MAJOR props to Charming for refusing to engage in that “my wife is better than your wife” nonsense. Praising Snow is one thing, he’ll do that every chance he gets. But he refuses to pit women against each other. He refuses to drag them into a competition, especially one that neither of them agreed to.

Snow is awesome. Guinevere is awesome. Emma is awesome. And they are all awesome by themselves, not by comparison with each other.

And not only does Charming realise that, he’ll point it out and insist on it. Even when the only one to hear him is another man, one who thinks this is okay to do, one whom he quite likes and is becoming friends with. And he does it in such a way that Arthur isn’t offended, but just takes the hint and stops.

That’s just so important to me.

Staring | Steve Rogers | ♥

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“You’re staring.”

Breaking out of the trance the vixen held over him, Steve’s soft blue orbs blinked away the haze before locking onto gorgeous amber irises. The color was unlike any he’d ever seen before. It entranced him, sending a pleasurable shiver down his spine. His gaze unintentionally traveled down, tracing across her facial features. He took in the dips and curves on her porcelain skin before his baby blues landed on her lips. Those alluring, plump and kissable lips.

“It’s nearly impossible not to, Roslin.” Her name was like a glissade, sliding from his soft lips. The dual toned tendrils fell like waves over her shoulders; scarlet and ivory curling together. The faint scent of rose fluttered into his nose, making his heart flutter underneath his breast. He watched as she idly traced the rim of her champagne glass with her index finger, unable to tear his eyes off her alluring self.

A melodious laugh came from the French assassin’s merlot stained lips. “Oh,” She purred out, her lashes brushing delicately against her skin as she locked eyes with him. “Are you flirting with me, Captain?” She questioned. She brushed her tongue across her merlot stained lips before flashing a devilish smirk, a sparkle of mirth behind her eyes.

“And if I were?” He inquired, leaning closer to her. Her breath fanned against the apples of his cheeks, sending the skin ablaze. He hadn’t felt such raw, unadulterated emotions before. The desire was slowly overwhelming him. 

The twinkle in Roslin’s golden orbs made a hot and pleasurable spark run down Steve’s spine. The gorgeous vixen said nothing, only standing tall and sliding her curvy form between his muscular stature and the bar. Steve kept his eyes locked on her form, watching intently as his breath hitched in his throat the moment her palms landed on his muscular chest. Sliding her palms up from his chest, she hooked her arms around his thick neck before she tugged him down into a slow yet passionate lip lock.

Feeling her lips against his own made Steve all that more heated, his lips more than eagerly returned the kiss. Her lips melded perfectly against his own as her slim fingers ran across his scalp, moving through the short blonde spikes, eliciting a groan from him. The kiss seemed to last forever and Steve was more than alright with that. His large hands landed on her curved hips, holding her flush against his body before he felt he part from the kiss, a small sigh slipping from his mouth.

“Red looks good on you.” She purred out, licking her lips as she winked before slipping out of his grasp and swaying out of the room, leaving Captain America himself at a loss for words.

And smeared lipstick on his lips.

Nobody else will play mario kart with Swindle because he always exploits the game’s glitches to win. Wreck-Gar is okay with it though, because it’s one of the only games that actually encourages him throw banana peels everywhere.

Did I ever mention just how hard I ship Swindle and Wreck as my all time Brotp? I was thinking about making this my next print, but I don’t really know if anyone will buy it. Either way, I adore these silly snoots

be my solace | alise

      Tilting her head back, she’s sitting outside of Alex’s apartment, arms wrapped securely around her knees as she waits for the woman to come home. Her phone was in pieces somewhere, otherwise she would have called her in order to find out where she was, but without that piece of technology, she had no idea, and the thought of using a pay phone hadn’t crossed her mind. This had been her first thought, coming here, waiting for her and hoping she didn’t look as terrible as she felt. Her hands constantly lifting to wipe the tears from her eyes, puffy and red rimmed by this point, her face flushed and her bottom lip swollen from where she won’t stop biting at it - a nervous habit she’s had since she was four. At least she wasn’t chewing on her own hair anymore. A soft sound escapes her lips and Cerise buries her head in her knees as she continues to wait; she didn’t want anyone else. She just wanted Alex.

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i've never even seen girl meets world but i have no clue how the video you just reblogged could be anything but super super gay

it’s the gayest show is2g. they’ve got those two girls directly paralleling a married couple like every other episode and staring at each other’s lips and holding hands and calling each other sickeningly cute pet names aND THEY’RE GAY THEY’RE SO GAY I’M SO MAD THAT DISNEY WON’T ADMIT HOW GAY THEY ARE