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can i roleplay as your gaster on facebook?

short answer:


longer answer:

i’m very, very uncomfortable when other people try to rp my character. there’s so many things planned and in the works, and assuming others would have the same ideas is too much paranoia. I’ve spend a good 6 months making this character, giving him depth and a multi-faceted personality. Letting others take control of that is just not going to happen. There’s an infinite number of gasters and iteration of the same character, but this one is mine, y’know?

so i wanna be as gentle as i can, but there is absolutely no way in hell I’d ever let anyone rp my gaster

thanks for the sweet messages my guys u r literal angels and ily all sm u HAV no idea how much u guys have helped me thru things in most toughest moments over years

anyway I got school tommorow so I’m out, so I’ll respond to the messages in morning!

here’s a thing though as a woman on the internet like I’ve been talked about and at in sexual ways six ways from sinday since I first booted a computer. I’ve been a part of so many forums and chats, I’ve been roast, toasted, and burnt to a crisp as a joke and with malicious intent.

maybe that’s really skewed my reactions to what goes on here, because I’m generally unaffected by 99% of shit that goes down around the Internet so when someone who isn’t used to it flips their shit (as long as it’s not like genuine harassment or stalking like if they’re lurking and get hurt feelings) it honestly shocks me. if people are joking around (which yeah, I’ve been joked on. my most popular text post on this website is now me getting roasted) and not intending harm or shoving it in your face then I don’t see the point in getting heated over it. maybe I just don’t deal with it on the same level as some people, I don’t know. our perspectives are vastly different on this subject.

so let me see if i can articulate a thing

i obviously do not believe in or agree with the whole “victimization” rhetoric people use to shut up marginalized voices narrating and examining their own oppression. However, sometimes–especially when there’s so much shit going down all the time–we can start to see it when it’s not there, or we can become so sensitive to it that it is there but we blow it out of proportion. I do believe that happens on occassion and I work to be critical of it in myself. It’s one of many reasons why critical distance is so important.

Now that being said I often tell my students “start with a feeling” and I think that’s good advice. Often times you will react to something without being critically cognizant of what you are reacting too. So if I find myself particularly irritated or frustrated what I have discovered, time and time again, is that there is sexism there. It’s a tough dance between “am I reading this correctly or am I overreacting?” But that’s what it means to live critically in the world.

Now several things have happened in the last few weeks that have me…emotionally off-center. There was the facebook Ghostbusters fiasco (I took the post down) that I still keep asking myself, “did I overreact?” Not about the obvious mansplainer but the more standard conversation that followed with other men. Then there was a good debate with my brother wherein I articulated (I am super stoked I got this moment into words. I’m paraphrasing here) “I am not going to apologize for knowing things! I am educated. I do know many things that other people do not and while that doesn’t give me the right to force decisions on them it is not wrong or unethical of me to assert my knowledge as valuable and justified!” I then went on to point out that he shifted the debate from where we started (capitalism) to a subtle ad hominem attack on my statements. He listened, as he almost always does, and we live and love to debate another day. (I seriously lucked out in the sibling department fyi.)

Okay and then I went to play Magic Cards with 5 men who are all older than me that I grew up with. My brother and four of his friends, 2 of whom I was in highschool with, and 1 my brother graduated HS with who married to my cousin. One of them in particular has an interesting relationship to gender; he keeps himself so carefully cloistored choosing to interact through his “jokey” self. A self that primarily makes jokes about sex and body parts and is semi-constantly engaged in a game of chicken.

Spoiler alert: I’m really good at that game. You want to try and get me to blush? Make me embarrased? Out do me in the game of who-can-say-the-most-sexually-inappropriate-thing? Not going to happen. I’ll win almost every time I really want to. I’ll take it farther and I’ll go harder. (That’s what she wishes he said.)

So there’s this guy who can dish it but can’t take it but won’t stop regardless. Then there’s another guy I like and respect who, while absolutely aware of social lines in a professional capacity, nonetheless has a very complicated relationship to systemic inequalities on the personal level. And then there’s just the usual run-of-the-mill “we’ve known each other since we were 10 and 14 and our relationships are surprisingly complex for being so shallow.”

But by the end of the night I was in full lockdown. What I mean by that was I was so tired of the sexism, the dismissals, the questioning, the subtle undercutting, and the emotional warfare that I said to my brother “I have one more game in me and then we’re going to have to go.” I literally couldn’t take it anymore.

So the question is: is what I feel legitimate or am I overreacting?

Now before you answer let me say one thing. I know what I felt was “legitimate” but I don’t mean it in that way. Obviously there was sexism at work. There always is in a dynamic like that. But the presence, even frustratingly so, of sexism doesn’t mean that my…extreme emotional reaction to it is justified. Some of this could still be on me. I guess my question is where and how much.

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full offense i just want everyone to know that i will forever hate the grand majority of the one direction fandom that tore liam to fucking shreds when he gained back weight after renouncing his unhealthy workout routine + meal skipping but gave harry nothing but endless support and love when he started to do the same 


favorite comic character meme: [2/2] colors.
“ i’m my own woman. first, last and always.


a detail - Solas makes this last gesture with his left hand, which is really weird because he’s right-handed. His left fist then flashes.

It’s weird until you think the Inquisitor always had the Anchor in their left hand.

This might have been obvious to other people, but I always thought that, since the Anchor was so unstable, that it meant this was the end for the Anchor. Goodbye, see you later.

But I mean, looking at this, there’s a good possibility that he now has the Anchor in his left hand, isn’t there? - that the flashing means it was transferred, and stable again. Only he can control it and live, right? Well, it’s not going to melt down on him. It likes him.

So all the powers the Anchor could do… the Mark of the Rift, the overpowered projectiles barrier… the explosions… opening and closing rifts… over powered. I don’t want to fight that (too).

Saving the Inquisitor (for now) is really nice, but so is getting the Anchor back under his control. Two birds, one stone, and all that. I won’t be surprised if his hand is glowing later, is what I’m saying.


i’ll teach ya how to buy a canoe and more

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It was a sunny day when Napsu decided to go on adventure. Unfortunately he tripped while walking and fell in to a ditch. THE END

remember when I asked you guys about some awful bedtime stories? This isn’t it.

he doesn’t get the word allusion


when will 1d ever

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Supercat, 51. My parents asked about you.

51. “My parents asked about you.”

Cat taps her fingertips against the marble countertop as she waits, as patiently as she can manage, for Kara to spit out whatever has been playing on her mind all night.

It’s been weeks since the girl has acted so uncertainly around her – weeks of stolen kisses and wandering hands behind closed doors, weeks of them dancing around their feelings and pretending that this was just some kind of itch to be scratched and that it didn’t mean anything.

Cat had been the first one to crack, when she’d overheard some guy in a suit asking Kara out at the CatCo Halloween party and, as Kara had hesitated, Cat had been stricken by the thought that she might say yes.

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Really? 2005 P&P? I almost shouted at the screen and it wasn't of delight. Keira has a pretty face, even if she is too skinny, and was a good enough Elizabeth Bennet. But the scenes in wich she was with her hair undone were ridiculous. A respectable gentlewoman would never be seen with her hair undone! It had a strong sexual meaning at the time. And Mr. Darcy asking her hand to Mr. Bennet without being dressed properly? At the 1995 series, Colin Firth is only dressed with breeches and a wet

Ahahahhahahahahahaha well, I’m so sorry we don’t have the same taste! But I think you’re complaining of historical inaccuracy and not about her hair being “ridiculous”. I think you’re talking about her generally messy hair:

Originally posted by amela22

Before anything we need to address the issue that this is a film, and as such the costume design, hair and makeup (along with aaaaaaaaaaall the art related departments) are working based on a creative concept that gives the aesthetic for the film. In this case the aesthetic is clearly inspired in the natural/wild/beautiful british countryside (take a look at the colours, the way landscapes are portrayed, the fabrics, the makeup and of course the hairstyles). In contrast, our beloved 1995 series has a more civilized, elegant and clean aesthetic (and not because of that less pretty, interesting or accurate for the story!).

Originally posted by anamorphosis-and-isolate

When you work in costume design, you need to give information about the characters to the audience without saying a word. Same goes for the hair and makeup. You choose everything carefully for every single thing gives the same message: the shoes, the bonnet, the simple coat, the muddy bottoms of the dress, the rosy cheeks, the messy hair. That hair gives a message (that you clearly got! Even if you also have the historically accurate fact about what that meant back in the day).

Now, here is the simplest way to get the message in the context of the movie and (quite smartly) to the eyes of the audience at the same time that to the eyes of Darcy:

An accomplished elegant lady:

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And a lady who (according to Caroline and Darcy) is not:

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In the 1995 version the contrast is quite more subtle, almost seems that Caroline Bingley is simply more posh that Elizabeth and that’s it:

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I don’t think we all need to talk about how Caroline Bingley is quite pretty, elegant, in fashion and with perfect hair in both versions.

Also we have the contrast between Darcy’s world:

Originally posted by whisperofttheheart

And Elizabeth’s world:

Originally posted by lisbethsalandrr

Actually the whole movie (visually) talks about the contrasts between both worlds, and that’s charming.

And let’s not forget about the last part of the ask: Darcy not being properly dressed. Here are a few things to think about this choice:

1. It’s fuckin’ Darcy, he can get away with anything. But only Colin Firth can really be above all Darcies out there:

Originally posted by therealelizabethbennet

2. Let’s think, why would such a gentleman go to ask for the hand of a lady in a) breeches and wet shirt; or b) breeches, shirt and just any coat thrown on top?

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Hint: he tells Elizabeth (and us) the reason before.