that's why he change his stage name

How the Seventeen Members Got Their Stage Names
  • S.Coups: there's an "S" and a "C" like in Seungcheol
  • Jeonghan: Junghan spelt differently just for the lolz
  • Joshua: would of introduced himself as this anyways
  • Jun: Junhui without the "hui" for a cooler effect
  • DK: Seokmin has a "K" in it so obviously DK
  • Wonwoo: weird enough to stay the same name
  • Mingyu: same as above
  • Seungkwan: luckily born with a name that just sounds really good for an announcer
  • Vernon: it's his middle name
  • Dino: still petitioning for "Michael Chanson" to be his official stage name
  • Hoshi: Soonyoung spoke Japanese that one episode of SeventeenTV so he obviously gets the Japanese stage name
  • Woozi: Jihoon has two "o"'s in it so that's why he's named that--it makes sense I swear
  • The8: everyone just refuse now and maybe it'll change