• A Former Patient And His Female Doctor That Saved His Life Having Some Sort Of Established Relationship: UUUUUUUUUGH THAT'S SO DISGUSTING. Mandatory heterosexuality sucks!!!
  • Two Guys That Do Not Know Each Other But Would Dislike And Distrust Each Other If They Met: omg so pure
  • Two Guys That Straight Up Tried To Murder Each Other: um. if you dislike this ship, you're homophobic.
  • A Nineteen Year Old In The Military Being In A Relationship With Anyone, Even Though Everywhere In The World Legally Treats Her As An Adult: um. this is like. pedophilia???? gross. go choke.

anonymous asked:

When I thought I was straight, I was obsessed with romance songs written by straight men, sung by women, no pronoun change. My favorite song for AGES was "Teenage Dirtbag" sung by a woman in the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain, but I juuuuuust couldn't put my finger on why. Yes, that's SO VERY heterosexual, past me.

mmmmmmm been THERE Ellie Goulding’s cover of Take Me To Church?? Where she didn’t change the pronouns?? mm i was a Fan because it sounded Better when it was Gay NOT because i was gay!!!!!! because the song was Gay not bc im gay hahhahahaha no the S O N G is better that way i didnt write it its the s o n g