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The Types getting confessed to (By someone they also like)
  • <p> <b>ESFP:</b> What? Wow! I never saw this coming! This is great because I really liked you too! I was going to confess later in the day actually! Let's go out, bae ;)
  • ENFP: WOW WHAT??? Oh my gosh! This is so unbelievable! Did you know I liked you since grade 4? This is so awesome! We get to do all the cool things I've always pictured myself doing with you!<p/><b>ESTP:</b> No way! I like you too! This is so great, let me take you out, I'll bring you to this super awesome amusement park. I'll be your best first date ;D<p/><b>ENTP:</b> I mean I'm not surprised ;) Let's go out, like right now, I got tons of ideas of where to go. Do you have a preference for go karts, paintballing or waterpark?<p/><b>ESFJ:</b> *Smiles* I like you too! For a long time actually, I was just kinda unsure about how you felt...but this makes me so happy! You wanna go out sometime soon?<p/><b>ENFJ:</b> *Saw this coming but kept denying it to themselves* Woah are you serious?! I had a feeling but I didn't think I was reading it right. That's so awesome! I'll treat you so well <3<p/><b>ESTJ:</b> Oh wow that's...really great actually. You free this Friday night? I'll pick you up at 7pm, wear something nice ;)<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> *Mentally fits having a relationship into their busy schedule* You know what you're signing up with right? Perfect, I'll call you sometime to arrange a date<p/><b>ISFP:</b> *Is overwhelmed but excited* I really like you as well! Wow is this fate or something? I think this may be destiny ;)<p/><b>INFP:</b> ME TOO!!! *hugs* Sorry I'm just really happy, I was hoping you'd confess first :P<p/><b><p/><b>ISTP:</b> me? Never saw that coming, since I think you're really cool as well :) We should go out sometime, you free?<p/><b>INTP:</b> Wait what....what. You mean like...romantically? Like you wanna date me? O.O Would've never guessed...well uhm, so what do we do from here?<p/><b>ISFJ:</b> Yes! finally! *hugs* this is so great, I've been really shy to show you all the love and appreciation I feel for you. I'm happy to finally be able to make it official :)<p/><b>INFJ:</b> No waaaaayyyyy *actually could tell since last week* we should really get to know each other some more, I'm really interested in spending some time with you if you want<p/><b>ISTJ:</b> ...I'll treat you right, I promise. I'll do my best to make you happy and make this work. I really like you.<p/><b>INTJ:</b> Are you sure....? Because I thought I was interested in you too, but I don't have much experience in this area. I think you and I should get to know each other a little bit more and come back to this :)<p/></p>
  • [Thor learning to perform CPR on a human dummy.]
  • Maria: Are they breathing?
  • Thor: No, Maria, they are not breathing. And they have no arms or legs.
  • Maria: No, that's not part of it—
  • Thor: Where are they? You know what, if we come across somebody with no arms or legs, do we bother resuscitating them? I mean what kind of quality of life do we have there?
  • Clint: I would wanna live with no legs.
  • Thor: How about no arms? No arms is basically how you exist right now, Clinton, you don't do anything.
Seussical in a nutshell
  • jojo: wow nice hat
  • cat: im here now, sO USE YOUR IMAAAAGINATION
  • -
  • horton: wtf who said that. theres only a speck of dust so the logical conclusion is that a miniature person is on that speck. actually a whole lot
  • sour kangaroo: bitch you cray!!!
  • gertrude: damn that elephant fine as hell
  • -
  • dust speck: so anyway horton you were totally right; we're a lost civilization on the brink of war and we're all about to die. Who-dee-who-who-who. Also we're guilting you into being our guardian. Who-who-who.
  • -
  • cat: jojo you're going into the story whether you like it or not
  • mr. and mrs. mayor: jojo you're grounded. no more thinking.
  • jojo: fuck yall i do what i want
  • mr. and mrs mayor: well we obviously don't know how to raise a kid so we're just gonna send you off to the war
  • -
  • horton: well everyone thinks i'm crazy but that's ok because i can imagine that i'm cool
  • jojo: well my parents sent me into the military but that's ok because i can imagine that my family accepts me for who i am
  • horton: yo lmao i hear you down there lets be friends 4 ever
  • -
  • gertrude: ugh i really wanna fuck this elephant but i'm not attractive :/
  • mayzie: bitch u right. go take drugs.
  • gertrude: k. ima go ham tho
  • -
  • wickersham brothers: lmao look at this nerd with that flower. yoink that shiz
  • horton: wtf literally why would u do that there was honestly no need and now i have to search through millions of identical fucking clovers to find my tiny fren jojo
  • -
  • cat: by the way did i mention im a sadist??
  • -
  • gertrude: hey im sexy now wanna get down
  • horton: hush im picking flowers
  • -
  • mayzie: always use a condom kids. horton, watch my egg for me
  • horton: why the fuck would i do that
  • mayzie: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  • horton: ok ok fine but be back in like an hour
  • mayzie: LMFAO BY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN HELL!!
  • -
  • horton: well its winter now and jojo and the Whos are probably dead but i refuse to move my ass off this egg ok it is my My Child now andOH FUCK HUNTERS
  • Cat: by the way did i mention that i'm also a trickster god?
  • -
  • gertrude: oh no im too sexy to fly... sorry horton.. ur ass about to get carted off to the circus :(
  • horton: god this sucks
  • -
  • mayzie: oh hey theres a circus in town and OH SHIT ITS THE GUY I DUMPED THAT KID ON uh hey man im so happy for u... such a big success... performing in a circus!! lucky u!! anyway i gotta go right now immediately so enjoy that egg!
  • horton: Where Is Paradise
  • -
  • jojo: fuck this war im going home to think what i wanna think
  • general schmitz: kid you're walking on a minefield... literally one wrong step and your dea-- ok too late..
  • -
  • cat: oh yes HOW VERY SAD boohoohoohahahaha dont worry jojo isnt actually dead he's just trapped in a nightmare realm filled with Unspeakable Horrors
  • jojo: fuck you cat!!! you've legit been behind everything bad that's happened! why didn't i call you the fuck out earlier!
  • cat: ok damn fine i'll turn on the lights geez...
  • -
  • gertrude: hi horton great to see you again hahaha so um i got all of my Sexiness™ ripped out of my ass one by one so that i could find you (and a whole lot of other shit) but no big deal haha
  • gertrude: oh also i found your dumb clover
  • cat: oh you thought this was gonna be a happy ending right here? you thought wrong
  • sour kangaroo: BITCH WE PUTTING YOU ON TRIAL
  • judje yertle: well horton's definitely crazy and were gonna boil that clover with the dust speck on it in hot oil for literally no other reason but to prove a point
  • horton: so uh guys if you dont wanna die you should probably start screaming
  • mr and mrs mayor: well the combined forces of our entire planet had no effect so we're just gonna put all the pressure on you, jojo, our small son, who only a few moments ago we thought was dead.
  • jojo: *gibberish*
  • sour kangaroo: well i heard that shit!
  • everyone: hooray!
  • egg: henlo fatgher i am Elyphant Birb
  • horton: wtf
  • gertrude: eh, we'll make it work
  • -
  • -
LoveBug Jugbug Part 1

Jughead x Reader

words: 1,371

A/n: Jughead is becoming infatuated with a photography student who shares the same english class, what happens when y/n may have captured a picture of Jason Blossom’s killer?

Y/n pov -

You were in the dark room just behind the photography studio in school, developing some photos you had taken the night before. Looking back at the photos taken of the River and the nature flourishing around it. No one had really been back to the River since Jason’s body was recovered but you couldn’t help going to capture the beauty around. You loved the way you could create art in one single snap of a second, then the moment was yours to hold forever.

You take a look at one of the photos you took of a tree and notice a figure walking in the background. You couldn’t help the nauseous feeling in your stomach at the fact it could have been someone following you, Jason’s killer even. You push the feeling to the back of your head shaking your head, hanging the photo up to dry. You collect your things and unlock the dark room door opening it only to bump into a chest. You look up to see Jughead Jones, tall dark and handsome, staring at you with his always present pissed off facial expression.

“I’m so sorry Jughead, I wasn’t looking where I was going” you explained looking up to his gaze with apologetic eyes. he simply shuffled passed you awkwardly mumbling an “okay” you just shook your head and walked passed Archie stood next to the door. What were they even doing in the studio they didn’t take photography?

Truth of the matter is you’ve been bumping into Jughead an awful lot lately, you were unsure why because your paths had never crossed before, he just always seems to be around whenever you are lately.


(Later that day)

You sat in your usual booth at Pops, camera in your hands looking through photos you’d recently taken. Regulars of the diner waltz in, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead, they walk straight past you and go over to their usual booth, ordering food and talking intently.

Jughead’s POV -

Me and guys headed to our booth at Pops when I saw her again, just sitting there looking at her camera, she was so captivating I don’t know why but I was just drawn to her. We shared the same English class, she sat three seats away me, everytime I’m near her I just get weird and awkward and end up coming across rude.

“Hey that’s Y/n from English lit right?” Archie suddenly pipes up nodding his head towards the lonesome girl in the booth. “uh yeah, think so” i grumble and put my head down opening up my laptop.

“why don’t you go and sit with her, she’s almost as secluded as you” Veronica jokes lightly pushing my shoulder. “No I don’t wanna sit with her, I don’t even know the girl, besides she’s busy with her camera or whatever” I continue to brush off the people pestering me. “Oh you know you have a crush on her, just go and talk to her” Betty adds.

“Who said I have a crush on her?” I fire back defensively “You did. Just there, stop being so difficult and go talk to the girl” i just frown and shake my head. Archie kicks my leg under the table and gestures towards her.

With a sigh i get up and approach Y/N’s booth, “uh hi mind if I sit?” I ask her she jumps and drops her camera on the table looking up to me with wide eyes. “I uh- yeah sure” I jump down onto the seat beside her and she shuffles round the booth a little. I examine her as she takes a sip from her milkshake and looks back at her camera. “If you don’t mind me asking why are you here?” she quizzes me with a confused look upon her face.

“well, I just noticed you were alone and thought I’d come keep you company, if you don’t mind that is” i replied matter of factly. “So Jughead Jones, perhaps the king of riding solo was concerned for another human beings loneliness” she giggled towards me.

I shook my head with a breathy laugh and look towards her camera.


I notice him looking towards my camera and I suddenly become protective, my hands tightening around it slightly. “can I see some of your pictures?” he asks looking genuinely interested, I hesitate before answer slightly pushing it towards him. “ Um they aren’t that great but yeah I guess” I press the play button on my camera and we scroll through the pictures. He gets closer to me as we scroll, his arm leaning behind me on the booth, I subconsciously lean in closer to him as he looks at a picture in more detail.

“Y/N these are incredible, when do you take these?” he inquires looking at the camera amazed, for all the time I’ve known him i’ve never seen him this, well exhilarated he always seems so glum. “Uh these ones are from the summer onwards, I just take pictures when I’m bored, I like capturing a moment and finding beauty in it, I like to think that in some alternate universe everytime I take a picture, time freezes just for a moment. It’s dumb but it’s nice to be optimistic” I let out a small giggle and a smile. He just looks at me in amazement. “That’s kinda beautiful, it’s eccentric, I like it.” he smiles

we scroll through a couple more photos when he discovers something. “hey when was this taken” Jughead says looking intently at the photo by the river, I click on the photo and the date comes up, July 4th. The day Jason went missing at the river I just so happened to be taking photos of. “whats wrong?” I ask looking concerned at the photo.

“Look there’s somebody there, on the other side of the river, behind that tree..” he points out zooming into the photo. “What, no. there can’t be” i breathe out in disbelief, I take the camera and zoom right into the area he was talking about, just there on the screen was a dark figure standing just behind a tree. “ I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before” i say shocked. Jughead’s arm comes down to my side as we examine the photo but it was too dark to see who it was.

“Is there anyway we can make this clearer? you may have caught Jason’s killer on camera” just the thought sent shivers down my spine, I stare blankly for a moment, Jughead’s hand coming in contact with my thigh in a soothing manner, he could tell I was freaked out.

“um I think if i can crop the picture on my laptop and edit it to lower the contrast and adjust the brightness we may be able to see a bit clearer” I say.

“Don’t worry about it right now, lets just forget about it for a while and chill yeah?” he says quietly, still sensing my nervousness towards the situation. “Do you wanna head back to the Drive-In with me?” he suggests a smile on his face.

“the drive-in?” i question “Yea, uh thats where I reside” he says with a beautiful smug look contorted on his face. I just smile and nod and we get up exiting the Diner.

We go to the drive in and Jughead takes me into the projection room where there was a bed set up and a bunch of posters. “wow you’ve got the perfect nihilistic teenage sad boy room, haven’t you” i giggle. “Hey!” He playfully punches my arm “I’m kidding, it’s actually quite perfect” i sigh sitting myself down on his bed. I take my phone out playing some music on a playlist and put it to the side. ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie comes on, Jughead looks at me in disbelief “you like good music too, damn” he says shaking his head, I just laugh and get up off the bed pulling him to dance with me, the silly flailing limbs just displayed the perfectness of the scene. We were two weird lonely kids joining together . Now we just need to discover who was in that photo.    

  • "I will only have these eyes for you."
  • "You won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home."
  • "I swear it will get easier, remember that with every piece of you."
  • "I won't ever let you go."
  • "How'd I get so faded?"
  • "Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand cause you're waiting for me."
  • "I know you're gonna be away a while but I've got no plans at all to leave."
  • "Just promise me, you'll always be a friend cause you are the only one."
  • "Baby if you wanted me then you should've just said."
  • "Don't fuck with my love."
  • "In any other summer could you have been my part time lover?"
  • "And if you hurt me, well that's okay baby."
  • "I'm a mess right now."
  • "Maybe I'm a liar but for tonight I wanna fall in love."
  • "I messed up this time."
  • "You look so wonderful in your dress."
  • "Should this be the last thing I see I want you to know it's enough for me. Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need."
  • "He's not the right guy for you."
  • "I don't wanna love you."
  • "I fall in love with you every single day."
  • "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars."
  • "Oh baby, we found love right where we are."

It’s 4:30AM as I type this up and on nights like this, the nights I can’t seem to fall asleep, I have a small playlist that I just lay in bed and listen to. It’s a pretty good playlist if you like soft beats and wanna cry as you go through a song from basically every era. 

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Hi, uh, if you don't mind, I'd love to see more of that killugon celebrity au you wrote a while back. If you do want to write more for it, I don't wanna force you to write it right away, since you're already pretty busy at the moment. If you want, you can just ignore this message completely, cause I don't wanna force you to do anything. I just thought I'd mention it cause I really liked it. But yeah, that's all, bye.

So…I find this kind of funny bc I wrote the celebrity au months ago, and then out of no where I got two requests for it in one week haha

But I’ve been seriously slacking for requests considering how many I have sitting in my inbox right now, so I hope this makes up for that slightly! Sorry for the wait guys ^^;

Killugon, modern celebrity au! (Part one)

“Alluka!” Killua shouts as he runs down the stairs, taking two at a time. “Alluka?! Do you see that crowd of people out-”

Killua stops short at the bottom steps, dread pooling into the bottom of his gut.

“-side?” he finishes after a beat.

“Brother!” Alluka jumps up with a radiant smile and the stranger sitting across from her twists around in the wooden chair. His caramel-gold eyes brighten the second they land on Killua.

“Killua!” Jajaken says loudly and something deep within Killua’s chest flutters at the all too familiar voice.

God damnit. He thought he was done with this crap.

“…you,” Killua says. “Jajaken. Why are you here?”

“Killua!” Alluka gasps as Jajaken pouts. “Don’t be rude!”

Killua presses his lips together tightly. Right. Alluka likes this guy. He better play nice or he would definitely hear it later.

“And my name is Gon Freecss, not Jajaken,” the celebrity points out. Killua just makes a face at Jaja- Gon, his name is Gon- and slowly pads into the kitchen. 

He ignores the weight of Gon’s gaze digging into the side of his face as he reaches for the filled coffee pot. He says, “That doesn’t answer my first question. What the hell are you doing in my house?”

Alluka immediately chirps, “He’s visiting! Isn’t that right, Gon?”

Killua nearly gags. His sister sounds like a love-struck teenager.

Gon’s laughter reverberates around the small room like bells though, like he doesn’t mind the attention, and why would he- Jajaken is a international star. Meeting him accidentally nearly a week ago now after passing out and falling into his arms on the red carpet had been surreal enough. Turning around and seeing the guy sitting at Killua’s kitchen table, all bursting grins and caramel skin and melodic voice-

Killua’s face starts to grow warm and he inwardly curses. He’s so stupid. God.

“I am visiting, but I have a question to ask, actually,” Gon admits, tone almost shy. He peeks at Killua and the pale teen’s stomach flips. 

What was going on?!

“I, um. I wanted to know….Killua, would you like to spend the day with me? I only have a few more days here and you offered to show me the sights of Yorknew when we met last week.”

Killua’s mind whirls. He had said that, sure, but. He never expected Gon to take him up on the offer! He’d assumed the famous freckled teen had other, better things to do than follow Killua around.

But the way Gon stares at him, gaze shinning with something that Killua recognizes as curiosity-eagerness-hope-

“I’ll take you anywhere you want for lunch, it that will convince you,” Gon offers and Killua straightens.

“Anywhere?” he asks, trying to keep the excitement out of his tone. “You’re not lying to me, are you Freecss?”

Gon’s smile is bemused. “Mhm, anywhere you want.”

Killua’s heart pounds. Anywhere, Gon said. That means he can drag Gon to that new super expensive chocolate store downtown and make him buy all the sweets Killua could ever want… 

“Is that a yes?” Gon asks.

Okay, sure. Why not? If a celebrity wants Killua’s attention, he isn’t about to say no. 

“Yeah,” Killua says as a grin starts to tug at his lips. “It’s a yes.”

Gon’s entire face lights up, like Killua had just told him he won the lottery. “Great! It’s a date then!”

Killua’s smile freezes in place. Wait, what?

“A…date?” he says weakly and when Gon laughs again, Killua’s mouth goes dry.

How could laughter sound so stupidly nice like that?!

“Yep!” Gon says happily. “Go get dressed and we’ll head out. Okay?“

Killua doesn’t know what to say to that. But then Alluka jerks her head to the stairs and Killua’s feet somehow start to move of their own accord.

He’s passing the front door again when he hears Gon say thoughtfully to his sister, “We should probably go out your basement though, if that’s okay with you. I don’t want the paparazzi to see us leaving. I could always tell them Killua is just someone I keep running into, but I’d rather avoid them all together…”

Killua’s head spins and he takes a deep breath to steady his pounding heart. If this is what the morning was like, today was sure to be one hell of a day.

at this point i only play inquisition so i can constantly give leliana her happy ending, nothing else matters to me

"Drunk History, vol. 206" - Kurt/Blaine

(inspired by the best idea ever)

In which Kurt gets drunk AF and tells the story of how he and Blaine got together, because Chris’ tweet was the first thing that popped up on my phone this morning and I couldn’t stop seeing it

~1800 words | AO3

Elliott has never heard the story of how Kurt and Blaine met. He’s heard the story—rather, both stories—of how they got back together, but he has no knowledge of that original, fateful moment. He realizes this when he’s knee-deep in margaritas and shots with Kurt, a mess of limes and salt strewn all over the coffee table next to a bottle of Jose Cuervo. So, he asks for the story.

It should be said, at this point, that Elliott can hold his tequila better than Kurt can.

“Just start from the beginning.”

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Yo!Very sorry for bothering you but I really need to know about all these Jospeh rumours/spoilers so if you don't mind can you explain what's it all about?(I still haven't finnished his route but I really wanna know.)

ey its all good dude.. to my knowledge, the stuff thats being discussed and theorized about is not actually a route you can take right now. It’s just stuff people have found while digging around where ya probably shouldn’t be looking anyway lol.. some people are trying to find out if there’s a way to get to it still, but it’s looking to be unreachable at the moment, possibly isn’t meant to be reached (yet)

but if you wanna know more about all that stuff, you can look at these links:

herehere / here / and here

the signs as songs by Beyoncé
  • Aries: Beautiful Liar
  • "You'll never know why are we the ones who suffer;
  • Have to let go, he won't be the one to cry"
  • Taurus: Love On Top
  • "Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears and finally you put me first"
  • Gemini: Irreplaceable
  • "I can have another you by tomorrow;
  • So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable"
  • Cancer: Best Thing I Never Had
  • "Another world, another life;
  • Thank God I found the good in goodbye"
  • Leo: Sweet Dreams
  • "I wish that when I wake up you're there to wrap your arms around me for real and tell me you'll stay by my side"
  • Virgo: Listen
  • "I'm more than what you made of me; I followed the voice you gave to me but now I've gotta find my own"
  • Libra: Crazy In Love
  • "The way that you know what I thought I knew,
  • It's the beat my heart skips when I'm with you;
  • But I still don't understand, just how your love can do what no one else can"
  • Scorpio: Partition
  • "I just wanna be the girl you like, girl you like;
  • The kinda girl you like is right here with me"
  • Sagittarius: Diva
  • "I know you read the paper, the one that they call a queen; Every radio round the world know me 'cause that's where I be"
  • Capricorn: Single Ladies
  • "I need no permission, did I mention, Don't pay him any attention; 'Cause you had your turn, and now you gonna learn what it really feels like to miss me"
  • Aquarius: Countdown
  • "Oh, you got me all gone, don't ever let me go;
  • Say it real loud if you fly, if you leave me you're out of your mind"
  • Pisces: Halo
  • "Hit me like a ray of sun burning through my darkest night; You're the only one that I want, 'Think I'm addicted to your light"

Gosh but I’m Tired, y’all.

How about we do the thing where everyone tells me nice things about their week and it makes me happy again because I like it when my friends are happy.

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Hiii! Your writing is wonderful and I love it! I hope things are well with you right now. I was actually wondering if you could pls tell me the name of the song from one of your Daveed drabbles where the reader is rapping a song of his and thinks he can't hear? The line you used from it is " don’t know what you’ve been told but sometimes even California gets cold". I can't seem to find the name and really wanna hear the song

It’s called For The Record and it’s on the Bay Boy mixtape

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part One):
  • "I'll say Macbeth on stage 50 times, I don't give a shit."
  • "Yes it's a penis."
  • "Did you really watch it expecting deep, emotional shit?"
  • "Because you will be killed."
  • "I don't listen to opera in my spare time."
  • "I don't know that show."
  • "I think I met Naked Dave once."
  • "They're gods and they can do that."
  • "You badmouthed me so now you're dead."
  • "He tortured people, he lost his right to sleep."
  • "Fuck it, we do what we want."
  • "This is Ophelia, right? It is now."
  • "Jesus broke his arm."
  • "Basically as an individual I just wanna punch people."
  • "There is a Spiderman musical. It's awful."
  • "The kid had sex with a pie."
  • "That one doesn't count."
  • "I don't know what the fuck those are."
  • "You wanna get home but you can't. And apparently you aren't wearing shoes."
  • "No one gets my shitty references, so I'll stop. Dicks."
  • "South Park is just South Park."
  • "I won't leave this up because people will giggle."
  • "This is where our $9 million can go."
  • "We're at a university. Kind of."
  • "That's super fucked up."
  • "Everything after here gets pretty depressing."
  • "Shit exploded—sweet—awesome!"
  • "There doesn't have to be mass death."
  • "We'll do a little bit of this and then we'll go away."
  • "I don't watch a lot of depressing shit."
  • "Normally there's more giggling when I say that."
  • "I don't know how I'm doing that, but we're doing it."
  • "I don't care—read it. I don't have to read it."
  • "Oh the LARPers are out."
  • "It's just snow, deal with it."
  • "Domestic violence is not comedy."
  • "You're not gonna send Jesus out in a cast."
  • "That's why he creates blah blah blah."
  • "Everyone gets married and lives happily ever after."
  • "Syfy-something-something."
  • "It's just a guy in a hat who looks like Lincoln."
  • "I'll remind myself. So I remember."
  • "Here's one story."
  • "Because Shia LaBeouf."
  • "The book just starts trashing everybody."
  • "Not everybody agrees that Naked Dave is perfect."
  • "I don't think it's a good musical."
  • "Not like fisticuffs."
  • "Pay them slightly."
  • "You don't sleep if you're saving the world."
  • "This has nothing to do with marijuana."
  • "Well did you find five dollars?"
  • "Or a lego. Those are the worst."
  • "The French like making fun of the Spanish. Apparently."
  • "I'm trying to think of a reference."
  • "They like to fight."
  • "If that ever happens, don't fucking leave."
  • "It's art, it's okay."
  • "Not everybody back in the day looked like that."
  • "Does anyone watch it just because they wanna see Luke and Leia make out?"
  • "The way they do it with puppets on stage is kind of mindblowing."
  • "Marriage or death?"
  • "You can't see unless you set something on fire."
  • "You work in a hospital, for God sake."
  • "It's slowly becoming my castle."
  • "I just started watching it, don't spoil it."
  • "That was after my time."
  • "Hopefully no one gets shot."
  • "It's Satan."
  • "I'm not ready for that level of commitment."

Right so my civilian design would probably just be like
<—— my icon
thats my dumb attempt at drawing cartoon me

Tho that’s cartoon me as of right now, so it’d have to be like a personaverse where its about people at college rather than high school
i mean I could design a ‘sona based on how i looked back then, but i wasn’t out about my gender identity during highschool, so it’d be kinda Uncomfortable drawing that old fake self of mine
But yeah uhh.. if anyone wants to know what ‘thought I was a cis woman’ bunni looked like, basically just futaba with brown hair + overweight. And without a budget for the sort of cool clothes futaba has, and also walking around squinting without glasses cos my dad never let me see the doctor. Aaaand now current me is pretty much futaba in personality and Relateable Social Anxiety Moments so i guess i am futaba in all of the ways a futaba can ever be.
i love futaba

I think probably I’d be best at being a support type like Futaba, though honestly I want to be a fighter. Makoto is the other super relateable one to me, cos i was also a shy-as-fuck super teacher’s pet nerd whose frustrations with life led to ‘I WANT TO RIDE A GIANT POPE MOTORCYCLE AND PUNCH DEMONS WITH MY FISTS’. Its a relateable feeling! A common emotion!
Also I’m kinda the sort of person who cares the most about protecting my friends, yes, but its hard for me to access any of my Nerd Skills when i’m in that emotion. I am like LET ME FUCKIN BEAT UP ANYONE WHO’S HURTING YOU, LET ME TAKE ALL THE BULLETS, LET ME CARRY YOU ALL ON MY BACK TO SAFETY AAAAAA
So if I was a support type, I think my special abilities would revolve around taking damage for the other characters rather than futaba’s buffing skillz. Like, have the support persona’s stats actually matter. Have an actual HP bar that shows the limit of how much damage i can divert from the others, and like.. maybe also have other support spells that cost HP to cast? And then my recklessness can mean that i can be taken out and everyone loses the support until i’m revived.
OR I could just be a regular fighter who gains the whole ‘can take a fatal attack for protagonist’ skill very early in my social link. And probably have a bunch of other more supporty skills, and/or a lot of stuff that costs HP. I’m thinking maybe like a primarily physical attackher with a small amount of MP, but the spells I actually gain are pretty useful. Also i totally wanna be Curse element! I always pick dark/ghost/whatever in videogames, I gravitate towards whatever is the ‘always born bad’ underdog monster character, cos i can relate to that.
Tho I dunno what my weapon would be, tbh! I tend to just go thru periods of being obsessed with whatever weapon a fave character uses, like I kept googling all about Chakrams back when I liked Axel, and I really wanted to buy a giant 5 foot tall spoon when i first played FF9 and Quina captured my heart. And now lol I wanna have makoto’s cool brass knuckles or haru’s axe!

I DO NOT KNOW what persona I would have, cos Loki is already taken by an important plot role in P5
I can relate a lot to Loki, and I had a huge Special Interest obsession with norse myth during my teenage years
I dunno if there’s any other deities that like.. have LGBTQ themes? I don’t know a huge amount about mythology in general, just a splattering of facts from various mythologies i obsessed about as a kid. If there’s any actual nonbinary deities out there, I wanna obsess about them too!
Oh, but in P5 everyone is folk heroes of literature instead of strictly deities. And lol i know EVEN LESS about classic novels! I only know the ones we were taught during school, and the only one I genuinely enjoyed was Hard Times by Charles Dickens. Hmm.. to be honest I could make a cool persona out of poor Louisa Gradgrind! And Bounderby is already like a cartoonish cariacature, he could be inserted as an enemy shadow without any changes needed XD He’s pretty much kamoshida?? Or Haru’s fiancee. Or both combined. Also my love of Louisa is probably why i love Haru, tbh. Also, my copy of Hard Times is still sitting here on my desk, taunting me, drawing me into obsession agaaaain! Its been my monitor stand for like five years, I can never stop falling back into dickensian quicksand until i find an equally sized book as a substitute!~!

Hmm, or maybe.. try looking for rabbit-based mythological figures?
I’ve already seen someone else make a perfect Brer Rabbit persona-sona, and the moon rabbit deity was already done in P4 Arena apparantly? (haven’t played that one)
Maybe just like a Jackalope persona? i do like the idea of having a very small and harmless looking persona that kicks ass, none of the supporting characters have ever really had one of those, only the protagonist can fuse a few but theyre never really lategame viable. Tho I dunno if I’d rather have a tiny cutie who’s ferocious, or a tiny cutie that turns into something huge during battle? i do like the weird idea of everyone having chibi versions of their persona during downtime. I really liked that in P5 everyone gets one scene of their persona talking to them when they first make the contract, and Arsene gets like.. two scenes. I was so dissappointed after that that you dont actually get to talk to your persona all the time and have them as like a social link! I like whenever everyone is shown hanging out with their personas in the 4-koma mangas and stuff. I WOULD HUG ARSENE AND FEED HIM SNACKS!
Anyway, whether Jackalope is an actual small rabbit or some sort of badass humanoid warrior type, I think it would be good cos it would have a built-in good idea for a mask:

Even if I picked a different persona, I do like the idea of a one-eyed mask!
Or maybe some sort of jester or stage magician type costume? A top hat could work if my persona was the white rabbit or march hare from alice in wonderland… i mean you cant really categorise those as the ‘hero’ of the story tho. But cool clockwork designs!! And/or teacup stuff!! A giant teacup weapon!!

Oooh, or maybe I could have Arachne or Anansi? Just cos I love spiders as well as rabbits. Man I love a lot of animals aaaaaa….

Or if I could pick one of the personas that wild card protags can fuse in other games, I’d probably go for Choronzon or Nidhogg. I tend to like the underloved super monsterous types, I find them weirdly cute from what little personality you see in demon negotiation! I just imagine having a tiny pet floating orb of screaming skulls, and feeding him snacks.
every monster deserves a friennnnnnddddd aaaaaaaaa
man probably that could be my social link rewards, i’d be all helping with demon negotiation n stuff
except i dont know how to cook so i mean i’d just be buying conveinience store stuff MAN I WISH I COULD COOK ARSENE BETTER SNACKS
thank u for always protect protagonist, sir
i hope he at least gets to sneak some of sojiro’s curry while no-one’s looking

wanna chat? pt 4

on ao3

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how are my avoidance tactics working? anyway i just needed to write something before starting homework today and that means you get whatever this is. enjoy? 

11:59 PM

the real ladybug™: /loud groaning/

drop the bass: what up

flour power: I thought you were going to bed lile an hour ago

the real ladybug™: i cant SLEEP

drop the bass: did you try counting sheep

the real ladybug™: thats bullshit and u know it

drop the bass: bruh it works for some people

flour power: Just relax al

the real ladybug™: r U rlly telling ME to relax

flour power: Yes

undead zombie model: I thought everyone was going to bed?

the real ladybug™: then y arent U in bed m.???
im very disappointed in u

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Captain America: Civil War

Yes, I saw it last night. It’s so good. And I went in with high expectations.

A lot of people were worried that the plot would be bloated and unevenly paced and there would be too many characters and it just wouldn’t achieve the elegance of TWS… and of course they were right. Like, come on, that’s a given. But it’s good, man. It has the emotional sincerity and commitment to character conflict and political consequences we loved from TWS.

Random thoughts under the cut:

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For real dude, I don’t wanna grow up.
—  white woman, in Boulder