3D Printing Photo Booth | That’s So Cool!

One of the reasons I started a blog was because I kept seeing awesome stuff on the internet that I wanted to share with other people and here is a perfect example! These figurines are of actual real people - and if you’re in Japan and willing to hand over the dosh ($238 to $476 depending on the size!) you can get one made too! Once you’ve made your appointment, you stand perfectly still for fifteen minutes whilst the technicians scan you, and then ‘you’ are created on a colour 3D printer! Not only is this just super cool, but wouldn’t it be great for travel photos (you’ll always look perfect!) or even for the top of your wedding cake!? I’m gonna save up my pennies so I can do this on my Japan trip!

my mom has the greatest friend ever

she has friends who have this big cabin in big bear that they don’t make any money off of and they don’t use and she asked them if they’d be willing to rent it to us and it sounds like they’d want to

so now we just need to see if it’s affordable for us

i’m nervous. idk when i’ll hear back from them

but i love my mom’s friend she’s so nice

I auditioned, which was a long process and a lot of improv. And then waited a month or something, where I was convinced I didn’t have it—then I got the phone call while I was in London. I was then terrified. I knew it was going to be huge, and that’s scary. I called my mom. She said, ‘This is a script that you love, and you’re thinking about not doing it because of the size of it?’ And I [didn’t] want to not do something because I’m scared, so I said yes. And I’m so happy that I did.
—  Jennifer Lawrence (via Vanity Fair)