that's why i always say sorry people don't get me wrong i'm joking

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Hey Daisy, do you love Luigi?

In our prime time,we were always admirably called “The Tango Tanglers” or something similar of that sort by fans.

Why we drifted apart??

It’s pretty hard to say,now don’t get me wrong we still talk and joke around but not as much as we used to.My guess why is well…since i’m still royalty,I still have a responsibility over Sarasaland and the safety of it’s people(I worry that sooner or later something similar to The Tatanga Incident of 1989 might happen again).Peach has Toadsworth and Rosalina pretty much has the Lumas and whatnot but I don’t exactly have anyone that I can turn to when i’m in need of a break which is why you don’t really see me as often because I usually tend to stay in my castle,you usually only see me during Kart races or parties because my advisers practically kick me out of the country for a week or so to have “fun” and to stop worrying so much because a stressed out monarch isn’t really a useful monarch(that’s what they say,the morons)

Luigi on the other hand,has MANY trustworthy people he can turn to if or when he needs a break(he also doesn’t have any dumb royal responsibilities like me),and most of the time he’s out adventuring or beating people up.

Now I don’t really believe in anything that is even remotely a rumor unless it came straight from the horse’s mouth if you get what i’m saying,but I can somewhat see how this might bound to happen ever since Rosalina  joined that tournament thing,do I wish weegee and I were as close as we were before?Pretty much yeah.

Also,even if I did “love” him,why the hell would I tell it to you weirdos???


Princess Daisy of Sarasaland

(P.S.If you mention so much as a peep about anything I just spewed out to ya to either Peach or Luigi or anyone else,I don’t care if i’m either at home or in space.I also don’t care if you’re anonymous,I WILL track you and I WILL kick your sorry ass.Ya hear me??)