New Years With Victuuri

Victor: *calls everyone thats invited* GUYS DONT STAND NEXT TO YUURI

11:59 am

Victor: HAHA YEET *puts on chapstick*

Victor: Yuuri shall we-

Yuuri: Oh! Haha Makkachin you’re next to me! *giggles* *kisses Makkachin’s head*

Victor: Motherfucke-

Makkachin: *turns around* lol dipshit



Makkachin: i mean…boRk

maybe if i was better. i wouldnt be such a target. maybe if i was prettier or better or more fake. maybe if i didnt stick out like a sore thumb. maybe if i changed myself for people. maybe if i tried a little more to be what they all wanted me to be. maybe thats how you live life to be accepted but are you really happy with who you are? i think ive stared at myself and looked at skinner bodies not understanding why mine wasnt considered the ideal, why i was the odd person out. why everyone wanted my hair but no one wanted my body. maybe i need someone to love me for once to actually love me all of me every pound every imperfection. no friends ever showed me anything. it was always others before me. i never got invited to anything then i got blamed for never spending time with them. maybe its funny that way you see you turn your emotions out on others. i think people who run their mouth are those who cannot stand to see you be okay in your own skin and i think ill spend forever being happy with myself and i never plan on changing, i dont care who i lose along the way.
—  please love yourself dont change for anyone you are perfect as you are.

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since u said u'd give it a shot, diariko DABS? ngl i'd like Content

why am i not surprised that thats what u were gonna send me

Drift Compatibility
oh man im not sure how well they’d do considering that they havent really interacted with each other in the anime but hmmm. Riko’s a p accommodating personality, lots of patience, and Dia’s generally amiable (unless u do something) so even as just acquaintances they’d be able to figure how to drift together bUT that’s just those kinds of compatibilities that’s ‘carefully managed’? those ‘not high but not low either and a bit more than passable’ kindof scores. idk man i gotta dig deeper

bonus points for consideration: they’re both people that are actually very Extra (tho riko will always be more lowkey about it) and also they’re always striving to better themselves, aiming for ‘perfection’, and also they have this weird mix of humbleness and narcissism and oh wow im just realizing how similar they are.  also theyre both noodles i guess those would help in making them reach an understanding and raising their drift compatibility score?

Affection Levels
the first thought that came to me is honestly ‘dia’s a very Intense person but when u pair her with soft people she also go Soft’

low to medium levels i think. they both prefer the small things and i feel like dia just sitting beside riko while she plays the piano (oR dia bringing some of her student council work to the music room so she can work while riko does piano) is a thing that happens a lot. being present is enough. they dont initiate hugs much but they always know what’s going on with the other’s life and they do their best to support them. they’d like spending a lot of quiet time together. they both also probably think that studying together counts as good bonding time.

Banter Quality
probably a bit low. and most of it consists of deadpan snark- nO wait i read that as quantity instead of quality. they have low quantity but they got Potential for high quality (see: the english dub where riko gives the infamous ‘for one, the look that’s on ur face and two, the look that’s still on ur face’ to dia) but they dont really do banter-combos i dont think

Spice Potential 
High but like? lowkey? man they’d be the type of people dont want to be ‘too fast’ about their relationship but it also keeps upping the bar for their Sexual Tension (but still lowkey enough that only the observant members of aqours pick up on it). also dia’s got hidden Kabedon Skillz and im willing to bet a year’s salary that she does it to Riko without breaking character (riko internally kettle noises)

also if they finally decide to deal with their UST, all i can think of is ‘from soft to growing passion to Intensity but still so goddamn slow’ and jfc theyre already dealing with it but its still a slowfuckingburn. diariko just. brings on the Spicy really well

You know, I’ve noticed that in fanfics that don’t completely botch up characters, people often write Komaeda as really clingly, needy, and affectionate. While I admit that’s cute and I have several pics of clingy Komaeda saved to my laptop don’t look at me, it’s also complete bullcrap.

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ive figured out why im so reluctant and why i keep putting off organising shit for my birthday…..its bc the idea of organising something thats centred around me just isnt appealing at all wtf happened i used to love planning my birthday

i sent mod noir too many corn emojis on discord so now im making the banner and the Organized Ass post.

a couple people have asked about such so we are forming a carapace discord group. to make sure rude people don’t just jump in and stir trouble we’ve gotta have people ask for the link instead of just having a general link. if’ you’d like to join feel free to send us an ask after taking a look at the rules bellow!

  • keep the chat sfw
  • don’t be mean spirited towards others
  • don’t just give out the invite link, if you want to invite someone thats cool (and encouraged!) but the mods need a heads up!
  • currently everyone is okay with doubles, and we may prefer such as the carapace kin community is a bit small, but it’s not a hard rule and if you’re not and want to join let us know and we can try to work something out
  • we accept all carapacians/ leprechauns/ and problem sleuth characters

annnd some cool stuff to let us know in your ask:

  • name:
  • age: (you don’t have to let us know you exact age if you don’t want to but we do need to know if you’re a minor or not at least, for the sake of creating and maintaining a safe space)
  • anything else you would like us to know to help you out, triggers, users you have had problems with and want to avoid, ect, as mentioned above, we’ll do what we can to make sure everything’s fun + safe for everyone

thanks for reading! feel free to ask about anything you want or need.

Scorbus meeting Hagrid headcanon

Hagrid still works at Hogwarts, and Albus and Scorpius will always visit him. Like imagine, Hagrid will totally want to get to know and befriend all the potters and weasleys of the new generation. So he will send them owls so they would go have some tea with him and stuff, just like he did with the trio. Rose and James probably won’t go when invited, because they’ll think they’re too cool to hang out with the weird half giant. But Albus, remembering all the amazing things his dad told him about Hagrid, and wanting to have some time away from the castle and the mean students, will totally go meet him. So the first time, he will obviously take scorpius with him, and Hagrid will at first be suspicious of the malfoy kid, but when scorp starts to play with Hagrid’s dog (because come on, he will totally have a new dog with him) he will see that the kid is good and precious. And like that the two of them will always go there just to hang out with the giant, specially when they need some time from everyone.
After some years, Hagrid (being the clueless idiot that he is) will start to make casual comments about how albus and scorps look like a couple because they’re always together and touching one another, and looking at each other when the other is distracted, etc, which will end up with the boys blushing and awkwardly laughing, saying they’re just friends (later, he will totally take albus to the side and give him all these advises on how he should tell scorp how he feels, how he should take him on a date, and Albus will just be there wanting to run away from the awkward conversation).


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Imagine: the 501 inviting you to a clone bar where you beat them at a drinking game, which wins you Fives developing a crush on you

–For @missthorinoakenshield

“Here ya go!” Said the cheerful waitress as she passed out everyone’s respective drinks. You gave the twi'lek a thankful nod before turning back to your full table of companions.

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The Signs in Kindergarten
  • Aries: the bully that takes away everyone else's toys.
  • Taurus: hates taking naps. Runs around making weird noises while the others sleep undisturbed
  • Gemini: sweets, sweets, sweets, thats everything they think about. Has sticky fingers all the time
  • Cancer: totally clumsy! Drops everything, spills everything, runs against everything... makes them super cute and amusing
  • Leo: hates eating up their food, probably ends up starting a food fight
  • Virgo: really cute and timid. Doesn't speak up much and ends up being bullied by Aries (poor cutie)
  • Libra: super popular and gets invited to everyone's birthday parties. Already had their first "boyfriend/girlfriend" which they broke up with after a day
  • Scorpio: exceeding at video games. Beats everyone at Mario Kart on the Wii
  • Sagittarius: hyper 24/7. Runs around, screams, totally annoying
  • Capricorn: probably has an IQ of 160. Already knows their multiplication table by heart
  • Aquarius: such a bad boy/girl. Always picks fights and already has some lose teeth (badass 0.0)
  • Pisces: sweet, quiet, polite little thing. Loved by everyone and ironically gets protected by Aries from other bullies

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what was your senior year in high school like

hm…i disliked school. i was tired all the time. i got drunk for the first time and i had my first relationship. i thought i didn’t really have many friends, like have you seen the movie “me, earl & the dying girl”? like how the kid is just like cool with everyone? well that was me, like i had zero drama and i was just like super chill with everyone, but i never got like invited to parties and stuff but i think thats because mostly i would always say no thanks, and thats bc i didn’t drink at the time. i won “sweetheart princess” which is like prom queen but for our winter dance and that was really nice because the people on court for that are like the “nice” people. idk, but i finally got hot lunch for the first time because i was always too afraid to go up there, i should have gone sooner bc it was LIT and the cookies were amazing. I loved art class so so so much, i danced a lot in that class and I’m pretty sure i lost brain cells from the amount of paint thinner i breathed in. i had a few very close friends who I’m still friends with, i finally stopped caring about my appearance at school that year, i barely did my hair. I would sit in my car before going inside in the morning bc i really just had to mentally prepare myself to be surrounded by that much ignorance in a freaking private catholic school. i had the best musical of all time that year. when i heard the musical was fucking suessical i was like oh HELL NO, but then i got the part of sour kangaroo and it will forever be one of my favorite rolls i have ever had. I did really well senior year academically, i didn’t have to take any of my exams bc i had all high enough grades. we also had an amazing substitute who would literally write “ballin’” on our tests and funny shit like that. idk i had a lot of great times there!! now that i think back on it, senior year was honestly amazing. 

im taking care of my neigbors’ cat mimi while theyre out and i….Lov her!!!!! she gets too excited and tries to scratch me a lot but thats ok we are going to get married and everyone is invited!! thank you!!!

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don't be bitter just bc other people got chosen for houston and you didn't

okay, im not…

please re-read the post i reblogged. 

its not even about just me, its that theres tons of fans not even including me who have been around for 10 years and support taylor and have tried to meet her and haven’t. I get that taylor forms a bond with fans she meets and wants to meet them again, but i wish more new people were chosen then old. maybe i just follow too many people who have already met her but people who haven’t should be prioritized and i haven’t seen that. 

im sure taylor nation is trying  their hardest i just wish there was a better system. im happy for everyone who has met taylor and been invited to stuff and im still excited that they got invited again, thats so exciting. but sometimes spreading the wealth is something that should be considered

like i said, its not even about me. if its not my fate to meet taylor then its not. but theres other people in the same position as me who i know are disappointed and its hard to keep that from coming to the forefront of your mind. 

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Could you do a scenario about the worst case of embarrassment soldier 76 ever experienced near his partner? Thank you

Requested by: Anon

Fandom: Overwatch

Prompt: Could you do a scenario about the worst case of embarrassment soldier 76 ever experienced near his partner? Thank you”

Form: Short Drabble


You had been with Jack for quite a while and he invited you to go to the base one day. Bad part is Hana found out and decided to tell everyone, so when you got there everyone decided to tell you some stories about jack once you got settled. Ana went first “One time we all went out for drinks and he had a bit too much and went to Taco Bell saying he’d trade Reyes for a grande burrito” you laughed a little but 76 didn’t like it so much. “Okay thats enough.” “No no, I must tell the story about Jessica,” Oh you saw 76 go as white as snow “ you may not know this but Jackie here has a sister. Named Jessica, and one time when he went out he met a girl named jessica too. He liked her a lot and one time after having some more drinks he drunk called Jessica. Just it wasn’t the right Jessica.” You had to stop yourself from laughing and 76 looked ready to die.” 

That’s when Reaper came out of the crowd enjoying the scene. “Oh I have one for my old childhood friend.” you could tell Jack didn’t know what story it was but that it was gonna be bad. “It was 1st grade and him and this girl classmate had huge crushes on each other and decided to do their ‘wedding’ and man Jack must have been pretty nervous because when the kiss came he pissed himself and kissed the classmate. He was known as the pisser kisser for years on.” You were managing not to laugh until Tracer said “You may now piss the bride.” That’s when you lost it and it was all fun and games until 76 just did a 180 and left the room. “Wait no don’t go!” 


(Sorry if this wasn’t very good, if wanted I’ll do a rewrite. Thanks for requesting!)


im gonna do a small lil vent for a sec ok so like… if u make plans with an entire table of your friends right in front of u and then dont invite one friend sitting at that table then thats fucked up right? like today at lunch i was sitting next to a “friend” and she invited everyone at our table to something for a dance coming up except for me and i was liiterally RIGHT next to her. like wtf is up with that. but also im starting to reconnect with an old friend from elementary school and one friend who i got in a really big fight with earlier this year so maybe thats balancing everything out rn. but its kinda weird bc also the 2 friends im reconnecting with are guys and my friend who is like cutting me out is a girl ik thats like highkey irrelevant to the story but u kno its watevs,,,,,, anyways i’ll delete this later ik listening to my problems isnt why yall follow me i just had to get it out

also with the one friend I had a fight with he actually treated me like shit and he’s really manipulative and mean but today i was think about how in another fight we had when he apologized he was like “i love you so much i miss you” and i just realized how manipulative that was of him like i know for a fact neither of those statements are true and i realized that after he said that and i forgave him i literally played myself because he never held true to that. the only reason we might make up is because now he’s dating one of my best friends so we kind of cant avoid each other but im still pissed at him and still have him blocked but at my friend’s/his girlfriends bday party he tried to hug me before i left n i was like,,,, ??? like wtf we arent friends you need to apologize for what you did first but idk i guess we’ll see where it goes from here.

Do you ever get that feeling where you feel so insignificant to everyone? You feel so unimportant that if something bad were to happen to you, nobody’s lives would be changed because your existence just does not matter? Ya that’s me. I’ve never really had people or even somebody who considered me a first choice. I always try so fucking hard to be there for people and to comfort people when they’re sad but I rarely get the same in return. All I get is no invites, no texts, no help, and no anything from them. It seems to me that I tend to always get pushed under the rug. Or maybe people get tired of my constant talk about things they don’t care about. Or maybe my appearance is so appalling that people just don’t want to be seen with me. All I know is that I always end up alone. No matter how many friends I have at a certain time, they always end up not inviting me to places anymore. This always happens and I should be used to it but my fucking depression lets it kill me. God I feel so insignificant.

So I forgot to say here but last night I dreamed that somebody in Hawkins police department was getting married so obviously everyone at the station got invitations and a plus one

But Hopper was considering giving his plus one back because he didn’t really want to invite any of his flings because they could get the wrong idea about it but Flo was like why don’t you invite Joyce isn’t she your F R I E N D because if she’s only your F R I E N D then there’s no problem in inviting her if she’s only your F R I E N D

Which basically forced Hop to invite Joyce of course

And when they got there everybody was like