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here is me and the squad’s celebration of my 400 FOLLOWERS at sizzler! 

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Intersex people are NOT a joke. We’re not Greek statues with 2 perfect sets of genitalia. We’re not dreamy kink fodder seen only in NSFW art and media—we’re real living and walking people who are more than what’s between our legs.

I was once severely fetishized for my parts by an abusive ex, told I was “the best of both worlds” when I reiterated time and time again that I am female identified and that is what “world” I am.

My name is Gale and I’m an intersex trans-feminine person on hormones, an amazing artist, autistic, mentally ill, poly, panromatic, asexual, of white and Iroquois Nation [Mohawk!!] ancestry.

And for the first time in a long time, I truly believe I’m GORGEOUS!!

~[she/her or it/its]~


On Shaving My Head

Now, I’ve used some pictures I wouldn’t usually post, mainly because I’m not posing and I’m not wearing any make-up but I feel like this is more honest - and let’s face it I’m just nerdy twat in a Deadpool t-shirt.
Anyway, quite a few people have asked me why I decided to shave my head and I thought I’d clear it up.
It’s exactly for that reason, because it’s questioned.
Hair is a wonderful thing, it grows back, you have an endless supply of it yet I was told so many times that I wasn’t allowed to shave my head, that shaving my head was somehow an incredibly negative thing to do.
Here’s why, hair is seen as inherently feminine. Girls have lovely silky hair, people base their judgements on women’s hair and without it, the whole thing goes to shit.
After my mum had finished yelling ‘why?’ for 5 minutes the first thing she asked me was whether I was ‘male now?’
The answer was no, I just wanted to shave my head. She didn’t understand. Why would I willing want to take away something so fundamental about 'being a girl’ or 'being pretty’?
Now, I may seem a little narcissistic here - but I’m still pretty darn pretty, and yes I’m definitely still a girl.
My dad just before shaving my head told me I was going to cry, that shaving my head was going to be a brutal experience. I didn’t. In fact, shaving my head was astonishingly cathartic, I felt a huge relief having my head shaved. I’m a more confident person for it, people look at my face now instead of my hair and in return I don’t hide behind my hair anymore or use it like a crux. I walk with my head higher and my back straighter, and it’s the easiest fucking hairstyle to manage in the world.
So I shaved my head, and people see it as an act of bravery or something that’s hardcore - when in reality, I just wanted to shave my head.
I think it’s something everyone should do at least once in their lives, especially women.
Oh, and a little P.S - Yes, I do now rock a great 'go fuck yourself’ look that has yet to be challenged.


hi there! i’m jade, and 1) one of my front teeth is crooked, and it always has been since i was a little girl, but it was never enough for my dentist to say i needed braces, but i guess it makes my smile unique? 2) my eyes are two different shapes because i was cross eyed when i was little and had to get surgery done to correct it, so sometimes i look really stupid in pictures, but sometimes you can’t see it! 3) i really have body image issues, i’ve been chubby my whole life and it’s always made me super self conscious, but being on tumblr and being exposed to body positivity has really made me feel okay about who i am. 💕