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a lot of being a lesbian IS rooted in the fact that you don’t want to be with men, at all, whatsoever. like. being a lesbian is about loving women and thats a feeling shared across all lbp women, but, something unique about being a lesbian that bi and pan women wont experience is out point of view on m/f relationships, and men themselves, as something that will literally Never be relevant to our lives but is constantly forced onto us. and so our distaste for men and for m/f relationships in media has a very specific root and you really gotta consider Where this distaste is coming from before you criticize lesbians for rejecting and being skeptical of m/f content

Through The Phone

Rated: M

Warning: Dirty talk galore, mentions of graphic smut, season 3 Game of Thrones spoilers.

Summary: The sexual frustration is real when Namjoon goes on a month long business trip, halfway across the world. So when the chips are down and the tides get rough, and you can’t actually get to one another… what do you do? You go to the next best thing of course - phone sex. 

Note: where did this come from and why tf did it get fluffy at the end thats not the way pwps are supposed to end i hate myself. btw the pacing is probably a little rushed because i wrote this between the hours of 2am and 5am :))

Words: 3.1k

You rolled over onto your back in bed, sighing dramatically as you pushed the covers off of your upper body, suddenly feeling too hot for them. The coldness of the bedroom was a contrast to your warm exposed skin, immediately arousing your nipples from the chilly sensation and giving you goosebumps all over. You turned your head to the side to look at the alarm clock that sat on your nightstand.

2:06 A.M.

This had been happening to you a lot lately, waking up in the middle of the night because of the intense dreams you’ve been having. Even in your sleep, you couldn’t escape the extreme desires you had that seemed to be getting harder to deal with more and more each and every day that passed without your fiance.

You shamefully pressed your thighs together, trying anything that would help ease the intense yearning sensation you felt between them.

The dream you had just experienced that involved your fiance had gotten you so worked up, that you could feel the evidence of your arousal leak out of your folds and drip down one of your ass cheeks onto the sheets beneath you. You felt your face heat up at the fact a simple dream about Namjoon had provoked your body so severely. But it was silly actually, because you were the only one in the room. The only one in the entire huge apartment, to be exact.

You were utterly alone, so why must you be so shy by the way your body was reacting?

With a sigh escaping your lips, you reached across for your phone that was on the complete opposite side of the bed at the very edge - a result of your restless sleeping, no doubt. And without a second thought, your fingers flew across the screen and soon your phone was calling your fiance.

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If you havent watched Marks latest video, then I urge you to. Because its important. Its probably the most important video I have seen Mark do in a long, long time. Its by far the most passionate I have seen him in a long, long time.

Its so easy for people to jump on a band wagon and start to call people out because of choices they have made. On the internet your even covered by anonymity which makes it infinitely easier. 

Whats so disheartening is that if you read through a YouTubers comments, most of them will be calling them out on something, rumours, or attention seeking. They aren’t supportive or constructive. People live to tear one and other down because its easier. 

If there is one thing I can try and do, is take responsibility. And to some it may seem ridiculous. But, I have to. I feel its an obligation. Compared to Mark and others, I have but a flash in the pan but I still have nearly 15,000 who see my posts on their dash. Thats 15,000 people who can listen and take action. 

As Mark said, I couldnt give a fuck where you come from, what you believe in, what your skin colour is, your gender or your sexuality. All I care is that you’re a good person. That is who we should be. That should be the minimum we strive for in our lives. To be good people. To show others respect. 

I promise that I will do that. Not just for the lifespan of this blog, but for the rest of my life. 

Thank you Mark for taking the time to make that video. I hope people watch and take heart from it.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

  • Excalibur: Ok Mesa, I'm gonna demonstrate to you how to thwart an attack. Now pretend that this dummy is a Grineer Lancer. Stand back, I dont want you to get hurt.
  • Excalibur: Before he can draw his weapon... *pulls out Exalted Blade and zig zags up to the dummy, slicing its head off* How awesome's that?
  • Mesa: Uh, yeah, that's pretty awesome but I feel like he woulda shot you from a mile away!
  • Excalibur: No, no he wouldn't because you saw how I was zig-zagging like this, it was distracting.
  • Mesa: Yeah, but did you ever see Indiana Jones where the guy does the whole sword thing and he just shoots him dead?
  • Excalibur: Are you asking me if I've seen Indiana Jones? Are you seriously asking me- I've seen that movie- that IS m- you're not understanding.
  • Mesa: You remember it?
  • Excalibur *getting frustrated*: Yes but if I were to come at you it's all about how I-
  • Mesa: *whips out Regulator pistol and pretends to shoot Excalibur*
  • Excalibur: Ok, in that circumstance, maybe you got there a little bit faster but if I *yells and leaps at him*
  • Mesa: *pretend fires Regulator* I got you again.
  • Excalibur: What if I zig-zagged... *leaps from side to side, while Mesa clicks the Regulator on him every time*
  • Mesa: It's so easy to get you!

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Are we not allowed to call Jin a mom anymore? I've never seen any other fandom have a problem with this. Like, in e*xo, Su*ho is known as the mom and not ever has that been a problem so...

afdjkghfd I don’t know how to answer this and I’m sorry if I end up offending anyone but ok-

So, I’m not the shipping God. I dont know what’s right or wrong. What is allowed or isn’t. But what I do think (in my opinion) is that we should (or don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ totally up to you)

  • stop labeling Jin as the wife b/c he is a male and it’s wrong to try and make everything heteronormative - but carry on calling Jin and x member husbands if you wish
  • dont call Jin ships with members beside Namjoon incest ships
  • dont call him a princess - Jin has pretty much made it clear he doesn’t like being called that anymore (prefers prince)
  • dont overuse the mom label unless he’s stereotypically acting like a ‘mom’ 

And just know that Jin is much more than those labels. He’s a caring hyung, amazing vocalist, great dancer (i’ll fight you on this), has a great sense of humor, super hard working, bts’s wings and the reason why BTS is literally flying off the charts. 

What are your guys’ opinion on this?


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 602
summary : based on the song ‘No Vacancy’ by One Republic
note : i might have strayed a tiny little bit from the idea …
* gif by fondu-with-downey

When Kai got off the bed that morning after yet another sleepless night spent counting the hours till sunrise , he had no idea in a few hours his life would change completely. As soon as the first sun rays had shown up through the windows , he got off his bed and turned off the lights. After all this time spent alone in the Prison World he just couldn’t stand the darkness or the silence. Or being alone for that matter. Every now and then he’d go out at night, sharing a couple of hours with strangers but even around all those people at the bar he still felt alone and empty on the inside. Unknowingly his entire life he had been searching for her until one day when he had least expected it he finally found her and she tore down all the walls he had build around himself.

Kai was walking down the street on his way to the Salvatore house to meet with his least favourite Salvatore brother. Damon wasn’t his friend , none of them were but he liked spending time around them better than being alone. He kept trying to win them over but every time things didn’t work out he ended up feeling even more empty on the inside than before. Yet he kept trying , hoping that maybe one day this will change. He put his hands in his pockets and turned down the street listening to his playlist when he heard the screams. Kai stopped right the same second, pulled out his earphones quickly and ran towards the screams. Turning down the alley he saw a vampire feeding on a girl who was trying so hard and fiercely to fight the vampire off her but it wasn’t enough. There was something about the way she wouldn’t let herself get killed that drew him in like a magnet and he ran , pushing the vampire off her.
   "The girl is with me.“ he growled , purple / black veins flashing in his eyes. Kai raised his hand and the vampire started choking while the young heretic was using magic to pull his heart out. “Leave now or you lose your heart.”
After the vampire ran off , Kai turned towards the girl who had dropped to the ground , holding her hand on her neck trying to stop the bleeding. She looked shaken and kept starring straight ahead with eyes filled with tears , flinching a little when he took a step towards her.
   "Hey hey. It okay. I’m not going to hurt you.“ said Kai softly , kneeling down next to her biting his wrist. “This will help heal the wound and then -”
   "What ? You will compel it away ?“ she whispered , wrapping her fingers around his wrist. Kai studied her face. Why wasn’t she completely freaked out about what had just happened ? He sat on the ground before her, taking a better look at the young girl. It appeared that she was around his age , her hair was pulled in a loose pony tail wearing a little baggy ripped in the knees jeans , a grey top and a dark blue/white plaid shirt tied on her waist – and she was beautiful. They had met barely a few moments ago and she had already taken his breath away.
   "Well , you are full of surprises aren’t you - ” he said a little amused. “Anyone else would’ve run away by now. So why haven’t you ?”
   "Let’s just say my friends are not exactly normal.“ she smiled. "Thank you for saving me – um , sorry. I didn’t get your name ?”
   "Oh right. Sorry , manners. I’m Kai. Kai Parker.“ he said outstretching his hand. He expected her to run away since obviously the girl knew vampires and quite possibly Damon , but she never did. Instead Y/N smiled widely at him , shook his hand and for the first time in his life , Kai felt something spark inside his heart. 
   "I’m Y/N.” she said , unable to look away. “So , you are Kai. It’s nice to meet you.”
All her friends , specially Bonnie , had warned her about Kai , filling her head with all the awful things he had done and for a while she had pretended to listen , then she had tuned out. Kai had made mistakes , but Damon had done worse. Stefan had done worse. Most of her friends have – being vampires and all. Judging Kai by the worst mistakes he had done in his life but not judging her friends for theirs would make her a hypocrite. That wasn’t her. Everyone deserved a chance , everyone had light and darkness inside. Her new friend seemed so friendly she couldn’t help but like him instantly and he was beyond hot — and had just saved her life when easily could’ve walked by and let her die. To her Kai didn’t seem as dangerous as they had made him out to be.
   "Ahh so you have heard of me.“ he sighed , looking at the ground. "For a moment there I thought I might … Ahhh never mind. I take it you are friends with Damon ?”
   "No. Stefan. I can’t stand Damon.“
   "Wow. You didn’t run away from me screaming and you don’t like Damon.” he laughed. “I like you already.”
   "For what’s worth - I kind of like you too. I – “ she said noticing her bloody top. "Ahh , I better go home and change.”
Y/N started to get up and almost immediately she stumbled a little. Kai got up quickly holding her steady so she wouldn’t fall. Their eyes met and a spark of electricity floated between them , waking up something inside of him he didn’t even know was there. He had no idea who this girl is , but already knew there was no way he’d ever let anything happen to her.
   "Are you feeling okay ?“ he asked concerned. "You know what, I will take you home. Don’t worry , you don’t have to invite me in or anything. Just want to make sure whoever that was won’t try and finish the job and that you won’t faint somewhere.”
   "I just feel a little light headed that’s all.“ she smiled , unable to take her eyes away from him. Never before in her life she had someone’s eyes sparkle like this.  "Wow..”
   "What ?“
   "N-nothing.” she smiled , feeling her heart skip a beat. “You know , maybe it’s a good idea that you walk me home.”
   "Yeah ? You are not scared of me ?“
   "No.” she smiled. “Not scared of you.”
Kai couldn’t help but smile at her words. Usually everyone ran away from him but not this girl. There wasn’t a hint of judgement or fear in her eyes and they were so warm , just like her smile. Barely a few minutes spent around her and for the first time in his life he didn’t feel as alone or empty as before. However something kept tugging at his mind.
   "You weren’t at the wedding. I am pretty sure I would’ve remembered you –“
   "Um no , I was out of town with my parents that day.” she smiled nervously , as they took a turn down the street.
   "I am happy you weren’t there. What I did – I just – “ he sighed.
   "I’m not judging. You had your reasons and Bonnie , well — she sort of deserved it. I mean she provoked it in a way. I — ” she sighed. “Don’t tell them I said that. I’ll never hear the end of it.”
   "I won’t.“ he smiled at her. "I’ve never met someone – as understanding as you. Not judging - thats definitely a new one for me. Where have you been all my life?”
   "Probably right under your nose.“ Y/N winked at him , unable to stop smiling.
Kai laughed under his breath , listening to her heart beating strong and fast , skipping a beat every time their hands touched accidentally while they walked. He couldn’t help feel the electricity coursing through his veins , starting from the places where their hands touched , waking up every fibre in his body.
   "So , if you know the Salvatore’s how come I haven’t seen you before ?” he wondered while they took another turn down the next block. “Were they keeping you tucked away safely somewhere or something ?”
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair looking up at the sky and then at him with a smile on her face. Kai’s heart did a flip almost making him stop in the middle of the street , trying to figure out what was happening.
   "As if I’d let them do that.“ she laughed but her tone was serious. "No , I am a senior. You know with Elena’s brother Jeremy. There just wasn’t much time to hang around with my friends.”
Y/N stopped in front of one of the houses and Kai felt his heart sank. That was it ? Why did it feel like they had been walking barely a few seconds when it had been minutes ? He didn’t want to let go off her , not now not ever.
   "This is me.“ she sighed. "Thank you for saving me and walking me home.”
   "Yeah. Always. “ he smiled at her , scratching his forehead nervously. "I guess I’ll be seeing you around –”
Kai started turning around when she pulled him back. He looked at her confused for a moment and then her hands wrapped around him in a surprise hug attack. Kai wasn’t sure what to do at first. It had been so long since someone had hugged him or had been this nice to him. Specially someone who knows all the awful things he had done. Then his arms wrapped around her , holding her tightly towards him. His eyes closed for a moment and he felt happiness like never before spread through his body. What was it about this girl that had him feeling this way ? Warm, fuzzy, complete…
   "You are welcome to stop by and come in any time you want.“
   "Y-you are inviting me in ?” he asked surprised. Y/N nodded. “What would your friends say ?”
   "That’s not really their decision now is it?“ she winked at him , reaching into his pocket. "This is my number. Call me any time , literally.“ she said serious , typing in her number and taking a selfie as a contact picture. "I don’t sleep much.”
   "Weird , neither do I.“ he smiled nervously. "It’s — hard , after the Prison World and everything.”
   "You know –“ she trailed off. ”– my parents are not home most nights , if you want you can come over and we can talk or watch a movie or something ?“
   "Your friends are going to freak out.” he said amused.
   "Let them.“ she winked him. "See you around Kai..”
   "Yeah – see you around Y/N.“
Kai watched her walk inside the house unable to stop smiling. This girl was different , he could feel it. Could it be that he had finally found someone ? A real friend , maybe more than a friend ? He walked down the street trying to figure out what were all those emotions swirling in his heart and head in that moment. There were so many of them he couldn’t separate them but knew all of them were connected to her. Something told him that night he won’t be staying awake counting the hours as usual. No , that night was going to be different.
His phone rang returning him to reality. Kai reached into his pocket pulling it out - DAMON.
   "Where are you? You said you’ll be here first thing in the morning..”
   "Something came up.“ said Kai not even feeling annoyed at the tone Damon was talking to him with. "I’ll be over in five. Even you can’t ruin my good mood today.”

Kai spent almost two hours listening to Damon trying to convince him to break the spell linking Bonnie and Elena. It seemed to be the only thing the vampire wanted to talk about and this time he was actually being a little nicer to him , probably thinking that a change in his attitude would get things done.  However Kai wasn’t really listening. Only one person mattered to him and that was Y/N.
   "Damon ?“ interrupted Kai. "How do you know when you are in love ?”
Damon’s eyes widened in shock , surprise and confusion.
   "Sorry what ? In love ? What are you talking about ?“
   "Just answer my question.” insisted Kai , pouring himself two fingers with bourbon. “And maybe I will find a way to break the spell. I am a mega powerful heretic right? .”
   "Fine.“ sighed Damon. "It’s like the whole world stops and there is just this other person you see. Your heart beats faster around them , you can’t stop thinking about them and wanting to be with them. That person is all that you need and when you are apart it feels like hell. Why ?”
   "No reason.“ he replied a sip of his bourbon.
   "Ahh , don’t go anywhere.” said Damon , leaving the room to answer his phone.
A few moments later Kai heard someone fall down the stairs not too far away from him. Curiosity won over and he went to check out what had happened. When he got there he saw a very familiar looking girl and he couldn’t help but smile. He leaned against the stair railing looking at her trying to gather a bunch of books which probably had caused the noise he heard since she didn’t appear to be hurt. He only caught glimpses of her face but that was enough for his heart do this weird flip it kept doing whenever he thought about her.
   "Need some help with that ?“ he asked , making her scream in surprise. "Easy there Y/N. I am just trying to help. Are you okay ? You didn’t get hurt did you ?”
   "Stefan is going to kill me..“ she muttered , freezing a second later. Y/N looked up at him and a wide smile spread across both their faces."Hi.”
   "Hi.“ he grinned , kneeling down on the ground to help her gather the books. "What are you doing here ? I didn’t walk you home for you to leave like two hours later.”
   "So over protective.“ she winked at him. "I had to return them before I forget they are not mine.”
   "Here. Let me help you with those. What is that ? Great Expectations ? To Kill a Mockingbird ? Damn – did you read all of those ?“
   "Thanks.” she smiled. “Yes , took a while though. Do you know the way or should I -”
   "After you.“ he smiled nervously. Kai was sure he’d follow her everywhere, including to the end of the world. "I am so happy to see you again.”
   "Me too.“
They took another turn down the hall entering the library. In the next few minutes he helped her return the books to their places and Y/N climbed up one of the ladders to return the last one almost at the top shelf, stretching out her hand dangerously far away.
   "Careful. We don’t want you to fall to your death do we?” he said not taking his eyes away from her , ready to catch her at moments notice.
   "Almost — there —“ she screamed falling to the ground.
Kai ran towards her in vampire speed catching her mid air , losing his balance a moment later , falling on the ground with her on top of him. How had she landed face first on top of him with their faces barely an inch apart?
   "OH my God ! Are you okay ?” she asked worried “S-sorry. I didn’t meant to - ”
   "You know you are like really pretty. “ he said , reaching his hand to touch her cheek for a moment. A small smile spread across his face when she didn’t flinch or pull away. Kai wondered why her heart had started beating so fast all of the sudden. "Absolutely beautiful –” he whispered clearing his throat.
   "T-thanks.“ she smiled at him.
   "What - what is going on here ?” asked Stefan confused, making them look up at him. “Why do you look like you are about to kiss?!”
   "Hey there Steven.  Don’t worry. I saved the pretty girl — again.“ said Kai smiling. "And I think she likes me. ”
Y/N winked at him and cleared her throat rolling off him. He sat up, cracking his neck for a moment before helping her up. Kai  studied her face trying to figure out if maybe somehow she had gotten hurt but she appeared to be perfectly fine. More than fine actually - her smile never left her face and he felt the strange urge to hold her in his arms again. It had felt so right having her in his embrace.
   "Hey , Stef. Thanks for the books. Can I get a couple more ?“
   "Yeah , just stay away from him.”
   "Oh here we go–“ muttered Kai. "Why is it so hard to believe that I can be nice?”
   "I don’t know , maybe because you almost killed Bonnie -“
   "Hey,  she started it. I was perfectly nice to her. Even flirted for a while until she jammed that axe in my chest. Wouldn’t you get upset too ? It happens.”
   ” - and your entire family on your sister’s wedding day.“
   "You try living with them being called an abomination and – ” sighed Kai , looking at the ground. Just the slight memory of his childhood was enough for another wall to build up around him only this time the wall crumbled before it was ever built. All because of her.
   "Don’t listen to him. He is just being super over protective.“
   "For a good reason.” said Stefan but she shot him a warning glance.
Y/N sighed quietly and wrapped her arms around Kai who looked so sad in that moment with pain visible in his eyes. Her friends had mentioned Kai had isolated himself but to her it appeared like it had been the other way around. Being called an abomination by your own family clearly had hurt his feelings and she couldn’t blame him for snapping. Not really anyways. There was always a breaking point , but that didn’t mean what he had done was who he is.
   "Kai is my friend — and nothing you say is going to change that.“
A friend? he thought. Wrapping his arms around her , burying his face in the crook of her neck. Surely he had already thought of her as his friend , but hearing her say it felt different. Y/N had said it with a note of affection in her voice and his heart had done that weird flip again. Kai thought back to what Damon had said earlier and realised that somehow he had started to fall for her.
   "Oh-kay – but I am keeping an eye on you two.”


Kai had never thought he’d find someone who makes him feel this way. He had saved her life that day and she kept saving him every day since. All the emptiness he had felt his entire life had vanished completely because of her , starting with the moment she had wrapped her arms around him that very first time. He had never thought he’d find someone who would accept every part of him , never judging but trying to understand. Kai had fallen in love with Y/N and for the first time in his life wanted to take a chance. The young heretic wanted to tell her how he feels about her and maybe have what he had always wanted  - a chance at a happy future. With her , because to him it was clear there was no version of his life without her in it.
    “We are not supposed to be here.” she said in a hushed voice while her best friend kept pulling her through the closed fair. They had been there earlier in the day but things hadn’t worked out like she had wanted and clearly he had the intention on making things perfect. Even if it was 1.23AM and technically the place was closed , not that it appeared to matter to him. Something told her he liked it better when its just the two of them , just like she did.
    “You wanted to go on the ferris wheel earlier. There was a giant line , now there isn’t one.”
    “How are we even going to get to the top?”
    “Just close your eyes and trust me.”
Y/N studied his face for a moment , closing her eyes in the next. Kai wrapped his arms around her , feeling her heart about to leap out of her chest just like every time they were around each other. All her friends had protested like crazy when they had realised how close they had become. To her it didn’t seem to matter what any of them had to say. Barely a month with her in his life and he had never felt happier. With her around all the darkness disappeared and there was only light and warmth in his life. 
    “Never going to get tired of doing this.” said Kai grinning , pushing off his feet with every ounce of strength he had until they were at the very top. “You can open your eyes now.”
Y/N felt his breath tickle the skin of her neck while he whispered the last words in her ear. Her eyes opened and the view around her and over head took her breath away but not as much as seeing Kai smiling at her with eyes wide with excitement. A whole month and Kai had gotten into her blood stream since day one , able to send butterflies in her stomach just with one look.
    “Wow , we are so high up.” she gulped.
    “Don’t worry. I am not going to let you fall.” he said softly putting his hand over her shoulders. “You die — I die.”
Y/N smiled at him , wondering what his words meant. “Thank you. Do you know what I want to do now?”
    “What?” he asked curious ,leaning in a little closer towards her.
    “Spend the night watching the stars with the most special person in my life.” she replied gazing into his eyes , leaning in closer.
    “Weird.” he said pretending to be shocked. “That’s exactly what I want to do too.”
Y/N smiled widely at him. “Always so in sync. No wonder my parents think we are dating.”
    “T-they do?” asked Kai nervously. “And w-what do you think about that?”
    “I think — that if we were dating , I’d be the luckiest girl in the world.” she replied taking his hand in hers.
Kai couldn’t help but smile at her words. A moment later Y/N rested her head on his shoulder while both of them gazed up at the night sky , each of them stealing glances at the other when a shooting star burned across the sky. He turned towards her noticing how instead of closing her eyes to make a wish like she’d usually do ,she was looking at him.
    “You didn’t make a wish ?”
    “No. I have everything I could ever want right— here.”
    “You do ?”  he asked. Y/N hummed. Kai wondered what that meant. What could she have right —  and then it hit him , or maybe he was reading too much into it. He wasn’t sure which one it was but wanted to find out because having her in his arms without actually having her the way he wanted was driving him out of his mind.
    “Y/N –” he trailed off brushing his palm against her cheek , slowly leaning in towards her. “There is something I have to tell you. I tried so many times to find the right moment but I am starting to think there is no such thing and I am losing my mind not saying this to you.”
    “Saying what ?” she wondered , her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips feeling butterflies flap their winds in her stomach just like every time they touched. All those midnight visits at her bedroom , those late night calls , his entire affectionate and caring attitude towards her just made her fall for him more and more every single day. And the way he was looking at her in that moment with eyes gleaming in the darkness like never before took her breath away. Kai’s heart was about to leap out of his chest and he didn’t have to listen to her heart rate to know she felt the same way.
    “I love you Y/N. I fell in love with you and my life changed completely. There were so many walls build around me you would’ve thought I was a castle and somehow because of you they came crashing down. I used to feel alone and so damn empty on the inside , spending time with people I didn’t really know , trading pieces of my heart with them only to end up feeling more empty and shallow every time. I have been searching for you my whole life and then you showed up and everything changed. Every moment spent with you has filled my heart with so much love, happiness and joy. You occupy every inch of my heart and there is no room for any one else there. Just you and only you.”
Y/N felt her heart skip more than a beat or two at his words. Kai appeared to notice it because a flash of worry crossed his eyes which quickly drained away seeing her smile at him.Their fingers intertwined together and a nervous smile spread across his face.
    “I love you too Kai.” she smiled. “I fell in love with you the moment our eyes met that day or did you think I’d invite just anyone to spend the night in my bed whenever they want right after meeting them.”
    “You love me back ?” he smiled widely.
    “Yes , more than anything. I love you and I always will. I love yo-”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers not letting her finish.Their lips moved in sync , fitting  perfectly together as if they had been made for each other. Y/N tangled her fingers in his hair unable to get enough of him , while he placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him. In a way the kiss reminded him of chemistry lessons at school when mixing the right two elements would make them explode. He pulled away completely out of breath and by the looks of it she felt the same way , noticing somehow his magic had lit up the entire place. Her heart was racing so fast he was afraid it might burst and her eyes glowed like never before , kind of like the stars over head but so much brighter.
    “I will always love you too Y/N.” he whispered , pressing his lips against hers again.


  • him: so. what kind of things do u like doing? ;)
  • me: well i love reading jily fanfic like give me anything thats jily and i'll be happy, i live and breathe them. coffeeshop and university aus are The Best in like any and every situation and i'm happy for the next three centuries. muggle aus are incredible and in any time setting they're amazing, give me those fake-dating tropes where it's so cliche but so brilliant and i'll love you forever where they're making someone jealous and pretend to date and 'oh where did all these weird romantic feelings suddenly come from???', give me the baby driver au where lily's a badass and james is the helplessly-in-love-with-baby waiter at The Diner, give me the fics where they live and interact with harry in every situation like

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you're probably tired of this but in regards of L and CS : you know Little Mix right? and jerrie (jade&perrie) is a bit like camren but they don't take it like camren do, like they even said multiple times that it was 'real' (ofc it's not). my point is that they know it exists and they don't make a big deal out of it (they're not offended by it) and even play with it. I think that's what L should do (or simply ignore it)

Lauren and Camila have never been able to play with it because it was real, and it was a secret. A majority of Camren shippers made it really hard for them to n°1. deal and figure out their feelings n°2. maintain a secret relationship while their every movement was scrutinized n°3. let them move on when things were over between them.

When I say I get where Lauren is coming from I mean it, I get why she’s angry at CS. What I don’t appreciate is the fact that she’s putting all of us in the same basket, and that she doesn’t try to see beyond the negative part of the fandom. I agree that the disrespectful CS were part of the Ty haters, but there were also non-CS, and yet we were specifically targeted. I think also the most disappointing part of all of this, is the fact that she’s not paying attention, because when she wrote the “sick pleasure” tweet there was a lot of backlash on twitter and instagram, respectful CS trying to explain to her why it hurt them so much and why Camren is such a good thing, and she didn’t grasp that, she didn’t get the importance of what was being said.

Anywhoo, I’m done with that subject. I won’t lie, I’m not seeing Lauren in the same light anymore, but tbh it had been happening for a while. So for now I’m gonna mainly focus on the good old times with the dml posts and obviously on Gaymila spilling all that Camren tea…

Silence I

Originally posted by tahyns

Part 1 of ?

Italics = Memory | Normal = present

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Smut | Fluff | Angst

Words: 1K

“Move near the studio.”

Your eyes widen as you turn your head to face Yoongi on the bed staring right back at you, “What? Did I say something weird?”

“No” you shuffle to turn your whole body to face him, “I just never imagined you’d want me nearer.“

His eyebrow raises and he gives you his signature smirk before grabbing your hips, pulling you closer to his body, “I always want you nearer, y/n.” His nose tickles your neck as he inhales your scent in. “Even this isn’t near enough.”

The memory replays over and over again, trying to see where it all went wrong. You extend your hand to touch the the water coming from the shower head wincing in pain as it’s too hot for your skin. You pull your hand back to tighten your grip on your legs pulled up against your chest. The air around you becomes like smoke as the water hits the tiles.

You feel his hard member over his sleeping shorts and groan, “For a second I actually thought you were a sweet person”

“Thats strange.” he pulls you until your at eye level with each other, “you never said my cum was sweet.” you roll your eyes as you feel yourself being pulled to meet his lips.

Under the covers, his hand travels down your ass to give it a firm squeeze, making you moan into his lips as his tongue begins it’s invasion. His tongue sliding in gently as he licks the roof of your mouth bitting slightly on you upper lip before going down to the base of your throat.

“You have too many clothes on” he jokes pulling your shirt off. Giving your nipples a kiss each he slides further down to take off your panties with you assistance. Your legs automatically come together as the fabric leaves you naked. He kisses the side of your legs and begins to gently pull them apart to take a place between them.

he blows slightly on your exposed heat, “Don’t hide from me.” he licks a slow torturous line from your entrance and to your clit here he kitten licks. you raise your head up slowly to meet his eyes and he starts sucking. You head involuntarily is thrown back in pleasure. He continues his assault, adding his finger slowly into you, as your moans become louder.

“Yoongi - ”

“I’m just getting started, don’t come until I tell you to, baby girl.” you whimper back a response, unable to keep that promise as you legs start to shake from the pleasure. His fingers exit you and your walls clench around nothing, unable to relive themselves. “Come wet daddy’s cock with your mouth”

At the sound of voice, fuzzes your mind even more. He grabs your hands and pulls you up on your knees - facing his already hard member.

you swallow hard before you reach out to grab his tip, spreading the precum around with your hands. Before you lean in to take him in your mouth, Yoongi reaches for your chin to turn you face up “Look up at me, your mouth might be busy but your eyes aren’t.”

Keeping your eyes on him, you stick out your tongue lightly licking his end. His hand travels towards the back of your head to grab onto your hair building you forwards to take him all into your mouth. Choking slightly as his tip reaches the back of your mouth, he see his eyes close with a groan. 2 seconds go by before he opens them again, pulling you back and thrusting you to him once again. Not daring you to lose eye contact, you flatten your toungue letting him control the pace .

his groans become lower with each thrust, “Take a deep breath baby girl.”

You do as you’re told, he guides your mouth further down your throat. Your nose reaching his lower stomach, just as you swallow he pulls you back with a low moan, dragging you to lay again on the mattress. Your eyes remain on him as he positions himself at your entrance, his eyes meet yours and stay on your as he slowly begins to fill you up perfectly with his length.

You sigh as he leans down to rest his forehead on yours, “I love you” he sighs as he pulls back his hips and thrust once

“Only you” he says before his mouth covers your own.

It becomes slightly harder breathe properly, but you push aside your discomfort forcing yourself to remember the thread of hope that keeps you in this apartment.

His thrust begin again rapidly meeting your sweet spot making you leave indents on his back, “I - love - you” you huff with every thrust.

His hand goes down to search for you clit as he begins to loose himself in the sensation. Your legs begin to shake again as your nearing your end. Your eyes close involuntarily as you feel a wave of euphoria over come you, gently meeting his thrust to expand the sensation.

“Your clenching so good, baby” he pants, his trust getting sloppier. You push him on his back, and enter his member inside of you again, ignoring he over stimulation.

His rough grip on you hips pull you down in order for him cum to reach the deepest part of you before he lets go and lets you collapse on his chest.

Heavy panting was the only sound through out your apartment. You put your hands on his chest pushing yourself up to stare at his face .

“Is this why you want me nearer?” You tease.

His gummy smile appears, his hands travel to your waist gently drawing indistinguishable figures with his fingers. “It’s not the only reason” he admits “I want you nearer for your eyes”

“My eyes?” You widen them at him and he begins laughing

“You’ll understand one day”

You feel your throat close up again and your chest tighten, what went wrong?

It’s been over three months since you felt loved by him.

Three months since you would go to bed and wake up expecting to see him there.

Three months of waiting sleeplessly for him to walk through that door.

Three months since he told you to not look him in the eyes anymore.

Your phone rings, being you slightly back to reality. You see the caller and another tear threaten to escape you today. The ringing stops and the voicemail appears. Slowly you put the phone to your ear.

“I’m not going home today” you hear his tired voice on the other line, a quick silence before you hear his sigh. “Don’t wait up"

End of message.

“Babe stop taking pictures” you laugh seeing Yoongi snapping away at the apartment.

“It’s our first night here” he walks over to you closing the gap between, “I want to remember everything” he leans down to peck your lips. You get out of his grasp to open the moving boxes filled with clothing.

“Your studio’s near by, so no excuses for not coming to dinner or sleeping the night,” you warn sternly.

“Why would I?” He teases. He puts his camera down before pulling you near again.

You’re tears begin to roll down as you enter the next memory that haunts most of your nights.

“Uh y/n?” You hear Namjoons voice on the other line

“Namjoon?” you take the phone out of your ear to make sure you dialed the correct number, “What are you doing with Yoongi phone? Where is he?”

“Uh… here’s Jin” you hear him pass the phone over.

“Y/n! Hey, listen Yoongi fell asleep at the dorm today and you know we don’t usually try and wake him”

You let out a sigh of relief, “don’t wake him, it’s fine. I was just worried since it was really late”

“Yeah don’t worry about - yah! Jimin, Jungkook hold him down!” Faintly you hear things crashing on the other line

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes - No…” you hear him sigh in exhaustion, “it’s been a long night. Get some sleep - everything will be sorted in the morning. AISHH-!”

The line goes dead.

Silence invades for the first time that night as an unwelcome guest, ready to be asked to leave and forgotten the next day. He came the next day, but welcomed silence as a good friend into the apartment. You thought that it’ll go away seeing that it overstayed its welcome.

However, it came the next day again and then the next and the next…


the worst kind of cultural differences are polite kissing differences…. they make everything awkward… 

when you kiss with one cheek but they’re european so they go for the double kiss and you leave them hanging awkwardly… when they’re from somewhere that does three kisses and it’S FUCKING WEIRD WHY THREE, when they’re from somewhere in i think northern south america? where they actually put their lips on your cheek and you’re left feeling gross like why did u do that that’s wet and disgusting… when they’re from somewhere where they don’t kiss at all and you go for it and they kinda jump back and it’s awkward af….the worst…

Honestly it makes me feel better about all this post-4x02 drama that Bob and Lindsey had the same argument on set that everyone’s having now. Remember at dragon con when Lindsey said they had an argument on set about where Raven and Bellamy were coming from in a certain scene and had to hug it out? Yeah I think we know what that was about now. I love how much they love and understand their characters.

enjolras complaining that grantaire never does anything productive with his time and R’s like ‘um excuse you i run an extremely well-recieved art blog' 

so enjolras feels bad and he sheepishly goes to check it out and it’s all like 

'ugly renaissance baby ratings’ (4 - seen worse)

'pin the boob on madonna’ (that’s not where breasts go)

sketches of famous paintings from other perspectives to show that someone’s arm is coming out of their fucking back 

and he never answers anyone just uses reaction images like 

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OK, I'm not here to tell you that you can't support someone, but he "did nothing wrong"? Really? He made a joke out of killing oppressed minorities. Support him, sure, but you can't just pretend that's not wrong.

I think you need to re-read the post I made about how I feel about the pewdiepie situation. Because I clearly stated, made and entire paragraph stating that the joke he made was offensive and is not something I support. He did do something wrong, just as we all, but what the media is accusing him of he is innocent of. That’s where the “Pewdiepiedidnothingwrong” comes from. 

Pewdiepie made a bad and very offensive joke, and it was wrong. Yes. so yes he did do something wrong. But the media is saying he’s a neo-nazi, a racist, and is making Anti-Semitic posts and supports these horrible things. Aka, everything the media is accusing him of, is nothing he’s done. He’s not a racist, he’s not a supporter or the nazi party that’s still around, or everything he’s accusing him of. That’s where the “Pewdiepiedidnothingwrong” comes from. 

I thought I’d explain that. 

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Tbh I get where you're coming from with the whole tag situation. Example: if you made art where papyrus and sans were interacting and someone tagged it as f/o/n/t/c/e/s/t without permission/being told not to, that's not cool at all.

yeah, i personally have nothing against fictional inc*st, but it’s definitely a sensitive topic for a lot of people, and often people who feel about the issue strongly enough to actually ask people to not tag something as a certain thing have a very good reason for doing so. so for someone to go “fuck you i’m gonna tag this brotherly picture as inc*st even though you asked not to because i can and also fuck you” is really REALLY shitty behaviour, and really shows that they just don’t have an ounce of respect for the artist or care for their wellbeing. me, i just get annoyed and mildly uncomfortable if someone tags my art as something it’s not, but for some people it’s a much bigger deal.

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Do you think people like Lena aside from her relationship with Kara? Her character is so complex and interesting and I ship supercorp but I love Lena as her own person way more and from what I've seen people mostly love her because she could be a great love interest for Kara and I don't know how to feel about it. That's what all fics are about and that's what people look for in her scenes. Maybe it's because she hasn't had many scenes with other characters but I think she' amazing on her own

Hey anon!

I can’t speak on the opinions of others but I do see where you are coming from. In the fandom, Lena and Supercorp to appear to be a packaged deal.

However, I will also say that I have seen several fans that love Lena outside of her relationship with Kara. I have seen fans that ship Supercorp, and fans that don’t ship them express their love for Lena and everything that she brings to the table. I’ve seen fans host incredibly long discussions about her and her development, I’ve been asked to write multiple analyses about her, so yeah I would say the love is there!

We all know Lena is an amazing character, it just so happens that her dynamic with Kara is something that is strongly involved in what she has become thus far. We know before the season is up she will have interactions with other characters so that is definitely something to look forward to. I can’t wait!

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Hi I just wanted to say I love your art and I hope you're feeling better and please don't pressure yourself to make more like if you stopped posting today we would all be really freaking sad but your health has to come first that's all have a nice day/night

Oh thanks lmao but I’m not pressuring myself to make more content for this blog this is really just my place to chill. I am however taking a few days off from drawing because I’ve reached the point where I’m aggravating my wrist and risking cts (my own fault for never taking breaks) so I’m on art break for a few days ✌

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So this is not an attack I just want to discus it... I'm all for headcanoning characters but those are not just random fictional chara. Thomas refers to them as parts of self. I don't think people should head canon parts of him without his consent. It feels like crossing a personal boundary. I felt similar about shipping them but we already know he doesn't mind it so that's all good...

if i’m honest i don’t have a good elaborate response to this. they’re half fictional half not so i see where you’re coming from. but at the same time, thomas is kinda naming them now, almost making them their own people in a way ?? idk man, i totally get what you mean but i don’t have a side on this lmao

So i know i run dwarves differently than most GMs

but it seriously makes more sense to me than a patriarchy because imagine this - you exist in a culture with no outward indication of gender that places enormous value on caves and mining

and you finally leave and meet these weird tall people

and as you’re exchanging words and whatnot they’re all

“Where are your women?”

And you’re like, “what is a woman?”

and they say, “the weaker gender, beardless and gentle”

and you say “We have none”

because of course you don’t, you’re DWARVES

And the tall ones ask “Where do you come from?”

And you reply “Caves” because it is true both ways, you live in caves and you are born of those dwarves that carry caves within themselves, the most sacred of dwarves

and the tall people shrug and let it go because who cares, hide your women, they just want the trade agreements

and nobody ever realizes they were speaking to the women all along

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How about some tobirama rough sex heeadcanons? If that's fine :)


♦ Sex with Tobirama is almost always on the rougher side, but there are some days where he is especially rough. Those days happen when he’s feeling overwhelmed by his work, after a stressful meeting or a long mission, when he just needs to unwind. And not only is it rougher, it’s also much more intense ; all of his pent up frustration comes out in each one of his actions, from the heated kisses he leaves on your skin to his burning caresses.

♦ Tobirama will leave bruises on your body in places that are easy to cover but that will render each of your movements painful the morning after, like your inner thighs, under your breasts, on your hipbones ; anywhere he can take a grip, he’ll leave dark purple marks that will last for a few days, almost as a reminder that he’s the one who made you feel so good, although most of the time it’s not voluntary. Most of the time.

♦ Rough sex with him also means he’s going to fuck you on pretty much any surface you come across first, and if it’s a wall, then so be it. Actually, he loves fucking you against a wall, because he can hear the portraits and paintings clacking against it from the vibration he’s creating, and it’s almost like an encouragement for him to continue and to go harder.

♦ A way to rile him up is to deep throat him – if you have a gag reflex, it’s a bonus. Honestly, Tobirama thinks his s/o gagging on his cock is one of the hottest things you could do. He’ll be so smug about it, because it’s telling him that he’s definitely big enough to satisfy you. He’s not going to force himself down your throat though, but he’s definitely going to praise you and encourage you to keep going and he’ll even hold your hair back if it gets in the way.

♦ Tobirama can be demanding if he’s feeling frustrated. He would ask you to get on your knees and suck him off, and he’s going to be even more dominant than he usually is. He has both a daddy and master/slave kink, and I feel like it would come out during those times. He would call you names such as “baby” or “pet” and tell you how good you are if you’re doing what he wants you to do without a word ; if you protest, than he definitely wouldn’t be against spanking you for being naughty.

Arctic Monkeys Lyric Starter Sentences
  • "Baby, I was made to break your heart."
  • "I wish you'd stop ignoring me."
  • "Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I?"
  • "I thought as much."
  • "Can't we just laugh and joke around?"
  • "I'm sorry I was late."
  • "I missed the train and then the traffic was a state."
  • "You say I don't care but of course I do."
  • "Who's that girl there?"
  • "What a scummy man."
  • "I'm sorry, love, but I'll have to turn you down."
  • "What are the chances?"
  • "I've got a feeling in my stomach."
  • "She must be fucking freezing."
  • "I hope you're not involved at all."
  • "Sorry, sunshine, it doesn't exist."
  • "Whatever that means."
  • "Who'd want to be men of the people when there's people like you?"
  • "Landed in a very common crisis."
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "You're not coming back again."
  • "You've had enough."
  • "If I'd have known then I wouldn't have said it."
  • "If I predicted tears then I wouldn't have said it."
  • "I don't know what it is that they want."
  • "I haven't got it to give."
  • "When you look at me like that, my darling, what did you expect?"
  • "I probably still adore you with your hands around my neck."
  • "I did last time I checked."
  • "I crumble completely when you cry."
  • "Have you no idea that you're in deep?"
  • "I dreamt about you nearly every night this week."
  • "How many secrets can you keep?"
  • "There's this tune I found that makes me think of you."
  • "Was sort of hoping that you'd stay..."
  • "The nights were mainly made for saying thats that you can't say tomorrow day."
  • "Ever thought of calling when you've had a few?"
  • "Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new..."
  • "I've thought it through."
  • "I'm sorry to interrupt."
  • "I don't know if you feel the same as I do."
  • "We could be together if you wanted to."
  • "Ever thought of calling darling?"
  • "Do you want me crawling back to you?"
  • "Here isn't where I wanna be."
  • "All I wanna hear her say is "Are you mine?""
  • "Are you mine?"
  • "Satisfaction feels like a distant memory."
  • "Are you mine tonight?"
  • "I saw this coming from the start."
  • "There's no need to show me 'round."
  • "Will you pour me one for the road?"
  • "Don't get that sinking feeling."
  • "Don't fall apart."
  • "Soundtrack to disaster."
  • "The horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes."
  • "You can't be sure."
  • "She's a modern lover."
  • "Her lips are like the galaxy's edge."
  • "I want it all."
  • "Ain't it just like you to kiss me and then hit the road."
  • "Come on, come on, come on."
  • "It's not like I'm falling in love."
  • "I just want you to do me no good."
  • "You look like you could."
  • "She's with me."
  • "I can't explain."
  • "It's kinda strange now that you're gone."
  • "There's all these secrets that I can't keep."
  • "Has it gone for good?"
  • "Isn't it hard to make up your mind?"
  • "I suspect you already know?"
  • "I thought I was yours forever?"
  • "Maybe i was mistaken."
  • "I cannot manage to make it through the day without thinking of you."
  • "But I'm not finished."
  • "I thought I saw you leaving, carrying your shoes."
  • "I'm trying to change your mind."
  • "Left you multiple missed calls."
  • "Why'd you only call me when you're high?"
  • "I need a partner."
  • "It's harder and harder to get you to listen."
  • "Sort of feels like I'm running out of time."
  • "I haven't found what I was hoping to find."
  • "You gotta be up in the morning."
  • "You're starting to bore me, baby."
  • "What have you been up to?"
  • "I heard that you fell in love."
  • "I gotta tell you the truth..."
  • "Snap out of it."
  • "I'll be here, waiting ever so patiently."
  • "Forever isn't for everyone."
  • "Darling, how could you be so blind?"
  • "You made it all alright."
  • "I had nothing to lose."
  • "You call the shots babe."
  • "I just wanna be yours."