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Hey Sera, so what do you make of this? (it's not letting me include the link, but picture is from @Team_SamW on Twitter) We all were all over J2 "DateNight" and now all of a sudden a day later, we get this thrown in the mix... as in noooo J2 were there with their wives, OF COURSE THAT'S WHY it's "DateNight"...what do you think?

Hello, darling!

This is the picture you mean, am I right? I think I’ve done all the spn-gossip reading I possibly can right now and based on what I’ve seen there, here are some bits:

  • J2 pic was posted around 7 PM Texas time (it’s light outside, sun sets at about 8:30 PM in Austin)
  • Wives picture posted around midnight Texas time (it’s sufficiently dark outside comparing to when it’s posted)
  • G follows this woman’s private account on instagram (this is where the photo came from)
  • According to G’s instagram, the three women were out on 25th of April.
  • The picture of Tiffany and D shows a moist ground. It rained a little in Austin on 31st of May, but the same weather service doesn’t mention rain on the night in April.
  • The women were photographed in a different location than the J’s and their friend, although the party could’ve easily migrated during the five-ish hours between the pictures.
  • There is no photograph of G, although she could’ve been the one to take the photo of D and Tiffany.
  • There is no mention of the wives in any of the pictures that the J’s took.

Wow, that was a lot! There are several ways to interpret this all, but my guess is that the two parties were out separately on the same night. After seeing what Jared had tagged his picture with, I wouldn’t be surprised if the beards felt like they had to do some damage control.

Tiffany doesn’t seem to keep a tight lid on her followers, but pretty much accepts all requests to follow her. Among her nearly 3000 followers are probably quite a few Supernatural fans, some wife stans too, due to G following her. This way they could be sure the picture would leak quickly and it would look like a triple date.

I checked against the screenshot by posting the exact same thing on my sock account on instagram - luckily I have the same phone interface as the person with the screenie. It didn’t look fake, but it could be well-made, but I don’t believe the picture nor the caption is.

Anyway, it’s entirely possible that the six of them were out together or they joined each other sometime during the evening. None of this changes the fact that Jared tagged #DateNight with only Jensen and their friend. I highly doubt he would’ve done that if it was just the two of them, though! Still, message received, loud and clear!

Whether the wives were there or not is completely irrelevant to me. Fact remains that Jared didn’t tag them and thus neglected to include them in their date night. It’s just a hashtag and Jared probably knew people would take it as a joke, but I still think it was a bold move. I’m celebrating! I hope you are, too. :) Have a wonderful weekend, sweetheart!

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