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Consider: A fic where there is only one bed. One person volunteers to sleep on the floor, much to Person B's chagrin. Person B begrudgingly accepts, knowing this means they miss out on sexy times but they can't say that out loud. So they go to sleep. Person A is woken up in the middle of the night to find that Person B has rolled in their sleep and fallen off the bed and onto Person A. Would be cute and sexy if PERSON B DIDN'T WEIGH A SHIT TON OUCH.

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omg imagine a pack vacation, what would it be like? or even them separating in couples and sterek being left by themselves while each couple goes to do what they choose and what would sterek be as tourists? would they like museums, sights, hiking? bookstores, cafés? shopping? they would like to do the same thing or they would fight? their room would be messy or clean? omg chaRLIE STEREK AS TOURISTS

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m dead serious, Stiles.”

Stiles groaned loudly and grabbed his hair- well, raised his hands to dig his fingers into the cap he was wearing backwards, the cap he had thrown on to hide the mess of brown hair on the top of his head, and he clawed at it in frustration.

“Lydia, you can’t seriously want to spend the whole vacation sunbathing by the pool. You’re in Paris, the city of love!” he exclaimed, throwing his arms up. “Explore it!”

“I’m well aware that I’m in the city of love,” Lydia started, still not turning her head to look at him through the big sunglasses she was wearing, “which is why I’m spending every second here with my girlfriend and enjoying it.”

Allison smiled from where she was laying next to Lydia and squeezed her girlfriend’s hand, their fingers laced together. It was kind of gross and Stiles was only a little bit jealous. Not because he was still into Lydia, no he was over that. He was jealous because he didn’t have what they had.

“You can spend time with your girlfriend exploring the city with me. Come on, Lydiaaa,” he whined, his shoulders slumping and his brows furrowing. If he were Scott, he would absolutely be making puppy eyes.

“Scott and Kira are off doing couple-y things with Erica and Boyd, Danny and Jackson are off doing whatever, and Isaac is off flirting with that girl he met. You two are all I’ve got and I can’t go exploring the city by myself!”

“I can go with you,” came a voice from the opened door to their hotel room, a voice belonging to Derek.

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