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Body and Soul (1925), dir. Oscar Micheaux

❝And now as I must carry his work into the byways for other sinners, I’ll be moseying along.❞

Christmas Miracles, mistletoe and an unexpected Santa

Title: Christmas Miracles, mistletoe and an unexpected Santa

Requested by: fuckyeahhyugiohyaoi

Genre: Friendship/fluff/humor

Rated: General

Words: 2.937 (I got carried away, sorry haha)

Note: Not beta’d.

Note2: Following this post, so read it first, please >D


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Jake’s nose is bruised and Gina is pretty sure she knows why

The reaction from the precinct was almost instantaneous as Jake exited the elevator and tried to hurry to his desk.

“Jake, who broke your beautiful face?”

Charles’ cry echoed through the bullpen as he leapt out of his chair and hurried over to his best friend.

“It’s nothing.”

Rosa eyed him over the top of her computer screen. “You look like Barney.”

Jake’s nose was a violent shade of purple and alarmingly swollen, making his distinct facial feature even more noticeable than normal.

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