Man, I bet that Steve Carlsberg owns Lot 37. I mean, he probably bought it to avoid Cecil falling into more sinister hands (of which there is an abundant supply in Night Vale). He’s using Cecil to save Dana because that’s what the dotted lines and arrows in the sky need him to do. And of course he feels terrible about it, but Cecil wouldn’t understand even if he told him. Cecil already hates him enough as it is.

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How do you think Alex and his mother reacted to the news of Stan's "death" in the car crash?

Oh it was all a big MESS for them

For starters Alex wouldn’t even talk to his mama after she threw his dad out

He decided she was his enemy. And she was aware of the impact of what she had done, but she had left herself no other choice. She made the decision to divorce Stan not because she stopped loving him- but because she knew that all the crimes he committed were for her sake and her son’s. That maybe if she’d never married him, she wouldn’t have made him a criminal. Carla wasn’t insensitive or dumb. She knew why.

She figured either way, she would have to live with some kind of regret- be it that she let her husband screw up her kid, or that she threw away the man who would’ve done -and did- anything for her. So she made that choice, and it still ended badly.

She knew she couldn’t hope to reconnect with her son like she used to. She tried introducing him to other prospective father figures, to no avail. And she knew that nobody would ever replace his daddy. But she tried anyway.

Then they got the news that her ex-husband died in a flaming car wreckage in Oregon. And she couldn’t bear it. She broke down right in front of him.

They went to his funeral- they had to go across the country. It was the first time Lex saw his dad’s twin brother. It just made him cry even more.

They both retreated into themselves. They barely talked, it got to a point that Carla didn’t even try anymore. She was too consumed in her own grief.

Because Carla thought that Stan had done it on purpose.

All because of her.

And one day Alex got a letter. It was from his uncle. He was inviting him to stay in Gravity Falls with him.

Carla almost didn’t let him go- after all, Stanford was a jerk who hated children, wasn’t he? What business did he have trying to connect with her son?

Lex begged to go anyway. It got to a point that he threatened to run away if she didn’t send him herself. She didn’t have the strength to argue, so she conceded, as long as he took a friend with him.

She rationalized, "maybe Stanford has changed a little. Maybe this is his way of dealing with the loss of his brother, by getting to know his son."

She told herself that over and over, praying things were going well in Oregon.

And her son came back so refreshed it was like seeing him as a little baby boy again. He was apologizing!! And saying that he loved her!!! It was like a miracle.

It gave her the strength to start putting their lives back together again.

She started her own business. She got Lex into a higher grade. She dated a little, but then decided she’d rather focus on her son instead. As long as she sent him to his uncle’s place every summer, he didn’t need another father figure.

By and by, she learned to forgive herself a little. It was always going to hurt, but she was going to be strong for her little boy.

Things were going to be ok.

Sometimes I wonder why Madison didn’t attack Sam. I mean why run out the window when there’s a perfectly good juicy heart right there. We already know she didn’t have any control over her wolf self. Which leads me to believe one thing: the wolf saw Sam and recognized ‘mate’ and decided not to eat him because of that.

people are like “is twelve gonna be tiny too” but no i don’t think we’re gonna get a planet of giants scenario
like we already saw full-size twelve next to a half-size tardis
i think it’s only the tardis’ outer form that’s gonna get smaller while the inside remains the same
so like, from the inside, the tardis doors will be the only thing that changed size, like a window in the middle of the wall
so like the doctor would only be able to stick his hand out of it or something


I don’t think, anyway. JFC I have no idea really.

She may have happened to be smart enough to be a Philosopher sacrifice, but she wasn’t killed in the appropriate sacrificial manner. 

Now either Lydia’s banshee wail caused someone random to die (in this case an accident caused the piano wire to snap) or it was actually a random accident. Either way, it caused the cult chanting to stop. It could have been that a kill was made, so the “spell” she had over them was released. But its still not the right kill, the kind that allows her to absorb an aspect of their abilities. That’s why she was going to kill brilliant Lydia, and that’s why she absconded with Sheriff Stilinski. (Remember that totally subtle scene in English class?)

As an added bonus, other people who are not me have theorized that Stiles is the last sacrifice: The Guardian = Virgin + Warrior + Healer + Philosopher. It’s a lot of assuming, but its a great theory. Especially when you consider Motel California. When I first saw “Guardians” I wondered if the werewolves were supposed to have been those sacrifices. But, as we know: 1. They didn’t die and 2. They were going to be suicides instead of Lindow Man style. Considering ROTC counted as warrior, its possible that it means more a warrior spirit/intent to protect more than literally smashing people’s face in. (While Harris and the piano teacher could have served in the military, Kyle was still in high school.) He’s a little spotty on Healer, although he’s there for Scott for emotional support during his “open wound." 

BONUS POINT: I don’t think Jennifer is actually asking the Pack to protect her. She has enough power to protect herself. I think she’s going to ask them to keep the Alphas off her back while she finishes whatever  the hell she is doing, with the promise that she’ll get rid of the Alphas for them and she will stop killing people. She’s making them a deal as an equal. I cannot see her killing the Sheriff and still getting this deal. Maybe she’ll use him as leverage to enforce a team-up. I want it. "Necessary Evil” darach vs Pack vs Alphas vs. Gerard. Hell, Gerard could have been giving her pointers to get them to join up. 

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Antagonist Lewis AU: Do you think Lewis would still use his skelly form post joining the gang? If so, what's his reasoning?

I think so, yes!  I had a theory about that a while ago–his skeleghost form is his TRUE ghostly form.  He can project himself as more humanlike, but it costs him more energy, and as a reesult, he cannot make himself tangible when he is presenting himself in his “unalive” state.  So any time he wants to interact with things, he has to go to his ghostly form! :D

Is There Any Possible Way This Is About Anyone Else?

“Happy Mistakes” Lyrics

even at the top of the mountain there’s another hill to climb, so get ready for a long walk now, so get ready for another mile, if it all amounted to nothing would we put ourselves through this? no we didn’t have a fall-back plan, no we didn’t leave a home to miss. cause we got what we need, and we’re looking for a miracle, no, we don’t mind waiting. no we don’t mind. looking for a miracle. no we don’t mind waiting, no we don’t mind.

no they said that we’d never make it, but maybe we already did. we’ve been traveling a long road now. we’ve been giving all we have to give. let’s remember the happy mistakes that we might have forgot along the way. it’s better to be humble now, it’s better to admit we stray. cause we got what we need, and we’re looking for a miracle. and we don’t mind waiting, no we don’t mind. looking for a miracle, no we don’t mind waiting, no we don’t mind.

     Seriously, I read these and it’s like reading Kogan fanfic.

Logan has said he didn’t have a back up plan when he left Texas for LA.

“They” never got a home together to leave or miss-but as even Kenneth says, they live very close to each other. 

I can just imagine the long list of people that said they’d never make it as a couple-everyone from network suits to the countless “fans” that scream they can’t be gay. 

Traveling and Logan are synonymous by now in Kendall’s brain-and heart (you can tell his heart’s just not in it when Logan’s not doing it with him).

Giving all they had to give-to each other.

And that last line I bolded, well, the less said the better. 

heatburg replied to your postGod does Charlie Brooker want to be Daniel Maier’s…

Sometimes his points-giving on that show is so totally fucked up that it makes me doubt his sanity.

Maybe he just likes to do a Mock the Week sort of thing and just give the points to whomever’s on the panel that’s still alive without giving a single shit about the annoyance it could cause to the show’s listeners.

I’m actually a little surprised that people still think Cedar is going to be in Wave 1 for Hat-Tastic??? I mean sure, we have seen a doll of her for Hat-Tastic, but at this point, seeing as how we’ve seen promos for all the other Wave 1 dolls for Hat-Tastic except for her??? I’m wondering if Mattel is going to be doing a 4 doll Wave 1 and then continuing with another 4 dolls for Wave 2?? Considering for Wave 1 we have Apple, Briar, Cerise and Maddie with her playset, Wave 2 is most likely going to be Kitty, Lizzie, Cedar and Raven. That seems to be the only reason it makes sense that we’ve seen Cedar’s doll prototype for Hat-Tastic, but not the actual doll in box herself. I’m guessing not long after Kitty’s doll is finally revealed, we’ll start seeing prototypes for Wave 2!!!