that's why he's on there twice

tao expressing his gratitude to fans and promises that he won’t leave them
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i cannot seem to fathom why david pastrnak is so underrated. he scored 34 goals and made 70 points this season (that's 18th in the entire league!!) and played so many games and had so much time on ice and it's only his third season and he's only 20 years old. he won the seventh player award twice (IN HIS THREE SEASONS) so it's clear that the fans love him?? and he's so precious like he worked super hard to become a hockey player to make his late father proud and he's an actual puppy like that's how cute and fluffy he is. and he dresses amazingly (gosh his suits) and is just really cute and really talented and skilled and perseverant and i don't understand why people can't see that like where are the special columns on pasta?? where?? also his nickname is pasta that's adorable is it not
Who Said Fate Was Always Right?

Saw a gif ((which I will tag later, I am currently on mobile)) and this is what happened….

CANT YOU SEE IT ! like steve keeps trying to play flirt with tony and he shuts it down or gives negative feedback every time


Steve: Looking good today Tony ;) Tony: I guess so Steve: So Tony, are we ever going to stop beating around the bush and go on a date? Tony: Maybe if you got a job that supplies an actual paycheck i would consider it..

Like actual fuck boy Steve and Tony honestly doesn’t have time for this bullshit


Steve: You never hang out with me anymore. Tony: Yeah i know. Steve: Well why not? Tony: Cause your not on my list of priorities

Tony texts Steve about an Avengers meeting and later they start bickering and Steve’s all ‘well you obviously missed me since you messaged me…’ Tony just looks at him like he’s stupid and then deletes his number so when Steve texts him later he texts back “who’s this?” Steve: “hahah Tony, it’s me.” Tony: still don’t know who 'me’ is… Steve is all “your not that funny.” and Tony sends him a screen shot with “Sorry i don’t memorize every random number that texts my phone.” “ITS STEVE , why dont you have my number saved!?” Tony: oh i was deleting unimportant numbers the other day ..


Tony and Steve are soulmates and neither new until after Steve fucked up too many times and so Tony’s like fuck this guy im not staying with him if he only likes me because of some fate bullshit and Steve is all trying to convince Tony that they are MADE for each other and Tony is like “huh , there must of been a defect or something.”


Steve causally puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder and Tony looks down at it like “why are you touching me?” Steve awkwardly laughs, “Come on Tony, were soulmates.” “……i dont see how thats related to this situation.” He moves away, “Don’t touch me.” “Why do you keep acting like this Tony!” “Cause i Dont like you Rogers. Case and Point.” “What’s it going to take for you to stop this childishness!?” “If i bother you so much, why do you keep coming back?” “BECAUSE WE’RE SOULMATES!” “You’re starting to sound like a broken record.”

Sam and Bucky are talking with Steve and Steve mentions the whole Tony situation. Steve: It’s fine, he’ll come around… Tony enters the room and snorts when he heard their conversation, “Actually, he or should i say that i have a date tonight.”

Steve: where are we going? Tony: im not sure where you are going but im going out with a new outfit on to impress my hot date. Sam: what are you talking about? Tony: well today i ran into an old college classmate and he asked me to dinner, im single so i figured 'why the hell not?’ Steve: like hell your going out with someone who isnt me! Tony: im sorry father did i not ask for your permission, was this before or after you neglected to tell me your old war body murdered you… oh thats right , silly me , you aren’t my dad your just the guy that fate thought would be a good idea to pair me up with …. guess they should have double checked theyre list twice like santa clause caused they missed Bucky Barnes by a few hundred thousand souls…..

Side note: I do NOT hate Steve, like at all. But sometimes when I think about CACW I feel like I wanna be petty.

dirty little secret: i’m a bitch for mythology

*I’m not even kidding I was the only person at my school to take the only mythology class we had twice and I finished with a 100+% each semester.*

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i work retail at a dollar "store" and we have to card every single customer for tobacco products, every time, no exceptions. at least twice a week i get some 80 year old customer that loses their shit. i once told a guy it was policy and he freaked out, saying it was all obama's fault. 💀 so now i just tell everyone they don't look a day over 17 and that's why i need their id.

Reality of Jerome:
  • Jim: Jerome I'm so sorry this snake found your mom's dead body
  • Jerome: Idk that snek is lying
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and i killed my mom
  • Jerome: you are single right babs
  • Babs: go away
  • Jerome: i need friends
  • Jerome: *dangles legs off the edge of a building* DO WE NEED PROPER SPELLING WITH DEAD BODIES OR SHOULD WE JUST ADD PUNCTUATION
  • Galavan: You have a nice laugh
  • Jerome: *internally screams* ARE YOU MY DAD
  • Galavan: sure
  • Jerome: Papa Galavan I want this sword and this cannibal took it from me
  • Galavan: here's a gun solve your problems like grown ups
  • Jerome: *shoots selfin the head 3 times*
  • Jerome: I'm the boss of the gang AND I GET TO HAVE A SWORD WEEEEEE
  • Jerome: I'm not changing out of this robe I will die in this robe
  • Maniax: We're gonna have matching uniforms
  • Jerome: *fangirl screaming*
  • Jerome: Can you people help me set you guys on fire faster
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and finally someone believes in me
  • Blind guy: your gonna die and be a curse of madness
  • Jerome: ugh what are you a screenwriter *stabs*
  • Bruce: you killed yours
  • Jerome: love similarities celebrate differences
  • Galavan: What if I told you're gonna maybe get a GF and definitely a cult that would die for you
  • *is bAck*
  • Jerome: I feel dizzy and I've been smiling for like a year straight ugh
  • Jerome: where's papa
  • Lee: nah he ded twice
  • Jerome: do I have a cult now
  • Lee: yes
  • Jerome: am I reincarnated as Melanie Martinez
  • Lee: no???
  • Jerome: where's my face
  • Lee: taken by some poser
  • Jerome: thanks you the best
  • Dwight: OMG SENPAI
  • Dwight: here's a stapler
  • Jerome: I look ugly now
  • Dwight: not in my eyes Senpai
  • Jerome: I wanna murder you ugh
  • Dwight:
  • Jerome: too late
  • Jerome: hey gotham no cell phones just lets all be friends in my carnival that's in the promo
  • Jim: why do people listen to you

i can’t believe when shou tucker forgot about his yearly assessment it resulted in his daughter being alchemically tortured then murdered but when ed forgot his assessment he was like iM JUST GONNA FIGHT MY SUPERIOR OFFICER AND PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE

The Cookie (DaiSuga)
  • WARNING: this is not mine. It is from a fanfic and I thought it was amazing and had to post it. I do not own it but I'm thinking of trying the same scenario with other pairings. The text for this post is from the fanfic “you better catch it” by laubear, I recommend you read it, it's awesome. The scene is set as follows: there is a cookie between Daichi and Suga, they are to pretend they are on a stranded island and the cookie is their only means to survive. This is how they deal with it.
  • Daichi: Suga, come on. You have to eat.
  • Suga: I'm not hungry.
  • RA: You are. Both of you are hungry.
  • Suga: I’m not eating anything until Daichi stops
  • being so obnoxiously self-sacrificing.
  • Daichi: You’re blaming me? You started it!
  • Suga: Only because I knew you’d pull something like this anyway. I’d say I only trust you as far as I can throw you, but at this rate I’m going to be able to launch you across the island like a volleyball!
  • Daichi: Oh, don’t exaggerate. Look, sorry. Let’s at least split it in half.
  • *Suga splits the cookie*
  • Daichi: Of course you didn’t break it evenly.
  • Suga: Well. Go ahead. Take a bite.
  • Daichi: I’m saving it for later.
  • Suga: Well, then I’m saving it for later, too.
  • Daichi: Quit it. I know you’re just planning on forcing your half on me later, when the situation gets desperate.
  • RA: Speaking of desperate, another hour passes. You are now both extremely hungry.
  • Daichi: Oh, come on! Okay, how about this. I’ll take a bite if you take one.
  • Suga: Fine. *picks up his half of the cookie*
  • Daichi: ...
  • Suga: Why aren't you eating yours?
  • Daichi: Well I'm not going to eat it until I'm sure you will.
  • Suga: Daichi!
  • RA: Another hour passes. Suga, you pass out from lack of nourishment.
  • Daichi: What? Why not me?!
  • RA: Because I said so. Daichi, what do you do?
  • Daichi: I try to feed him my half of the cookie.
  • RA: Alright. Suga is unconscious and cannot chew. He chokes to death.
  • Daichi: What?! Suga, I'm so sorry-
  • Suga: It's okay Daichi. At least now you've got twice as much food.
  • RA: Daichi, what do you do now?
  • Daichi: Nothing.
  • Suga: Daichi. Eat the cookie. You have to.
  • RA: Suga, no talking, you're dead.
  • Suga: Then I'm a ghost.
  • RA: That's not within the parameters of the experiment. Daichi has to make this decision on his own. By the way, another hour passes. What do you do?
  • Daichi: Nothing.
  • RA: An hour passes.
  • Daichi: *shakes head*
  • Suga: Daichi!
  • RA: Daichi, you pass out from lack of nourishment. Several hours pass, and you die.
  • Suga: Oh my god.
  • Daichi: I was only trying to help!
  • Suga: Well, great job! We're both dead!

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✧ for saeran and jaehee my bbiessss

✧   - Would they nighttime skinny dip in the ocean or a hotel pool?


  • BOTH OK 
  • Why would you need to be ashamed of your body??? 
  • It’s your basic human anatomy and nothing more 
  • He doesn’t see the big deal 
  • And it makes him feel more in-tune with the world to be nude so like honestly he doesn’t care either way 
  • You don’t have to ask him to strip twice 
  • Plus 
  • If he gets to see you stripped down as well
  • Damn thats a bonus 


  • Ocean
  • -MAYBE—
  • if she had to choose ONE 
  • But if she was with you and no one else 
  • No one was around 
  • It would be a kind of freeing experience for her 
  • She would 
  • With hesitation 
  • Strip down with you and let those ocean waves crash down on her 





Also he knows how to make a engine purr so, thats a big factor

now for a totally irrelevant pictures of hunk I enjoy greatly 

hes crouching thus taller then shiro

Even with blur slimming his arms down, Hunks arms are twice as big and muscular then keiths 

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152: “ Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. ” with hamburr? :0

152 - Stop texting weird stuff so late at night.

For what had to be the tenth time in the same amount of minutes, Aaron’s phone lit up with a buzz as another incoming text came in. Great. He had been able to ignore it the first nine times, but come on. This was getting ridiculous.

He groaned and reached over for it, not surprised at all to see the contact name clogging up his notifications. Who else would be texting him at nearly four in the morning?

From: A. Ham: did u know its possible to make waffles without eggs

Aaron blinked twice and sighed. He checked the time– 3:42. It was too damn late to be dealing with this.

To: A. Ham: Why on earth are you making waffles in the middle of the night?

It was only a matter of seconds before he got a response.

From: A. Ham: im not making waffles dumbass i dont own a waffle iron
From: A. Ham: just watched one of those instagram cooking videos and the lady made waffles without eggs
From: A. Ham: thats pretty neat right
From: A. Ham: i dont know a thing about cooking

Each message came within seven seconds of each other, and this time Aaron audibly groaned. Part of him wanted to ignore it, to shut off his phone and set it to Do Not Disturb, but he knew Alexander well enough to know that he’d probably come out worse in the end with that.

Instead, he shot back a reply and prayed this conversation would be over soon.

To: A. Ham: Why are you awake at four in the morning, Alex?

Alexander was quick to respond.

From: A. Ham: dunno

A pause, and then Alex sent another text, taking a little longer this time.

From: A. Ham: cant sleep

Alexander not sleeping wasn’t the most surprising thing in the world, but the fact that he kept texting Aaron instead of drowning himself in whatever novel he’s working on struck him as odd.

It was then that a distant clap of thunder hit, and it clicked.

To: A. Ham: Do you need me to come over?

A full two minutes passed before he got a reply.

From: A. Ham: you dont have to

The lack of a ‘no’ read as a strong ‘yes.’ Aaron wasted no time in a response and instead dragged himself out of bed, slipped on the closest pair of shoes and a sweatshirt. Thank god Alexander lived just down the hall; the elevator in their apartment building had been broken for weeks and he was not taking the stairs for this.

Alexander’s door was unlocked, but he knocked anyways to be polite– a muffled 'come in’ was the response. Aaron pushed the door open to find the lights on in the apartment, with Alexander pacing the cluttered living room, phone in one hand and wine glass in the other.

“Hey,” he said, looking up at Aaron with wide eyes. Aaron nodded in greeting, and took it upon himself to toe off his shoes at the doorstep.

“How long have you been up?”

Alexander shrugged. “Since five this morning. You know how it is.”

“You need sleep, Alexander.”

“Says who?”

“Says biology.”

Alex opened his mouth to respond right as more thunder hit and flinched visibly, eyes screwing shut and jaw tensing. Aaron sighed, crossed the room to take the phone and almost-empty wine glass from his hands and setting them on the table.

“Come here.” Aaron took Alexander by the hand and dragged him to the couch, pulling him down until the smaller man was almost on top of him and wrapping the grubby throw blanket around both of them.

“You don’t have to do this, you know,” Alexander said, though the slight shake in his voice betrayed all the relief and gratitude that he was too proud to admit.

“But I want to. So shut up and let me hold you.” Aaron’s words may have been biting but his tone was soft. This wasn’t the first time they’d been in this situation; at times like these, there was nothing Alex needed more than someone to hold him, ground him, let him know that everything would be fine. The storm will pass, as they say.

Alex was quiet a long while before he breathed out, “Thank you.” Barely a whisper, but it was there.

“Anytime,” Aaron murmured back, just as soft. “Just stop texting me weird stuff so late at night.”

“No promises,” Alexander said, voice muffled from where his face was currently nestled into Aaron’s neck. His breathing slowed as the thunder faded out, and soon he was snoring softly in Aaron’s arms. Peaceful, calm. Words rarely applicable to Alexander Hamilton, and yet a beautiful sight.

For whatever reason, Aaron found himself thanking whatever deity decided that waffles could be made without eggs.

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Hello!! Would you mind to do hc wich the reader is photographer and she/he has to take photos of Vitya, Beka, Yurio, Yuuri, Pichit (and you know, everyone)? Please and thank you!!

Hello! I am only going to do the persons you mentioned, since it would take a lot of time to write all the characters! I hope you meant something like this, if not please contact me! Enjoy!


  • Somehow he looks good in literally every picture. As if he’s camera ready at any given moment. He could sneeze and literally look like a god on the photo you took.
  • He Always wants to see your work and how he looks on the photo’s. He’d grin brightly at you and tell you how much he liked them, asking you if he could have some copies.
  • If it’s possible, he always pulls Makkachin into his shots. He absolutely adores the dog and wouldn’t miss a single oppertunity were he could be captured with Makkachin. The poodle agrees and likes to make funny faces at the camera, which makes it twice as adorable.


  • He looks very serious and focused in most of the photo’s you took of him, but thats the reason why you like his photo’s. They’re Vogue magazine worthy, and the intense look he has in his eyes really shows how dedicated he is.
  • There are a few  magical moments were you capture him actually smiling brightly,  Teeth showing and eyes squeezed shut as he smiles. You really cherish those pictures and prefer those over his serious ones.
  • When posing for the press or when you want a photo of him holding his medal, he always makes sure his medal and flag of his country is clearly in the picture. To him thats more important than the skater itself.


  • If he’s not looking like an angel on the ice, it almost impossible to take a photo of him without him looking grumpy or serious. The spontanious photo’s you took are the closest to portraying what a dork he actually can be.
  • He’s always really excited when you want to take a photo of him. He’d ask you where you want him to be, how you want him to pose, basically asking you everything to make sure you get the perfect photo.
  • You can’t count on your fingers the many times you told him he can’t hold up his middle fingers in the shot. He aways manages to sneak the hand sign into the picture, which you let slip occasionaly because the photo’s look badass.


  • At first he’s really shy and awkwardly poses in front of your camera. Once you told him to relax, he’d take a deep breath and suddenly blow you away with his hidden confidence. He’d smirk and wink into the lens, leaving you flustered and VERY happy with the shots you managed to take.
  • He sends the pictures towards his family in Hasetsu. His mother has a whole wall dedicated to the skater, almost like a shrine. You love the idea of someone actually saving all your pictures, and you happily take some more just for the sake and happiness of his family.
  • Yuuri prefers you to take casual photo’s instead of really professional ones. This way he seems more relaxed and not anxiety fueled.


  • I mean like… does this boy really need you to take photo’s of him? He’s the king of taking selfies and aesthetically pleasing shots. He likes to see how you work, and prefers the professional camera you use instead of the one on his phone.

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I was confused about him saying Harry was taller until I realized he did put on muscle after Dunkirk (not a ton but enough that I noticed in the documentary and even recently) and that's probably more what Liam picked up on

i don’t know why people are so shocked about this comment liam made?? like they have been busy working on stuff the whole year and they don’t live together so liam said he just didn’t see harry for a while and when he saw him of course he was surprised cause harry was still in his ‘dunkirk form’ in december and if people forgot, he was like…twice his usual self???? its just a comment, can people relax? 

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Is it true that Daryl pushed Carol off of him after exhaling because he wasn't comfortable? That's another thing people are using as proof that he doesn't love her romantically because he peeled her off twice. Why? Wondering your thoughts.

Hi Nonny,

Thank you for the question. It’s surprising what people make up because they can’t accept the beauty of this relationship.

The reason he “peeled” her off during the first hug is because he was sad she left him and, although he wanted to hug her for eternity, he needed to know why. I mean that right there is inherently romantic. He loves her so much that he couldn’t believe she would just up and leave him like that. He asked her why she left, and in his head he was thinking, ‘how could you leave me when I wouldn’t dream of doing the same to you?’

The second hug, well…he could have honestly stayed in her arms for longer than he did. Once he got deeper into the hug, he knew he was at the point of no return, so he “peels” her off because he can’t give in. He has to go to war with Negan and won’t be comfortable until Negan is defeated. Why would he want to threaten Carol’s life by being in that house with her? The Saviors are looking for him everywhere. Daryl would never put Carol’s life in harm’s way, so he lets her go while he still can. If he kissed her or touched her any longer, he wouldn’t leave.

If these hugs don’t prove he is in love with her, than what is love to you people? This ship is here to stayyyyyy. 😘

How Zen found out MC was Pregnant

Zen and I got married 2 months ago, and as soon as we got home from our honeymoon he already left for his tour

He would call once or twice a day, usually before or after a concert. He didn’t want me to come with him, since he wanted me to rest because off all the “activities” we did 7 nights in a row. (Heeheehee)

I haven’t been feeling well lately, I’ve been getting headaches, vomiting, and I’ve been getting these major cramps lately, I called Luciel over with​ some medicine, but he came here with something else…

“A pregnancy test Luciel? Really? I need an advil, or something, I’m not pregnant”

“Are you sure? I told the pharmacist your symptoms and shes pretty sure you’re pregnant, I mean if your not, then we’ll take you to the clinic”

“I’m not…” Then It hit me, that one night we did it without any protection “I hope…”

“Just pee on the stick, its not gonna hurt if you pee on it… Right?”

I ignored his question and took the stick as I headed towards the washroom.

“I have 911 on speed dial i it does hurt!” I hear him yell, I rolled my eyes and a smile was plastered across my face, It’s do nice that I have friends like Luciel, and a husband that's​ Zen…

But I can’t help but think, what if Zen decides we’re not ready for a kid yet… Alot of his fans were already upset that he got married, what if they find out hes gonna be a father soon!

I peed on the stick and and put its cap on again and left it on the sink as I left the washroom and headed towards the kitchen to wash my hands.

“Do you want some Ph.D Pepper Luciel?” I yelled across the room.l, while sticking my head into the fridge.

“Yea, do you have any Honey Buddah to go with it?”

“Seven, you know Zen doesn’t allow me to eat junk food”

“Oh come on… I know you have a box of junk food hidden here in your house”

“No I don’t, Zen will get mad a me if I did, haha”

“But soda is an exception?”

“There was never soda here”

“Mmk, if you say so~”

About 30 minutes passed as me and Luciel catched up, but I bolted up when I feel vomit crawl up my mouth.

I ran towards the washroom, and emptied my stomach in the toilet, I hear Luciel approach behind me.

“Umm MC… The pharmacist was right…”

I turned around and I saw him holding the stick, I wiped my mouth and stood up to look at the test..

The word ‘pregnant’ was shown


“Congratulations MC!” He exclaimed “I can’t wait until everyone in the RFA knows!” He took out his phone but before he could put in his pin I snatched it from his hands

“No! Not yet Luciel, I already feel bad since Zen wasn’t the first one to know, I don’t want him to be more upset just because the entire RFA knows the news before him.”

“Okay, fine… So, how are you planning on telling him?”

“I.. I don’t know yet…”

“When is he coming home anyways?”


“So tell him tonight” he sighs, flopping down the couch while covering his eyes with his left arm
Luciel stayed here for another 2 hours until he got a call from his boss and left.

I went to the living room and went on Netflix, after 3 and a half movies later before I realized I didn’t know where the stick was. I frantically looked around, lifting pillows up and trowing them down as I heard the front door unlock.

“Babe, I’m home~” I hear a familiar voice sing, I panicked and looked around the room with wide eyes. WHERE THE FUCK DID LUCIEL LEAVE IT?!

When I couldn’t see where he left it, I quickly ran to the entrance where Zen greeted me with his bright smile, dropped his luggage and hugged me.

“I missed you so much babe” He whispers to me while tightening his arms around my waist.

“I missed you too Hyun”

He connected his lips to mine for a few seconds then parted, he took off his jacket and trew it where his bag was and connected he connected our lips once again, he quickly guided our bodies to the couch where he pushed me down and pinned me down.

“You have no Idea how much I misses you, how much I missed this” he says in between kisses

I tried to free myself so I can look for it, but he’d be curious on why I’ll push him away, so I didn’t. He opened his eyes as he guides his hands to the hem of my shirt and lifting it off, until he paused for a moment, his eyes widening.

I looked up to see the stick ontop of one of the pillows, well shit

He slowly lifted his body off mine, reaching the test and bringing it closer to his face

“Babe, you're​ Pregnant?”


Green: t hi is s is so good oh my goodness YES 

So since the stream is tomorrow and Eth is almost always exhausted during it what if Mark made Eth agree to spend the night at his place as a secret plan to make him get sleep. Mark passes it off as just an easier way for them to all get to the office on time but in reality when it’s like 10pm Mark drags Ethan away from his work.

When Mark says it’s time for bed Eth bursts out laughing and says he has at least four more hours of work to do, but Mark doesn’t give a shit so he wrestles the laptop away from Ethan and grabs a few blankets since blue boy’s sleeping on the couch.

“Mark.” Ethan crosses his arms.

“I got you blankets!”

“Give me my laptop,” Eth refuses the bundle of blankets Mark offers him.

“No, it’s bedtime,” the older insists firmly, pushing Ethan back to the couch and expecting him to take the blankets and just go to sleep in compliance.

“I’m not five, you can’t make me–” Ethan is interrupeted by Mark pinning him down further to the couch and wrangling him down into a lying position, with much struggle from Ethan. Neither one was trying very hard; their fighting looked like kindergarteners pettily shoving each other with no force.

Mark huffs in triumph, now kneeling above Ethan with his legs on either side of the younger’s hips. “Go to bed early for once, or I’ll have to carry the whole stream on my back.”

“Why is that my problem?” Ethan asked, blowing a lock of blue hair off his face.

Mark rolled his eyes. “Sleep.”

“Not like I have a choice.” Eth gave Mark a light shove and the older complied, getting off of Ethan so he could breathe better. Mark began to make his way upstairs.

“Where are you going?” Ethan continued, sounding genuinely confused.

“Bed,” Mark replied, equally confused at Ethan’s confusion.

“No, stay,” Ethan demanded, though even his demands somehow sounded soft.

Mark turned around and shot him a questioning look. He couldn’t be serious.

“Well, you’re treating me like a 5-year-old anyways. I don’t see why you can’t stay with me since I’m scared of the dark,” Ethan shrugged as he explained.

“You didn’t have to ask twice, blue,” Mark made his way to Ethan’s makeshift bed and eagerly slid into place around the blue boy.

OHH MY GOSH WHERE IS MY CD WITH DMC 4 AND 5 (NOT EXACTLY #5 BUT REALLY 5 LMAO “dmc: devil may cry” thats your problem capcom? really ?? why its twice dmc but not 5 its more simple ugh whatever)

i want to play with young dante cuz he is just cute but hothothot piece of shit. IM SORRY

Originally posted by devils-drop

also when i played with my brother year ago we downloaded version with Vergil and my heart like “FUCK YOU WHAT DOES THAT MEAN” and in my first version of dmc:dmc i havent seen title sequence and i just “WHAT I NEVER SEEN DIS BEFORE”. uhm.

and that asshole has been my problem when i tried to play at first time in dmc4 (still my problem i think. hate him)

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