When John is still at work and you think you are hungry

When John is not at home and you need a pen on the coffee table desperately

When it’s obvious that Mycroft has lost some weight

When you accidentally calls Lestrade “Greg” and Lestrade seems happy

When Molly refuses to give you some severed toes

The weather is so hot that you may have to take off your Belstaff coat

the dream pack, 1/4  → oleksyi prokopenko

prokopenko’s parents die when he’s nine years old, a car accident in between reruns of his favorite cartoon when he’s up too late and his old, faded babushka gently says he should go to sleep. they tell him it was something like brakes that stopped working or ice on the road. he never asks for the details, and they never tell, shipping him off to some uncle in america as soon as they can.

For some reason I went and counted up all the nonfiction articles I’ve put up over at KoryosWrites, and it turns out that the social spider article was my 40th one! Wow! That’s… more than I thought I’d written.

Now I kind of want to do a special 41st article… but I can’t actually think of anything. Thoughts?

Well They’re Agents, What Do You Expect?

Note: Hey guys, so I was hit super hard by Secret Agent Au feels, so hopefully you enjoy this. Every single BTS member has a part, and some of it is pretty M rated.  If you’re feeling a little lost, I would recommend reading my previous agent au fics found on the Game Time Masterlist.  

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