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the great eruri giveaway!!!

come one, come all. i finally got my shit together from my 300 followers, and now i’m at 500, and i’m pretty sure nobody even took this seriously. well GET SERIOUS, and GET READY.

ok enough hype. i’ve collected several pieces of merchandise and some pieces of artwork from our lovely eruri community to give YOU, THE FANS. OF ERURI. THAT’S US. as a big thank you for being the best community in the dig doggity dangity world. i love you jerks so much. so you want this shit? read below for rules and breakdown of prizes.

how to participate

  • only reblogs count as entries 
  • 1 reblog per person, but you can reblog as many times as you want (if you want to promote but not participate, please tag with “no entry” or whatever)
  • must be 18 years or older
  • must like eruri
  • must be able to accept packages from sad old women (that’s me)
  • against my better judgement, international entries are allowed (shipping from the states). you accept custom fees, though. and if i get a lot of international winners, i will need to stagger out the shipping because it’s gonna be expensive. :|
  • you don’t need to be following me, but wow why would you not? i post so much eruri, where the fuck would you be without me? lmao

the shit

1st prize: the otp

  • Traditionally colored piece with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty, long doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin and Levi official merch key holders
  • Cute Eruri fairy bottle charm by @identitypollution
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • OTP Weiss Schwarz cards

2nd prize: the commander

  • pencil sketch with matching ficlet based on a prompt of your choice* (example [x]); original sent to you as well
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Erwin official merch key holder
  • T-rex-chan necklace
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Commander(s) and the liege Weiss Schwarz cards

3rd price: the captain

  • A ficlet based on a prompt of your choice*
  • Two smutty doujin; one by Sable
  • Levi official merch key holder
  • Postcard sized prints by yours truly and @aileine
  • Captain Levi and his squad Weiss Schwarz cards

* Prompts are to be short simple requests (like my tea times). I do not do omegaverse and mpreg. I might be opposed to some other things too, but we’ll have to see and negotiate at the time.
** Not pictured and included in each list are stickers that I’m waiting to come in from @160x188, @nyranin, and @aileine. They will be distributed throughout the tiers evenly.

and the winners are…

going to be announced on may 16th, 2017. i will use a random number generator to make the decision based on the single entry reblogs. please make sure to have your asks or messangers active. if you do not respond by may19th your spot will be forfeit to the next winner. i hope to have everything shipped out and created by mid-june.

so how about it? gimme a reblog, fam!

andromnoms  asked:

Why are you so good at art??? D': Like your style is so simple but really cute and you always manage to make all of your pieces look great!! I spend more than a day on one picture and it ends up looking like crap ;n; (But don't get me wrong I love your art and it's amazing)

AwWH shucks, thank you very much!!!! ;;//A//;; thats very sweet of you! And dont say that!! we’ve all been through that at some point (i still do tbvh!!) @0@)9 ur not alone!

toppdogg as conversations i've overheard at my performance&arts school
  • p-goon: "let's join the baseball club; that's a great way to get active" "are you fucking with me?" "it's a baseball club who doesn't love baseball" "ugh you're such a dad"
  • jenissi: "i remember when mr. bingham had the student coffee machine, then wilson fucking broke it" "that was one time" "you still broke it"
  • seogoong: "who would get food at the school store when there's free food right here" "that's for theatre kids only" "so? free food"
  • gohn: "but you know when she sings the song and goes 'eeee' on the second verse yeah i want to go 'eeee' on the first verse too" "you want to hit a high note?" "oh yeah a high note"
  • hojoon: "i wore no makeup today so i can cry with ease" "kimmi that's so deep" "i know"
  • kidoh: "i want to dj for lunch this friday" "why? no one likes your music" "i think they will i have really great stuff they can listen to, man" "if you play your fucking summer mixtape-" "i will" "i'm going to report you to ms. norman"
  • sangdo: *someone playing amazing grace on the saxophone in the hallway* "do you hear that?" "wow i've been cleansed of all stress" "it's only second period" "i've been cleansed john"
  • nakta: "but no you don't get it, like this art piece explores the joy we get from skateboarding but like it's eerie because we're skateboarding on a baby which is new life and we're destroying that new life with our joy" "you just want to paint a fucking baby" "yeah and i want to paint a baby"
  • hansol: "ugh the straights are taking over the school; i can't believe they made a baseball club. who fucking plays baseball" "i played baseball-" "ugh was i asking you"
  • b-joo: "my mom says that if i just keep drinking protein shakes i don't have to exercise" "your mom's a liar" "mY MOM WOULD NEVER LIE TO ME"
  • xero: "dude i'm so ready to fail this" "what why do you want to fail" "it's called reverse psychology; you gotta psyche yourself out to win" "you just didn't study" "i didn't study"
  • a-tom: "sometimes you just want to make art about tits, everyone loves tits, tits are so cool" "but what's your real concept?" "let me draw the titty, dude"
  • yano: *loud af curses coming from one end of the hallway during break* "HOLY FUCK DUDE" "noooo" "what's that about" "either there's a fight or someone just destroyed something" "hey did you see that some freshman knocked over adom's sculpture"

numbersninja  asked:

The toriel and Asgore without eyes are wigging me out a little. But I suppose that's sort of the point, that unfinished worlds have that one piece missing that makes you give up on completing them? Idk just a thing I noticed. But seriously, great job on this update.

Well I mean, why would I give you these shitty doodles if it wasn’t for a purpose XDD They’re so ugly but that’s the point. They’re rough, unfinished. Because that’s HOW their designs are. They’re not done, and never will be. Thought it’d be a nice touch. <3

Thank you! ;u;b

live, conquer, thrive. stop putting all of your happiness into everyone else because they will drop it every damn time. some people are just simply unreliable and yeah, you’ll love them anyways but live for yourself, rely on yourself. stop waiting for someone to come around and save you, to pick you up off of the floor because then you’ll get in the habit of letting everyone else save you. YOU have to save YOU. you have to work hard for you. love people widely and deeply, but make sure you love yourself too. give yourself some love too because something ive learned these past few months is that when you place your happiness into other people’s hands, they drop it just about every single time and yes it’s great when they don’t, but make sure you’re willing to catch broken pieces because the sad truth is that you’re going to be broken, you’re going to get shattered and thats why you need to be there for yourself because when it’s 4am and no one else is awake, finding peace within yourself is the only way you’re gonna be able to sleep. so please, save some love and kindness for yourself today because you cannot run on empty, you cannot keep giving and giving and giving without giving to yourself. so, give to yourself. you deserve it.

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who loves Shuutoku but doesn't hate Akashi? Yeah,he defeat Shuutoku in a brutal way,but that's no reason to hate him,he's such a great character.

Yep, he’s such a cutie pie, he doesn’t deserve all this hate he’s just a bit obsessed with winning.

But why is he so obsessed??

First of all it’s his father’s fault… he is a piece of shit

Aaaand Akashi always does his best because the others count on him!!

Akashi is way too precious~