A Moment of Truth

Cloud is the sole survivor of an infantry patrol gone terribly awry, and unfortunately for him, the Army is looking for a scapegoat. No one was prepared for a SOLDIER to crash the court-martial.

Epilogue - (FFnet) (Ao3)

anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider writing a one off with Vane and Gwyn?

Yeah, actually, I would.

I’m going to wait for the dust to settle a bit (re: everything that’s just happened in the plot), and then probably write an AU oneshot where Vane isn’t the bitterest thing to ever exist and then…yeah.

Yeah I’ve thought about it a fair bit, actually. About what their dynamic would be like. Initially I thought it wouldn’t work, but that was when I used to assume that Vane would bottom. And then I realised that Vane wouldn’t. Lol. After that, it became very easy to imagine how it would all work.

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So far this guy I’ve been talking to on Tinder seems really nice. Share a few interests and he carries conversations pretty well. Maybe I’ll make an actual friend everybody; try not to choke from laughing to hard. 

Omg I just made a massive mistake! Everyone beware of this! Yesterday I edited a small mistake in chapter 7 of The New Doctor, and replaced chapter 7 with the edited doc.
Well I just got a review saying that they were reading my fic and suddenly the last chapter was something completely different. Sure enough, I go and check…and it’s chapter 7 of I Told You So!! Oops! 😱 Everyone remember to check and double check when adding or replacing a chapter in your fics on!

Yikes, what’s even going on with my neighborhood lately? Last night, around 2am or 3am, some horribly loud planes flew over (and usually the planes aren’t that loud). Then, just now, my windows sounded like they were affected by sound vibrations and some rumbling in my floor as another plane flew over.

What the heck? Why are loud planes flying over this late at night? I’m trying to sleep!

Last night, one of the planes sounded like a UFO or some weird sci-fi device too. It was so surreal… and bizarre.

Today has been such a successful day, i bought a ghostbusters jumper and a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt and also watched georgia rule and brother bear

  • @ezroar:a poem, inspired by the submission of all my college apps:
  • @ezroar:i'll never grow up
  • @ezroar:make believe is much too fun
  • @ezroar:let's fly free from here