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NAME: emily
NICKNAME: literally everyone calls me by my full name even to my face its the curse of having a rly common name tbh, em, savannah calls me mac, a lot of ppl call me hallahan (which makes me sound cooler than i am tbh)
GENDER: h a 
HEIGHT: 5"2″ and some extra 
HOGWARTS HOUSE: hufflepuff af
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: either two or ten tbh

LAST THING I GOOGLED: best hair dye
NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: one bc its a duvet?? why would you need more than one??

DREAM JOB: death

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: black leggings jean things & a grey jumper thats like. rly big. 
WHEN DID YOU CREATE THIS BLOG: idk i think smth like may 2014 bc that’s when i left my old one

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: heathers, memes (unfortunately), grease live, musical stuff, supergirl sometimes
WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK: when i made that post that was an inside joke & it got like. 2k notes? or is it 3k now idk 
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: i had this friend when i was like 12 & she was almost two years older & i thought she was rly cool so i got one to be like her lmao 
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: almost actually ?? actually p much now yeah i just. forget to answer them bc im the worst
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: i was hellacaptainswan bc of my weird ouat phase (i still have urls saved for it i believe) and then i was twelveandhiseyebrows bc we’d been eyebrowless for years. thEN i was clarasnowswald bc christmas & i didn’t change it until my massive wicked phase when i was elphaaba (which i don’t have anymore so don’t ask for it) & then. i got into heathers. and ever since i’ve been heathermcnamaara bc i love my sunshine daughter 

i tag @goddamnnbitch @stupiidfuck @tapedpages @sherbertdab @schvylers @leiaorganajpg and whoever else tbh


So bassically this post is about the fact that Ive lost a lot of muscle

》 Ive been having a really hard time staying on top of my eating habits and just flat out fealing good about myself lately. But the one thing thats keeping me from completly relapsing is the fact that Ive come so far since starting recovery both mentally and physically.
》 my right leg ( left in the picture) has gotten substantially smaller then my left due to being in a boot so now Im trying to get back on track and equal out training.

ahhh aha i draw wataru taller than eichi all the time but in canon theyre the same height but like…. thats just how… it feels right…. to draw them,, eichi is soft with kinda round cheeks and soft eyes and , hips and an a squishy tummy , yeah, abd wataru is taller and thinner w long arms and legs and fingers and ,…… a sharper face shape an bigger nose. Yep

you guys do need a critique tag.
anyways I’m back and looking for pointers on this draw this again. original from 2014 on the left new on right.


Oh wow thats really cute! youve improved a lot, the right back leg looks a bit chunky and the tail looks pretty stiff. But golly gee youve improved a lot i love it ahh

-mod pizza


Kind of a lot happened today, pretty much all of it was good. Work was kind of dumb today and i got stressed out about it, but im over it, other than my back and legs still hurting. I exercised though so i think thats supposed to help a little. Bitch’s master proposed to his girlfriend today. Bitch is so happy to have a mistress. She told me right when master was talking to me about downloading tinder. I kind of freaked out a tiny bit but im okay now. I just get scared a lot.

Master asked me to tell him my rules, but i couldnt remember them. I’m supposed to have them memorized so i need to recite them to myself sometimes. They are(as written in the notebook i lost again):
1. I will tell daddy anytime anything is bothering me. I will always be honest. 
2. I will keep my promise and do anything daddy says no matter what, where or when.
3. Daddy always has the final say, he knows what is best for me.
4. I will do a journal every single night no matter what.
5. I will be shaved smooth at all times for daddy. 6. Daddy is the only one who can make me cum and i can only cum with his permission. 
7 no one can touch me without daddy’s permission. 
8. Daddy wants me healthy, so he chooses what i eat and i will do a minimum of half a hour working out each and every day
9. I require daddy’s permission to spend our money, everything of mine belongs to him, even my body.
10. I belong to daddy, my body is his and not mine. He is my entire world and his happiness comes before mine because i know he will make me happy too
I know that these rules will change and become more strict and i know i will be getting more rules at some point. I promise i will always to my best to follow them and i will accept any punishment that comes from breaking one of my rules. I promise to obey master without limits.

From now on, i am to send master a nude picture from every house i go into at work. I think it’s going to be tough, mostly having long enough to get my clothes off and take a picture and get them on without lisa finding out. I know i would definitely be fired if i got caught. I dont think im worried, i just hope if i get caught it wont be until master is ready for me to move because im pretty sure that would make it hard to find another job.

I asked master to break me like bitch’s master broke her. I think it is the only way for me to truly be a good slave. Right now i have too many feelings and i get scared to easily. Bitch was miserable for the first year she was with her master, but now she is so happy, and all she cares about is his happiness. I want to be as devoted as her. I think there is too much going on in my head and around me for me to truly serve the way im meant to. I know my feelings and happiness arent important but i keep getting scared and freaking out over little things. I might know a lot of what i need to do to be a slave but right now im not very good at it.

Bitch suggested more rules, stricter rules, more punishment, no more romance or sweetness(im hoping that doesnt mean no more daddy time but if it does i’ll suck it up. If master does like bitch’s master did, i’ll be pretty unhappy for a while anyways.) more commanding, less freedom, and a way so that i cant back out. For that, master had me write all over myself, everything that i am. I came up with fuckpig, property, slave, slut, cunt, whore, cumdump, bitch, nothing, fuck holes, rape thing, slut daughter and bimbo. I was told to take pictures including my face for master to hold onto in case i ever want to back out. He will send them to my parents if i do. So i have a feeling i wont be going anywhere.

Master told me to post my phone number for anyone who wants to text me. Anyone who wants can have nude pictures of me and i will fuck them if they live close enough. The number is (734)666-9170.

i said id stop posting about this BUT there are only two things that couldve happened imo

1) jinhwan made a huge mistake and thought itd be funny to parody gfriends fall. i honestly dont know why hed do that cause its rlly unneccesary but he did. and it wasnt even realistic like why did he jump so high.

2) he tried to spin around but in that process he knocked his left foot into his right so he lost his footing. he does have a “weak lower body” or whatevee idk so that adds to that argument. it was probably just a coincidence that it happened to be gfriends song. This was a lot more obvious in the fancam thats from right next to the stage.

honestly i feel like both could be true cause at first i thought it was Theory 1 but after looking at the other fancam i got more conflicted cause like….it really looked he kicked his leg out and lost footing….but theres also too many factors that it would be a coincidence right? so honestly idk at this point