that's why I put them in there

Please don’t delete the artist’s notes. 

One of the few digital drawings I’ve done - mind you, I’m still getting the hang of it all - and it ends up being these guys. 

I’m way too deep in Septiplier. I’m going to do a Darkiplier and a Anti-Septiceye picture, too. 

(I was listening to Studio Killers when I drew this, which is why it’s so glowy.)

INFJ Confession #2074

I feel like I’m such a private person. When I like someone who seems to like me back, I tend to push them away because I hate putting myself out there and feeling vulnerable. Maybe thats why I’ve never really been in a relationship.


Since this is a write up of all the wrestlers I met, I’ll be writing my experience with each while I took the photo (some were just hi bye so if you dont see a part for some of them thats why)

Airport (7/4/15) Part 2

Dean Ambrose: You kinda have to chase after him to get a picture, so I tapped him on the shoulder lightly to see if I could get a picture, so he turned around, stared at my Roman Reigns shirt for a bit, put his finger in my face and said “Yes you can.”

Darren Young: He was super chill, and he told me to tweet him the picture after (which I did, and he favorited it here)

Brad Maddox: Was eating a burger when we took our picture

Alicia Fox: I told her she was gorgeous (honestly she is) and she said that she loved my hair

The Miz: I kinda freaked out cause he was one of my favorites years ago, and he was super chill

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Girls you're all so amazing for speaking up about what needs to be dealt with!!! If you look at the girls in their music videos and the girls they all have dated it's pretty obvious what they consider to be beautiful. It's hurtful to all of us that men always have the privilege to decide what is considered, what is valuable. If they were more aware it would show and it's sad how easy it is not care because you're not (directly) affected.

ok but why have i not seen any mindreader!human bill fics since in canon bill can read minds. or just mindreader bill fics in general

bill as this really scraggly white-haired kid who’s really weird to be around and always seems to be able to guess what you’re thinking and answers your questions before you even ask them. he’s off-putting and most people dont like being around him bc he gives off such a creepy vibe, even though you know he’s just a kid. he had an ear-piercing laugh and knows how everyone feels about him he just doesnt care

best. fucking. part.
  • Boo:"As he lieth with woman, they are both committing an abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood will be upon them." Boom.
  • Pennsatucky:And?
  • Boo:Leviticus, 24601.
  • Sister Jane Ingalls:23:13, 20. Not Jean Valjean's prison number.
  • Boo:Good catch.
  • Sister Jane Ingalls:Thou shalt not make musical references.
  • Boo:Why not?
  • Pennsatucky:Because that's like, the gayest thing on the planet, and even I know that.
  • Boo:That is an ugly stereotype...about gay men. See, everybody knows my people are stage managers, not performers.
Why is Charles after the liars?

Everybody is making theories about what happened to Charles and how he is connected to the Dilaurentis family etc. But why would he hurt the liars? I think this is the most important question of all, but it seems like nobody’s  really focusing on this question.

There are loads of theories about the past of Charles, but how is this connected to the liars, and not just ONE of the liars, all of them? I mean if Charles was put in Radley by his parents, why isn’t he going after them, or just his own family?

I mean what could possibly be his motive to hurt Emily? For as far as we know, she isn’t connected to Charles in any way.

I think the liars are more connected to the whole story than we may think they are.

What do you think?

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Hi, My question is random. I'm currently watching beyond scared straight and there was a girl who was still misbehaving after the program and she had a sew in and I thought to myself "if my child was misbehaving I wouldn't let them get their hair done". I personally have 4C hair and don't feel comfortable wearing it natural and so I thought it may be a deterrent to misbehavior. However there's already a "shame" and "embarrassment"put on natural hair. Would that be too much?

Why would you do that? Why would you make your child hate themselves and hate their hair as punishment just? Thats awful. Seriously. I pray you grow up before you have any children because that’s messed up.

I think I might be catkin??? but like IDK

How can you tell if you’re a kin of something????

I’m still wondering why they haven’t more pictures together. I mean, they are close friends and come conventions together but they don’t act in public like they really were. I can see that they look cute together and have fun with each other but thats all, Chris have more pictures with Nina, making things together and that whole funny relationship (out conventions and tv things its extrange that we don’t know how close they are and what happens with them) I think, that Kat is the person that put a wall between them cause her private life because they have a thing. I can see the difference between Chris y Kat and Chris y Nina when they are together. With Nina, Chris is the funny, sarcastic, confidence child guy but with Kat he seem more mature, he seems a man and a bit insecure but totally a gentleman. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, I see that Kat y Chris have a weird thing, its like they are hiding something that always was there. It’s just my opinion. What do you think? With love, Mel 💕💕

I don’t know why I let tumblr get me so worked up

It’s not worth it. I know it’s not. 

But I am sick and tired of seeing posts by people who claim to know about the world but who can’t see past their own little bubble. I am sick and tired of seeing posts that assume everything that happens across the globe is an exact mirror of that in the USA.  I am sick and tired of people who fight against generalisations and in the next breath make generalisations of their own. I am sick and tired of seeing people fabricating stories, or twisting them to fit their own agenda. And I am sick and tired of those people making excuses and telling others they ‘don’t understand’ when those same people won’t put up with that shit from anybody else.

No it is not OK. Thats why you complain when other people do it. That’s called hypocrisy folks. Please stop. You’re not helping anybody you’re just making yourself look like a fucking idiot.

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Do you think Raiden understands nudity? He just thinks 'I cover my body to protect me in fights and to keep me warm' and stuff like that

yeah like, im sure earthrealmers taught him all that what he first came down to earth. but im almost certain liu kang would have probably made him more ashamed of that shit bc idk i need more reasons 4 kung lao to be raidens fave,,, raiden is probably all like w/e abt it and liu kang is like, i mean he doesnt outright say it bc he doesnt wanna disrespect raiden but hes probably like ‘…….??? why do you take our lowly form??? ur a god, humans are awful’ also raiden learns of shame and liu kang just agrees 

lmfao tho ?? johnny probably is like when hes w/ raiden is just like ‘raidude once my clothes are off thats it dude, why would i waste time in putting them on when im just gonna take them right off again,,, also dude why would i wanna cover this shit up, im 100% eye candy’

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in response to your "please stop tagging the support local gay scientist post": i completely agree with you. I am another "local gay scientist" and I don't want to be "invalidated" by fictional characters. Stay wonderful. Love your blog. XO

Yeah, a lot of my posts end up going around the night vale fandom which is fine if it’s just a science joke or a meme or whatever, but it is pretty invalidating to have people treating something about my actual life as a cool fandom thing

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ok so my friends don't like 5sos at all and apparently it's """not cool""" to like them at my school but like ??? and they keep mocking me for it bc I have posters and reblog them of tumblr and I tweet them and I'm getting really pissed off and irritated idk why I told you this but I just needed to rant to someone

hey thats not cool ! dont listen to them, love this band as much as you like dont let peoples stupid judgements put you down. if you like them you like them  💙 dont let opposing views let you down. x 

i laugh when people come on anon to send a nasty message. If you had something ballsy to say why did you hide behind a wall?

That’s my problem with anon hate. Those people are so raring to call someone out and make someone feel lower than the ground beneath their feet but reveal their name or pull them away from their computer screens and they can’t put up a fight worth a damn.

If you stoop as low as to send anon hate I automatically don’t trust you, that’s such a shitty thing to do.


I’ve had the shittiest 24 hours and I saw fake glasses and wanted to rant about it and I have a lot emotions 

I  cannot stand people who wear fake glasses so it can go with their outfit or whatever. Do you find blindness ‘stylish’ or ‘cool,’ because it isn’t. Please I rather have your perfect eyesight. With fake glasses you can take them off and it’s okay, you won’t  fall down the stairs, I CANT EVEN WEAR SUNGLASSES NOR 3D GLASSES WITHOUT IT LOOKING WEIRD! I have to double them! Yes I know, just get contacts, but some people can’t wear contacts and some people don’t want a laser touching their eyeball. Have you seen final destination? 

The other reason as to why people wear them is to appear smarter. Thats a worst reason to wear them. Putting on glasses does make you smarter, nor make look you. Thats just a sterotype, and won’t help you at all. You are smart and dont need those glasses to prove it. 

And that is my rant about fake glasses, I literally hate them as you can tell. I have glasses and they’re annoying. 

courf and combeferre both being non-french is the most the most wonderful 

i cant even put my finger on why i like it so much

just getting each other about feeling like they belong to two different places 

the odds of them actually meeting being so small they actually make ferre lie awake thinking about it 

courf waking up like ‘i dreamt in french?’ and ferre’s like ‘??! oh!’ bc he knows thats weird when that happens