Finally I’m done with this one. I wanted to explore Toffee’s clothing (and with this Septarian culture) since I saw that post . So, yeah I kinda mixed Byzantine, Indian, Chinese and Ancient Egypt (and maybe some more) stylies together.


my sketches are Small and Bad™️, featuring all your fave characters:

- scritchy scratchy drummer girl
- dirk idk what happened gently
- im so sorry jade
- forehead brotzman

I just have to say, I’m a little amazed after seeing that episode The Ringer from Justice League Action.

Because for the longest time, the only person we’ve seen from the Sinestro Corps be animated was just Sinestro.The only time we’ve ever come close before this with an animated Sinestro Corps was in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and they’re only there for less than five seconds just to pose:

But now with Justice League Action, we have the first episode to have a member of the Sinestro Corps involved with the story as an actual character and not just an extra in the background. And the character they chose was


Or as my sister likes to call him, the Space Squidgie.

The Sinestro Corps has characters like Arkillo, Karu-Sil, Lyssa Drak, but the very first actual animated adaptation of any of them is the member who’s a biovirus.

I’m not saying this because I’m mad, if that’s how it’s sounding. Despotellis is pretty cool (and terrifying, because that’s a SENTIENT BIOVIRUS). I’m talking about this because it’s kind of amazing???

This is the character that was joked about and people at DC said there would never be a figure of him (which ended up being WRONG. I have that figure!), but on top of that, he’s the first one animated! The biovirus!

And I just have to say: Good job, Despotellis. You were created with low expectations, and look at where you are now.

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Titled: Big Black and Little Blue

Thought I’d have fun drawing Jack and Pitch just kinda sneaked his way in there.
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