The Act of a Leader- Voltron

He watched. Thats all he did, thats all he ever did. From a safe distance, with hairs raised to attention, on high alert. Although tensely, he enjoyed watching Shiro, his hero, his idol. He liked to observe the the otherworldly man at work. He loved the image of strength, the aura of power that Shiro exuded, he was the ultimate warrior that Lance aimed for. And because he liked to observe Shiro so much, he began to notice. He noticed the walls in place, how he would shy away from unexpected or unwanted attention, how he would flinch, however minuscule, when he had to make a big decision. It was with Lances hobby of watching that he got to know Shiro truely, he found that the illusion of a strong warrior was just that, an illusion. Sure he was physically adept, he could bench press a cow and not break a sweat. But mentally, thats where the fragility of his heroic act sprouted.

He got to know Shiro, he got to know the flaws and cracks of his hero’s mannerisms. With the knowledge of imperfection, of hidden pains and silent anxieties Lance was at a loss. Sure, he wanted so badly to go, in the dark of the night, or when all else was silent, and pull Shiro into the warmest, safest hug, let Shiro feel relaxed, safe for once. Unwound the tenseness that was always present in Shiros shoulders but Lance, could never bring himself to.

But, to bring up harsh realities, to outright say that his mask wasn’t good enough could very well break Shiro, leaving no glue behind to keep his fragile heroic act together. Lance couldn’t do that to him, he couldn’t bring himself to break his idol. Sure, he had hope that Shiro was strong enough to keep his act together, to continue being the strong leader that everyone looked to. But he had his doubts. He so badly wanted to comfort his leader, so badly wanted to hug him into a safe place but with the war going on that could cost the entire universe…. Comfort could wait, this strong mask Shiro made for the team needed to hold out for just a bit longer.

He idolised him, the stark difference between them was something Lance marvelled at, a large gap that Lance someday wished to close. If he could, although very unlikely, ever be on par with Shiro’s strength, his leadership, ever be enough to step in and take over as Shiros right hand man, thats when he would allow his heart to lead him, lead him to Shiro, let him comfort him. Maybe even then, maybe Lance would’t be enough for Shiro, but for Lance, just letting Shiro know that he was there for him, that someone would be in his corner, that would be enough.

If Shiro ever did feel the need to fall back on Lance, Lance would welcome it with open arms.

  • Pete: Hi
  • Brendon: it was the summer of 2001, and Joe meets Patrick and he's like "yo, I know about music." then Patrick's like "yo I know more about music!" "that's impossible. so you wanna start a band?" and Patrick's like, "yeah that's cool." and then, he's like "yo this is a book store not a music store." and then they met at Patrick's house. so Patrick's wearing shorts, socks, and a hat. Patrick is playing drums for some fuckin' reason and then Pete's there for some reason. and they start playing music together and they're like "oh, let's play some covers from some other bands." it was like Green Day, and fuckin' Misfits, and fuckin' Ramones. Pete said to Joe, "yo, that's dope, but we need a fuckin' drummer." because Patrick's playing drums and he's a singer. Patrick's like "yo, I got a soul voice," and they're like "wait how do you have a soul voice?" and he's like "yo, watch this: YEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEeeeeeeAAAAAAAAaaaaAAaahhh!" and they're like, "oh my god, that sounds like soul!" so they put it in a song, and it was like, "WHERE IS YOUR BOY TONIIIIIIIiiiiiIIIIIIIIIiiiIIIIIIIGHT?!" and they're like "yo that's fuckin perfect, this is Fall Out Boy." and they made records like Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend. Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend, everybody loves it. "it's called Evening Out With Your Girlfriend." with your ex-girlfriend. it's called evening out with your Ex-girlfriend. it's called eating out your girlfriend, and it's real and it doesn't matter. and Pete talked to Patrick and Joe and he's like "you what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. yo, this is gonna be fuckin' doooooooooope!" so they made a record and it was called Take this to Your Grave. they made it without a drummer, and they had like 3—4 drummers come in. The four drummers they had come in were like Josh Freese, Neil Pert, the dude from Toto, the fourth one was like the guy from Papa Roach or something, and they're like "you, we need Andy Hurley. Andy Hurley. Take This to Your Grave. Fuckin' record it." and he did, and he killed it, and he was like "bigidalililililillillilila, PSHHH!" killin' the skin, tapping the skins, tapping the rim, playin' the shit, killing these bitches, rapping it out. you're getting a fucking tattoo right now?! what the fuck is going on?! We should get signed to Fueled By Ramen, 'cause thee guys know what the fuck is going on. and they were like "yo, if you can make our scene any bigger than it is, which is not fuckin' hard, we will sign you guys." and Pete was like "yo, we got this record that's fuckin' dooooooope, dude, it's called Take This to Your Grave, it's called From Under the Cork Tree it's gonna be fucking huge." and then Patrick's like "I gotta keep it real, I gotta keep it artistic, these are three songs that are gonna make the album and it's called-BURP-Thnks Fr th Mmrs, 20 Dollar Nose Bleed, and Sugar, Were Goin' Down. and they made this record that was fuckin' dope, and it fucking hit on the charts like one two three, three two one, three four five six seven eight nine ten. ten to one. From Under the Cork Tree sold like four million records. ten million records. fifteen million records. and Brendon Urie had nothing to do with the entire record. and Patrick was like "that's gooooOOOOoooooOOOOOOOOd." Pete was like, "yo, fuck you I can do whatever I want." and Joe was like, "yeah it's cool man whatever I don't give a shit." and then Andy was like "eh, cool." and Pete was like "Make up is fuckin' great for a guy. because it makes a guy look beautiful, which a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful. and I wanna change that. I wanna make sure everyone thinks that guys are beautiful." I'm good so far yeah. yeah I do. SHUT THE FUCK. oh fuck, alright alright. Pete was like "oh my god, I'm so embarrassed about this dick pic." and then I saw the dick pic and was like "ah it's not bad." it's not a bad dick. let's be real. we made Rollins Stones one issue before Fall Out Boy. and Fall Out Boy made the issue right after us and they were so pissed they were like "yo, fuck you guys!" they're like "yo! Panic! has the fuckin' cover for Rolling Stones, yo, fuck these dudes, we're gonna fucking go miles above. we're gonna hit every fuckin' continent there is known to man." but they didn't because they missed a second of time. apparently they were like "oh shit, we got every continent." and they didn't actually hit it. dude, and Pete was like, "WHAT THE FUCK?! 'oh you didn't fuckin' make the continent' it's like FUCK YOU!" so From Under the Cork Tree happens, we fuckin' have three-four years of awesomeness. like, people are coming in themselves 'cause it's so big. Alright so Fall Out Boy was like-- so Patrick's like "yo, we are going to name these records from under the Cork tree and from Innity-- from infinity on high." Pete was like "yo folie à deux means the theatric of two." "The madness of two." oh sorry I'm sorry. follow boy was like "yo we got to take a break." Meaning Pete was like "yo we got to take a break bro." and Patrick's like "I need time for my music. UHUhUhUHuhUUUh." and joes like "yo I need time to find the fucking art dude I got to find some fucking me-- metal" and andys like "i'm just gonna play with some fucking metal bands." and they're like "all right this breaks been like three years long two years long three years long 3 1/2? we gotta fucking come back man we gotta come back strong." you took my beer away what the fuck? "no you poured it all over yourself." "yeah you poured it on yourself man here." "we got to make this shit legit it's gonna be fucking dope it's going to go fucking sky high. we're going to make a fucking record that sails the skies. we're going to call this record save rock 'n' roll." so they made alone together light 'em up alone together Phoenix. and everybody's like "what the fuck? you're working with this guy who fuckin' recorded Avril Lavigne and P!nk." is this pu-- what the fuck is this on my shirt, did I puke on myself? oh god. Pete was like "yo were gonna end up on a tour with Panic! At The Disco and twenty pilots. and that's all and that's all that matters. and that's just how the fuckin' story goes."
here’s some of my thoughts :)

arzaylea is a liar, a manipulative, malicious human. this is what we know, has been shared with us, and she shows time and time again. here’s what i think about her drama: 

it totally has to be for publicity bc everyone else that is/was also closely with the boys, are coming out, and shutting her down. the list goes on of all the shit arzaylea has done to other exes, ex friends, even what she’s done to fans.

i’m not discrediting what she said bc i think i know the boys, no never. i’m discrediting her bc actions speak louder than words & her actions vs. the boys’ actions shut her down automatically. on top of that, damage control hasn’t come through to clear it up yet, so obviously all the boys are unphased by the entire ordeal & there has to be nothing but a pile of shitty ass lies in what she’s said.

ALSO!! this tea she supposed to be spilling???? ain’t been spilled yet and it’s almost been 48hrs since she announced she’d spill it, soooo???? she says she’s mature & tries to act as if she is, but a mature person wouldn’t have threatened to expose her ex before they talked privately and seen that the other party gave zero fucks.

it’s universally known that if you wanna expose an ex, come classy privately in a phone call, dm, text, whatever; and if they don’t care, you expose. you don’t blast them out in the comments on their picture for their fans to see, fans of which already don’t like you. she says this wasn’t for attention, but baby it has “LOOK AT ME!” written all across it.

her comments literally fucking sound like a dramatic ass intro to a fanfic gone wrong. i read them and instantly said “tf is this?” not bc i didn’t believe her, just bc of the way it was done. do i know 5sos personally? no. do i know everything they do/say? no. what i do know, is actions speak louder than words and their support & love & appreciation, speaks volumes over her slander to their names.

and don’t get me started on how she fucking bullied a girl off the internet bc she was supposedly the one behind arzayleatheory or whatever on twitter & now claims that Crystal is behind it. bitch, crystal’s a PR agent with much better shit to do than run an exposing fan account about you. no one needs to expose you, you expose yourself!!

i won’t say all of it is 100% false, but enough people closely connected to the boys have come forward to say “bitch you’re lying sit yo ass down.” so until i hear/see her “”tea””, or see some receipts, i think she lying bout some shit and THAT’S the tea!!!

- queen xx