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hello all!! it’s a new year which means i’ve had this blog for about half a year which is insane bc i don’t know what i did before this 😂 anyway i am still amazed by the kindness, sweetness and general loveliness of everyone and i can’t believe i have any followers at all let alone over 200 💕 thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome and the few that talked to me despite my awkwardness (thats something i wanna work on in 2017) and to everyone that still tags me in things bc i can never tire of tag games. emosh rant aside here’s everyone that brightens my dash and pulls me further into the kpop trash can i honestly love you all 😘😘 (ps sorry in advance if i missed ppl out or got stuff wrong im not a technology whizz so this took me ages)

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so what we know about isabella:

1. she shows up at a very tense time for the story, obviously she’ll be some part of the larger plot

2. she is EXACTLY the kind of person ed wants to date. everything about her is perfect - suspiciously so. (the riddles, the random trivia facts, the whole looking exactly like the love of his life that he just so happened to murder thing)

3. she is very much not normal. she has some sort of obsession with ed: she made paper dolls of them 1 day after meeting him, she doesnt care that hes a murderer, apparently next episode she dresses herself up to look more like ms. kringle. not exactly “average woman you happen to run into and fall in love with after 5 seconds and start dating” behavior

4. she doesnt care that ed is a notorious murder.

5. she showed up just in time to push ed and oswald apart, just when everything was starting to work in their favor

6. seems kind of in the dark about a lot of important things, like how ed was in arkham. she also said she “feels like shes known him her whole life”

other stuff we know:

1. identical clones of characters are feasible. the mysterious bruce clone (who knows nothing about his past), the jim gordon impersonator (obviously not an actual clone but still an imitation)

2. kathryn is looking to keep an eye on oswald. and who just so happens to show up and seduce his closest… friend. this would probably be the easiest chance someone would have to spy on him. 

3. ed starts becoming unstable (seen in the promo) because of isabella and her similarity to ms. kringle

4. gotham does not have a good track record of random people turning up out of the blue and actually being normal people. 

some theories:

1. isabella is a clone from the same vein as the bruce clone, and also has no idea what her background is. 

2. isabella was sent by the court of owls to get close to ed and spy on oswald

3. isabella is part of a plan to destabilize ed - who sent her? (butch?)

4. isabella is evil, operating on her own, and i have no idea what her motives might possibly be

In conclusion:

i dont know exactly WHAT we should expect, but isabella is definitely not who she says she is and should definitely not be trusted.


queen of hearts?? red queen? the suspicion grows

I think what I’m going to miss the most about gillovny is the absolute insane spiraling that connected the fandom during events like The Cutting Room and Kimmel. We may have had different levels of belief and skepticism, but there was love and community and fun that was uniquely hysterical and adrenaline-filled. I don’t think I am a bad fan to say: I’ll really miss that. It brought us together in a way that even S10 didn’t achieve. 

So, yes be happy, Gillian. Date who you want; I want to be a “good” fan. But I will still mourn at times hoping for/believing in that very profound attachment, that appreciating her all time, and the especially one of you.

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How would Jared react to his daughter being cast in a horror film or show?

( 2 of 2 Also, how would he feel if his daughter was in Glee while it was still on air? 😊)

No matter what type of show it is, if it was what she really wanted to do, in the end he would be supportive. At first he would be hesitant of course. He would personally go through all the contracts and read the fine print (thats just how jared is) and want to handle all the business/money aspects of it. He’d try and tell her/really want her to think about the commitment, a show even more so than a movie can go on for a long time and the shooting demands are insane, he would just want her to be prepared. He’d be scared of her exposure to the spotlight and dealing with the not too pleasant hollywood life. If she was still a minor, I bet you he’d really try and get her to say no or change her mind.

1 year anniversary?!

Well hello there! :D So today I was just scrolling through Tumblr and thought.. “Wait.. When I’ve started my ‘Free!’ blog? Was it on summer?” and of course I went to check it out.. And my first post was made in 8th of May 2015! Like what? :D

I’VE MISSED MY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! I found out about it 20 days later.. xD (plz kill meh)

Anyway, it’s crazy how it succeeded in just one year. In twelve months in 20 days this blog earned 5850 followers and this number keeps growing! It’s like getting around 16 followers every day! That’s insane! 

I remember how happy I was when got first hundred of followers, how I was jumping around when this blog hit 1000. I will never forget how we overcome 3000 like an hour before the New year… Damn guys I love you. :D

Even if I might be not very active sometimes your notes and messages really warms my heart and makes my day.

I’m really really thankful for all this year and all this experience you gave me and hope that upcoming years will be even better! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。


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lena is super excited bc of this new thing lcorp is doing shes never rlly had a friend like kara so when shes using kara as a taxi (she doesnt like flying but kara has insane muscles and shes only human what can she say) shes rlly enthusiastically talking about it to kara who listens nods and smiles (and if she gets hit in the face by accident and lena kisses her cheek to make it better well she doesnt kno what ur talkin about) and ppl film the entire thing bc hello thats gay agenda in the sky

oh my GOD

meanwhile suddenly supergirl’s giving rides to all sorts of people so it doesn’t come off as favoritism

Losing Focus

This little whatever was bothering me and I couldn’t write anything else until this was done. It’s inspired by my writer’s block battling method and that post about being instantly endeared by people sitting in places that aren’t meant for sitting and an Ablify commercial that made me instantly think of Toby. It goes nowhere and has no purpose, so yeah. 

“Do you know how disgusting that floor is?” Sylvester spoke as he walked into the room behind Happy.

Happy murmured something about everything going to hell when she leaves for fifteen minutes.

Sylvester walked to his desk while Happy stopped in front of the grown man sprawled out on the garage floor.

He shifted and his hand hooked around her ankle.

“Hey, bunny.” He said, extending his other arm toward her.

“Why are you on the floor?” She asked, crossing her arms.

“I’m thinking.” He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Thinking about what?” She tried to shake her foot from his grasp but his hold only tightened.

“There was a study published on a side effect of Abilify and I’m pondering its validity.” He was back to staring at the ceiling and drumming patterns on the toe of her boot.

“Why do the possible side effects of an antipsychotic concern you?” His eyebrows shifted up at her words.

“How did you know Abilify is an antipsychotic?” He asked.

She shrugged with a smile on her lips.

“This psychiatrist I live with babbles a lot.” He smiled from ear to ear and turned his attention back to the ceiling.

“That doesn’t explain why you listen.” He smirked up at her.

“Seriously, what’s the side effect?” She was legitimately curious.

He turned to look in her eyes.

“Gambling addiction.”

Her eyes went wide.

“That’s why it concerns you.”

He nodded.

“You can’t think in a chair?” She was fighting off a smile.

“I’m watching the ceiling fan turn. My desk has too many distractions, and I was hoping that the change of scenery would help me focus.” He shrugged.

“What’s distracting about your desk?”

“Old case files, the internet, books, a picture of you-” He rambled on.

“You can’t focus because there’s a picture of me on your desk?” Happy was trying not to laugh.

“Partially. I look at the picture, then I realize that it’s dumb to look at a picture when the real thing is right across the room. So then I look over at you and watch you work and never focus on anything else again.” He shrugged again like it was no big deal.

Happy rolled her eyes.

“So you can’t think straight because of me, and we save the world together all the time?” Her tone was questioning, but playful.

“That’s when something important or dangerous is happening. If it’s not life or death, my brain only focuses on you.”

Happy nodded.

Then her stomach grumbled and she was reminded of why she left the garage in the first place.

“Go focus on food.” She gestured to where the rest of the team was already eating.

“But then I’d have to move.” He was practically whining.

“Seriously, babe, get off the floor.” She said and he froze.

“Did you just call me babe?” His crooked grin was beginning to widen.

“Don’t make it weird.” She smiled and extended a hand to him.

He grasped her hand and stood up, pressing a kiss to her forehead before he practically ran to the food.

When everyone had eaten dinner and gone home, Toby turned to his desk.

It was totally empty, except for the tiny woman sitting cross legged across the top.

“Where’s all my stuff?” His eyes were wide and he was grinning like a fool.

“I took care of your distractions.” She smiled, and it was that wicked grin that knocked him to the floor.

“Except for one.” He was slowly walking towards her.

“I left that one for you to take care of.” Her grin grew wider and she leaned forward toward him.

He took the last step, effectively closing the distance between them and pressing his hands to her cheeks.

His kissed her softly and slowly until she wrapped her legs around his waist.

The memory of what happened on his desk was burned into his brain, and Toby spent a lot more time on the floor after that.

“Do I make you happy?” - Rebekah Mikaelson

You have always been insecure, there is no way that you will never not have a constant fear of people judging or disliking you. Also, of course the constant fear of never being good enough and never feeling beautiful.

You were in your room with your girlfriend Rebekah just lying next to each other, enjoying each other company when you started to worry.

“Rebekah?” you asked.

“Hmm?” she replied as she played with your hair.

“Do I make you happy?”

She instantly stopped playing with your hair and you sat up to face her.

“Are you insane? (Y/n), what would make you ask that?” she asked.

“You always talk about how you want to get married, have a family, and live happily ever after and I don’t feel like thats something you want with me.” you couldn’t look into her eyes, you were too embarrassed.

“You make me so incredibly happy, (Y/n). Some nights I just lie awake thinking about how lucky I am to have you. Everyday I am taken away by how beautiful and perfect you can be. I want to be with you forever, (Y/n). I love you.”

All you could do was smile and blush. “I love you too, Rebekah.“

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What I've gathered about The Cursed Child so far

Everyone who went to see the preview play is ecstatic because it was brilliantly performed with a gorgeous set, but almost everyone who only knows the plot through hunting spoilers is flipping the fuck out because the plot is batshit insane.

Really what I admire about Johnny Depp is that he just does whatever the fuck he wants to do without caring about what people/critics/press are gonna think about him. Some artists are worried about their career and refuse certain project because it’s ‘not done’ by someone of their 'status’. But Johnny is one of those people who’s like 'fuck that I’m gonna star in this film because I know I will have an insane time making it and it would be so interesting to explore that character, never mind what it will do with my bank account or career, even if it is risky I wanna gave fun!’ I really think that that is something should be applauded. That’s just awesome. That’s fucking goals! Way to go bae!

I honestly don’t get all the Banksy and Dismaland hate at all. Like the dudes obviously worked his ass of for this, he’s got artists from all around the world, who would never get a chance to show their art , taking part in a huge exhibition that is going to be so good for them! small artists from really restricted paces getting recognition and being able to show their art because of Banksy, but sure demean him for that? like what? 

Plus some of the pieces are really insanely interesting, artists have made pieces about abuse, about rape, about police violence that is the kind of stuff Tumblr goes on about constantly, but it isn’t good enough when Banksy does it? thats a wee bit ridiculous.

Plus it is £3 to get in! like that is amazing! what interesting day out is ever that cheap! After Banksy has paid all the expenses, paid the workers and the other artists he’s not even going to make much money. Plus Somerset is a place that will be really helped by the money this tourist attraction brings in. Banksy is doing a lot of good for a lot of people, so why are we hating on him again?

Admittedly i’m bias, damn I have a piece of his art permanently on my skin and i think his work is pretty great. but still it’s pretty low to insult an artist without going to see Dismaland, especially when it is doing more for other people than it is for him.

heyy so yesterday i reached 1k followers and i made this blog less than two months ago so thats insane thank you so so much! im really very happy so i decided to do this follow forever but please ignore the crappy edit, i did what i could with what i have (and what i have is no skills whatsoever lol)

@oops-phan special mention to this idiot: thanks for listening to me ramble about the fact that space is infinite (what), that every single Sunday is depressing, seddie and ofc d&p without blocking me (yet) you should be proud of yourself tbh ily <333 oh and thanks for fucking up my sleeping schedule i h8 u (btw i have this theory that we are the same person i s2g could we be any more alike its scary)

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Day 324

Its not often I’m able to shower without care. Since the ileostomy I have to be careful because I don’t want too much water to wear away at the adhesive of the bag. But on the days I change the bag, I get to shower without care, like I did before I underwent phalloplasty. So thats what I did today. 

And for the first time I could feel the water hit my penis. Like my penis could actually feel water as if I was feeling it on my leg. I cold feel each drop and I could feel the pressure of the water. Its insane because laying there, sick as a dog, I never imagined my dick would even stay attached to my body, let alone I’d be able to gain all sensation back. 

I’m not happy about a number of things that happened in regards to my surgery, BUT I am ecstatic at the fact that I went through with it and that I have  a body part I can finally identify with.