anonymous asked: do know though that richie did in fact rape and kill the bank teller in like the second episode? i know it wasn't "him" that he was having delusions but thats not much of an excuse lol and dont get me wrong, hes my favorite character!

HE DID NOT FUCKING RAPE HER!!! Did you even watch that episode?! Santanico forced him to kill that teller woman but HE NEVER RAPED HER get that through your head anon! You must be mixing up the movie with the show cause in the movie he did rape her, but in the show he cut her damn eyes out!! Stop making shit up just because you hate the character.

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still making my way through Golion and i want sincline to have that sort of redemption arc where he goes from “mortal enemy” to “weird uncle who hangs awkwardly around the good guys because he’s got nothing better to do (and makes good egg salad)”

obviously the sign of team membership is chibi sticking you with a family honourific, but like every other respectable 12-year-old he’s been taught Stranger Danger and they don’t come stranger than this guy

ok so theres a post going around that starts with:

I REALLY hate my highschool friend group bc they were massively homophobic and made fun of my Semitic features daily and overall were just super gross but they act like we are still besties once a year ?? and force us all to go get a meal together ?? which i usually excuse my way out of but i decided this year i’m going to go and come out to them really dramatically. and i was telling my bestie about The Plan and she one upped me and since i am currently single suggested pretending I had a girlfriend ?? which quickly devolved into this:

and then has a photo of her making a dating profile. it’s blown up but she’s since asked that it not be reblogged! it’s possible for it to end up viral and since it literally has a photo of her attached, thats rly dangerous. so if u see it, pls dont reblog it, and also let the ppl u follow know to not either! thanks!

anti voice: umm…excuse me but did you know that the villain character you like is Problematic™ because they’re the antagonist so if you like them you’re condoning murder and you clearly can’t tell fiction and real life apart because thats an impossible thing to do. also my headcanon is that they bury beagle puppies alive for kicks so you’re actually also supporting animal abuse too?  

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“I'm sorry for being a dick."

Yuriy’s eyes narrowed at the other man. His words did nothing for the hate he felt for him, if anything it only seemed to enrage the red-head more. His hands balling into fists next to him, 
Sorry…? Is that it?” He asked slowly, “You really think that weak ass excuse for a fucking apology will make things right?! You worked for Borcloff. Attacked my teammates. Nearly killed me. And thats all you have to say? Fuck you!” 
Venom dripped from Yuriy’s words, he couldn’t stop himself from taking a swing at the other male.
“How dare you show you face to me!”

  • <p><b>My mom:</b> Make sure you're ready to go in the morning cause we are getting up early and we're not wait for you.<p/><b>Me the next morning:</b> *had shoes on, things packed and ready to go and yet has been sitting here waiting for everyone else for an hour*<p/></p>

excuse me when did this happen

but seriously, thank you so damn much! im so fuckin happy about this, and bc of that im gonna be accepting fic prompts and requests again! so pls, send me some things to write, and ill do my very best to fill them with probably some drabbles or maybe ficlets. 

im accepting sfw and nsfw stuff, and pretty much any polygrumps ship (though i do have the most experience with egobang, obviously), so knock yourself out OuO

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⚄ - Do you play videogames? Have a favourite?

         –– DO I?? oh man where to begin. I am obsessed with video games. I
                 have been ever since i discovered ocarina of time and starfox on
                  n64 (and really i had star fox on the NES but i digress..), I love RPG
                  games. My favorites that i can play over and over again : The Dragon
                   Age series, Mass Effect series, Assassins creed 2, AC IV, Red Dead
                   Redemption and … I feel like thats it. I love pokemon on my 3ds along
                    with ocarina of time and majora’s mask. I just love games. Im a sucker.

Natural Hair Problems 101

I totally enjoy being positive about hair and stuff

But lemme make this clear. 

If your ass doesnt want to “go natural” then don’t.

You don’t have to convince me why its not for you, you don’t need to tear down my routine and make excuses. You also don’t have to justify how expensive it is compared to your current routine.

I dont care.

you want tips on how I do what I do? Ask, I got you.

Otherwise get out of my face with your BS cause thats all it is. 

If its not how you wanna rock your hair then dont? Its not that hard a conversation. “Its not for me” dassit.

as much as i love leafy + all he needs to understand that his words do hurt. calling milo an ‘it’ and trisha a ‘pig’ isnt excusable just bc he says its satire. rn im really hoping that theses are jokes gone too far (so he can appease his fanbase thats made up of mostly teenage boys who’re ‘edgelords’) and not his actual opinions. bc if so that shows just how ignorant he is since he doesnt see that he has fans who’re trans or fat. 

Okay, so it’s Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day! (or it was yesterday *shakes fist at time zones*) I wasn’t going to make a post - because I suck and then I realised that is the exact opposite point of today. 

It’s sad we need an appreciation day - it really should be every day. But, regardless today is a day that gives you no excuse to indulge in your favourite fics again - just because and leave a lovely comment on them (even if you’ve done it before). Send your fave authors some messages, tell them you appreciate their existence or the worlds they have created around characters they don’t own. Show them that this free service is worth their time. Remind them that you care.  

I won’t type out a page of titles, each work belonging to their significant author. But, instead I will tell you to check out these wonderful blogs and the authors that run them, I will encourage that you scope out their fics and put a few minutes into reading them. Which is nothing in comparison to the hours and days that go into crafting these pieces for your enjoyment.

My clawen loves:






These Hayffie masterminds:
(whom of which I don’t give enough love to, and I’m sorry)



An extra two; whose fics I don’t read but I see them working hard and I just wanted to acknowledge that:



So happy FanFic Writers Appreciation Day, I hope you’ve been adored and showered in appreciation. You all deserve it. Times a million.

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omg okay i thought you were still okay with those ships im so sorry! have you unfollowed the people that ship it? bc i really do like your blog id love to refollow :D

i was!!!! never okay!!!!! thats what im trying to say, my main issue was people saying that im okay with the gross ass ships because i was unknowingly mutuals with people who ship them. unknowingly!!! thats why i reacted so strong bc i felt like this was vry unfair!!! i never tried to protect anybody else but myself, i never made excuses for anyone else i just… tried to explain why i feel attacked and why its making me so upset…

but yeah i do try to unfollow people as soon as i learn abt their involvement i cant promise that im 100% clean but i dont think anybody can, but i honestly try to unfollow people who excuse or actively participate in this mess

or i talk to them to see what they rly think

anyways thank u so much for giving me a chance, not everyone is willing to do that and its so hurtful tbh

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THANK YOU for that kenny p post. i was kinda worried tbh that i was the only one whobsaw that interaction and thought coh hey theres my abuser" so i havent wanted to say anything. And like i KNOW thats me projecting and i can SEE why ppl like him1/2

but STILL i get so nervous around bloggers who are ready to make every excuse to defend him and love him and lift him up 2/2

yes holy shit omg. i project onto jack a lot now tbh but i don’t think i really started doing that until those panels because it just was so goddamn similar to what i’ve been through. and seeing people so willing to defend what he did makes me so anxious like there’s a little voice in the back of my head going “this isn’t someone you can be 100% safe around because they think this is okay” and i know i’m probably overreacting but i have to be so careful with that now


hello, it’s been a while.

i won’t make any excuses anymore, i’m just a lazy piece of shit and i need to get my life together. i know you guys have been worrying about me and i’ve been worrying about me too. these past few months, my happiness has been plummeting and i’ve tried to be as positive as i can but that’s kind of hard, partially due to most of my family being verbally and physically abusive towards me, but thats for another time. but now that school is starting again, i want to do my best and i want to succeed in everything i do, so i will try my hardest to achieve everything i want and i’ve set myself a goal to post at least one scenario/chapter a week. as a fresh new start, i’ve deleted all the past requests i hadn’t started writing yet and i will keep the requests closed until i post all of them. as for admin gabby, she’s still thinking about staying on this account, and until she makes up her mind, i will have the full control over this account. i hope you will continue to support us and give us as much love as you can. thank you, so so much.

-admin percy


Avian:Ooo. That bad, huh?”

Dahlia: “Don’t even get me started. I haven’t gotten a consistent gig schedule in ages. I used to be making some kind of headway years ago; I played around the state, met people, and at least one of my albums sold pretty well. People knew my name then, but since I slowed down, it’s so hard to get back in the game, and when I’d thought I did, it never took off. Plus, nothing I write has been any good lately, and it just…feels like I’ve hit a wall.”

Avian: “I get what you mean. It’s tough being your own agent.”

Dahlia: “Yeah, I’ve been regretting it for a while now…”