that's why it took so long to make this


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for



The GoM imitating Midorima with his own glasses.

i rl needed an excuse to draw them all adjusting glasses o)-<

Teen Top 6th Anniversary - ✨Congratulations✨

July 10 2010 and counting!!!!!


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I named it like an episode. *loud giggling*

This is a continuation of this.

After Rick loses Morty, he heads to another universe to clear his head. He’d been scoping out other universes long before this and knew the original c-137 was a HUGE dickbag that wanted nothing to do with Beth and her kids.

So Rick killed him and took his place. So he could start again with Morty and make sure he didn’t fuck up this time.

This is why, in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind, the Council of Ricks immediately suspects this Rick. Because he’s killed before.

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P l e a s e i need more Ushijima in Bokuto's kneepads 💎💎💎 you are godly for making this art!!

USHI + KNE E P A DS ???/ ? ??

OK STORY TIME so tbh i thought bokuto was just wearing mid-calf compression pants (which are still pretty hot if you have really muscular thighs hh hhh nngn g gg gnggg) under his shorts like fine ok i guess i’ve seen stranger shit BUT THEN I SAW LIGHT ?? I SAW SKIN, ANON. SKIN.

pretty sure at that moment i cried then got on my knees to thank the universe for bokuto’s Grade S Zettai Ryouiki like. damn

ok i need to lie down now

*spoiler alert* 19 days is just the PREQUEL

yaoi-blcd and credit to pixelblokcs for making me realize that:


1)  zhan zhengxi lives by himself

2) they drink alcohol

3) uni talk and him asking zhan zheng xi to teach him (since he missed out on most of high school) PLUS HIS HAIR IS LONGER WTF THATS WHY HE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ART STYLE THING

the 19 days we’re reading right now is of them in MIDDLE SCHOOL

‘let me copy his homework’


this is for the lovely petrichorandbeanies!! [i remember you saying kyoshi was your fav knb character so thats why erens wearing a 7(its there even of you cant see it, believe me)]

It took me sooo long to wrap my head around Sagittarius; I am not sure why, maybe because Sagittarians present as very ‘natural’ people, they are casual, no strings attached, free, easy, and light. There is nothing extravagent or ‘put on’ in their nature, they usually dress pretty carefree and dont feel compelled to wear make up or materalize. They are mutable so they like to assimilate into cultures and adapt to their surroundings, trying to find themselves.

Thats the only reason I can think, there doesnt seem to be much that defines them on a surface level, they’re like a bowl of cherries, a floating balloon, but their processes are deep and pronounced, and reach into the roots of mythology, religious philosophy and global wisdom


New technology was something the whole common wealth craved. People killed for it, from the Brotherhood of Shits, to the Institute. X6 never knew why, Though he knew that the prospect of technology gave people hope, made them think that perhaps, just maybe, they could reverse the war, make the commonwealth a better place. 
He knew that was impossible, the bombs had created a scar in the world, and scars aren’t reversible. 
He was glad to be given a break from the institute, he had been holed up there for about 3 weeks, and he craved the fresh air, no matter how bad it smelled. As soon as they asked him to go up to the surface and reclaim a piece of foreign technology they had picked up on there scanners, he left almost imminently. 
“It’s somewhere in the Mojave desert” The scientist had told him, not even bothering to look up from his clipboard. “Go out there, reclaim it, and bring it back.” At that, though, they glanced up, meeting his eyes with a dark glare. “Do not dally.” It was a far way out, but he was just thank full to be away. He nodded wordlessly, remembering how last mission he had spent an extra day out in the wasteland, tracking a unconfirmed railroad agent.

He kicked at an empty bottle, the sun beating down on him as he regretted wearing his black leather courser uniform. The device on his wrist ticked faster and faster as he approached his objective. Although, looking around he could see nothing but a barren waste, except for a tiny dot of a city in the distance, He sighed, picking up the pace as he headed for the city.