170218 BTS The Wings Tour in Seoul - Spring Day 봄날
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He Tian x Mo Guanshan Tianshan week Day 7

He Tian x Mo Guanshan  - A jerk which I came to like more and more

(Mo Guanshan’s POV, a summary from almost all events with them and how Momo felt)

Mo Guanshan recalls which thoughts he had during the shit He Tian put him through while laying on his bed, confused. He tries to understand why it turned out like this and why named devil saved him from being framed. And finally, he realizes it.


He hits me.

Every day, wherever I am, wherever we are.

I won’t forget the day I met him as long as I live, the memory of his sinister, coal black eyes imprinted into my soul like a brand on a slave.

I threatened him to fight, oh if I already knew back there what he would do to me.

His hair so dark that no one could be sure if it was actually brown or black, the smooth strands falling over his eyes, overshadowing them just enough to make them more dangerous than they were from the start. A body which makes me cringe with disgust, I hate how tall he is, taller than me, trained shoulders and long, strong arms like it wouldn’t cause him any trouble lifting me up. I hope I will never find out if he could do that. Although I already know the answer.

How can someone be this handsome, it is absurd.

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hey sorry to bother u but can i ask where u got that pic of taehyung w the puppy in your college taehyung text? i havent seen that one before n its sooo cute!!! 💓 thank u !! 🌹

omg ur definitely not a bother❗️ + im not sure where its from originally but i saw it floating around on twitter 😥💝 but i will post it here 4 u friend😚

  • jikook at bowling
  • jimin: [can't strikes]
  • what everyone think: jungkook is gonna make fun of him, mark those words
  • what actually really happens: [jungkook standing behind jimin, one hand on his wrist and another hand on his waist trying to teach him how to pose and move]
  • jimin: [blushing blushing blushing]

DK is your babo, The8 is your sunflower, Chan is your baby. Then Jisoo oppa is Jeonghannie’s ____ ?
JH: Deer

Credit: 趙依依 
Source: confretti
Trans: jeonghoonhao