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Hi! Can you give details on meeting Draisaitl?

hey! sure!

it was at the season ticket holder team signing event I literally sat in ford hall from 8am till 6 pm  (when the event started) meeting him was quiet fast not gonna lie but I had my photo to get signed. I walked up to him and said Hi how are you and he was like good thanks and thats all i could muster up lmao!! he seems very shy in person and definitely not a loud guy either just quiet and SUPER smiley you can creep through my oilers signing tag  where i posted storys and gifs from my videos. 

but idk anon if you are going to meet any of the players but I always– after this experience i had, tell people that if you don’t know what to say. Thank them. Just that little “hey you mean alot to this team” just makes a huge difference and can put a big smile on that persons face. thats my big regret and my goal for the future in meeting players :) cheers x


Today I went up to my apartment so I could bring my car home. I don’t like going back there, but I did get to see my roommate’s cat so it was worth it. Her name is Lily and she is the fluffiest cat ever.