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  • Sandor: Fuck Brienne of Tarth.
  • Tormund: I'M TRYING TO!
  • Tormund: .....
  • Jaime: ......
  • Tormund: .....
  • Jaime: .....
  • Tormund: She give you that look too?
  • Jaime: The one where it's like she's staring into your soul and finding you lacking and all you want to do is prove you're good enough and honorable enough for her?
  • Tormund: I was going to say the thing about how she looked like she was going to kick your ass and eat your liver for lunch, but that sounds like it'd make her like me more.
  • Jaime: Yeah, I know that look too.
  • Tormund: Tell me about all of her looks!
  • Jaime: *whips out a presentation about Brienne of Tarth, her looks, and why she's the best*
  • Sandor: *raises eyebrows*
  • Tormund: That's a lot.
  • Jaime: *shrugs* We were forced to go on a road trip together. I lost my hand, called her wench, and saved her from a bear. She kept me safe and made sure I got home okay. I gave her my sword and told her to keep it (just like my heart).
  • Tormund: You lucky bastard. How long have you known her?
  • Jaime: Long enough to know I should have followed her the first time I let her go.
  • Tormund: My sympathies. I know what that's like. If it makes you feel any better, I still haven't sparred with her.
  • Sandor: Don't.
  • Jaime: You'll lose.
  • Sandor: She bit my ear off.

fanfic writers appreciation day!

I figured I would share the love like everyone else is today and make a post for all the writers I love! and since I am too emotional I’ll keep my sappy comments to a minimum but just know my time here is better with your wonderful stories so thank you! I admire you all and you inspire me so much! <3

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[ please go follow these amazing writers and send them lots of love and support! and if you want to find the stories i love, you can check out @j-cute  💖 💖 💖 ]

A lame joke
  • *Sam, Dean, and Castiel walk into a bar*
  • Bartender: *looking at the trio* I'm sorry, but we don't allow animals in here.
  • Dean: *looking to Cas* Excuse me? My friend here is a freaking angel. He's done more for this world than you ever could, and if anyone has the right to be called a "person," it's him. So why don't you say that to his face!
  • Bartender: What? An angel? No! I was talking about the gigantic moose that followed you guys in!
  • Dean: Hey! That's my brother you're-
  • Moose: *makes moose noise*
  • Dean: ...
  • Dean: *realizes that they've been walking around with a literal moose all day, mistaking it for Sam*
  • Dean: Son of a Bitch, that's the third time this week
FUCK have i told you all about this au I have where Cosette can see ghosts?

OK so the premise is basically Cosette has been able to see ghosts all her life.This is based on the lines “There is a lady all in white/holds me and sings a lullaby” because as this is sung Fantine is already dead if you’re following book canon (or even musical canon JVJ doesnt leave until Fantines dead and he’s squared off with Javert and then it takes a while to ride to Montfermeil) 


After the barricade, Les Amis stick around as ghosts. I dont know why, maybe they’re in purgatory, maybe thats just what happens when you die, I dont know I’m not a theologian. 

Marius is unaware of the ghosts. But Cosette, who’s been seeing ghosts her whole life, can, and she doesnt think too much of it. Yes, they’re dressed pretty modern, but plenty of revolutions happen, and she assumes they’re from 1830 or 1828.  She and Marius have moved into a nice enough house after their wedding but Paris is full of ghosts as its an ancient city, and shes used to it. 

Until, one day, she notices that the ghosts, especially a dandy with dark curly hair, seem to stick close to Marius. She has an inkling, and she decides to listen closer when Marius tells stories of his friends. She starts to recognize them, from Marius’s tales, and with a sinking heart she realizes, these arent just recent ghosts, these are the ghosts of the June Revolt, and are the closest thing Marius ever had to a family. 

She’s tried to communicate with ghosts throughout the years, with varying levels of success, the most being with her mother. (I will fight to the death over this ok Fantine gets to help raise her daughter beyond the grave) 

Cosette knows that Marius would never believe her, but whenever he goes out for his strolls by the ruins of the Musain or when he’s working at his firm, she endeavors to learn about these people that made her Marius so happy. She learns about their stories, who they left behind. Some, like Courfeyrac, warm up to her immediately, teasing her about Marius, and telling her how they pined. Some, take longer, and she has more trouble understanding. She learns about the peculiar relationship between many of them, which she doesnt quite understand at first, but she supports and endeavors to do better. She learns why they fought, and why they were willing to die for their cause, and finds herself agreeing, although she wishes they might have lived, and that her Marius might have left unscathed. 

She goes out and tries to make right by them, volunteering at the orphanage where Feuilly spent his childhood, paying off Joly, Bossuet, and Grantaire’s tabs at various cafes. She finds the Enjolras family burial plot, and pays for a new headstone, one that says son instead of daughter, and that has the right name. She seeks out Musichetta, Floreal, and Bahorel’s mistress, and befriends them, offering them comfort and support. 

Marius thinks shes a bit odd, going off at all hours, but he assumes shes just giving alms like shes always done.

And finally, once she’s done her best to honor the dead and to befriend those that her husband considered family, she starts to notice a girl ghost, a girl who’s face she hadn’t seen since she was a child, timidly watching.

how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend

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Hi, do you have a list of blogs you recommend following? i know u just movedurls, maybe thats why i cant find it if it exists? thanks and sorry if its right in front of me and im just missing it!

I know I have a list somewhere on my blog - I know I’ve made one before in any case. I think I’m going to update it, though, since there are some awesome new blogs that I follow and some people have changed URLs (and some blogs went private ): ).

The mention function was being really broken on this ask so I had to tag these all by hand. Basically I won’t be making a blog rec post for a while lol.

I’ll be bolding some of my forever faves / friends ^^ (Please no one take offense if you weren’t added to this list, I just have more blogs I follow than I think Tumblr will let me link in one post)

A - C

; aeronsrunestones ; ash-verity ; asksecularwitch ; alpinewitch ; althara ; anothersusurrus ; badoccultadvice ; belladonnaswitchblog ; breelandwalker ; broomcorner ; candlelight-magick ; cannibalcoalition ; casualcurses ; ceramyn ; chaosjelly ; chaosundone ; cladinscarlet ; cunningcelt ; cunninggreeneraven ;

D - F

; da-at-ass ; darkwoodswitch ; digital–witch ; digitalsigils ; divinealtruism ; divineclecticism ; dog-rose ; dontusemycauldron ; draconicastralguardian ; dragonscraft ; duskenpath ; etamina-amata ; feuillemor ; fuckyeahpaganism ;

G - I

; glitz-witch ; graycloak ; greysorcery ; grimoirxc ; grin-the-coyote ; growing-yet-into-magic ; heatherwitch ; hecaatia ; hellboundwitch ; herbs-and-journals ; herbs-and-spells ; hereticalapothecary ; hylianshrinemaiden ; infinitethreads ; inkandsigils ; insertcheesywitchypunhere ; ioqayin ;

J - L

; kitchenwitchcraft ; kittenwicked ; lavenderheljardottir ; lavenderspells ; lazy-technowitch ; little-witcheries ; lotuseatingwitch ; low-budget-witches ; lucasfaraway ; lunaesteria

M - O

; maddiviner ; magicianmew ; magicusersresource ; manic-witchbitch ; memeomancy ; modern-witchcraft ; natural-magics ; neurowitchcraft ; nightkunoichi ; nightshadeleafofcloudsandstars ; ofwoodandbone ; orriculum ;

P - S

; phoenyxoftheashes ; polar-solstice ; pomegranateandivy ; potionslab ;  qedavathegrey ; quartzbound ; queerkitchenwitch ; queerqueerwitchcraft ; ravensnthorns ; recreationalwitchcraft ; ritual-and-chaos ; rootandrock ; saltwaterwitchery ; scarletgloves ; scry-and-sketch ; sealedsigils ; severne-witchcraft ; sigilathenaeum ; sigildaily ; sigiliuvenum (hehe) ; sigil-seer ; sigils-in-your-area ; sigils-r-us ; smokeandblueroses ; sordhent ; spellcraftbaby ; spell-recipes ; spiritapprentice ; spiritscraft ; spooniewitches ; starlit-witch ; stitchingscreamer ; stormbornwitch ; stormwaterwitch ; strangesigils ; stsathyre ; sugarandspells ; swampseer ;

T - V

; teaandspells ; teacupsandcauldrons ; teapartyforthewitches ; thatemeraldkid ; the-aegis-witch ; the-atypical-pagan ; the-friendly-witch ; the-ram-occultist ; thefrogsapothecary ; thekelpiemaster ; themanicnami ; themoonmysteries ; themori-witch ; thepaganstudygrouppage ; thesigilsofbaphomet ; thesubtlewitch ; thewanderesswitch ; thewitchywitch ; thiscrookedcrown ; thistletongue ; thymewitch ; torque-witch ; toxinsandtea ; trialless ; undauntedwitchery ; upthewitchypunx ; urbanspellcraft ; violetwitchcraft ; visardistofelphame ;

W - Z

; w-itchling ; whitewit-ch ; witch-of-roses ; witch-tips-dump ; witchdraft ; witchella ; witches-ofcolor ; witching-while-libra ; witchofkeys ; witchsaves ; witchthatiam ; witchtips ; witchwondering ; witchxstitchery ; witchy-infobook ; witchy-recipes-and-things ; witchy-tips ; witchy-woman ; witchy-words ; wolfofantimonyoccultism ; writtensecretsonparchment ; wyntercraft ; 

I wish I could have bolded thistletongue six times lol

Also, if you give a shit about art, go look at stormwaterwitch’s comic!

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"No dude, that's a bike. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" "Cased closed... this is how your justice ends. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" "Why would you need a key? There's a switch just down next to the steering wheel. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" "It was fun while it lasted, goodbye. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" "My sole interest is uncovering the truth. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" I am having WAY TOO MUCH FUN WITH THIS.

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *working*
  • Molly: *working; wearing a scarf*
  • John: *watching her*
  • Molly: *yawns* I'm just going to get coffee. Can I get you anything?
  • John: *shakes his head*
  • Sherlock: *still working* Black-
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Black coffee, two sugars. Yeah, I know *leaves*
  • John: *frowns* Why do you suppose Molly's wearing a scarf? It's not exactly cold in here.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: Unless it's a present from someone.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: *raises an eyebrow* Or she's hiding something...
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* If it bothers you, just ask her. I have far more important things to worry about.
  • John: *folds his arms* But you know?
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes*
  • John: *thoughtful* I bet it's got something to do with that new surgeon.
  • Sherlock: *ignoring him*
  • John: *concerned* You don't think he...hurt her?
  • Sherlock: *scoffs* I think the male population of London are clever enough to understand what we'd do to them if that was the case.
  • John: *nods* I hope so.
  • Molly: *returns*
  • Sherlock: *stands; approaches her* Thank you, Molly *takes the coffee, smiles; pulls her scarf off*
  • Molly: *squeaks* Sherlock! *covers her lovebite with her hand*
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I didn't hear you complaining at the time, Molly *sips his coffee; smug*
  • Molly: *snatches the scarf; blushing* You're so bloody proud of yourself, aren't you?
  • Sherlock: Yup.
  • John: ...
  • John: *blinking* You two...
  • Sherlock: *amused* I'd be happy to give you a demonstration if that's not good enough.
  • John: *grimaces* No...

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I was wondering if you'd consider doing a continuation of the previously meeting Andreil prompt?? It's so amazing! ❤️❤️

oh look i was garbage again and took like two weeks to write this but anyways here u go!!!!

This is a continuation of this prompt!


When Neil arrived at the South Carolina Airport his lungs felt like they could properly expand for the first time in months.  Like a rib he didn’t even know that he had broken had miraculously healed.

Neil had always secretly liked airports.  While the risks of flying on falsified information were concerning, the constant unfamiliarity of changing flights and passengers warring against the ever familiar feel of routine was comforting to a boy whose life seemed to always echo that exact sentiment.  Neil’s life had always repeated the same pattern: land in a place, stay only long enough that maybe one or two people would recognize him, and then get the hell out on the next available flight.  Maybe airports were comforting because they were the closest thing to a constant Neil had.

The feeling of eyes following him across the arrivals area unsettled Neil deeply.  He forced himself to look up rather than ducking his head and running; like every one of his instincts were screaming to do.

“Josten,” Andrew said in way of greeting.  Neil’s eyes tracked over his jawline, taking notice of how, like with so much more of Andrew, it had sharpened since they were younger.   Andrew’s own eyes looked Neil over slowly like a golden syrup reminiscent of how Andrew’s eyes were thickly coloured.

“I see you still have that God awful duffel bag,” Andrew continued, “Anything else?”

Neil shook his head. “Just this.”  Andrew nodded and took off walking towards the exit, expecting Neil to follow.  Even after so many years Andrew was still predictable.

But apparently so was Neil since he followed him out the door.  

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BLOG RECS!! {content creators}

nobody asked for this BUT JESUS I AM SO ANGRYDUGYUFR their blogs are so nice!!

(there will be stars next to the SO SO SOOO UNDERRATED ones)

this is going to be under the cut but PLEASE CLICK/TAP “KEEP READING” these blogs are actualllly amazing and i have the most underrated blogs that I’ve come across!

it’s organized so u can look for writers, editors, and any other content creators!!

i put a lil over 30 because chances are you probably already follow a portion of them, and also if one of the blogs isnt your style there are other “options” to follow if you know what i mean

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silmaril-br  asked:

Your art style is so beautiful, I really admire it! Thanks for sharing your talent with us and for all the great OP art you bless this fandom with :) I originally ship ZoNa because I love the both of them and I imagine Nami with a bad boy kinda guy, but all the SaNami moments have always made me swoon, there's no way someone can't like Sanji! So, your art is giving me feels and I'll blame you if I end up shipping them as badly as ZoNa! (I kinda ship ZoSaNami but that's for another time lol)

Hahaha yes! You’re right! Like why not? They’d totally look cute together! Let’s SHIP THEM ALLLLL(?)

And thank you so much my dear! I’m blessed with a follower like you! ^_^

Here, have a ZoSaNami!😆


#1. You’re so pathetic! You’ve failed numerous times before and you keep trying to tell yourself you will start again tomorrow. You never do! Stop being a coward and get to work. Your fat will burn itself that all you have to do is wait for the results to come. Do not spend this time waiting while eating. Spend this time while running! Get off your lazy butt and run a mile it’s not that hard you can even read while doing it. Stop being a can of lard and do something about your weight!

#2. Have you searched the hashtag feeder? Go ahead. Look it up. See that? You’re progress will be destroyed. Your hipbones, collarbones, and flat stomach dreams will deflate as your body starts to inflate. It’s disgusting. Your weekly body checks will cause others to repost with the hashtag feeder not thinspo. Choose your posion.

#3. It’s not rocket science. Fasting= being skinner= confidence boosting= making others happier= feeling happier= getting motivated= easier to apply yourself to school or work= succeding. It’s not neurotransmission. Gaining weight= getting fat= lowers confidence= entering depression= constantly loathing yourself= making others feel sorry for you= you will lose your friends from gaining pity= forever alone and sad. Which seems better??

#4. Did you gain weight? The sweetspos wont save you we all know this. You need a strict diet. This certainty didn’t work for you. You’re weak. Grab your dogs leash or put on your sneakers and run a lap around your house or your neighborhood. It’s time you take action for your horrible choices. Start taking charge and you might actually see some weight loss you fat cow.

#5. I’m honestly disgusted by looking at you. Your entire body jiggles when you move. It’s like looking at Jello move when you slap it. You’re friends aren’t fooled either. The reason why they haven’t brought up you not eating is because they are hoping that you might actually lose weight this way. Thats the dream. Your thighs and stomach look like melted ice cream and your arms look like web trying to hang onto a branch. Let me tell you your arms are certainly not branches. Try a little harder next time.

~bell🥀 that’s all for today lovelies💕

📩•do not ever be afraid to fill my inbox or messages if you want a friend, emotional support, Meanspo, thinspo, Ana buddy, tips, anything!


anonymous asked:

You've changed a lot. Change is good, and inevitable in this life time but please don't become materialistic, superficial, while still trying to publicise your spiritual life... it just doesn't mix. I hope you find your true light soon.






and run my course the way i see fit.

if u knew me personally you would know im the furtherest thing from being a materialistic person.. but so what if i have days where maybe i want to be!??!

im allowed to be spiritual and live out a fuckin extra life

i have gemini rising for gods sake 

im a million different people in one

and thats what i love about myself the most. 

i am not just one person you can put in a box and categorise - i am constantly changing, experimenting and evolving as a human. 

i dont see why u feel the need to comment on my life and the way i live it!? 

it is my life after all, if u want to follow me on social media and watch what i get up to and take whatever u wanna take from it thats cool, if u have constructive criticism on something that may help me to grow.. amazing!, but these comments just really piss me off because theres only so much u can see or know about who i really am or things i might be going through, through a screen. 

sorry for being sassy but i just hate getting these messages. imagine if people sent them to you all the time trying to critique the way you live ur life. its exhausting and ur wasting so much of ur own amazing energy on me! keep it for yourself and your life !  (also im only 19, give a girl some time to fuck up and learn from my own mistakes)

much love x 

My 194 Followers giveaway!

I have been stuck between 190-199 followers for at least 4 months and can’t seem to break out of it. Then I remembered I gave away something at 75 followers instead of 100, so screw it, I’m just doing it now!

I will be giving away a new sealed, steel book edition copy of Yakuza Kiwami

if you don’t have a PS4 or already have the game, try anyways! You can give it to a friend! It’ll cover their birthday\christmas present!

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Don’t be shitty and unfollow me afterwards.
because I might actually give away a second copy!
and also I’m a cool guy to follow. Of course, I mean, Come on. I’m giving away a game here and I do art and stuff. I’m into jojo, fighting games, recently overwatch, and other stuff. This blog doubles as an art blog, but my specialty is drawing video game sprites! It’ll be a treat!

You’ve followed people for worse, admit it. If you see this post from a mutual that reblogged it, then chances are us two have similar interests as well!

  • 2. Simply Like and Reblog This Post

Each additional reblog you do will count as an extra entry for you. I WILL take the time to keep count. limit 1 per day though. For example 50 reblogs in one day will not count

And thats all you have to do! Gotta do all 3.

AGAIN, FOLLOW, LIKE, AAAAND Reblog! Last time I did this, alot of people just did one or the other and lost out. Especially not reblogging. I don’t know why people don’t like reblogging me, especially  my mutuals.

No international users. Sorry, Gotta keep it in the States. international shipping is a pain.

I also reserve my right to make up more rules as I see fit. Gotta cover my ass.

This will be up for a few weeks before I enter everybody in a randomizer and pick a winner

Even if you don’t win, I still suggest picking this game up.

I am not endorsed by Sega nor Sony in any way


theres a tumblr limit on sending asks… thats why i cant message each of you individually!! which i wanted to do!! 

for that reason im telling you all at once that ily 💖 and i hope you all have a nice day!!! happy valentines day!!! 

halfway through tagging everyone i decided to make it a follow forever lmao… bc why not… i technically hit another hundred so that can be a reason too

also to all the people that received the message from me…. please dont think im dumb… i genuinely thought it was valentines day yesterday…. im on my winter break and calendar? i dont know her… time doesnt exist….. 😳😩👊🚫⏳

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We Don’t Talk Anymore

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Something short, Angsty, Based on JungKook’s cover of We don’t talk anymore, VKook, Best Friends with Y/N, Friends with benefits

JungKook, Taehyung and you were best friends. Well at least before you have fallen for JungKook because things were going down since then. 

While sitting on the ground topless, JungKook was immersed in this new game he bought. You tried not to eye him, you tried your best but hell knows he was too glorious to resist. Besides you got to touch him whenever you want. He was so close for you to get, or maybe too away.

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