuckled as I checked my phone. I hadn’t got any text from her, or from anybody else.

“I should send her one, right? No, I should let her calm her mind.” I put my phone back into my jeans’ pocket.

“Taehyung, do you wanna play?” Yoongi asked.

“No, I’m fine. Thanks lads!”

“You sure? You seem to be pretty sad.” Namjoon worriedly asked.

“Yes.” I faked a smile and checked my phone again.

My eyes were looking at the same spot on the TV as my mind was zoning out. Is (Y/N) alright? She can’t harm herself, right?

“I better go.” I said while standing up.

“Where?” Jungkook asked, not blinking his eyes as they were forced to be focused on the screen.

“To my girlfriend’s.”

“You should stay some more.” Jin insisted.

“No, she’s sick, remember? And she just texted me.” I waved my phone in the air.

“Oh then you should go.” Jimin supported me. “See you soon!” He waved.

“I hope we could see your beautiful girlfriend next time!” Hoseok said.

“Hm. Bye guys!”

“Bye!” The replied all together after I turned around to exit the house.

“Why hasn’t she texted me yet? She is really making me crazy.” I strode in the dark alleys; my dear girlfriend was the only thing I had on my mind even when I bumped into frightening tall and strong guys.

“(Y/N)? Are you here?” I called from the hall as I rapidly took off my shoes and my jacket.

“Go away Kim Taehyung.” I heard her little voice coming from upstairs.

“There’s no way I am.” I panted when I entered the bedroom where I spotted her lying on my side of the bed.

“Did you have fun with these skinny girls?” She didn’t move a tiny bit.

“(Y/N)… Do you know what time is it?”

“I don’t know…”

“It’s 10 PM. Do you really think I would have left this early if I would have had fun with them?” I sat beside her.

“Maybe you had but you left this early so you could tell me that.” She turned around.

“There wasn’t any girl, babe. Not even one. We were just between friends, male friends.” My hand somehow started to rub her hips.

“Then why haven’t you stayed longer?” She sat up and faced me; even in the dark I could see her swollen eyes.

“Because you were the only beautiful girl that was on my mind.” I smiled.

“Taehyung…” She sighed. “It’s not that easy. I don’t need you to say such sweet wor-.” I cut her off by giving her a kiss.

“Did you really mean it?”

“Yes I did and I still do.” I couldn’t be more honest.

“But I am not.” She sniffed.

“Shut up already!” I went to the end of the bed, grabbed each of her ankles in my hands and pulled on them so I she fall on her back.

“What are you doing?” She chuckled; butterflies suddenly flew in my stomach at the same time as I got on the top her.

“I love your tummy…” I lifted up her top and kissed her stomach many times, hoping it will set free as many butterflies as there was in mine.

“Just as much as I love your lips…” I kissed her tenderly.

“And just as much as I love you.” I let myself fall on her side so I could get close and snuggle with her for the rest of the night.

“So you don’t need to worry about your weight, baby.” I kissed her soft forehead.


Here it is, well I hope you have all enjoyed it. Like really. This subject is a really triggering one though I hope I could comfort you and not hurt you. I know how hard it could be so I wanted to support you all! I really think people shouldn’t be judged, even though you know by what they were or are going through. Just because you know what they are going through, it doesn’t give you the right to judge them. Also; I decided to put this first quote of J.K. Rowling because I completely agree with him and I wanted to share it with you so we could think about it together. I believe physics take over personality way too often. People are way more called by their appearance than by their personality features… Please tell me what you thought of my scenario and what you think about this subject? I’d really like to have some chats with you all about that! Anyway; thanks for reading ♥

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Youngjae's new instagram pics. Legit when I saw it I thought, "I've seen God."



And then he blessed us again!!!


He is so stunning and so beautiful and so cute all at the same time and I cannot believe how blessed we are to get to see this perfection!!! Not to mention, two pictures at once??? This Angel of Sunshine is spoiling us!!!

Really though, he’s been spoiling us and doing a number on my heart (a.k.a. ruining it, making me weak, shattering me, and leaving my heart an exploded mess) with so many of his selcas lately!! I mean,

WHAT IS THIS??? His flawless jawline!!! His soft cheeks!!! His precious ear!!! His lovely mole!!! His pouty, pink lips!!! The mole on his neck that I am totally weak for!!! His cute little nose!!! All in one picture!?! 

AND THIS PICTURE MAY BE SUPER BLURRY, BUT THAT GAZE!!!! BURNING INTO MY SOUL!!! HE’S SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! And his lips are way too nice looking here agdafkhkag…

AND THEN AGAIN HERE!!!!! THAT STARE!!! MAKING ME WEAK EVERY TIME!!! Honestly… I have seen God because that gaze ended me. But look at those cheekbones!!! And the way his hair falls into his eyes!!! Help me. I can’t even breathe right now. He’s too attractive.


And then, help me understand how he can go from that HOT-AS-THE-ACTUAL-SUN look to:


He is honestly the most amazing, beautiful, perfect blend of the cutest and most precious Sunshine, and the most stunning, gorgeous, and handsome Sun, and his selcas, especially these new ones, are such an example of it. I actually lost my breath when I first saw the newest ones… I’m just so overwhelmed by his perfection!!!

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Hey I was wondering how it took you to learn all of Seventeen names. Because personally I'm trying to get into them and finding it very difficult except for Vernon, Woozi and Jeonghan

*I am so sorry it took me this long to answer OTL* 

Helllllo and welcome to the carat life! Luckily (or rather unluckily) I got it into Seventeen when I went on winter break so I had a whole month to get to know them with zero distractions. (Also my friend kinda got me into them but that’s a completely different story). So for me, the best way to get to know people is usually through watching shows and luckily, seventeen has seventeen project! if you haven’t watched it yet, go here for all the episodes with subs! I would also recommend watching weekly idol if you don’t have the time to watch the entirety of seventeen project.

Ok so I’m just gonna give a small run down of each of the members and how i recognized them.

S Coups aka Seungcheol is pretty easily recognizable because of his droopy puppy dog eyes  ©

But don’t be mistaken because he is also the thickest out of all them and holy fuck he is hot af, especially when he is sweaty :))))))   ©

(don’t worry that’s not all sweat :)))))) its mostly water)

Moving on to seventeen’s self proclaimed angel Jeonghan. If you don’t know, Jeonghan was born on 10.04.95 and in Korean, 1004 (cheonsa) means angel. Since you can already recognize him I’ll just leave this here and move on :D 

Next up we have Joshua aka Hong Jisoo aka dangerous church oppa. This kid is very easily recognizable because of dat aegyosal (the gigantic bags under his eyes) and kitten lips. He also has a very soft looking nose :3  ©

Isn’t he just the cutest???? and his side profile is fucking amazing like holy shit look at this perfection  ©

Also reasons why he is dangerous (at least one of my number reasons) is when he wears earrings. OMFG he used to wear earrings all the time predebut and those just get me but he has worn earrings (I’m not counting his cartilage which he wears all the time btw) twice so far since predebut and that was during DK’s graduation and their Andromeda/V app broadcast. I will now proceed to spam you with Joshua wearing earrings and killing us all because of it.

Lol so if you are still alive after seeing all that, next up is Jun, who is one of the two Chinese members. A lot of times, people say that Jun looks similar to Super Junior’s Heechul which I can kinda see but you can judge for yourself.

But besides that, I’d say Jun has sharper features. (tbh he kinda reminds me of a mouse…idk why) He is very handsome © :))))))) 

So when I first watched weekly idol the first (and only person) that really stuck to me was Hoshi because of his “what time is it?” “10:10!” introduction LOL

look at how cute he is!!! this was the moment that dragged me into seventeen OTL. but yeah Hoshi is really easy because of his eyes. if you see someone with 10:10 eyes, that’s Hoshi (btw if you didn’t know, 10:10 because his eyes are like the angle of 10:10 on an analog clock) but do not be fooled, when this kid performs, holy shit he is hot as hell

Next up we have Wonwoo who is a gorgeous being and was the second person who caught my eye within Seventeen. He kinda looks like a fox and his eyes are kinda small but at the same time not and he is just walking perfection.  ©

The worst part is, you think he looks cute here, but the minute he puts on eyeliner, say good bye to everything you hold dear because holy jesus christ he looks hella fine with smokey eyeliner.  ©

This was the day where Jeon Wonwoo made everyone and their grandmas swerve lanes

Hopefully you haven’t died yet because trust doesn’t get better :))))

After that hot mess comes Woozi, Seventeen’s self proclaimed producer. Isn’t he so smol and cute??

But do not let his looks deceive you because he can and will fuck you up if needed. He is really the devil’s incarnate tbh.  ©

Lol just kidding he’s still cute when he is angry ahahaha…or am I??? I guess you will find out once you get deeper into the fandom :DDDD

Next up we have DK or Dokyum who is a literal ball of sunshine. He lights up my world like nobody else!~ LOL but actually though have you seen this kid smile? There is no other smile that is this bright so it’ll be super easy for you to remember him.  ©

Do you see how bright he is? Let’s watch it in gif format now!!

But be warned, this kid can go from sunshine to sexyshine in .01 seconds. Just look at him here, you would never believe he is the bright sunshine shown above.  ©

omfg Seokmin plzzzzzz. but yeah i hope you can recognize him at least by smile if not anything :)))))

Next up we have Kim fucking Mingyu who’s looks and personalities do not match at fucking all. While he seems to look like a tall hot model…

He’s actually just a gigantic wolf puppy (please observe his teeth, they are kinda pointy like a wolf hehehe)

Tbqh, I actually had the hardest time trying to remember his face out of everyone. In fact I only started remembering him after I learned everyone else and his face was the only one I couldn’t if you have issues trying to remember, it’s okay! You aren’t the only one haha~ Here, have some slightly sweaty Mingyu, maybe it’ll help you remember more :))))))  ©

Okay moving on to china line part 2~ The8 or Minghao looks like an actual puppy because his eyes are so big and for the most part he is a quiet kid. But be warned, he knows martial arts and is savage af. I’m not sure what the best way to describe him is though…I guess he has large almond eyes and cute round nose.  ©

he is so precious omfg  ©

Okay final three! First of the maknae line is Seventeen’s resident diva from Jeju, Boo Seungkwan! He is very easy to remember because he has a rounder kind of face (but he’s not fat, it’s just the shape of his face) Just look at this cutie ©

he is so beautiful, just look at him! (those moles omfg)  ©

diva boo judging you~  ©

Since you already know what Vernon looks like, I’ll just let you know a few things you should know about him.. As you might already know, Vernon is a halfie. His mom is white and his dad is Korean. He was born in NYC, but he moved to Korea when he was 5 so he’s actually very Korean if that makes sense. Most people expect him to be more American because he does appear more Caucasian and are very surprised when they see how cultured in Korean he is. Well that’s cause he pretty much grew up in Korea so despite his appearance, he’s about as Korean as the rest of the Korean members who were born and raised there. So yeahhhh, I’ll just leave some very nice pictures of him for you to appreciate :D  ©  ©

Okay last but not least is our precious maknae Dino~~~ (Be warned I have lots of feels for him that I shouldn’t be having considering our age gap but I can’t help it because he is so fucking talented and not enough people appreciate him and I should probably stop ranting now)

Dino has a very strong facial structure and if you see him during mansae era, he’s the one with the terrible fringe hair cut OTL But now that his hair has grown back, he looks much better (cuter and hotter gg me)  ©

just look at how strong his jawline is (i’d say its kinda squarish)

even tho Hoshi is the performance unit leader, I would have to say that Dino is the best dancer because boi he can dance so well and his facials are amazing like holy shit. this video is what made me realize how talented he is and made him my bias wrecker OTL

omfg he just wrecks my list so hard i’m crying. here have some more dancing dino

just to make you feel better, have some cutie chan~

Okay well I really I hope this helps anon! (Again I’m sorry this took so long, finding the right pictures was a longer process than I had expected OTL) If you are looking to find videos to watch, I am going to subtly link my playlist which I have added a bunch of my favorite videos of them :D

Also, Seventeen does have an ongoing reality show, so go here to watch it subbed! (Only four episodes are out right now and only three are subbed)

Please let me know if you have any more questions and thanks again for asking!!

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Sterek, chef!Derek and "what do you mean somebody ordered a tasting menu of every kind of potato available"

Derek prides himself in the fact that his restaurant is unique and different. He has a menu that changes daily, although he does keep a few standbys on hand since people tend to favor them. But the special is always something he just feels like making that day.

Along with his ever-changing menu, he also welcomes patrons to ask for something off-the-menu that they may want instead. More than likely, Derek has the ingredients and he can make it, and if he can’t, he offers something similar. It’s very rare that anyone actually takes him or the restaurant up on the offer of ordering whatever they want (people too afraid to be difficult or rely on the menu to make the choice for them), but Derek is happy to oblige and make his customers happy. It’s why he started the restaurant in the first place.

Usually the requests are something simple, something that would probably not be on a fancy gourmet restaurant menu, and usually the requests are from children. He gets a lot of macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken fingers and french fries requests, and he always keeps those ingredients in stock.

So when Erica comes in with a custom order, Derek’s expecting something similar. Except it’s not.

“What do you mean somebody ordered a tasting menu of every kind of potato available?” Derek asks with a frown, staring at the slip of paper Erica handed him.

Erica shrugs, “That’s what the dude said. He’s cute, seems kinda weird though. You’d like him.”

“Uhhhh. Okay?” Derek’s not sure where that comment came from or how to interpret it, so he goes back to the task at hand. “Does he mean on the menu or like whatever I can come up with?” Derek asks because although he does have potatoes, on the menu today they only have baked or mashed potatoes, and fries.

Erica though is already walking away to go back out on the floor to serve other customers. “I don’t know, Derek, just make the man some potatoes!” she calls out before taking a couple plates and pushing past the doors.

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in addition to what i've already mailed you: "sorry i'm an art student and i don't have any friends who would model for me so are you into nude modeling" au

This is quite rushed but I wanted to get it posted today because I know you’ve had a crappy week. I hope this can cheer you up some.

Rating: G
Tags: alive Laura, human, artist Derek


It’s not that Derek doesn’t have any friends because he does. He has his sisters, Laura and Cora – and okay, maybe sisters don’t count as friends, they’re obliged to like him and hang out with him and make fun of him – and Erica, Boyd and Isaac. But drawing his sisters or his best friends nude would just feel weird. He doesn’t have problems drawing nude people – he’s an artist and he’s drawn countless nude people in class – but he’s quite sure that his sisters and friends would make the experience very uncomfortable. Also, he doesn’t want to see his sisters naked. What if they have piercings in weird places? (Though he’s quite sure he would have heard of that because neither of them seems to know the concept of privacy.) What if they have are shaved there?

He really doesn’t want to see them naked.

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