that's why i made the gifset mind you

anonymous asked:

There's a connection between Clarke waking up in the woods and Lexa saying "It's okay. You're safe" & Clarke saying "It's okay. You're okay" with what you said in that one post about Clarke needing physical protection (safety) and Lexa needing emotional protection. The scenes were paralleled but that's why the last word was changed. I think you got that entire post right. Also: you should make a gifset of those two scenes.

THAT’S TRUE ABOUT THE WORDS I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT. when you think ‘safe’ you usually think safe from physical harm, but when you think of ‘okay’ you generally think about emotional wellbeing. (this is the post the anon is talking about btw).

as for making a gifset of the scene, i think that parallel has been made a million times already lmao but i have something similar in mind that’s a little different!!