that's why they took a break for a while

So they got to Piltover (and Fate’s not going to be happy about all the cigar ash in his hair when he wakes up).

Inspired by Spring Break 1899

1) First kiss - REQUESTED - Written by Emily - Owner -

Justin always managed to make me feel nervous around him, I don’t know how be just does.

Me and justin was just driving around california and the sun was starting to set, “shall we pull up somewhere and walk about?” He asks turning his head to me and I shrug my shoulders “sure” I smile, Justin presses a button so the partition rolls down and he tells the driver to stop at some place, I don’t know where but justin said he goes there to hike sometime, good thing I’m wearing converse.

We pull up to the place we were going to talk a walk and we both hopped out, me and justin have been talking/seeing each other for and few weeks now and it’s been going great, the best part is that no one knows about us, not his friends or His management or even family.

The only person that knows is his driver and us of course. I’m not famous for anything what so ever, I’m just a sales assistant at MK and a fan of justin, we met at his last ever meet and greet and we just clicked, he asked for my number as we was leaving and we went from there.

We started the walk and let me tell you, I wouldn’t need to go to the gym for a while….“you do this all the time?” You smile as he walks beside you “yeah, I mean when I need to cool off and think about things I come here to chill out” he smiles “it’s beautiful” you smile as you turn around as look at the view that is starting to form as you get higher up “yeah it is” he smiles and you both continue walking.

You get half way and decided to take take a break “wow” you breath looking at the city below you, justin sits next to You “that’s why I love it” he nods, you both sit there for a while and you talk about the most random things, you don’t ask him anything to do with the tour or his career you want to get to know Justin Drew Bieber not Justin Bieber and thats what he liked about you.

After a while you continued walking until you got to the very top and you took a few photos one where Justin was stood right at the edge with his back to you and a few others of the view, you was only going to post the ones without Justin obviously “be careful” you smile standing next to him “I will” he smiles placing an arm around your shoulder and you move in closer to his side “can I do something?” He asks “sure” you smile slightly and next thing you know he’s leaning down to kiss you “had to be done, ya know for future reference” he whispers pecking your lips once more before looking out at the city below.

iveofficiallygonemad  asked:

Ay yo have you ever thought about annabetha with a prosthetic arm. Like au where Will Solace wasn't able to get to her in time during TLO and it's too late to remove the poison so they have to amputate the arm. After the war that's when the camp realizes that there's a "Hephaestus cabin curse" so that means she's gotten faulty prosthetics. Personally I think while she took Leo, Jason, and piper to camp her arm would malfunction and Leo would tinker with it and fix it for her and yeah

…oh gosh though, with that thought in mind: when she’s dangling above tartarus, maybe her prosthetic arm falters, or breaks, and she almost falls because of it before percy grabs her other hand

……why would you put this thought iN MY HEAD OH MY GOD OW

5sos Preference: Fall Morning

Luke: “Stop staring at me.” he grinned, looking at you on the corer of his eye. “The leaves are changing.” you beamed, biting your lip. “You know what that means?” “What?” he murmured, pulling you closer to his side while you two stayed under the covers. “We can take cute couple fall photos and you’re on break. Which means sleeping in and having late nights in front of the TV catching up on all the TV Shows." 

Michael: The leaves crunched under feet with ever step you two took in the backyard. "Michael it isnt even light out yet. I shouldnt be up.” you grumbled, wiping the sleep from your eyes. He shrugged while extending his hand out and grabbed yours so you could climb up into the tree beside him. “Thats why we are up here. The first fall sunrise.” You rolled your eyes,  knowing he was only doing this because you said he wasn’t romantic that often. But in all honesty you loved him in spite of that. “Michael you don’t have to do all this. Come on, lets go back inside and lay in bed like all the other perfect mornings.”

Calum: “Alrught you two go make the pancakes and I will go rake the leaf piles we discussed.” “Daaaaaaad” they groaned. “Fine I’ll make the breakfast you go rake up the leaf piles. But hurry before your mom wakes up. The leaves finally changed and have fallen. Your mom’s favorite season has arrived.” He smiled. “Let’s make a morning out of it." 

Ashton: "hey.” he whispered. You rgraoned trying to go back to sleep. “Wake up babe.” you sighed wiping the sleep out of your eyes. It was a little bit colder in the house this morning. “What?” you mumbled. “I have the fire place started and the coffee made. Lets go out on the couch and sit in front of it and watch the leaves change.” he grinned.