• My portrayal of Ray:Wow life goals or wife goals, so put together, the responsible adult, kind and brave, a natural born hero, mom friend who takes no shit
  • Also my portrayal of Ray:Thinks the most logical solution to when a monster won't attack is to physically lift it up and chuck it at the other duelist

I…grooming? Really? A man who was hired to be a bodyguard and, from everything we’ve seen of canon material (which is just the Going Legit comic and Moment in Crime), does what Rat wants to do?

What about their relationship, aside from Hog’s size, keeps making people think Rat is this easily rewritable child and Hog is a controlling predator?? I honestly don’t understand. Are we looking at the same canon?

Like. Fuck. It’s a big age gap. It’s totally fine not to be comfortable with it until you start forcing that discomfort into more serious accusations with no weight behind them.

If you want to talk grooming in a romantic relationship, let’s talk teenager Angela and Commander Jack. Teenager Jesse and Captain Gabriel.

But a 25 year old man being groomed by an older man who has no power of authority over him whatsoever? Miss me with that shit.

We’ve talked about it but obviously one of the reasons Coulson was forcing himself to appear somewhat neutral (lmao, neutral, have you seen your face, Phil?) in front of Daisy is because he knows Daisy, he knows what other people feel and want affect her incredibly, and he didn’t want his own feelings on the matter to influence her decisions - if she doesn’t want to go back to the team Coulson wants her to have the freedom to make that call without having to think about others, which is impossible because Daisy is always thinking about other people and never about what she wants, but in any case, he wants her to have as little pressure from his side as possible.

And one of the most frustrating things about the others treating Daisy like shit is that they acted like they didn’t know her at all. They’ve known her for years, yet they acted like they can totally believe Daisy would ever make a choice based on selfishness or that she would actually turn her back on the team or that she would ever push them away for anything other than a selfless drive to protect them all. That’s so shitty. You know Daisy, why do you act like she is a completely different person just because you’ve had your feelings hurt and apparently you can’t stop to consider why Daisy is doing this and how she must feel.

What I liked about Coulson’s reaction to Daisy - from trusting Robbie just because she does to trying not to let his own feelings pressure Daisy to giving her the chance to help people - is that it shows how he knows Daisy better than anyone in the world.

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Oh and sorry for the spam, but Zenri (huehuehuehue~) or Namin (huehuehuehue~). I think I know the answer, but I still want to ask. xD

(That’s no trouble. Nor spam. Flood me more ♡ )





That’s a hard choice because I don’t know NaMin interactions at all! It could be cool and work but Nathan is trolling Minmin most of the time. So..? How would he behave romantically? It’s hard to know. I would rather have Bythan :v I’m sure ~le King~ would tone down the ZOEIRA spirit within Nathaniel’s body (just a tiny bit. When they are alone. Maybe?). And it would be really romantic. And beautiful. Sparkly. And night whispery. Because Byron is also an owl.

ZENri on the other hand is… almost.. canon orz
I can picture them together already. And I cri. CRIIII tears of blood andsometimesjoy. It would be nice to see ZEN overcoming his prejudices for a change. And I think the troll spirit could actually help ZEN get over his narcissism. And they would look good together. Jaehee’s fujoshi spirit would be awakened and dckkdfbnlkklefklg it would be nice.

But I choose Nanri >:V 

bwahaha! give me 5 for the bromance~! Best interactiong ever.

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Maybe Ritsu slowly comes to regard it the same way he regards Reigen - an annoyance, but a necessary one for Mob's sake. Except with a bit more fear and respect than he's ever felt for Reigen.


“if me and the spider is stuck in a house on fire who would you save?” “idk that glass jar is definitely lighter than a full grown man” 

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Why do you believe in God? I was raised catholic but I've never really believed...

Dear Anon…

This is an interesting question…ummmm…why do any of us believe anything really? I dont know…i just do. Alot of it has to do with my cahtolic upbringing…but i mean thats not really a reason…i mean it is because thats how god chose to reveal to me who he was but…i was born three months premature and shouldnt be alive. My mother, a teenager, prayed and prayed and begged and begged god to let me live…she told me a story about how when she found out that something happened….they couldnt get me off the respirator after an open heart surgery she ran back and forth in the hallway saying the hail mary. They had to find the nurse she trusted and liked out of all of them to calm her down. I shouldnt have legs…I shouldnt be alive…i am here because god wanted me here…thats why i believe in god because i shouldnt be alive and i am and to me he is the only reasonable explanation. thanks for asking anon and pleasant dreams.



Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman. 


*leaves this here and runs away*

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favorite comic character meme: [2/2] colors.
“ i’m my own woman. first, last and always.

full offense i just want everyone to know that i will forever hate the grand majority of the one direction fandom that tore liam to fucking shreds when he gained back weight after renouncing his unhealthy workout routine + meal skipping but gave harry nothing but endless support and love when he started to do the same