that's when he fell in love with her

im going all in bitch

mon-el is not a hero. and it doens’t matter how they try to put it, it doesn’t matter what ‘’great sacrifice’’ he’ll do in the end, he is still not worthy of being a hero. he’s a shit character. honestly, let’s go over mon-el’s story real quick here, bc he don’t even fit the ‘’bad guy who suffered so much and had a hard life so he did bad stuff but in the end redeemed himself’’ trope. nope, he’s not that. he doesn’t have a dark and painful past that haunts him and turned him into an asshole and he doesn’t ruin his own relationships and deliberately hurts people because he is in pain. nope.

mon-el was a prince. he lived it up, objectfied women (which is something that came directly from his mouth) partied and was so bad he was known by a 12 yo in another planet as ‘’the frat boy of the universe’’. he owned slaves, and he can say that he ‘’didn’t agree’’ with it all he wants, he was a member of the ROYAL family, and if anyone had power to change anything it was him. he benefited from the slavery from his planet. he had a great life in daxam with parties and women, a priviledge straight boy. then krypton was destroyed, and daxam also suffered the consequences. mon-el woke up that day and ran away, leaving the girl he had FUCKED the night before, begging him to not leave her behind. he started getting dressed and went, he didn’t look back. a coward. 

he got to the pod while people around him were dying. his people. the people he had a duty with. the people who looked up to their prince. he didnt care he left them behind. there were women, CHILDREN he could’ve put in that pod instead. but no. a coward.

then mon-el got to earth and its ridiculous how easy his life still is. he wakes up and immediately chokes the woman in front of him bc yeah thats a normal reaction and after some events finds out his planet is a wasteland. its scary how he doesn’t care. everything about his culture, his friends, people he should care about,  gone, and he just….doesn’t care. he looks constipated for 3 secs and that all he see from him, someone who just found out millions of his people are dead

anyways he arrived to a place where he suddendly had superpowers and some gorgeous and brave girl forced him to find a job and made him interested in becoming a hero to get in her pants. he slept around for a while, he got the easiest job he could find (where they even allowed him to leave during his first day) and then he fell in love with the girl and after a week of rejection she got together with him. he disrespects her, lies to her, annoys her to no end but he still got her. he still got a easy and priviledged life. when he was presented to a situation where he could show a little bit of a change of character, and go back to his planet to help his people and change how things are, he refused. bc thats not what he wants, and HIS wants will always come first, even if the cost is the pain and suffering of others. a coward.

so yeah, he’s just a priviledged manboy. he ain’t even a ‘‘bad boy’‘. he’s just an lazy, mysoginistic priviledged asshole. his existence is offensive. and he most definetly doesn’t deserve kara zor-el. mon-el is no hero and he’ll never be one.

an incomplete list of draco and hermione being idiots in love™ 

  • draco absentmindedly twirling hermione’s hair through his fingers while she leans her head on his shoulder
  • hermione unconsciously putting her feet on draco’s lap when he sits on the same couch as her
  • scorpius asking draco when he fell in love with mum and draco just replying with “she punched me in the face” (and is rewarded with a slap on the knee by hermione)
  • both of them having trouble sleeping in an empty bed while the other is away
  • hermione forcing draco (with threats) into mrs. weasley’s christmas sweater that she had made just for him 
  • draco not knowing how to react to a devastated hermione when crookshanks ends up passing from old age. however a month later she has a kitten thats plopped in her lap as draco walks by while she’s reading in her favorite chair
  • they are the epitome of embarrassing parents™ with scorpius 
  • “so you have a crush on me then granger” “draco we’ve been married for five years”
  • draco carrying hermione’s wand in his cloak pocket while she’s in a meeting 
  • blaise threatening to hex both of them at lunch if they don’t stop “giving each other those bloody snogging eyes” and “just let me finish my goddamn tea before you two idiots climb each other”
  • having ‘silent parent arguments’ across the table over if scorpius can have one more scoop of ice cream before bed
  • “call my husband a ferret again and see what happens” (ron visibly gulps and harry immediately quiets down)
  • reading/doing paperwork together in bed
  • hermione giving draco driving lessons (they make blaise come too, he sits in the back and glares at them)
  • hermione laughing in the doorway while watching a frustrated draco give baby scorpius a bath (who squeals while splashing draco in the face)
  • both leaving their jobs midday to have lunch together
  • while hermione is browsing in one of the shops in diagon alley, draco will sometimes wander off by himself and then come back with a gift for her (usually a book or a piece of jewelry)
  • draco lays his head in hermione’s lap while they tell each other about their worst memories and fears during the second war (these talks are extremely private)
Movie Night | Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Pairing: Peter x Reader, w/ Tony, and Nat
Warning: Cuteness, fluff, bad writing at the end
Words: 407

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{Reader’s POV:}

Throwing my school bag on to my bedroom floor, happy being done with school. Flopping down on my bed, “(Y/n), can you come here for a sec?” Dad’s voice came through the P.A system. 

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Do you believe in the theory that says that Ginnie made Harry drink a love potion, that's why he fell in love with her so suddenly

omg i never even heard this theory but like it makes me so angry???

like ok people don’t ship hinny ok that’s fine but like everyone thinks it’s so weird that harry starts developing feelings for her “out of the blue” but that’s just not the case like

  1. it’s completely normal to get feelings for someone randomly. just because harry potter is a book doesn’t mean harry needed this epic love story arch that spanned over all the books. people can’t predict who they fall for, nor can they dictate when. it happens. it’s totally believable that  this would happen
  2. when we’re reading half-blood prince, we get to read from page to page and there’s a passage of time that we don’t feel. one chapter will be set in october or something but the next could be december. we’re not getting a day-by-day check-in with harry and his romantic feelings. at the start of half-blood prince harry notices he’s paying more attention to ginny and but the middle of the book he’s practically head-over-heels for this girl. that’s a good few months of feelings that can evolve and develop. to us as readers it might feel sudden but like this is a normal time-span for crushes. it’s genuinely not weird
  3. throughout the entire series, we’re seeing a growing relationship between harry and ginny, one that starts pretty much unrequited but ends mutually. at first ginny has this sort of puppy love for harry, but as each book passes we see them joke together, fight together, grow together, and spend more time together. it’s natural that they would get comfortable with all the summers and holidays spent in each other’s company
  4. ginny don’t need a love potion like come on she’s a complete baller. quidditch star, talented witch, full of sass and bravery and kindness…like harry acknowledges all of these traits. it’s insulting to think the only way ginny could ‘get’ harry is if she puts him under the influence of a love potion. ginny can get any person she wants, she wouldn’t stoop so low as to use love potions for a guy’s attention

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Hello! May i ask a hc for midoriya, todoroki and bakugou trying to explain to their daughter their relationship

…about their relationships with their wives and how they met.


  • He tells her how mommy and daddy are partners who do their best to keep the world safe for her
  • He would try to remember the details of their first meeting and give vague details of the actual moment which weren’t so romantic. Still, he would say how he actually fell in love with her when he saw how strong and how brave she was. She always did her best and thats when he knew
  • His wife would add that she actually had a crush on him the first time they met but he didn’t notice for a long time. He was to dense and she was to shy to confess


  • He explains to her how mommy is his queen and she is his beautiful princess and she blushes in his arms even she is not immune to his charm
  • He would give an elaborate story of how he thought mommy was the most beautiful girl in the world when he first saw her. He would give her all the cute details of their first date and how everything her mother did was beautiful and delicate
  • When her mother hears this from the other room she joins them and gives the less cute details like how her father tripped over his words trying to ask her out and how he spilled coffee on her on their first date


  • He would not so jokingly say that mom is his biggest fan and he is her hero to which his daughter would ask if he is her hero too and he would proudly say “of course!”
  • He would tell his view on how his wife fell in love with him when he he saved her and how she thought he was so cool and who she begged him to marry her
  • thats when mom comes in and pulls on his ear and proceeds to tell their child the TRUE story of how they met which yes includes how cool she thought dad was but make her seem a bit less hopelessly in love

you know what

no romance for the pirate wip.

kalypso only ever wanted freedom from her first captors, only to be saved and forced to do immoral things by a certain pirate lord. once she got her freedom from them, she only ever fell in love with the sea.

princes are hot and all and nice to her (not in the beginning) and maybe something flourishes there, but once they BOTH betray her, everything dies out.

moral of the story: fall in love with the sea it won’t betray you and break your heart

if this isn't love, then what is?
  • stefan salvatore:
  • she's the love of my life, i'd go back to her in a heart beat.
  • if it were my choice, i'd want to be with you forever
  • if it meant i got to be with her, have children, grow old with her.. if it meant we'd die together, be buried together then yes. i would take the cure
  • i would never hurt you, you're safe with me
  • when you and i were together every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing. that we were the perfect fit.
  • actually i don't pretend to be anything when i'm with her. that's the whole point. i just get to be myself.
  • but you know, the life that we had, it was amazing too. and it wasn't a spell or a prophecy, it was real. we fell in love on our own.
  • you know, this is a future memory. it's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. i love you.
  • how do i not remember you? i mean you're smart, you're pretty, you're funny. obviously you're the strongest woman in the world.
  • every time that i tell myself that i'm moving on, there's this part of me that just can't seem to shake her.
  • i was a better person when i was with her. i didn't think i'd ever feel that way again. until elena.
  • i love you. i will always love you.
  • i love you so much.
  • i'm simply not able to resist her.
  • elena is warm and she's kind and she's selfless and it's real. when i'm around her i completely forget what i am.
  • elena gilbert:
  • i love him damon. no matter what i feel for you i never unfell for him.
  • no! you don't get to make that decision for me. if you walk away, it's for you because i know what i want. stefan i love you.
  • for once i don't regret the day before it begins. because i know i'll see him again.
  • but i love stefan, it's always going to be stefan.
  • it's you and me stefan, always.
  • i thought i couldn't be with you stefan but i can. you don't have to push me away. i can do this.
  • but i love you stefan. I love you stefan, you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i dont want us to be apart anymore, ever.
  • stefan, my wrist. here. take my wrist. you need more blood. i trust you.
  • i cant lose the way i feel about you.
  • i love him damon. he came into my life when i needed someone and i fell for him instantly.
  • i kind off felt like i didn't know how to live anymore but then being with stefan... somehow i figured it out
  • i love you so much
  • i picked you because i love you. and no matter what happens that's the best choice i ever made.
  • look, he would never give up on me so i'm not gonna give up on him.
  • i love you stefan. hold on to that. never let that go.
  • other tvd characters:
  • katherine: you'd never look at me the way you look at elena, would you?
  • klaus: now this is fascinating i've never seen this before. the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.
  • klaus: and that's why you're her better option. i personally think she's wasting her time with damon.
  • rebekah: i envy that. you and elena. i envy the love you have.
  • klaus: well crazy or not that kind of love never dies.
  • caroline: i'm sorry but stefan is your epic love. and i'm not going down without a fight.
  • rose: stefan is different. his love is pure, he'll always be good for him.
  • klaus: personally i don't see a fairytale ending for you. all i see is stefan and elena.
  • klaus: must be hard trying to live up to stefan. he stopped himself when i compelled him to feed on elena. that's love.
  • lexi: when it's real you cant walk away.
  • caroline: you and her - epic. her and damon? ew
  • gloria: there's this girl with a necklace. you love her. you'd do anything for her.
  • damon: you're still wearing this necklace. isn't that a reminder of your unbreakable bond with stefan?
Guess the anime viewers didn't have to suffer 4 years like the manga readers...

…to me this just feels like Isayama was going to have Ymir be really important then switched his mind in the manga, so now the anime will blow right through Ymirs story/character so she can be killed off there too so no one has to wait.

I bet she was switched from a vital character to a red herring/almost a Historia plot device/marley plot device while he was writing the manga. It really feels that way to me.

So now once the season is over, she won’t even be mentioned. I’m still fucking butthurt and bitter. But once season 2 is done there will be no more Ymir and not even Historia can suck me back into the series.

This is just my opinion/gut feeling. That when isayama had Ymir run off in chapter 50 or whatever it was, that she was going to return and be vital. Then he came up with ideas mid manga and switched everything up and gave up on Ymir and didn’t care for her character anymore. Thats why manga readers waited 4 years for a disappointing reaveal of a bullshit background story and a bullshit off screan death that shows her going against everything she said and stood for. Like he came up with the marley characters mid manga, fell in love with them more and fucked up the whole manga. It just feels this way and idc about any hate I might receive but this is what my gut is feeling.

Fanfiction and fan art will keep me checking the Yumikuri tag but ill be damned if I check anything else. I’m that childish and butthurt and I just don’t care anymore (yes I care so much that this hurt but I’m so out)

It’s a letdown that’s gonna take me a while to get over. I just needed to get the rant out.

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WHAT ABOUT Joe's POV?! Like, he meets this incredible woman who's taken and he probably thought that he wouldn't even have a chance with her when she's single because she's THE TS which is probably why he never sent her clear signals (which in reverse made Taylor think that's he doesn't want her) but then he gets to know her better and falls in love with her personality and in that moment she's not THE TS anymore but a girl named Taylor whom he fell in love with & THEYRE A REAL LIFE FANFIC ❤️


Nest Problems

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Notes: This was ready to be posted last night but I fell asleep. Also this is really stupid and short but I hope y'all like it.

James loves y/n, he would do anything for her. Thats why when she asked for an inground trampoline for her birthday he had one installed the next day.

Walking to the backyard James was expecting y/n to be jumping around and having a blast on her new trampoline, not this… There on the trampoline was a pile of James clothes with y/n all snuggled up in the middle.

“Jemmy! Come snuggle with me.” Y/n called, patting a spot next to her. Sighing the tall man laid down on the trampoline, burying his face in the omega’s neck inhaling her sweet scent.

“This is not what I expected when you said that you wanted a trampoline.” He mumbled, running a hand through the girl’s hair.

“I think its a perfect nest, I’m able to see the stars.” She replied, looking up at the night sky.

“What if it rains?”

“Then we can just bring everything inside. Now hush and go to sleep.” Y/n said, placing a kiss on her alpha’s head.

Little did the two love birds know that it was supposed to rain that night.

“Goddamn it y/n.”

“Love you too Jemmy.”

Inseong As A Ghost

The most laziest ghost ever the type you see who stands in one corner of your room and you think he’ll jump out at you but he highkey just stays there and doesn’t even move so you learn to get used to him when he shows up at night cuz cute ghost ok. That goes on for like 2 weeks till suddenly one night he’s like “hey” and you flip your shit. 

•You only see him in your room because he’s highkey too lazy to follow you outside. “Sunlight? Thats how I died, by being outside. The world’s too dangerous, I suggest you stay inside here forever with me Till you die”  And your like “Um thanks but no thanks Im good seeya later when I get back home though!” The only times hes goes out is when he’s ghost busting with Sf9 and he’s always messing up too, accidently letting a ghost get out of his grip and they have to catch it again and everyones like ‘ r ya serious inseong it took us all day to catch this one’ 

Usually roams around your apartment knocking stuff over and your like “Inseong, if your not gonna use the kitchen and cook me a 5 course meal, come out of there-stop knocking my pots and pans over’ and later he comes back into the livingroom to watch tv with u like ‘What, I was just searching for food btw theres a rat in there’ Often wakes you up in the middle of the night from all the noise he makes from flying through every room of your apartment, your house is always a mess in the morning

•As a ghost who’s always hungry he’s always asking to light some incense and food offerings so your apartment is always surrounded with smoke and most of your groceries and savings is spent on food for him. “Bring food, I don’t need money I can’t eat money’ Your friends Never want to come over cuz they always say ‘your place is so dark and eery and I can’t breathe in there yo’. Legit one time the landlord broke down your door cuz everyone in the apartment thought your place was on fire from all the smoke was that was seeping out the door and into the hallway.

•One time he legit invited all his sf9 ghost members and you swear your house was so messy and loud it almsot felt like your apartment was hell on earth. Your landlord came again knocking on your door like ‘how many boys you got in there and whats with all this smoke? You know about the policy of how many people you can bring over’ And you awkwardly laugh while blocking the door like ‘yeah they’re just my university friends they’ll leave soon, I’ll end the party now so sorry’

You suddenly get attached to him so you sat him down one night and asks him why he’s always standing and never wants to go outside even just for fun. He trusts you at this point so he tells you that when he was alive he was  a university student who was always protesting outside with others even though his single stay at home mom begged him not to so he died by police brutality and he regets it so much for leaving his mom all by herself  You just get so sad for him you decide to visit his mom and he actually followed along with you for the first time to see her. Luckily, she  was doing well and was healthy so he felt really happy and thank you for relieving such burdens off his shoulders so he can walk around outside without such guilty feelings.

•Then you get a chill feeling down your spine so you ask him ‘…..but why me? How did you end up in my room? And he just looks and smile like ‘The day when I died and i was protesting outside, you walked past me and I fell in love at first sight’ and thats how u got a ghost for a bf. 

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Dating Raven Reyes Would Include...

anon ask : Can you do a “Dating Raven Reyes would include” Please?

A/N : im so happy someone requested my bby raven and even though it took some time to do this, i still have lots of ideas for this?? like this got pretty long so i had to cut out some parts so it wouldn’t look boring.. thanks for the request!!

raven reyes is my underrated bby back off haters

p.s. no hate to bellamy, im just living for a love-hate rivalry

Masterlist / Ask me

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  • she’s super sassy when you first meet her
  • but thats bc you were with clarke and finn when they found her
  • she didn’t really take much notice of you since she was focusing all her attention on finn
  • she only paid more attention when you got mad at bellamy for throwing the radio
  • when he pinned raven to the tree you didnt know what came over you 
  • but you punched him and he fell to the ground
  • raven being turned on
  • even if she won’t admit it
  • after that its basically staring at eachother when the other isn’t looking 
  • she’s so confused bc ?? she’s supposed to be in love with finn but here she is dreaming about the girl that knocked out bellamy??
  • her being kinda relieved when she breaks up with finn
  • you started hanging out with her cause you always saw her alone
  • and then things turned to feelings and she started flirting with you to get you to blush
  • bc she really likes it when you blush
  • surprisingly, you’re the one who ask her on a date
  • you approached her with flowers you found outside the wall
  • “you got me flowers? where did you even find flowers?”
  • “do you not like them?”
  • “no, i mean- they’re amazing but how?”
  • “if it makes it any better, bellamy caught me so i pushed him down a hill and ran”

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Snape's Patronus

Okay, maybe I’m looking into deep about this, but I’m getting a little salty about how everyone is saying that since Snape’s patronus is a doe, its like saying he was more obsessed with her than in love with her.

Now, hold up! ✋ Where in these books does a patronus reflect what someone’s obsession and love is?

Nowhere. A patronus is not a symbol and representation of love. It can be depending on the person, but not always. A patronus is a representation of someone’s happiness.

When Albus asked Snape the iconic “After all this time?” It wasn’t just asking Snape if he still loved Lily. It was practically asking “After all this time, Lily is still your happiest memory?”.

Snape’s patronus didn’t just reflect as a doe because he was in love or obsessed with Lily, it was because the time he had spent with her was still the happiest in his life.

Thats why some patronuses can change, like Tonks did when she fell in love with Remus Lupin. That became her new happiness and her new patronus reflected it.

Harry was happiest protecting the ones he loved and remembering his parents, who protected him, which is probably why his was a Stag like his fathers, and probably won’t change because he will want to continually protect people.

While most peoples patronuses are probably produced from memories of love, we have to remember some wizards are incapable of love, like Voldemort, Grindelwald, and even young Dumbledore. And their happiest memories were probably of success rather than love.

The point is, Snape’s patronus is a doe because Lily was his happiest memory, not just simply because he loved her.
When Did This Happen?


“Mate what do you have planned for tonight? We all were thinking about going out later.” Jack said kicking Joe with his foot who was sat at the end of the couch. 

“Um, Y/N’s coming over to help me film. Not sure how long that will be.” Joe replied, his focus still on the game he was currently playing. 

“You two hang out a lot, mate. OH C’MON!!” Mikey yelled as Joe scored another goal just as the game ended. 

“She’s a good friend. I can’t hangout with my friends?” Joe asked passing Jack the controller. 

“Buddy thats not what I meant” Mikey said before starting a new game, completely forgetting the conversation with Joe. 

A few hours had passed and Joe had managed to get Jack and Mikey off of his couch and out the door, on one condition; he go out with them that night. 

‘Hey love, the boys want to go out tonight, you in?’ Joe sent the text off to his girlfriend after jumping out of the shower. 

‘No thats alright, still need help filming?’ 

‘Please xx’

‘See you soon xx’ 

Joe smiled as he read her texts. Y/N wasn’t like many girls, only went out a handful of times and that was when the boys forced her to go out. She was sweet, kind and just a genuine friend and that was why Joe fell for her.

She’d be there for all the boys, especially Joe, when either of them could sleep that night or just wanted someone to talk to.

One night, a quest to fall asleep ending in spilling secrets of bottled up feelings for one another which led to a secret relationship between them, neither of them knowing how to tell the boys, so they didn’t. 

Their relationship was still new, only a couple of months, and they weren’t done testing the waters yet and didn’t want to draw attention to something that wasn’t even there. 

Except there was something there for Joe, something he’s never felt with any other girl he’s been with.

“Hey love!” Joe greeted his girlfriend at the door with a quick kiss. 

“Hi” She said kissing him back “So what time are you going out?” 

“Um around 9 I think” 

“Good, than that gives us plenty of time” She said wrapping her arms around his torso, kissing his lips once again. 

“Plenty time for what?” Joe asked smirking down at her. 

“To film your video” She said pulling away and disappearing into his flat. 

“Have you finished yet?” Y/N said walking over to the couch where Joe had been editing. 

“Yes, just creating the thumbnail.” He said giving her a quick smile before returning his work. 

Y/N sat down next to him, her feet tucked closely into her body, her head resting on his shoulder. She watched him work away, photoshopping words onto the thumbnail card and add it to the upload.

“There, all done.” Joe said closing his laptop and putting it on the coffee table. “Now I can spend the rest of the night with you” 

“You mean the boys” She said lifting her head from his shoulder. 

“Right but until then, I’m all yours” He said pulling her into a kiss.

The kiss quickly deepened after Joe pulled Y/N onto his lap, his hands quick to lift her shirt up over her head and tossing it to the floor. His lips moved from her lips do to the valley of her breasts where he sucked harshly, leaving his mark on her in place only he could see.

Y/N on the other hand liked to show off her work, finding it highly amusing to see the boys so oblivious to their relationship thinking the marks came from some girl at a club and reading the comments on Joe’s blog speculating his relationship status. 

She quickly took change in moving her own lips to her favorite part on Joe’s neck, her fingers tangling themselves in his hair as she flicked her tongue over her recently made mark. 

They brought their lips back together, Joe letting out a small moan as she began rocking her hips back and forth against his crotch. 

“Y/N” Joe moaned out as he felt himself grow harder underneath her. 

He moved his hands under her bum, picking her pick and moving to the room where they had just filmed his video. Joe quickly removed his shirt before crawling on top of her and reconnecting their lips. 

“Well hey guys,” A distance voice called out of the door frame. 

Joe glanced over his shoulder to find his mates standing in the hallways, different expressions on their faces but with a unanimous sense of confusion. All eyes moved from Joe to the body he was hovering over then back to Joe. 

“Well we’ll leave you two to it then” Jack said closing the door as he and the other boys turned away. 

Y/N let out a small giggle as she pushed Joe off of her and picking up his shirt from the floor and pulling it on. 

“Well at least they know.” She said taking his hand after he got off the bed, letting him lead her out of the room.

“Well that was quick.” Conor said once he saw the two of you emerge through the doors. 

“When the hell did this happen?” Josh asked. 

“A couple months ago” Joe answered, catching Y/N’s shirt that was tossed his way. 

“So she’s the one?” Oli asked. 

“What?” Joe quickly, letting go of Y/N’h hand. 

“The hickeys mate, she’s the one who gives them to you.” Oli clarified pointing to Joe’s neck, giving him a weird expression. 

“Oh, um yeah. Yeah she is.” 

“Nice work Y/N, didn’t think you were the type” Jack said giving her a smirk. 

“Funny” She said taking her shirt from Joe and leaving the room to change. 

“So mate…” Caspar started, “Y/N huh.” 

“Yeah it just sorta happened.” Joe said glancing over to the bathroom.

“Look guys he’s in love!” 

“What?! No I’m not” Joe snapped his head back to the boys. 

“No you’re not what?” Y/N asked as she walked out of the bathroom, tossing Joe his own shirt. 

“He’s not going out with us tonight, he’s all your Y/N” Caspar said winking over at Joe. 

“No it’s fine, you can go out with them tonight. I don’t mind” She said directing her words towards Joe. 

“Honestly Y/N, theres no point. He’s got you now, he doesn’t need to pull some girl in a club tonight.” Jack said. 

“Mate you just want one less competition” Mikey said hitting Jacks arm. 

“Maybe so, my hearts a bit in pieces knowing that Y/N is no longer available.” He said sending you a pout. 

“Sorry mate” Joe said throwing an arm around your shoulder. 

“Alright, we’ll leave you two alone. I need a drink!” Conor said standing up, prompting the rest of the boys to follow suit. “See you later.”


Erin Lindsay finally falling in love with Jay Halstead (◕‿◕✿) 

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i know y'all gay as fuck (not that it matters, i love gays) but i really want some bev/bill hcs or bev/richie(romantically) or with any other loser really

i love bill and bev, ngl i ship them more than ben and bev, when they’re kids at least (IM SORRY NO ONE HATE ME)

- bill was literally head over heels for bev and thought everything she did was amazing

- he’d sometimes stare at her during lunch and everything seemed to go in slow motion until eddie elbowed him and told him to stop being weird

- “you get weird around girls, bill”

- n-no i don’t, r-ruh-richie!”

- bev not so secretly adores him just as much and watches bill draw at lunch and always wants to walk home with him, hoping she gets the courage to hold his hand

- when she finally does, bill goes bright red and can’t stop smiling all the way home

- georgie says beverly is the prettiest girl he’s ever seen and that bill should marry her

- bill begs him to never say anything like that in front of her

- bill asks bev out at the quarry when the others are all playing in the water and they’re sat on a rock together

- thats where they have their first proper kiss too

- beverly’s dad doesn’t know anything about bill and bev refuses to tell him in case he hurts bill

- bill has only stayed round beverly’s once when her dad was passed out and bill rested on bev’s chest and fell asleep with her playing with his hair, having to sneak out the next morning before her dad went to work

- she kissed him goodbye and told him she loved him and bill had never felt happier

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That puppy hc. Krav tries so hard to be annoyed but taako just hangs off him like 'baaaaaaaabe' when magnus wants playdates. Sry that's just what happens when you get integrated into this fam Kravitz. Get togethers always become puppyfests with the whole crew bc they deserve happy things. Ango mcdango with a hell hound bigger than he is. DOGS.

Like Kravitz brought his hellhound around once when he was coming right from work and Magnus instantly fell in love with her which kinda stunned Krav.
And Magnus has a billion questions about her and he gets right down there on the floor and wrestles with her
You gotta imagine that Kravitz is shook like
He knew these guys were some kinda fearless but what human man wants to play with a hell beast?!?
Magnus always asks about her when Krav is a round and makes him promise to tell her shes a good girl from him
And when Angus meets her OH BOY
He’s worry that she’s gonna scare him but Angus is all over this hellpup
Again Kravitz is s h o o k
Who are these people even???????
Lmao is its bad that i think Krav’s hellhound would super be a distraction so he and Taako can sneak off
Like Taako pulling on Kravitz’ arm while Magnus and Ango play with her
“They wont miss us if were gone for ten minutes- or twenty ”

god. thinkin about how assmcgee couldve been such a chill, nice dude if he never fell into the wrong crowd. instead, daisy dug her little claws into him when he had no one else and guided him into being like her bc she saw how needy he was and she rolled with it so she could get another boy under her foot bc if that girl loves one thing, its control. helped too that she thought assmcgee was super hot and he her

Snapes love

I am completely a Snapeaddict and therefore would love to see him happy. But I cannot ship him with anyone, not even his Lily. 

He desperately loved her, like the darkness is longing for some light. But she fell in love with James, and we can see him accept this when he speaks of her as Lily Potter not Evans. He left her alone as she wished when she didnt accepted his apology.

It is not that James “earned” this love. Lily fell in love with him. Thats it. You cannot “deserve” the love of someone, its not like a prize you can win. Everybody needs and deserves to be loved by anyone. But love is not about : the “better man” or not.

But nobody can command you to stop loving someone. And lateron she stays in his heart “Always” , not because of some unhealthy feelings, no, just because she is dead and he feels guilty for her death. 

He is unable to “go on” and love somebody else because he cannot delete that guilt. His only real goal in life is his redemption. 

I dont think, Lily was the right one for him. They had just fitting needs when they met: Lily was happy to find someone to explain her the Wizarding World. Severus needed a friend and fellowship. 

But James and Lily had much more in common quite from the start, the family background, both popular and beeing well-cared as childs.

I would have wished him someone who would love and accept him like he is. Beeing interested in the Dark Arts is not as long a crime as you dont use it to harm others. Somebody who would have helped him when he was in danger to fall in the wrong hands. Someone who would have forgiven him a really bad word, spoken under great pressure. Someone who knows not only the good sides, but also the dark sides of life. Someone wiser. Someone stronger. 

That was not Lily. Sadly. not. 

You can say, yes, but Lily was too young. Yes, as young like Severus.