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Alright, my dudes.  I would like to thank @fevers-and-flus for helping me out with a very poorly worded paragraph. I’m also gonna thank @toosicktoocare and @itisasign for helping me with some ideas.  This came out to be about 4700 words, give or take so yeah. Thank you in advance for reading it, I really appreciate it. 

Shiro walked through the door of his practice, pulling on his white lab coat.
“Hey, Hunk.” Shiro grinned, greeting the receptionist.  “How are you?”
“Ohhh…It’s been a morning to say the least.” He chuckled, handing Shiro a small stack of files. 
“Two parents called to cancel their kids’ appointments, and then three new parents called for appointments. Oh, and Pidge called.”
Shiro was flipping through the files until Hunk mentioned his sister had called, and then he looked up quickly.  “What?”

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So they got to Piltover (and Fate’s not going to be happy about all the cigar ash in his hair when he wakes up).

Inspired by Spring Break 1899

I am ashamed of how long it took me to realize that Ryuji makes crossbones whenever he summons his Persona.

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do you think Keith's mom could be the blue paladin?? like those markings in the cave were done by her (maybe) and Keith's dad saw her crash land, and since he was maybe living the shack he was so close and that's how they met. I mean it could be wrong but it could explain why Keith felt a connection to blue? idk I'm curious as to what others may think of this and I can't stop thinking about it

I like the theory that keith’s mom was a paladin but it doesn’t make sense considering the timeline
the paladins were alive 10,000 years ago, and the scattering of the lions took place around the same time. So I don’t see how keith’s mom and dad could’ve met cause if his mom was really a paladin she’d be long dead
unless she has some insane non-ageing powers, I don’t see how it’s possible

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leela i swear to fucking god....... if that week in march was about that ugly ass merch (or if he makes it about that) i will murder dan

ehhh this feels unlikely to me (and youre def not the first person who has messaged w this thought).  i mean, idk. to recap: when dan was doing live shows during the first half of march he said that he’d been stressed and exhausted and then, in the march 14 live show, said that the past week or ten days had been ‘challenging.’ then off the top of his head he told us he could maybe talk about it in five months–as we know from his aug 8 clarification to ask him again in another 2 months, that wasn’t a firm timeframe. it was just something he suggested off the cuff. for me, that in it itself makes it seem unlikely he’s talking about merch bc i would imagine he’d have a firmer idea of the release, and wouldn’t be off with his estimate by two whole months.  

then he mentions this topic again in may, and he distinctly separated march from february in terms of the kind of challenge that it was. february, according to him, was busy/hard bc they were working on a ‘thing’ that they couldnt talk about yet. march, seemingly in its entirety (he doesnt just say ‘the first week’ or smth when he mentions it, he just says ‘march’), was ‘difficult’ for a variety of a reasons that he ‘might tell us about.’ this comment really made me think that whatever dan is referring to isn’t a professional/work-related issue. dan made a concerted effort to separate march’s difficulties from february’s. but if march was difficult bc of work stuff he could’ve easily continued with how he described february, something like: ‘in february me and phil were working on a thing that you might see or maybe not, and then march was difficult with work stuff as well that i might tell you about later this year.’ clearly when talking about february he wasn’t hesitating to tell us that the month had been busy with working on a secret project. i don’t know why he would be more vague about march’s struggles if in reality it was just about merch. like i guess merch is also a ‘secret project’ but i would guess it’s way lower stakes than whatever he was referring to in february so why talk about february’s work a little but then not mention that march was hard bc of work too? this distinction really made it seem like march’s struggles weren’t professional in nature but more personal, maybe something to do with their move or something else that came up in their lives. (for a handy compilation of both live show moments i’ve talked about watch this.)

maybe im reading it wrong though, maybe all of the difficulty of march was actually to do with work or a project, but imo it still seems unlikely it’d be about the sims merch bc 1. merch seems to be quite easy for them to make at this point. they do giant merch releases like twice a year, and with the whole team at irl digital behind them, it’s less and less their own responsibility. i’m sure they have oversight and control over the ultimate design and nature of the products, but the day to day struggle of creating the merch, and the additional challenges this line may have presented with copyright issues and profit sharing agreements with EA or whatever, probably fell on the irl team/flipside management and not dnp directly. also 2. merch as a creative product is incredibly, incredibly low stakes. if it works out, it works out, if it doesn’t, it doesnt, and it ultimately wouldn’t have any impact at all on dnp’s lives or careers. they have a fuck ton of other stuff on the shop thats making them money, and dan said himself theyve been procrastinating making this line for three whole years–clearly it hasn’t been high priority for them if it took them this long to get round to it, and that’s fair! idk why it would be a priority bc it matters so little in the grand scheme of the stuff theyre working on making for us. so it would be altogether shocking to me if creating this merch for some reason was so difficult and ‘challenging’ that dan would talk about it so dramatically, not just while it was happening but then again two months later, with the intent of telling us more about it another five months later. i just literally cannot imagine what would make merch design difficult or important enough for it to take that kind of toll on dan lmao. 

idk overall i havent written much about this week in march business on this blog bc i just … cant be bothered when something is so open-ended that it could apply to literally anything. since there’s almost no information to go off, it feels like theres just no point trying to guess, and it’s easier to just not care and wait for dan to talk about it (if he even ends up doing so.) i’d rather just treat it as a potential thing we might hear about that could give us more insight into dan and the things he finds challenging or whatever, rather than some potential huge revelation about them and their lives. so that being said, even if after all of this talk it actually is about the merch then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess i’d be interested to hear about why designing it was so hard that it left such a lasting impact on dan 

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Seventeen react to their s/o coming home a lot later than usual (past midnight) due to a really bad thunder storm thats going on and couldn't tell anyone bc their phone died. Thanks I love boo and the blog xx

S.Coups, Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, Mingyu & Vernon would still be up because they were worried and waited for them to come home.

Woozi, The8 & Dino would scold them for making them worry so much.

Hoshi, DK & Seungkwan would run over to them and bombard them with questions like, “ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?” “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?” “WHY DID YOU TURN OFF YOUR PHONE? OH, IT DIED? WHY DON’T YOU HAVE YOUR CHARGER?”

Jeonghan would have fallen asleep while waiting for you, but then scold you in the morning.

thank you for your request!! ^^


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (coming soon)

  • So Jooheon is hella protective of you, even though you’re not dating (he claims he’s just being friendly but he wants you to see him as a man)
  • So he OBVIOUSLY had no idea of the dare they sent you on because he was grabbing you a drink and got caught up in conversation with someone in the kitchen
  • When he gets back ??? Where the frick did you go, you were literally just there ??
  • Asks one of your friends if you left already
  • “No, she picked dare so those idiots sent her to get a picture of the beast”
  • “WHAT??” Cue an angry frantic Jooheon yelling to Shownu and Wonho to come with him to look for you
  • You’d been gone for like an hour and he knew you didn’t have your jacket, so you’d either be murdered by a ‘beast’ or dying of hypothermia soon (he exaggerates when he’s scared)
  • Puts aside his fear of what’s in there to go find you
  • The three of them head out to the forest and start calling your name, not seeing any move by they start to slowly go into the trees
  • It takes them all of five minutes to find you, after that little exchange with the forest boy you sat for a minute to recollect yourself before heading back out
  • You hear your name being called out and head towards the voices (super helpful because you actually had no idea which direction you needed to go to get out)
  • The first person you see is Shownu and he calls out to the other boys he found you before coming over to meet you and lead you back out
  • Jooheon runs to you to make sure you’re okay and wraps his jacket around you
  • They take you back inside and conveniently the girls that dared you had left
  • Everyone gathers around you wanting to know what you saw/what happened but Jooheon tells them to back off
  • Once everyone goes back to what they’re doing he asks you what happened, and calls you an idiot for falling for such a stupid trick (if anyone asked him he would strongly deny the fact that he was 0.1 seconds away from leaning in to kiss you when he realized how cute you look in his jacket)
  • You tell him you didn’t see anything, it was just really confusing in the dark and you couldn’t find your way back out and that’s why you took so long to come out
  • he lets it go for now and, though he still has a feeling thats not the full story, drives you home to make sure you get there okay
  • After that night you can’t get the forest boy out of you mind, this is the beast that everyone told you stories of? Was that even him? Or was it just some guy that happened to be in the woods at the same time
  • But after a day of thinking about it you realized, he covered you when that moose came charging… but he didn’t seem to have gotten hurt by it
  • also after the shock of everything, it takes you until the next day to realize you left you phone out there in the woods so you have to go back and get it
  • Taking it as a chance from the universe to see him again, you wrap up warm and head into the woods to look
  • luckily you live p close to Jooheon so it didn’t take long
  • heading back there was a lot less daunting with the daylight
  • you spent like 30 minutes trying to retrace your steps from the night before and almost gave up because wow theres leaves everywhere, it’s autumn (fall for North Americans, whatever floats your boat)
  • that phone was expensive as all heck so you carry on looking because there’s no way your mom can afford another one and you’ll probably never see the light of day again if she found out you lost it
  • i’m making his seem like such a creep but yes he was watching you again, curious as to how you had the nerve to come back into the woods after almost being trampled to death not even twelve hours ago
  • sassy little forest prince steps out from his hiding place (he was hiding behind a tree…in the forest… not exactly original but hey) hair swooshing around with the light breeze, and the sun just made him !!! wow breathtaking angel, is he even real ?? who knows
  • cue a sassy little hair flip, smirk and a scoff, arms crossed, you know the look
  • “You must really not care about your safety, didn’t I tell you to stay out of the forest?”
  • “You said it’s dangerous at night, I don’t recall anything about coming here during the day”
  • considering he literally took your breath away with that look, you quipped back pretty fast, you even took him by surprise
  • you made him laugh a little and god damn it was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen
  • he dangled your phone between his fingers and asked if that was what you came back for
  • you were so relieved, after the mess of last night you weren’t even sure it would be in one piece
  • you tried to grab it from him but he snatched it away and made you promise not to come back to the forest again, you agree but with your fingers crossed behind your back (wow so sneaky, apparently you’re 10) and when you ask why, his face suddenly turns serious when he says “It’s not safe”
  • you leave feeling satisfied because you got everything you wanted
  • your phone
  • you saw him again
  • and you know he’s real
  • but the look in his eyes before you left worried you, like there was something he wasn’t telling you
  • due to the nagging feeling in the back of your mind as you’re walking back home, you make a detour and the rest of your Saturday was spent at the library, looking up the town history, attempting to find anything on the legend of ‘The Beast’ or other creatures that lived in the woods
  • All you could really find was a story of the spirits that protected the balance between humans and the natural world 
  • Monday comes around and you quickly realize that people still aren’t over what happened at the party, they kept coming and bothering you, asking what you saw that night
  • You couldn’t understand why but you kept up the lie that you didn’t see anything

A/N: I don’t want the parts to be too long, and I want to work on other scenarios in between so I’ll be doing a few parts, not sure if it’s going to be 3 or 4 but I’ll try to update more over the next couple of days. Work was a little crazy so I didn’t have time until today so sorry if it seems rushed. I may come back and edit this.. if I do, I’ll leave a little note so you guys know

Please enjoy! (also if you have any au requests similar to this or just au requests in general, drop them in my ask! I don’t exclusively take requests for reactions)

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Yay! So happy to hear you want to come back to this fandom :D the more the merrier 😀 so, my request would be Gajevy "We'd make such a cute couple" or "That's pretty rude of you to say". Thanks! 💗

Here you go! Sorry it took so long. I’m in the process of creating an OC for a soulmate au for FFXV so I’ve been devoting a lot of time to that. Doesn’t mean I’ve given up on this fandom. And after today’s chapter, I think we all deserve a bit of fluff.

“Your ass looks gigantic in those shorts.” Gajeel smirked as he leaned against the doorway into their room

Levy turned around wide eyed and shocked. Why should she be though? This was typical Gajeel and she knew he was an ass man. That much was evident in and out of their lovemaking. He was always grabbing it and massaging it. It didn’t matter if they were at the guild or in the privacy of their own home. He even did it in front of the twins!

“That’s pretty rude of you to say.” She balked as she smoothed out her shirt before turning around

Gajeel crossed the threshold of their bedroom and smirked at his loving wife. His hands snaked their way down her body and settled on her generous backside. Gajeel gently squeezed her butt at which Levy hummed a sigh of approval. He leaned down and pressed light kisses to her throat before making it to her lips. They worked their lips against the other’s until they ran out of breath.

“Yeah, but you love when I talk about your ass. Can’t help it. You’ve got a nice ass Lev.” He smirked against her lips

“Maybe that’s true, but you shouldn’t say such things. Especially with the twins running around.” Levy giggled

Gajeel lifted Levy up and she wrapped her slender legs around his waist. Their lips met in a fierce clash, igniting a hunger inside them. He growled as she bit his lip causing her to smirk. She knew exactly what drove her husband crazy and loved to drive him insane.

Gajeel walked backwards until his legs hit the bed and gently sat down as Levy straddled his lap. She forced him down to lay on his back as their heated kissing match intensified. Gajeel continued to grope Levy’s ass with his left hand as his right travelled up and down her side. She hummed in delight as his rough digits gently scraped against the pale, smooth flesh of her rump.

They continued their kissing until they heard two soft giggles coming from the doorway. Levy looked up and Gajeel cranked his head to the side to find Yajeh and Shutora peaking their heads around the door. Levy immediately got up from Gajeel as her cheeks were dusted her cheeks.

“Mama and Papa were playing kissy face again.” Shutora giggled

“That’s nasty. Can we go to the picnic now?” Yajeh huffed

“Yes, I’m sure Lucy and Natsu and their children are already at the park,” Levy swallowed as she herded the children away from the bedroom

“I’ll get the basket.” Gajeel sighed as he followed his wife and kids, ready to leave

The sooner they got to the park, the sooner they got back and play more with Levy and her more very sexy ass.

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Hi. Could I request for headcanons about TFP Ratchet, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus, & Optimus getting a homemade Father's day card from human reader. The bots asked why & they told them sincerely that they viewed them as their father figure. Their real father was a good man but passed away from cancer. They still loves their father dearly but come to see them as a second father. How does the bots react?

That’s… So sad but so sweet oh my god.


~He’s so busy it’s hard to catch him to give him the card, he keeps waving you off.
~You have to practically yell and tell him this is important.
~He’ll apologize as he turns to look at you.
~He’s surprised when you had this little card to him.
~He doesn’t understand as he gingerly opens it, afraid of ripping it, to read it.
~You have to explain Father’s Day and, subsequently, how you consider him a father figure.
~He’s so honored you consider him such an important part of his life and a little embarrassed.
~He’ll pick you up and place you on his shoulder, gently patting your head with a digit.
~He’ll mumble something you think might be ‘I love ya, kid’, but he’ll deny he ever said such a thing.

~He’ll pick you up and hold you in his servo the moment you tell him you need to give him something.
~Get a little embarrassed when you had him a card that says Happy Birthday across it in way too much black glitter.
~He opens it as carefully as he can, both because glitter keeps falling from it and because he doesn’t want to rip it.
~He might cry.
~Definitely cries.
~He places the card down so it doesn’t get hurt as he hugs you to his faceplate gently.
~Tells you, you’re a great kid.
~You don’t have to explain anything to him, he understands. 
~He then wants to spend the day with you, as much as he can anyway, he’ll have to go if something happens.

~He’s probably about to go look for trouble when you stop him to pick you up.
~He lives you to his shoulder while asking if you want to come with.
~Of course you do, but it has to wait a moment.
~He looks a bit concerned as he moves you back to look at you fully, finally noticing the card in your hands.
~Asks what it’s for as you’re showing him.
~He gets super flustered, face going bright as he looks down at the little card that says Happy Father’s Day in leather.
~Knows you spend so much time on that.
~Asks you to please open it for him so he doesn’t rip it.
~Might be crying, won’t admit it if he is.
~Calls you the best kid he’s ever had. You’re the only kid he’s ever had.
~Openly tells you he loves ya.

Ultra Magnus
~It’s hard to get his attention, he’s so concentrated on plans and getting things done, but you manage.
~He lifts you up with a gentle and almost unnoticeable smile.
~You had the card held up to him and he looked a little confused as he read the cursive across the front of it, ‘Happy Father’s Day!’
~He’s a bit caught off guard as he gently opens the card to read it.
~Will cry and won’t deny nor confirm that he is.
~Tell you, you did an amazing job and he loves his card.
~Commends you for how good it looks.
~Will take the time to spend the day with you as long as there’s not an emergency, won’t talk about the war, just you two having fun.
~Tells you you’re a great kid.
~May or may not tell you he cares for you.

Optimus Prime
~You’re a bit afraid to try and get his attention, he’s so busy, but this is important!
~So you get him to look at you so you can hand him the card.
~You’re card is rather simple, with printed letters written in bold black.
~He smiles as he takes if from you and opens it carefully.
~He smiles at your sweet words and looks down at you.
~Will ruffle your hair with a digit and tell you he loves you.
~He doesn’t have time to spend with you, but he makes a little.
~Probably takes you for a drive or even just sits and talks with you while you eat.
~He doesn’t have long, but he does care about you and he’ll make the time for you.
~Tells you, you’re doing great and he’s proud of you.



The GoM imitating Midorima with his own glasses.

i rl needed an excuse to draw them all adjusting glasses o)-<

Misconceptions of Aphrodite

So first off, I want to give everyone a huge apology who have been waiting for this post! I am very sorry it took so long, but before we get to the post itself I want to explain why it took me so long to write this. I feel like out of all the posts I have written and probably ever will write, this one is the most important. Why? Well, in my own personal experience I almost let some of these misconceptions stop me from pursuing a relationship with Aphrodite. Thankfully I did my own research and was able to get past what I had previously thought to be true and invited Aphrodite into my life, but I can’t help but think about those who continue to believe these misconceptions.  I know how much Aphrodite has helped me and how much she has given me and I can’t bare the thought that some people are missing out on a possible life changing relationship just because of these ridiculous misconceptions. So thats why it took me so long. I really wanted this post to not only do my Goddess justice, but to also do our community justice. I really hope you all enjoy it and I hope it’s eye opening to some of you.

I may add more to this if I feel like its necessary. I’m always up for some suggestions if anyone feels like I left one out. 

Quick note: Please let me know if something isn’t worded right or if you find something to be inaccurate. I do not want to offend or make anyone uncomfortable, so please let me know if anything I wrote comes off that way!

Aphrodite only accepts certain “types” as her followers/devotees

False. Wait, let me say it louder for to make sure everyone heard it…FALSE!!! You don’t need to love makeup, you don’t need to love the color pink, you don’t need to like fashion…Honestly you can hate all those things and still worship Aphrodite. I know from looking at a lot of blogs (mine included) it seems like those things are a requirement when working with Aphrodite, but the truth is most of us already liked those things before even introducing ourselves to Aphrodite. Like for me, pink has always been my favorite color, so that’s why my worship is very pink oriented. But as we will discuss later in this post there is a lot more to Aphrodite than pink, fashion, and makeup, so don’t think Aphrodite won’t accept you just because you don’t like those few aspects of her.

Asexuals/Aromantics can’t worship Aphrodite

Well i’m going to give that a big fat NO, NOPE, NUH UH, NO WAY, NOT TRUE! And now I’m going to tell you why its not true, actually there’s 2 reasons why this is just plain WRONG!. First being the same as above, there’s more to Aphrodite than love and sex, WAY MORE! Those are just a few aspects of her, so asexuals and aromantics can choose to focus their worship on another part of her. The other reason probably falls more into the UPG realm, but I don’t think anyone will mind that, lol. Okay so yes Aphrodite likes to fuck, she likes to fuck a lot, we know this, she knows this, the other gods know this, she WANTS everyone to know this because shes not ashamed. And that my friends is the key! Not being ashamed of who YOU are. Aphrodite doesn’t care how you personally feel about sex or even love, what she cares about is how you feel about yourself. Just like how she isn’t ashamed, she wants you to not be ashamed of who you are even when the world is telling you you should be.

Aphrodite only accepts women as her followers

ALL GENDERS WELCOME. That’s all that needs to be said lol.

You have to like everything Aphrodite likes

As stated in 1 and 2, that’s not the case at all. Remember, there’s a lot to Aphrodite that goes beyond the image society has given her. I truly believe there’s something for everyone inside her. You just have to look!

Aphrodite is ONLY about love, sex and beauty

So I bet some of you are reading this going “wait, what? Huh!? How!?” I know that’s how I was when I realized that Aphrodite in some cases is seen as more than just a Goddess of Love and Beauty. Doing some research, you can find that Aphrodite can also be linked to war and death. Actually just taking a small stroll through her list of epithets on can give you an idea on how varied her aspects are. It’s like I said before, I believe there’s something within Aphrodite for everyone! You just have to look! I won’t go into too much detail on this because it deserves its own post, but I just wanted to put the idea out there that Aphrodite is not just love, sex, and beauty. You should dig around and see what you can find! :D

Aphrodite is one dimensional

Yes we have all read the myths. We ALL know how Aphrodite can be. But that doesn’t mean that’s ALL she is. Its also important to put in perspective that she is a Goddess, which means she’s not held to the same standards and whatever that we as humans are. Yes, Aphrodite can be arrogant (pretty sure I would be to if I was the Goddess of Beauty, and I got to fuck Ares, Hermes, and Dionysus all the time, just saying), she can seem shallow and she can seem vain (again she’s the Goddess of Beauty, you can’t come into her house and try to say anyone is better looking than her and expect not to get a divine beat down! Just not happening!). But even putting aside that she’s a Goddess, aren’t we all guilty of experiencing these at some point in our lives? Does that mean that’s all we are then? No, of course not. Same for Aphrodite. These myths are like snapshots of her, just as stories about our lives are just small aspects of the bigger picture. Yes Aphrodite can be arrogant, vain, and shallow, but she can also be warm, loving, and protective. The mixture of all these, and more, make our Goddess what she is, divinely magnificent!

Aphrodite helps perpetuate the beauty standards of today.

WRONG! Remember Aphrodite is the Goddess of ALL beauty and the idea that beauty exists in everything and everyone.

Aphrodite and her followers are just a bunch of sluts

First off, slut shaming is for losers and squares. Second off, Aphrodite followers are as diverse as she herself is, that includes how we all view and participate in sex. Which is something I love about our community.

Aphrodite only cares about romantic love

Okay so this a personal annoyance to me, and not even just relating to Aphrodite. I really dislike how our society puts romantic love on such a high pedestal as if it’s the only form of love that matters. As a single person, I get a lot of people asking me constantly why I am single or when I am going to get a significant other, which really makes me eye roll HARD. Love comes in different forms and the importance of our relationships are personal and unique to us. Like for me, currently in my life my love for my close friends and for my parents and brother are what is important to me. I am fulfilled having their love in my life. I don’t feel dissatisfied with my life because I don’t have a romantic partner. Seriously, that shit is just grossly inaccurate. Don’t let anyone tell you what you need to make your life fulfilling! Okay let me climb off my soap box to get back to what we were actually talking about, lol. Aphrodite does not just represent romantic love. All the different forms of love (and there are a lot i promise you!) exist under her. So whether you have a romantic partner or not, or even if you want one or not, all are welcome to worship Aphrodite.


“You know, in their defense, he does sorta look like you!”
“You shut the hell up.”

Day 6: Wes

this is super late, but i thought it would be interesting if Wes had a mix-and-match trio like Danny, just to make things worse for him, haha. went with a fashion conscious, alternative black girl and a snarky bookworm asian girl, to change things up compared to Canon Trio