that's why i like happy endings

bananadumbledore said: theres the epilogue files but otherwise…yeah nope thats it. thats the end of Zero Time Dilemma and subsequently the Zero Escape Trilogy

shimeppoina said: if you go into your files, there’s some epilogue things !!! :0

Aww yeah, I read them (D-TEAM’S FILES MADE ME SO SAD; WHY DIDN’T THEY GET POST-PAYOFF FILES??)! Not everything was answered and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this, but wow, that was a quite a ride, and I’m mostly happy with how this ended. :0 It was pretty… Zero Escapey, when I think about it.

It seems like I may have missed a quest file or two because I didn’t get the achievement for getting them all yet - I’ll need to check which ones I’m missing but I guess there’s nothing super important in them since they’re just quest files.

Oh man. I can’t believe it’s over. It’s going to take a while for me to process everything but damn. IT WAS SUCH A GOOD GAME.

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i feel like jinyoung would take any reason to pull up recites on someone, like i feel like he lives for drama and same!!! hoe!!!!!

honestly.,.,.,.he probably has a folder labelled receipts that he keeps in a safe place that he pulls out when someone tries to make him do something he doesn’t want to like “jinyoung we want 2 cut ur hair and dye it this comeback” “ok..,,.,.u could do that.,,.,..or i could show ur wife the pictures of u heading into that ‘happy ending’ massage parlour” AND THATS WHY THAT SMART BINCH HAS HAD THE SAME HAIR ALL THIS TIME sometimes i wonder if he should’ve been a scoripo all along but it does make sense that he’s a virgo

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yeah sure cute............. but why the fuck is just harry in the pic?? Im sure she have some pic with all of them..........

can u believe harry has ANOTHER styles shirt 😱😱😍!!! i want one!!!!

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unpopular opinion: some romantic films channels (*cough hallmark channel*) are honestly so bad and boring like thats not how it works

I’m gonna write a Lifetime movie where the main couple are two dudes that got dumped for “The Real Mr. Right” and then they get their fairytale romantical happy ending with each other instead❤️
Better yet give me an aromantic wedding planner who can’t understand why tf all these expensive as shit weddings keep getting cancelled last minute for no good reason