I wish when I was younger i had seen more support for lesbians who do feel quite a bit of attraction to men but never want to act on it bc it makes them uncomfortable. I wish I had seen people say hey, you can still be a lesbian if you want to be. Its okay. I was under the impression that the only way to be a lesbian was to not experience any attraction to men and that if you did it had to be compulsory heterosexuality or you weren’t a real lesbian. And obviously if someone fits that description and doesnt want to identify that way that’s fine but i did feel that way and i did desperately want to be seen as a real lesbian and it took me a long time to realize that I am one. I never see anyone like talk about this so i wanted to talk about it.

gender performance and changing standards of it are so fucking weird like.. in this vintage disney photos thread theres SO MANY like, straight women, lamenting how ugly and dorky it is that in photos from the 70s/80s a bunch of men are wearing shorts that are Too Short? like… funny how somehow that went from being the style for dudes to now being like, gay i guess, unmasculine, but also i dont understand like… being attracted to men but annoyed/disgusted by them showing skin… like thats so counterintuitive ??? heterosexual gender concepts are fucked up