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Because I'm a horrible person who lives off of angst I started thinking about something similar to Emperor Stark in AA, and Steve's going to fight Tony and not everyone's sure he can do it, and Nat brings up "you know, that's exactly what Tony said abt Arsenal, and we ALL know how that turned out, and you didn't really look ready to fight him last time this happened" then Steve and Tony fight and it's SAD and people almost die on both sides. So, yeah, I'll just leave this here.

nonny……………why do you like Pain™

but wait holy shit this actually reminds me of the (arguably) most heartbreaking scene of the AA season 3 finale:

Steve is the ONLY one who doesn’t raise his weapon to fight. What does he do instead? He shields his face. He chooses to defend rather than attack. He can’t bring himself to. How could he, when the choice involves sacrificing the man he loves?

Mystic messenger and dialovers  Crossover

Part 2

Zen: this part goes *hits high note* like this

Kou: Nooooo you are doing it wrong !!!

Kou: *hits higher note*

Kou: see

Zen: nO That just sounded like a girly shriek

Zen: I can do better

Kou: go ahead lets see what you can do ~


Seven: and that is why the earth is in fact a kingdom for cats

Reiji: ……

Reiji: so you are telling me we all are slaves of felines ?

Seven: Yup


Reiji: you are worse than ayato in science

Kou: wahhhh

Kou: A  Neko !

Kou: here kitty kitty ~

Elizabeth: meow *purring*

Kou: awww

Jumin: *enters* ………

Kou: ……..

Jumin: *takes out rifle* one seven is enough


*ln the garden*

Yui: ….did you hear that

Mc: what

Yui: that

*gunshot sounds*

MC: …..must be birds

Yui: oh *shrugs*

Yui: anyways so yesterday reiji-san poisoned my tea !

MC: thats horrible ! Reminds me of that time seven replaced all my tea leafs with crushed honey buddah chips painted black.

Yoosung: …..azusa..why do you cut yourself

Azusa: it feels good

Yoosung: *looks around to check if someone is there*

Yoosung: ……….azusa….please cut me too

Shuu: why do you always wear those reflective sunglasses ?

V: so you can see yourself through my eyes

Shuu: broooo….

*in some shady background*

Seven : all

Karlheinz: according

Seven: to

Karlheinz: keikaku


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

we all agree that andrew is a Space Nerd™ and believes in aliens, so how many nights do you think he spent looking at the night sky in a rooftop at 2 am wishing, that if aliens were real, to be taken away from whatever horrible foster home he was in?

Jackson Avery Imagine!

anonymous asked: Hi, can you please make an imagine for greys anatomy where the reader is alex sister, he doesnt know or her, and then they find it and her and Jackson dating (april is jealous and waits to break them, using the baby)?

Warnings: none (?)

word count: 1,210

A/N: lol I lovee this request and I got carried away…

Alex, Meredith, April, and Maggie stood at the Nurses station watching in curiosity. Jackson had his arms wrapped around a beautiful y/h/c girl. Who the hell was this girl? After a few minutes the girl looked over and locked eyes with them. She began blushing profusely and leaned her head on Jacksons chest. Jackson looked over at hem and smiled, he took the girls hand and pulled her over to them.

“Guys I’d like you to meet you to meet my fiancé Y/N.” Jackson said turning his head to look at her lovingly.

April felt jealousy course through her veins. That was the way he used to look at her.

Y/N stuck her handout to shake all of their hands to introduce herself. Alex stared at her in confusion, why did he recognize her? When she shook Aprils hand, April had a tight smile.

“Y/N this is April Kepner.” Jackson said, a look of surprise crossed her features.

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I just saw your Maid Dragon pic and dear god, I think that's why the japanese hate western fans so much. I mean, I get that it's your style and all, but you made them look so disgusting, the refined japanese factions, all replaced by big manly factions, your Kobayashi even looks like a man, defeating the "lesbian" idea at first glance, her shoulders are too broad, but the biggest insult to the original design was Tohru's face, that horrible smile, straight from uncanny valley nightmares.

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So maybe some Langst where Lance is having a horrible nightmare and the paladins (who were all at breakfast and all came looking for him) walk into his room to find that he is trans (let the boobies be free at night since he probably binds during training) and that Lance was Often beat up for being trans and that's why he was held back from being a fighter pilot maybe ugh I'm sorry this is super specific and you don't have to follow it all the way but sometime similar to this would be great! Ty

Thanks so much for being the first prompt <3 I hope this is okay!

Commander Iverson towered over Lance, scrutinizing glare in full effect. Lance swallowed hard and prepared himself for a lecture. “You’re an idiot!” Iverson roared. “This is the final time you’ve failed the simulator, McClain. You should have known that someone like you doesn’t belong!”

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every time lena tries to be smooth and wink at kara would just giggle making lena confused. kara would come up with a horrible lie which makes lena just roll her eye and drop it till one day lena finally asks. and it's dramatic ™ "babe why do you giggle every time i wink at you?" "um no offense but i would call that blinking its more of just a blink" "just a blink?" "yeah look you just blink both eyes that's not blinking" "... why don't you try and wink?" *kara does and cue lena swooning*

lena doesn’t know how to wink and kara is so endeared, so charmed, so ‘awn’ bc of it

and every time kara winks - she starts winking all the time after that first time - lena Swoons™ and, depending on the mood, is Shook™ too

Sorority Breakdown- IngloriousBettas

Okay, so this post is basically breaking down the issues with the sorority tank seen in this video

Before I begin, here’s a short disclaimer

Under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. This post is both a critique of IngloriousBetta’s tank and an educational post about issues with betta sororities, therefore it falls under fair use and is 100% legal

More under the cut

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Why do so many people hate sakura. I love sakura fics. There is so much potential for stories in her. naruto and sasuke have had almost every potential plot thread mined out of their character, till whenever you see a story about them getting more abilities you know its going to be a horrible cliche mess. Thats why I like your fics so much, as you look at the underused characters. Give sakura moukon! Give shikamaru sage mode! Give hinata extra eye powers! do a crossover with sai! Thank you!

I think a lot of the hatred for Sakura comes from people who are still stuck on her character as it was pre-Shippuden. She’s honestly one of the few characters who actually changes over the course of the manga, so if you take a snapshot of her from the beginning, it’s not entirely her yet, and I’ll admit that she was kind of annoying at first. It’s who she manages to turn herself into that I love. Sakura is inspiring - she came from a family that wasn’t a clan even if her parents were shinobi, and managed to turn herself into the strongest kunoichi in the world, able to surpass even Tsunade. But people do only tend to look at her fangirl character, and the ending of the manga doesn’t exactly help in changing their minds, unfortunately. 

The Four First Dates of Hanschen Rilow

One. Bobby Maler.

Hanschen could hardly call it a date. It was pretty far from that. No, it was more of a hook up. Something quiet and filthy behind a bar which he had already forgotten the name of before piling into a cab and rushing to Hanschen’s studio apartment. The entire time their mouths. connected in the back seat in between rough touches.

The rest is a blur of skin and teeth and lips and far too much contact. And when Hanschen had awakened, covered in hickeys and scratches and memories, he had noticed the bed beside him empty.

But, the post-it note on his fridge read off “Bobby” in neat, clean cut, wavy penmanship. Along with a phone number.

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actually from earlier yesterday, (ones on left and right) when i got locked out of my house (welp my parents can’t hear anything lmao) and my hair is a mess and so is my face, but filters are fun! tagged by @lunalovey to post a selfie (she was extra™ and did a moodboard but i ain’t doing that - don’t wanna blind y’all with my ugliness) 

and god the lightning in my room at midnight is horrible but make up filters make me look less ugly so thats ok :)

i tag: @ginnyweaslcy, @meraudurs, @meropegaunt, @parvander, @euphemiapottcr, @expectopaula, @quidditchplayer and anyone else who wants to do this!


also what he meant by “you wouldnt wanna upset the kid” is exactly that. dont do it. hes a nice kid why would you wanna do that you horrible people 

an extension of this comic so I can draw reigen being a good human being. also an actual doodle comic this time. that reminds me of why I dont do actual doodle comics often (hint: because I cant without rolling in my grave over how sketchy it looks)

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I hope you realize exactly how privileged you are to have the ability to do sex work willingly. For trafficked women, victims of revenge porn, porn stars who were raped on set- it's not "just a job like any other". If that's how you want to make money, good for you, but please please don't act like your situation is typical. It's extremely offensive to victims of the industry.

Honey, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Yes horrible things happen but you don’t go up to people who are having sex and yell at them because other people get raped. Like it’s irrelevant and just makes you look petty. I’m fully aware of my privilege and I talk about it quite often so idk why you’re coming at me with this. You’re acting like I’ve never spoken out about the porn industry, like I’ve never been raped myself, like I’ve never had to deal with any of that. Don’t shame sex workers because they made the choice to be one just because other people don’t get that choice. In some places people get married off without any say, but you’re not coming and yelling at everyone who gets married out of choice. Like go choke on a dick honestly 🙄

Lean on Me

I got bored again, not that great tho sorry. I’m working on several others that will be posted soon.

Tom Wilson imagine


They lost. Again. The caps weren’t doing so well and you worried that it was effecting Tom badly.

Tom drove, you sat in the passenger seat and kept quiet. you knew that he was probably going over everything he’d done on the ice to see what went wrong. He was always hard on himself for losses even though he is only one person.

You looked over at him, the light from the streetlights casting shadows onto his tired face.

“Tom baby? Are you okay?”

Tom glanced over at you for a second and forced a small smile.

“I’m fine.”

You didn’t bother to keep pushing, You let him be. Realizing that he wouldn’t listen to what you had to say in the moment. You’d let him cool off at home and then try to talk to him. Tom parked the truck and went inside quickly, you sat there for a minute trying to figure out how to cheer him up.

You went inside and looked around but you couldn’t find him. Then you heard noise from the basement, he probably went to go work out and blow off steam.

You left him alone, and went to go lie down in bed. He needed his space and when he was ready he would talk to you.

- - - - - - -

You woke up at 12, and rolled over onto Tom’s side of the bed. He never came upstairs. You jumped out of bed and went downstairs to try and convince him to come to bed.

Tom looked even more tired, he was basically drenched in sweat and you could tell he was obviously frustrated.

“I can’t do anything, I’m weak!”

Tom stopped what he was doing to turn around and punch the hard concrete wall repeatedly. This was too much.

“I’m so fucking useless!”

Enough was enough, you walked over to him and cupped his face.

“Baby stop! Please, you’re going to hurt yourself!”

Tom sighed and leaned into your touch,

“Look at me.”

Tom looked into your eyes and you could see how defeated he felt,

“You are not weak. You’re strong and a leader. You are great, don’t let this get to you baby. I believe in you, I promise your team will come back from this.”

Tom nodded and you pulled him into your arms, you both stood there just like that for a while. Running your fingers through his sweaty hair and tried to comfort him as best you could. You grabbed his hand and examined it, he had cut up his knuckles quite a bit but it was a minor injury.

“Lets get you in the shower, then I can bandage your hand and get you into bed.”

You grabbed his good hand and lead him upstairs to our bathroom,

“Shower, I’ll be lying in bed.”

You turned around to walk out but Tom grabbed your hand,

“Shower with me, please.”

You smiled and nodded, you both stripped down from your clothing and got in the shower.

You both just stood there, underneath the water, in silence. The only sound was the water cascading down onto the shower floor and running down the drain. Tom pulled you to his chest and kissed you. Smiling, you leaned into his arms. You didn’t know how long you two were in there for, but it didn’t matter.

You and Tom both got out and got dressed in your pyjamas. Which consisted of an old capitals shirt for you and boxers for him. You went to go get the first aid kit to fix up his hand. You sat with him on your bed and started to bandage his knuckles,

“Why do you put up with me? I’m horrible to be around after bad games, you spend so much time making me feel better. Why?”

You looked up from what you were doing, he was staring at you. His eyes questioning your motives. smiling, you finished bandaging his hand and moved to sit closer to him. You kissed him on the cheek,

“I love you, thats why.”

Tom finally smiled, and not the fake one. The smile that made you fall in love with him, genuine and happy. You climbed onto your side of the bed and gestured for him to do the same, Tom moved closer to you and pulled you to his chest. You just lay there, planting soft kisses on his collar bone and neck dozing in and out of sleep.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you.”

Tom planted a light kiss on your lips, you couldn’t help but to smile sheepishly and return the kiss.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you either, I love you too.”

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Can I please request something about being Jungkook's friend and learning him English, and at some point it gets heated and Jungkook says "Kiss me" and stuff. Thank you!

Thank you for your request!!! i hope you enjoy :)

Admin Abbie

X smut X


You sat in the living room looking over some more ideas to teach your student. He was trying to learn English so he could communicate better with his fans…yes fans. You student was none other the Jeon Jungkook of bts.

You guys were actually the same age, he was just a bit older then you by a couple months. You were from the United States so you knew English very well it was your first language after all. Jungkook came back in with some drinks and snacks and he placed them on the table. He took a seat next to you.

“So Y/N what are we learning today?”

“Just some simple phrases and statements nothing big!”

He nodded his head and looked down and the textbook as you taught him what he needed to know. He caught on really fast with English, He understood very well and his pronunciation was really good too! You felt like a proud parent in a way. But….luckily you weren’t his mom or anything…because if you were things would be difficult. You hated to admit it but you had a very big crush on Jungkook.

At first you tried to ignore it but the feeling only grew and grew every time you saw him. And if that wasn’t bad enough Jungkook didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘Space’ He was always so close to you and touching you and hugging you. It drove you crazy! him touching you made your whole body burn and feel like air.

He was cruel…he doesn’t even know he is cruel which makes it even worse! Because if he knew maybe he would stop making it so hard or maybe he would….No…No way would he do that.

You will admit that you’ve had countless wet dreams about him and when you touch yourself you imagine it’s his hand not yours. You craved him…all of him. You wanted him so bad that sometimes during the tutor lessons you had to ‘excuse yourself’ so you could take care of your…issue which usually meant going to his bathroom and masturbating so you could make it through the night. it was absolutely horrible.

“Y/N what is this word?”

Jungkook’s words snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Oh this? It is lover! like someone you make love to or someone you love kinda like a boyfriend and girlfriend”

“Ohh…Really? Thats interesting”

“Interesting? how so”

He ignored your question and just continued to look and his text book, he held the pen tightly in his head and with his index finger he would slightly stroke it. It was a small why did it turn you on so much?!?! You felt the very familiar sensation starting to rise. You tried to think about something else, you thought about puppies and flowers and anything pure and innocent!!! but alas…it didn’t work…you were officially turned on…..great.

“Hey Y/N”


‘Shit!!! did i just stutter?!?!?! jeez way to go me..’ you thought

“I’ve been studying by myself a lot lately! and i think i’ve learned a lot new things.”

“Really? that’s great!! what all did you learn!!”

“Well…i’ve learned a couple words like wet, I’ve also learned all the meanings it has!”

“R-Really? that’s great..”

‘Of all things……it had to be Wet…’ you thought again as you took a deep breath

“Yep it can mean slippery, or moisture, it happens when you spill water or your get out of the pool or ocean or bath!”

“Y-Yes that’s correct good job kookie what are the other words you learn-”

“But….it can also be when a girl gets ‘Horny’ she can become extremely wet.”

Your jaw dropped….Not only did he just slightly dirty talk you but he also said ‘horny’ in English…Your body shook. 

“Y-Yea that i-is also correct…..”

“So let me ask this question…Y/N have you ever been ‘Wet’ before?”

“N-No…I don’t t-think i hav-”



“You’re lying”

“What m-makes you say that”

“Because i’ve heard you…..All those long bathroom breaks? Do you think im stupid.”

You didn’t know what to say……He knew….all this time he knew that you did that….IN HIS APARTMENT?!?!!?  You wanted to run…you just wanted to go home and cry. He found out that not only were you a pervert but you were sure that he knew that you liked him now as well.

“i-I’m s-sorry i don’t k-know what to s-”

“Kiss Me.”



“i said…Kiss me.”

You stood there speechless…He said what now?!?! did he just say IN ENGLISH that he wants you to kiss him?!?!?!  You must be dreaming..

“Jeez Y/N it seems like….i need to be your tutor now.”

He grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you in, He crashed his lips on yours and kissed you passionately. You were frozen…what should you do?!?! this was something you never expected to happen!!

he pulled back a little and whispered.

“K.I.S.S. M.E.”

You didn’t know what to do so you just let your instincts take over. You leaned in a kissed him, the sweet kiss turned into a hot make out session where your tongues were fighting for dominance and your body was burning. He pushed you down onto the floor and pinned your hands above your head. He kissed down your neck and sucked on your collarbone leaving behind a large red mark.

He pulled up and looked at you in the eyes, he removed his shirt and tied it around your wrists.

“Its my turn to teach you just what happens to a bad girl.”

His words sent shivers directly to your womanhood that twitched and ached with the need of his touch. yours eyes were clouded with lust and your breathing quickened.

He removed your top and kissed down your body, He reached underneath you and undid your bra in one swift movement. He then grabbed your pants and pulled them down, you were left in only your underwear. You could clearly see just how wet you were, Your juices were leaking down your legs and your panties were soaked.

“Look at you Y/N just how bad do you want me? Tell me..”


“Y/N tell me how bad you want me…..T.E.L.L M.E.”


“What i couldn’t hear you baby”


“How bad?”

“Really Bad!!!”

“Thats more like it.”

He leaned down and placed his thumb on your clit and slowly rubbed it, You leaned back and let out a small moan. He started rubbing it more as he kissed down you inner thigh. His hot breath that would slightly hit your womanhood every time he moved to the other leg drove you crazy. He was teasing you and you couldn’t take it anymore.



“Stop t-teasing me…”

“Hmmmm maybe if you tell me what you want…..I’ll give it to you, but you have to beg me…After all bad girls dont get rewards unless they do what their told”


He pinched your clit and bit your inner thigh leaving behind a mark, You  arched your back and let out a loud moan.

“Beg me and i will do it…thats all you have to do baby..”

“Please…just do it…”

“Do what? Your going to have to be more specific then that”

“I w-want you to f-fuck me…..”

“What was that? i couldn’t hear you babe”

“I said….I want you…to fuck me!”

“Now say it in English.”

“I want you to fuck me…Please”

“There ya go”

He grabbed your panties and ripped them off in one swift movement, He took off his pants and his boxers. His member standing tall and boy was it…big…was that even going to fit??!?! you thought

“Looks like you like what you see…Haha, well that goes both ways”

He placed himself at your entrance and started pushing in, He went slow until he was fully in. You fought back tears as you squeezed tightly onto his shirt. he waited for you to adjust to his size then he started moving.

He pulled out then slammed back in with amazing force. he started off slow and then went faster and harder. His body was starting to sweat as he went faster, You were screaming his name so loud you could swear the neighbors could hear you. You arched you back and grinned onto him as he slammed in and out of you.

“Y/N Scream my name! Make sure the whole town can hear me fucking you.”

He reached down and grabbed your clit and started rubbing it roughly, You felt your core start to tighten and your body was shaking. You were moaning his name as he went faster and deeper inside you. Your stomach began to not and you started screaming his name as he went harder. 

You felt him squeezing your hips tightly and you knew that it was going to leave marks in the morning. He started rubbing your clit faster and you knew you were about to cum

“J-Jungkook… i-im Cumming!”

“M-Me too!!”

With a few more thrusts you and him hit your climaxes and you both let out a loud scream. your bodies shook with pleasure as you both rode out your climaxes.

Once you finished he collapsed on top of you and then rolled off, You just laid there still in disbelief of what had just happened. You looked over at him and smiled as he smiled back at you.



“Does this mean that im your tutor now?”

“No! you aren’t that good in English yet! i still need to teach you!!”

“I know that…im not saying im your English teacher!”

“Then what”

He leaned over and kissed you sweetly while his hand traveled down and he inserted to fingers inside you.

“Im you’re sex tutor..of course”


“Yep im going to teach you all that you need to know and of course its a hands on only class so be prepared.”

He kissed you again and you knew right then and there…your life was about to get a lot more interesting…in many ways”


no offence but why are characters like bill potts, dizzee, chiron or magnus held at incredibly high standars? and considering they are actually pretty decent lgbt characters?. White gays love to spread the wildest shit for people not to watch them or support them like “they didn’t kiss it’s queerbaiting” “they don’t have a personality besides being gay” “i don’t know they are kind of boring lol”. It’s horrible and insensitive, seeing so many people spreading lies about bill getting killed it’s just, evil, and gosh, magnus not being “enough for alec” cuz hes “UGLY”??? are you kidding me???, holding fucking campaigns against non white characters about them not being “good rep” like i’m sorry, what do u know?, we barely get characters like that and all u do is trash them??. No matter what you say this is racialized homophobia, cuz you are going to see that exact same people saying that some boring ass white hetero men are “canon” lmao