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i gotta b real with u chief: tony stark is the best character in the entire mcu and he deserves endless amounts of respect and love

Bioware about DA4 romances:

And here is the romancable companions you can choose from!


*looks at the adorkable blond male human that happens in every game*

Aw…I’m gonna friend zone him so fast.


Wha-but he’s an interesting character! And he’s really sweet!


I’m sure he is but you know what I’m here for…Now where’s the new handsome elf with commitment issues who’s heart I must win?


*sigh*…he’s over there.


Noice. *waddles over to him*


You’re an idiot.


Don’t you judge me you made me like this! *throws cash* Now take my money and leave me to emotionally drain myself.

Guys. @effelants is one of the sweetest people I know enlisted @vjatoch to make this beautiful, amazing, absolutely perfect rendition of Cullen and Lydia in In Waking Dreams. I cried when I first saw it and may still be sniffling a little <3

My endless, endless thanks to both Effe and Vja, this captures both the two of them and the fic so wonderfully!

bioshockgirl123  asked:

Inquisition companions and advisors react to the Inquisitor having a nug for a pet. Plz use GIFs


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Iron Bull:

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They’ve talked about it briefly, his going to Tevinter. There’s been nothing but words of support, encouragement, and Dorian doesn’t think he could love him more. There’s only been one quiet mention. Lying side by side, hands twisting together, and, “maybe I could go with you,” spoken so hopefully. He watches him now, laughing brightly in endless green, Emerald Graves. This is a place he belongs. In tree and vine, rolling field and forest. The flat of his feet are covered in dirt, and there’s an errant clover caught in his hair. The bow in his hands, and Mahanon speaks to the other Dalish in a tongue Dorian doesn’t understand.

There is the danger, of course. An elf. The Inquisitor. A target. It would be without end. There is also the stone. The walls of grey, the stone roads much the same. Fierce statues made out of the bones of dragons, castles built on the bones of slaves. Their green has long been cut away. Dorian fears that without it, Mahanon might simply wilt away. Fears that he alone isn’t enough to keep him fed. Mahanon turns, faces the others. Pointing at them one by one, giving names. Finally – “This is Dorian. Ma vhenan,” he says. The Dalish raises his eyebrows, but makes no complaint of it as he goes to greet them.

It wouldn’t be like this. There would be no laughter, no open greetings. To keep him safe, he would be shuttered. Cut away from all others. Maybe I could go with you, but Dorian knows he can’t and doesn’t know how to tell him. Mahanon is standing by his side, putting a hand at the small of his back. A grin on his face, such pride to be beside him. To love him. Dorian knows he can’t bring him to Tevinter, and doesn’t know how to go without him.

random things that make me feel little:

• “do you need the potty?”

• “hold my hand baby”

• “you’re too little for that”

• “make sure you wrap up warm little one!”

• “do you want me to cut your food up for you?”

• “who’s my good girl/boy?”

• “let me help you tie your shoes”

• “do you want some more juice in your sippy baby?”

• “why don’t you colour me a picture?”

• “if you’re a really good girl/boy today then we will go buy some candy!”

• “want to watch some cartoons while daddy/mommy is at work?”

• *spoon feeding*

• *bottle feeding*

• “does my little baby want to be carried?”

• having my onesie snapped up for me

• having my shoes and sockies put on for me

• “what colour is the flower, baby?”

• “what sound does a puppy make?”

• *forehead kissies*

• “come sit on my lap!”

• *hair stroking*

• having my paci put in when i’m being fussy

• being rocked in daddy/mommy’s arms

• when daddy/mommy knows my stuffie’s names!

• “awww you’re so tiny”

• “do you wanna play with your stuffies with me?”

• “looks like somebody needs naptime!”