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Another reason that solo Harry is a big deal is because this is what young Harry styles dreamt of when he auditioned for Xfactor. Indeed he got his time with the band and he was fully dedicated to it and no one can erase that, but this…him wanting to do this on his own is how he started to dream. Now he’s finally gonna live his dream of creating his own music and expressing himself the way he wants to, the way he always wanted to. Can you imagine how huge this would be for him? and the fact that he’s getting such a good response and buzz already is making me so …. emotional. Like our boy deserves it and he deserves all the appreciation and encouragement in the world. He’s starting a new chapter in his career and he’s gonna need all the love, support and enthusiasm from his fans, so remember to not leave a stone unturned in appreciating this boy you’ve been a fan of over the years because now’s the time to properly show how much we love him, when he’s going for this journey on his own, no haters are gonna get in the way ❤

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Hey guys could I get one for the halloween thing? I'm Amber and I love all three boys but have a //serious// soft spot for Ky ❤ I'm going to a halloween party this year as Persephone so I'm going ALL OUT on my costume ^-^ You guys can do whatever you like from there, maybe a costume party too? make it as spicy or fluffy as you want, I just love your writings💕 thank you so much!

@kendratheweird said:  Hi I’m Kendra! I love your guys’ writing so much like dang. Could you do a lil spoop where kylo (hello yes this is me pretending I don’t call him Emo Ren in my day to day life) and me, or a generic y/n, I’m not picky, go to a costume party and their costumes happen to match so everyone thinks they’re a couple

Anon said:  Hey guys as a Halloween party ask can I ask for triplet Kylo 😍. I’m 5"4, blonde and blue eyes and anxious/flustered around people that I like. My Halloween costume is a witch and for the fall activity could it be spin the bottle/7 mins in heaven with spice! Xoxo 😚🍂🍃🕸️🎃🎃🎃

A/N~ Alright it’s me Mod HaiLee! I combined you three together so I hope that’s okay with you guys and that you love what I’ve written for you! Thanks for participating in our Halloween Party  🎃

When it came to parties, no one knew how to throw them quite like Armitage Hux. Anybody who was anybody got invited, and somehow you’d received an invite to this year’s Halloween bash. Of course that wasn’t an invite you could turn down, so here you are. Your friend had disappeared some time ago into the throngs of drunken party goers; grinding and swaying to the loud EDM music. The living room had been transformed into a dancefloor while the dining room and kitchen had become the epicenter for beer pong and various other drinking games. You decided to steer clear of the living room, instead opting to hangout in the kitchen. Besides, with how good your costume looked this year, you didn’t want some stranger’s grubby hands all over it. You’d gone with Persephone as your theme.

All sorts of creatures, gory makeup clad people, and “sexy” variations of innocent concepts litter the kitchen. You stand in an empty corner where the fridge met the wall. The spot had you in the perfect position to watch body shots happening on the kitchen island.

“Oh my god, I love your costume!” A blonde girl dressed as a very skimpy version of Minnie Mouse pipes up, drawing your attention.

“Oh thanks! I’m Persephone, I made it myself.”

She raises her brow, seemingly impressed. “Wow, did you make your boyfriend’s too?”

Did you hear that right? “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah, Hades!”

But before Minnie Mouse could further explain, Daisy Duck shows up, tugging on the girl’s elbow and insisting she join the next round of Spin the Bottle. Minnie takes hold of your wrist, dragging you along with her up the stairs and to the master bedroom. It was a bold move seeing as you’d just met, but with all the alcohol this girl was sure to have consumed, her actions didn’t surprise you.

Inside the bedroom in the center of the floor sat a ring of people. In the middle an empty beer bottle twirled around before slowly coming to a stop on a maskless Spider Man.

“Pucker up.” a zombie on the other side of the circle drawled, obviously drunk, then leaned over to plant a kiss square on Spider Man’s lips.

The circle cheered, accompanied by the onlookers who’d arrived too late to be included in the current round.

“Come on, join in!” A cat motioned to the bystanders. She must be the ring leader.

The circle widened allowing space for you, Daisy, and Minnie to all sit next to each other. Everyone made themselves comfortable, glancing around at one another wondering just who they’d be lucky enough to end up kissing. This kind of thing wasn’t your usual cup of tea but you had a hard time saying no when Minnie didn’t give the opportunity to say anything at all.

The black cat centers the bottle again, readying for the next round when the door opens.

“Are we in time?” A tall, boy stumbles into the room, a grin plastered on his face. Behind him trails two more identical young men, except one sports short blonde curly hair while the other two have dark hair.

Interestingly enough, they all wore costumes reminiscent of Greek gods. Dionysus, Apollo, and the last seemed to be Hades. He wore an intricate black tunic, matching his hair, and a jagged silver crown. The brooding, expression on his face definitely made him look the part; he obviously didn’t want to be here. The cat let them join the circle, and Hades ended up right next to you.

“Your boyfriend made it.” Minnie whispers to you.

You roll your eyes, “That’s not my boyfriend.”

The cat begins the game, spinning the bottle first and landing on a chicken. A brief kiss follows then it’s on to the next. Everyone takes turns around the circle, and perhaps sooner than you’d like it was your turn. You take the bottle and spin it quickly, just wanting to get your turn over with and praying it landed on someone good. The glass bottle turned, and turned, and turned, and turned, it began to slow. The slower the bottle moved the tighter the feeling in your chest became. It was barely moving now, using up it’s last bit of momentum the bottle came to stop. The narrow end pointed just your left, you looked up to meet the brown eyes of Hades.

His expression was blank, not annoyed, but not thrilled either. You swallow the lump in your throat, trying to calm your nerves.

“Go ahead.” his voice comes out low, suprising you.

Your eyes move to his plush pink lips, he licks them causing you to do the same. The circle waits in anticipation. You’re taking an awfully long time, but with the way Hades was looking at you it didn’t make this easy. Not to mention he was incredibly handsome, that didn’t help either.

Apparently you took too long because before you could even register what was happening, Hades had a large hand behind your head, cupping you gently as he pulled your face to his; connecting your lips in a kiss. You melted into his warmth and the kiss ended up lasting a little longer then it should have. The circle screamed and hollered in response, as you pulled away you could feel the intense blush creeping into your cheeks.

“The name is Kylo, by the way.”