Oh yeah so remember back in episode two when Akko leapt in front of Diana’s spell and got blasted with magic and then 2 minutes later she was 100% fine and we were all like???? how???

Well now we know why she wasn’t as affected by that blast as much as she should/could have been.

Because Chariot took away some of her magic. There was a lot missing. So the blast from Diana’s wand probably just filled it in a bit. If Akko had had all her magic properly and been hit by Diana’s spell on TOP of that, she’d probably experience some dangerous magical overflow of sorts.

BUT being that Chariot halved her magics, Diana’s blow was harmless to her because it just filled in some of the gap.

@faithful-companion @lesbianedgeworth I feel like I should tell you both that a lot of the major changes that were made to Sherlock Holmes were made in an attempt to have him fit into Oscar Wilde’s sense of aestheticism because Sir Arthur Canon Doyle really wanted to impress him

Basically you could argue that Sherlock Holmes, as a character, was tailored to appeal to twinks, making him a twink by proxy???

okay but come to think of it Midoriya’s kind of the perfect person to have fight against All for One. Like he’s literally been memorizing every quirk he’s come across since he was a child. He’s the perfect weapon against someone who give or take away any other quirk, because none of his strengths have anything to do with his quirk in the first place

Everyone is saying that because its purple, this is fall out boys last album. I don’t think Thats 100% true.

Its fairly common knowledge they’ve been having trouble with long time record label Island Records, and with other labels.

What if purple is met to symbolize them braking ties between their record labels and the controlling music industry, and them branching out souly under Pete’s labels DCD2 and without big label record restrictions?

Thats my theory anyway.

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We've seen so many "dramatic" first fusions. Ruby/Sapphire ran into each other by accident, Steven/Connie dance, and almost fall over/catch each other. Amethyst/Steven had a freaking nuke explosion. I feel like Lapis and Peridot are going to have the "soft/sweet" first fusion. They just hug each other really tight, and fuse without really thinking about it. That's my theory, anyway. lol

Oh wow, I really like that!

I’ve been holding out for the accidental fusion (solely because of the Garnet parallel, but I think I actually prefer this idea now that you’ve said it :3

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I think the woman from the last part of today's story was Amenakhte's lover, and the child's mom. That's my theory anyway. If not them, maybe Lili?

Liliana was my secret hope. Maybe the boy looked like Josu. Having a more personal anger behind her attack on Bolas would be great.

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You know what, I think I have a pretty good prediction of what exactly the Tweek and Craig plot line is going to be. Tweek is freaked out by the North Korea threats and starts raging about it at school, and Craig unfortunately can't get through to Tweek because he relies too much on the fidget spinner, so at the end of the day Tweek is going to choose between the fidget spinner and Craig's help - that must be what the petty conflict is. That's my theory anyway, now that I've thought about it.

sounds reasonable

Beefy mama rock!

Ok but hear me out! Rose is a quartz and so is Jasper. Peridot says quartz gems are usually pretty big and so i thought; what if Rose has he same body-type as Jasper? Right? Maybe she chose a softer-looking form after the war, but she must have started out with hella guns! Thats my theory anyway. 

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I laughed​ at the picture on ig that ty liked lol but I don't think it's shade or anything more like the opposite him being playful he knew the girls since the beginning of the area i dont think he's talking sides of anything maybe people commented that when he was with Lauren he was "against Camila* so he showed that no he's still freindly with her. That's my theory anyway and how I interpreted it

With the climate that we’re in right now I don’t think it’s friendly at all 

anyway i dont think asra didnt have romantic feelings for julian because he disliked him or julian wasnt his type and could not have ever interested him romantically. i just think that at the time asra was emotionally unavailable because of his feelings for the apprentice, but at the time (i assume) was not in romantic relationship with them and was open to a no-strings-attached or FWB type thing with others, which is what he wanted his relationship with julian to be. im assuming that in nadias route when the apprentice becomes romantically unavailable asra does the healthy thing and moves on, which would open the way for julian and asra to clear up their respective mistakes and enter a romantic relationship where they are both on the same page about what they need and want

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There is actually a reason for the gem placements in my opinion! My idea is with the placements is like how Garnet has gems on her hands because she's always full on, prefers to fix things through violence (Too many Birthdays), Amythest follows her heart/desires, (food, having fun, all that), her gem is on her chest, Pearl puts her mind first, planning and thinking up elaborate strategies, the brains, her gems on her forehead. That's my little theory anyway! :)


my theory for stevens is that it connects with his humanity? like, gems dont need to eat & stuff, but humans do, so his stomach is a human thing for him & therefore his gem is there? its hard to explain for some reason………

rose quartz’s was in the same spot too, which maybe relates to how she was able to bond with humans?


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Yo I'm lost what the fuck why is Erwin smiling at Reiner

I want to say it was Erwin being cocky.

Like “Yeah bitch we fucked up your plan GET REKT.”

But, Reiner smiled at him first. Acknowledging the intelligence behind the plan to use Eren to pull him away from the horses and at that point Erwin knew Reiner would take the bait. I think it was a silent communication that went something like this:

Reiner: You smooth, intelligent son of a bitch! Now I have to fight him.

Erwin: That’s right. I win this one.


Yknow how bill said “youd fit right in right in with those 6 fingers” (or whatever idk its too early for direct quotes)
Well he said FIT IN
Meaning everyone in that group is considered weird from their dimensions.
Why else would they want things to “get weird”
They are all just outcasts of their own dimensions

Man, I bet that Steve Carlsberg owns Lot 37. I mean, he probably bought it to avoid Cecil falling into more sinister hands (of which there is an abundant supply in Night Vale). He’s using Cecil to save Dana because that’s what the dotted lines and arrows in the sky need him to do. And of course he feels terrible about it, but Cecil wouldn’t understand even if he told him. Cecil already hates him enough as it is.