@sixpenceee in 2010 I got to take a tour of the Woodmen’s Circle Home in Sherman, Texas. In the 1930′s it was a home for widows and orphans and is said to be haunted. It was abandoned in the 70′s and has been decaying ever since. While on the tour I didn’t see any signs of it being haunted, but i did manage to take some great pictures.

Edward Elric - Fanart. After a relatively long break at summer camp, this is my come back, and I’m starting out strong. I really love how it turned out. And I missed drawing digitally so I enjoyed every moment of quite complicated shading and lighting and special effects :3

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

all time favourite klance characterization

lance: passionate, fiery and hotheaded. impulsive. never thinks anything through, means well. doesnt understand his own feelings
keith: cool and distant to the point of stand-offishness. in love w shiro but willing to date lance. practical

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You're like a King Arthur expert or whatever, right? So when I was like 8 I pulled the sword from the stone, does that mean I'm the king of England?



🌻💐🌹🌷🌸 hi everyone !! 🌸🌷🌹💐🌸

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By her own admission, Raisman is quieter and more intense than some of her fellow gymnasts. She’s a serious competitor! But when conversation turns to Biles, Raisman gets visibly excited.

‘Simone and I always tease each other and give each other a hard time. But that just shows how close we are,’ Raisman says. 'When we’re training, she’s super hyper and I’m a little bit more mellow and more serious. She keeps me giggling, because I get a little bit more stressed out. And I think I keep her a little bit more mellow and a little bit more relaxed.’

'It’s just a good balance,’ she says, reaching for a familiar turn of phrase. 'Opposites attract.’

And as she looks forward to the tour, it’s Biles she can’t wait to see. During the daytime, anyway.

'We’ll be sleeping on buses,’ Raisman says. 'And I’m not sure that me and Simone should be on the same tour bus. We talked about it last night, and we agreed we probably shouldn’t be.’ Biles 'bounces off the walls.’ And at the end of a show, Raisman needs to rest.

'She’s not going to let me get any sleep!’ Raisman insists, adding that Biles and Hernandez will likely 'be going to sleep at 4 a.m. every night. I can’t do that. I can’t handle it!’

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Do you have any marvel/dc blog recs? Bonus points for original content

in terms of blogs in general, you can check out my blogroll and my blog recs tag, because i live in fear of accidentally forgetting someone yikes

for original content, though, some great blogs for edits that i love are: @sergeantbucky, @daisyridlay, @poedameron, @stcvcroger, (actually i’m an admin of @mcugraphics, so that blog in general and all of the other admins are great!!!) so also @montgscotty, @steverohers, @buchunan, as well as @oldbrooklynsoul, and @maymelindas and @eirklehnsherr for aesthetics!! also @eldiablosantana has looovely dc graphics and @titanstogetherr makes great comics edits!!! 

i can’t think of any more off of the top of my head, anon, but i hope this helps you! and honestly i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone i’m so scatterbrained, yikes!!!!!