i’ll always be e/R trash, but courferre is life changing. because it’s characteristically sweet and good and doesn’t make me want to rip my own heart out of my chest 

bravnlarke asked:

Bellarke + 87 + 98? Is that doable? Your choice!

I already did 98, so this ended up just being 87.

Clarke never expected to run into Bellamy Blake again. They were really good friends for a single semester her junior year of college, when they were both studying abroad in Italy, and it was one of those intense, proximity-and-time-based relationships, where they stayed up late drinking cheap wine and talking about everything. She’s pretty sure if they had just had another month, they would have slept together, become more, but–well, they didn’t. They went home to separate colleges on separate sides of the country, and remained friends in the conventional way: Facebook. At some point, he stopped updating or liking anything she did, and she mostly forgot about him.

And then she literally bumps into him at a bar.

She recognizes him instantly, broad shoulders, smattering of freckles, even though his hair has gotten longer and gone curly, and he’s older. He’s still beautiful, like he was, but he’s grown more defined, more real, almost.

Clarke might already be a little drunk.

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Sweet Nothing | Bella + Rod
  • WHO: Bellatrix Black, Rodolphus Lestrange
  • WHEN: October 20, 1977 - Halloween Ball
  • WHERE: Great Hall, around the castle (really where ever they wander, as it’s likely to be all over.)
  • NOTES: Prepare for feels. Also dress. And wow don’t feel the need to match this for length, I got a little out of control here.

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Andrei: No more pink!  I may soil myself with glee.  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Please don’t.

Brigid Steele: SWEET CORN!~

Your services are apparently needed.

Johanna: Something to make the room spin.

Johanna: Fizzy, if possible.  Light on the ash, with a minimum of rat droppings.

Andrei: You’ve been here before, huh?  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Andrei: Here.

Johanna: …………

Johanna: ……

Andrei: …. something wrong?

Johanna (with hard contemplation): Perfect Quality.